Dream Catcher Meaning + Symbolism | 5 Exclusive Placement Tips

Introduction  The dream catcher meaning is a talisman that protects people from having nightmares and other dreams. The charm was typically used for infants and was hanging above their cradles or beds.  People believe that both pleasant and evil dreams permeate the air at night. The dream catcher, like a spider’s web, traps negative dreams and allows … Read more

How To Clean Amethyst Crystal | Activate For Healing

How To Clean Amethyst Crystal

Introduction  Are you looking for supernatural protection? If so, amethyst stones can help. These UV gemstones are said to be vital to include in your crystal collection since they are believed to fend off negativity. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, there are other advantages to having amethysts around. “Amethyst crystal  is a master healer and … Read more

7-Horse Painting – How To Use Feng Shui Horse Symbol

7-Horse Painting

Introduction Paintings improve a home’s decor. Some artworks such as 7-Horse painting can bring positive energy into the home when placed in the appropriate direction. This is where a painting of 7 horses comes to be an invaluable addition according to Vastu principles. It is because horses symbolize development, power, serenity, and success. Thus, hanging … Read more

Best Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars In House

Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars

Do you have pillars in your house? According to the ancient art of Feng Shui (the art of creating a harmonious living environment), exposed pillars represent powerful airways that negatively affect a home. Have you found an exposed pillar yet? If you did, don’t panic; we’ll show you feng shui cures for exposed pillars in … Read more

How To Use Feng Shui Bracelet For Good Luck?

Feng Shui Bracelet For Good Luck

Feng shui bracelet is known to shield you from bad energy and harmful spirits while also being very therapeutic. Wearing a feng shui bracelet allows feng shui energy to enter your body. Money, relationships, and health are all forms of energy. Stay tuned because our blog today will reveal how to use a feng shui … Read more