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Are you looking for supernatural protection? If so, amethyst stones can help. These UV gemstones are said to be vital to include in your crystal collection since they are believed to fend off negativity. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, there are other advantages to having amethysts around. “Amethyst crystal  is a master healer and with which everyone should start their crystal healing journey.” They are frequently utilized for protection and healing, and they open the forehead and crown chakras. In Chinese medicine, amethyst crystal is considered related to the point third eye named Yin tang.

What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst crystal is a kind of quartz purple in color. It is tightly packed crystal geodes pointing toward the center. Amethyst should be cleaned regularly to keep away from the assemblage of dirt. One can clean it with water, soap, and a gentle toothbrush. Then let it air dry. Do not expose it to excessive heat.

The Spiritual Powers Of Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystal‘s healing properties have been the topic of folklore and tradition for generations. Amethyst crystals are believed to promote tranquillity and alleviate concerns, assisting one to recharge spiritual energy. Thus, it allows one to tackle the world with optimism.

Are you having a difficult time or are you unsure about some important decisions at work or in your relationship? Using an amethyst can assist you in gaining clarity so that you can go on with a greater understanding of the circumstance.

This crystal’s power isn’t limited to awareness. If you’re feeling low or have racing thoughts, crystal healers may suggest you sprinkle some amethyst magic in your life.

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Amethyst Crystal Benefits

Crystals are commonly used by feng shui and alternative medicine practitioners to heal the mind and body. Purple amethyst is the crystal that is considered the strongest for this purpose. While Ayurveda and alternative health practitioners may advocate amethysts for healing, there is little scientific evidence to support their usage. Expert says amethysts that it has possibly therapeutic abilities and people can use them for mental and physical healing.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Many practitioners use Amethyst crystal for their different healing properties. We will discuss about it in the following points below:

Emotional Healing Properties

Amethysts have inspired legends and myths, including one regarding mental health. According to Greek mythology, Rhea, the goddess of wine helped Dionysus by offering him an amethyst crystal in order to keep him sane. Thus, it induced the Roman people the believe that this crystal prohibits people from getting inebriated.

Though health practitioners do not use these crystals for the same reason they utilise them to treat addiction. Amethysts are used to induce tranquillity. Those who work with crystals may employ gemstones to assist in alleviating anxiety and pain.

However, scientists have not verified any of these claims about amethyst’s capacity to improve mental wellness.

Physical Healing Properties

According to internet reports, amethysts offer the following physical therapeutic properties:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Enhancing endocrine function
  • Enhancing the look of the skin-boosting intestinal health
  • Headache relief
  • Hormone regulation

However, these claims have not been scientifically validated. Though some of the cures with this stone can be considered true for the healthcare experts to believe its efficacy needs research proof which is not done much in this field.

Metaphysical Properties

Amethysts are said to open one’s third eye. The third eye is said to be a source of strength and knowledge.

Amethysts, according to crystal practitioners, can be used to increase or intensify spiritual insights and enlightenment. Again, these are unverified scientific assertions. Metaphysical crystal practitioners may also think that placing amethyst geodes or crystals in your house would absorb bad energy and create a peaceful atmosphere.

In addition to other benefits, Amethysts are believed to block geopathic stress and electromagnetic frequencies. Both of these are responsible for causing negativity. This is thought to happen when man-made artifacts interfere with the earth’s inherent energy.

How To Charge Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystal need to charge their batteries every night in order to preserve their vitality. Charging your crystal is rather low maintenance, and it is sometimes a matter of timing. Some mystics prefer to charge their amethyst crystals during full moons. Make sure there isn’t an eclipse. Full moon eclipses bring uncertainty and negativity. You may recharge your crystal by placing it under the moonlight.

Do you need to attract peace of mind or a tranquil setting right away? If you’re in a rush, an expert believes there’s a method to charge your jewels. “Sometimes we need the power of amethyst right now and can’t wait for a certain moon phase,” Expert adds. They suggest individuals sit with the crystal on their palm and take deep breaths to absorb the amethyst’s energy. When you feel linked to its energy, ask it for assistance with anything you require. Then explain your objective and say something like, “I charge this amethyst with my intention.”

How To Program A Crystal?

Consider programming your crystal to be the mental/spiritual process of uploading your intention into the crystal’s core and filling it with the energy of the intention. You must picture this happening while physically holding the crystal in your hand. Here’s what I enjoy doing:

  • Shut your eyes. To ground yourself, take long, steady breaths. Imagine yourself in a peaceful, appealing natural setting, staring at a massive replica of your crystal, large enough for you to enter inside and rest. Consider entering into the mega-crystal and exploring. Consider how the interior of this crystal appears, sounds, feels, and smells. Make your daydream as real as possible.
  • You may now play interior designer! Imagine filling the area with things, symbols, colors, people, or anything else that expresses your purpose. Some of your decorations might be abstract or weird. That’s fine—in fact, it’s fantastic!
  • When you feel ready, state your objective aloud. You can reinforce this by carving these phrases into the walls of your crystal.
  • Relax with the crystal to roam mentally around it till you feel as though you’ve filled it with your energy. Your crystal is now ready for usage.

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How To Cleanse Amethyst Geode

Warm soapy water may be used to safely clean amethyst. Except in rare cases where a stone has been colored or fracture-filled, ultrasonic cleaners are typically harmless. Do not use the steam cleaning method to clean this crystal as it should not be heated.

When Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

The more you utilize the amethyst, the it accumulates more energy. So, cleaning it once a month is necessary. If a certain stone is feeling heavier than normal, cleanse it. It isn’t necessary to wait for a certain length of time between cleansing.

Can Amethyst Go In Water?

Yes, they can. As it has a 7 rating on the hardness scale, it is considered a water-safe gemstone.

How To Care For Amethyst Crystals?

Amethyst crystal may shatter because of sudden temperature fluctuations. Some amethyst colors might fade if exposed to bright light for a long time.

Except in rare cases where a stone has been colored or fracture-filled, ultrasonic cleaners are typically harmless. Follow the rules below to clean the crystal:


Running water and natural water is the best water to get Amethyst cleaned as it removes the negative energy. The natural water source can be a stream. If spring water is not accessible, use bottled spring water. The ideal time to wash it is one minute.

Brown Rice 

Brown rice is another method to cleanse the Amethyst. Take a bowl of brown rice and bury it for 24 hours. But, discard the rice as it absorbs the negative energy.

Natural Light 

Amethyst can be bathed in natural light. You can set the stone outside before nightfall and bring it before 11 in the morning. It is the best cleansing method because it is cleansed by moonlight and natural sunlight.


The Amethyst can also be cleansed with sage because it is regarded as a sacred plant. To try this method, first, burn the plant in a fire-safe bowl near an open window. Then envelop the crystal in the vapor for 30 seconds.


What Chakra Does Amethyst Help?

Amethyst works to calm your mind and crown chakra, allowing you to focus on mending any blockages that are preventing you from feeling happiness. Because it is located at the very top of your head, the seventh chakra is purple and is known as the crown chakra.

Why Is Amethyst Purple?

Amethyst is a purple quartz. It gets its color from irradiation, iron impurities, and other transition metals. The other trace elements are also responsible for causing complicated crystal structure replacements.

Amethyst is found in primary colors ranging from light pinkish purple to deep purple. Amethyst can have either one or both secondary colors, red or blue. Amethyst of high grade may be discovered in Russia, Sri Lanka, Peru, Uruguay, and the Far East.

Can I Wear Amethyst Every Day?

Amethyst has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. Thus, it is a reasonably hard gemstone that one can wear every day. But, one should take utmost care while wearing it as jewelry, which can prevent it from fading away its color or getting damaged. Remove amethyst jewelry when entering the shower, washing, or applying cosmetics.

While these factors may not have a direct impact on the jewel, product residue can develop on it and generate a white coating. Because this will impair its brilliance and sparkle, it is preferable to wear your amethyst jewelry shortly before leaving the house. Also, avoid wearing it when exercising, as this increases the likelihood of the gemstone becoming damaged.

Is Amethyst A Rare Stone?

Amethyst has been known since before Greek times. Its name comes from the Greek word amethysts. The Bible describes the amethyst as one of the stones that signified one of Aaron’s tribes. The color of the stone makes it more rare. Amethyst is for the fourth, sixth, and ninth anniversaries.

Can You Clean Amethyst In Water?

Warm soapy water may be used to safely clean amethyst. Except in rare cases where a stone has been colored or fracture-filled, ultrasonic cleaners are typically harmless.

Can You Charge Amethyst In The Sun?

Sunlight is the male counterpart of light energy, in contrast to the delicate, gentle, and feminine energy of moonlight. Its energy nourishes, strengthens, and propels. Therefore, the male energy of sunshine is excellent for charging amethysts.

Direct sunshine may also be utilized to help clean your stones. If your stone is not light or water-sensitive, submerge it in sea salt and water and then place it in the sunshine to charge your crystals.

What Bad Effects Does Amethyst Stone Have?

Natural amethyst is believed to produce negative effects on events, but this is uncommon. Acne, dizziness, nausea, breast soreness, water retention, and stomach bloating are just a few of the side effects. Even though it is uncommon, these crystals can have serious effects.

How To Use An Amethyst Pendulum?

Pendulums have been used to hunt for the unseen, a practice known as Dowsing. The pendulum functions as a receiver and transmitter of unseen effects, communicating this knowledge to you. You may ask your pendulum yes or no questions, which is typically the simplest way to use this divination equipment.

How To Use Amethyst Cluster?

Askinosie suggests keeping amethyst on your nightstand in the bedroom as it “enhances intuition and relaxation.” When placed in an open environment, the tips of the rock crystal radiate relaxing vibrations in all directions of the room.


We have mentioned various processes to cleanse the amethyst crystal in the blog. Hope you follow the directions given here to clean the crystal without harming it. However, we suggest you be very gentle with it while cleaning and avoid heating or exposing it to sunlight for an extended period of time. You can also take it to a jeweller for professional cleaning, on the other hand, it is much easier, and they typically don’t charge anything.

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