Feng Shui Art | 11+ Good Feng Shui Paintings For Wealth

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Feng Shui practitioners employ the principles of Feng Shui Art or Paintings and artwork placement, recognizing how the placement of oneself and art pieces throughout one’s home and office may have a positive impact on many parts of one’s life. It is based on the idea that as living creatures, we are inextricably related to the land we live in.

Using only a rudimentary grasp of Feng Shui flow, you may choose art based on the mood you want, such as calming and sensual in the bedroom or energetic and bright in the sitting room or workplace. Colors and images associated with a certain zone of desire are employed in Feng Shui art to evoke positive vibrations for the spectator.

Significance Of Feng Shui Art

Using art is one of the most popular (and pleasurable!) ways to increase the feng shui frequency and energy in your home.

Although choosing feng shui art for the wall is incredibly personal, and you should always choose art that you appreciate, certain artworks may serve dual purposes by complimenting your décor and contributing to the mood in your home.

Because art has always been about inspiration and direct expression, it’s an excellent method to transform and improve the environment of your home. The source material, tones, size, form, and location of an artwork can all have an impact on the feng shui of one’s living space.

5 Feng Shui Elements And Paintings

Feng Shui Elements And Paintings

The universe is divided into five elements according to feng shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. If a space doesn’t seem quite right, consider rebalancing the pieces to make it more comfy. Each piece evokes a particular vibe, resulting in a personalized area that suits your personality and aspirations.


Water’s sphere includes spirituality and emotion. Water balance provides inspiration, knowledge, and insight. Too much water might cause an uneven transition and the sensation that you are drowning emotionally. It can also make you feel too sociable and stressed. When water is scarce, you may experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, tension, and pettiness.

Include the following while adding the water element:

Aquariums and fountains, reflecting surfaces dark in color. For instance, gazing balls or mirrors that have asymmetrical forms.


Boost your passion and leadership abilities by utilizing the fire element. Use this design element to promote expressiveness, imagination, and aggressiveness. Excessive use of file elements can manifest as impulsive conduct and aggression, whereas a lack of fire can manifest as emotional indifference, lack of vision, inexpressiveness, and low self-esteem.

Add the following to your area to enhance the fire element:

  • Any color of red, pink, or purple
  •  Electronic equipment
  •  Animal prints candles,
  •  Incandescent lights,
  •  Sunshine


Wood represents growth, birth, strength, flexibility, and intuition while harnessing the force of creativity and expansion. Excessive use of wood elements may make you feel overpowered, stiff, obstinate, and inflexible, while a lack of this element can lead to despair, ambivalence, and stagnancy.

Use designs that replicate the tall, column-like shape of tree trunks and leaves and blossoms when creating with wood. Wood, like the leaves and the sky, has green and blue tones. Consider include the following categories of items:

  • Plants and trees, both fresh and silk
  • Wooden furniture made of cotton and other natural fibers


Earth influences physical strength and order. It also instills a sense of grounding, balance, and stability. People typically perceive a weighty sensation and feel increased ennui, sluggishness, and seriousness when earth is abundant in an area. People may feel disorganized, messy, and unfocused when there is insufficient earth.

To incorporate the element, add:

  • Something with earthy undertones (brown, green, or sand)
  • Low, flat surfaces in square and rectangular forms
  • Landscape photographs


Metal affects mental clarity and rationality. Personal traits such as organization, attention, righteousness, and analytical ability can be affected by the presence of metal in a space. Excessive use of metal elements can make one talkative, and prone to speaking without thinking. When there is insufficient metal, you may have a sense of stillness, caution, and lack of focus.

When using metal to decorate a place, include:

  • oval or circular shapes
  • metals such as silver, iron, Aluminum, gold
  • Stones that are white, silver, or gray in color.

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What Feng Shui Art Or Paintings Are Good For Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Art Or Paintings

Peacock Painting

The peacock picture enhances the space where it is hung. It represents strength and beauty.

Nine Fishes Painting

Nine Fish’s picture represents financial abundance and career growth. Individuals observing this picture can evoke a sense of contentment and serenity.

Goldfish Painting

Goldfish painting is a feng shui art has the ability to neutralize ill luck as it has one blackfish which is considered as yin and eight other fish considered as the yang. In addition, the number of fish that is 9 is also considered as auspicious.

Feng Shui Stil Life Paintings

The still-life pictures are crafted with excellent precision. These pictures can improve emotions. For example, pictures of still-life flowers can harmonize the energy in the area offering you improved efficiency.

Golden Mountain Painting

Mountain paintings are considered the origin of financial abundance from the heavens. It can ward off the energy that brings disaster or ill luck. It is also an ideal sign for people who are career-oriented. Therefore, the ideal place for the painting is the office.

Laughing Buddha Images

Financial abundance comes either from Laughing Buddha images or paintings.

Painting Of Positive Images

Images such as beautiful landscapes can bring good vibes to the space it is hung. It is beneficial both for homes and business places.

Phoenix Paintings

Phoenix signifies career progress and a sign of transformation. It also serves as an attractive painting on the wall as well!

Waterfall Paintings

A painting of a waterfall is a sign of auspiciousness and financial abundance. You can also establish a fountain as a water element. It is suitable for a business place as it can bring an abundance of riches.

How To Choose Colors For Paintings In Feng Shui

You may also check for the painting’s dominant hue to establish its element.

  • Objects in purple, red and represent the fire element. These colors are used in wall art to convey enthusiasm, vibrancy, passion, and warmth.
  • Art in brown or green enhances the wood aspect. These hues are said to bring wealth and encourage regeneration in paintings.
  • Images with blue or aqua enhance the water theme. They are connected with calmness and harmony.
  • Paintings and artwork with yellow, brown, beige, and earth tones amplify the earth aspect. Stability, anchoring, nurturing, and receptivity are all linked with earth elements.

Positive Feng Shui Images In Paintings

Encouragement visuals, such as beautiful landscapes or festivals, are painted on walls to provide good vibes and wellness to your home or company.

Negative Feng Shui Images In Paintings

According to feng shui, some artworks may emit less positive energy.

Pictures that display misery, wars, or disasters emit negative energy. Water, according to the destruction cycle, inhibits fire, thus having water paintings in the bedroom might temper desires.

Feng Shui Art For Office

Paintings of Waterfalls

Feng shui art like waterfall paintings or fountain, these works of art bring an abundance of wealth and auspiciousness. Establish a fountain for your prosperity. Install this work of art at the end of the hallway or entryway leading to your office to stimulate the flow of money and resources into the business.

Fish Paintings

Because the Chinese word for fish means “more than enough,” the fish represents wealth and prosperity. Fish signify marital joy, harmony, and propagation since they reproduce swiftly and occasionally swim in pairs.

Feng Shui Art Or Paintings For Wealth

Painting Of Seven Horses

The 7-Horses painting and 7 Running Horses picture are fantastic images to have in a living room’s richest corner. Horses have a lot of meaning in feng shui, whether it’s a horseshoe or a picture.

It will move you forward in your career without stumbling barriers. Horses are connected with both riches and power.

A Seven Horse Artwork in your home ensures job success, business prosperity, and financial security throughout your life.

When hanging the image, make sure it faces your house, and that the horses are approaching it.

Painting Of The Eight Horses In Feng Shui

Within FengShui, horses signify achievement, devotion, boldness, agility, and persistence.

Feng Shui recommends hanging artworks of eight trotting horses in the family room adjacent to the front door to produce riches and good fortune energy throughout your home.

It may be used as a living room Feng Shui wall décor.

Bamboo Feng Shui Painting

Bamboo artwork is a component of “Wood” in Feng Shui, which is supposed to bring wealth, fortune, health, and longevity.

It is also a symbol of personal growth, prosperity, and relationships and can fight off bad chi.

Bamboo artwork may be hung anyplace in your house or company. The bamboo image can be displayed anywhere you like.

Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui

Because the Chinese word for fish means “more than enough,” the fish represents wealth and prosperity. Fish signify marital joy, harmony, and propagation since they reproduce swiftly and occasionally swim in pairs. Because the southeast section of your workplace manages your revenue flow as well as your originality and courage, it’s the ideal location for this feng shui office art.

Which Paintings To Hang Above The Bed Feng Shui?

Painting of Double Happiness

In the artwork “Double Happiness,” a series of Chinese inscriptions represent twice the amount of romance, wealth, and joy. This is commonly used in wedding centerpieces. This image is usually displayed, mostly in the southwest corner of the main bedroom, amid other love fortune artworks.

Paintings of Birds

Birds are thought to be messengers from the moon-dwelling god of marriage. Birds are maybe the most striking depiction of conjugal attachment. Photographs of birds should always be exhibited in pairs. The southwest corner of the bedroom appears to be the best location.

Feng Shui Paintings For Love

Flower Paintings 

A flower artwork may assist you in developing a loving sensation. A tranquil and magnificent daisy artwork within your bedroom, for example, would produce a quiet and pleasant setting inside your amorous life.

A spotless and magnificent lotus artwork in your bedroom may help you embrace fantastic adoration, while a tranquil and attractive orchid image may assist you in finding a wonderful partnership.

Mystic Knots Paintings

The mystical knot’s interlaced number eight symbolizes love, luck, fortune, and eternity. This is an excellent love sign. This image is widely utilized in combination with a variety of other feng shui symbols and artwork.

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What Kind Of Paintings Are Lucky For Home?

Laughing Buddha pictures can be displayed in any part of the home, but the living room appears to be the ideal place. Position the Buddha at the front door to energize the Chi that enters the home.

Which Painting Is Best For Bedroom Feng Shui?

The image of nature is, of course, one of the greatest Feng Shui paintings for the bedroom. This type of image represents absolute joy in life, providing you with happiness and mental tranquility.

What Painting Should Not Be Kept At Home?

Animal and bird images, paintings, and statues, such as pigs, snakes, asses, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, pigeons, and crows, should be avoided.


We’ve gone through all the artworks that should be chosen while looking for feng shui art or paintings for wealth. Choosing energy paintings while keeping feng shui in mind is critical for how chi flows throughout your home or business; make sure you get images that include more than simply these forces.

It’s also critical that you choose an artwork that you like because you’ll be staring at it for a long time. As a consequence, decide what kinds of artwork you want in each area of the house and then choose the ones that you love looking at.

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