7-Horse Painting – How To Use Feng Shui Horse Symbol

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Paintings improve a home’s decor. Some artworks such as 7-Horse painting can bring positive energy into the home when placed in the appropriate direction. This is where a painting of 7 horses comes to be an invaluable addition according to Vastu principles. It is because horses symbolize development, power, serenity, and success. Thus, hanging a 7-horse painting in one’s home or business is a wonderful method to draw positive energy into one’s life.

7-Horse Painting Significance

7-Horse Painting Significance

Vastu Shastra considers horses auspicious as they symbolize loyalty, power, bravery, and stability. A 7-horse painting in one’s home or business place can bring positivity to many aspects of one’s life, especially running horses which symbolize expansion and speed while the number seven considered the lucky number. The painting placed in a business site can help expand the business or if it is placed in the Vastu of one’s home, it is believed to improve their financial situation. It is believed that items representing auspiciousness also ward off bad energy.

What Does Horse Symbolise in Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui Horse is a lucky animal that represents speed, tenacity, loyalty, power, and prosperity. The Victory Horse and the Tribute Horse are considered great Feng Shui cures. It fosters a good reputation and mobility and prosperity, respectively.

7 Running Horse Painting Meaning

7 running horse paintings, especially the galloping ones generate pleasant responses. Thus it brings positive energy flow into the area it is displayed as it represents growth, expansion, and accomplishment.

7-Running Horses Painting Feng Shui Direction

Running Horses Painting Feng Shui Direction

Keep the 7 running horse painting in the living room. It will add beauty and also generate positive energy. The painting can be positioned on the south wall of the house or workplace as it is connected with fortune and reputation. If you have no place to hang it on this side of the wall, you can also place it on the east or north wall.

The north represents career growth and fortune. A 7 horse painting on the north wall brings financial abundance to the family. The east is the direction of expansion. Those looking at job progress should hang this artwork on the east wall.

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East Facing Directions

When put in the East direction, the East Seven Horses artwork can assist you in advancing in your profession. You might also try hanging the seven horses picture in your house or business towards the north or east direction.

Galloping horses represent speed. The image of the seven rushing horses must be put on your home’s east-facing wall. When you hang the painting on the east wall, you’ll discover that you finish most activities faster than everyone else.

Ensure the horses are facing the room or office. If it faces the door it might have a bad impact on your life.

West Facing Directions

The galloping horses are powerful and self-sufficient. Your creative side will benefit from the painting facing west.

South Facing Directions

When seven horses are arranged in the South direction, they are said to bring fortune and renown, according to Vastu Shastra. Because this direction is connected with success and reputation.

Planet Mars Location

The red associated with the planet Mars is believed to boost self-esteem and confidence. In Feng Shui, seven rushing horses with a crimson background represent Mars. It may help you acquire confidence and boost your self-esteem. So, it is crucial to direct it in this direction.

Planet Saturn Location

According to Feng Shui, the blue horse represents the planet Saturn. It is intended to help you bring peace and harmony. It is critical to match the position of this photograph to Saturn’s orientation.

Planet Venus Location

According to Feng Shui, when displaying a painting of seven galloping horses, the placement of Venus also should be considered since the horses represent the realm of love. Hang this in a visible spot of your home to ensure that your family members have positive feelings.

Feng Shui Golden Horse Direction

The golden horse is regarded as the tribute horse. Feng shui experts believe it to have stepped on a bed of money and valuables. This symbolizes riches, wealth, stability, control, vigor, and dignity. This 7-horse painting should be placed at the southern corner if you want to bring popularity, reputation, and respect.

Also, if you place this horse on your desk, it will bring you good luck and riches. People concerned about the competitive nature of their employment and want to ensure the greatest outcomes might utilize this horse to bring good fortune.

Galloping Horses Painting

A galloping horse painting in the workplace can boost one’s luck in addition to dealing with business issues. We have already mentioned that horses represent endurance, speed, power, and bravery. If a picture of a galloping horse is displayed on the south side of the wall, it will bring you success in the profession you are working in, reputation, promotion, and triumph.

Seven Horses Painting Direction In Office

Placing a mural of seven rushing horses in a business place is said to bring optimism and is auspicious. People willing to achieve business success can hang this fortunate 7-horse picture on the south wall of their workplace as this direction represents renown and success. Place it in the east direction, if the south side of the wall is not available.

You can also display the 7-horse painting in the welcome area. But if you want to hang it in a commercial environment, consider some rules to follow. Make sure the artwork faces the inside of the workplace rather than the outside.

Sky Horse Meaning In Feng Shui

The Sky Horse symbolizes strength, endurance, speed, power, and courage, as well as triumph. It is one of the Lunar Constellations’ pantheon of Sky Animals. As a member of the Phoenix Constellation, it possesses the Phoenix’s regenerating abilities.

White Horse Feng Shui

Riding white horses guarantees a steady and simple source of income. This horse can help overcome financial challenges as the color white signifies stability and harmony. You can place a pair of white galloping horses in the north or northwest. You can also create a horse figurine from materials like wood, metal, ceramic, or as a painting.

Handling white horse paintings gives a consistent source of income. Because white represents stability and tranquillity in Feng Shui, the horse can help you overcome financial difficulties.

A few white racing horses could be seen on the ground to the north and northwest. An Asian horse statue or horse image can be made in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, ceramic, or even as an artwork (painting).

Red Horse Feng Shui

Red horses signify the male spirit and have attributes like continuity that can boost your business by expanding reputation, cash flow, and renown through the flow of employment. Horses in groups, usually three, five, seven, or eight, are symbols of triumph and power. Horses must walk or run in groups as a symbol of collaboration or shared power.

Where To Place 7 Horse Picture In Home

The living room is the proper location for the 7-horse painting. The appropriate location is that location where it is recommended by the Feng Shui experts. Therefore make sure to place it in that direction. Also, keep it out of the main door and window.

Feng Shui Horse Symbol Do’s And Don’ts Tips


The horses in the portrait should be represented running in a straight line or symmetrically, without any sign of obstacles. The horses should be running on open terrain instead of water. Always choose a 7-horse painting with an odd number of horses.

According to Vastu, the wall or background for the seven horses photo must be positive. So, it is important to ensure that it is clean and does not appear boring.

The 7 Running Horses Vastu paintings must leave a pleasant impact and be pleasing and stimulating to look at. Keep any painting that does not inspire you.

Ensure the painting is proportionate to the size of the space. Do not choose the little artwork for your expensive living room. Instead, choose an appropriate one.


Choose a robust and Vastu-friendly media for the horse photo frame or paintings, such as canvas or wood. Paper should not be used as a medium for horse paintings or galloping horse wallpaper.

Choosing a single horse picture or painting is not advised by Vastu. Also, check that the portrait does not have an unfinished illustration of the horses.


What Does 7 Running Horses Mean?

A picture of seven galloping horses represents power, endurance, tranquillity, and progress. As previously said, the best location for a 7-running horse artwork is on the south wall. Similarly, consider the North and East walls for displaying a 7-running horse artwork. The north direction is connected with prosperity, whereas the east direction is associated with career progression chances.

Which Color 7-Horse Painting Is Good For A Home?

According to Vastu Shastra, hanging the 7-horse painting in the house is lucky. Orienting it correctly will bring wealth and balance the energy in the home. Vastu Shastra advises hanging a painting of seven white horses. White signifies tranquillity and purity, and it draws positive energy.

Can We Put 7 Horse Painting In The Bedroom?

According to Vastu Shastra, there are some dos and don’ts that we must remember while installing various ornamental things in the house. Because we want favorable results from the painting, the guidelines apply to the fortunate seven horses as well. Vastu Shastra states that placing the horse paintings in the bedroom, temple, study room, or any walls facing the washroom or on the main door is not advised. The 7-horse painting may be placed in the living room and dining room.

Is 3 Running Horse Painting Good For Home?

In Vastu Shastra, the number 7 is advised when choosing a horse painting since it is considered auspicious and aids in the eradication of financial troubles. As a result, a 7 running horse shot is preferable to three-running horses.

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Now you know what 7-horse painting signify. It represents good fortune, success, and opportunity. Feng Shui experts advise purchasing such paintings for the workplace or home to place them according to the ways mentioned above to enjoy the fruits that its magic brings to the space. As Vastu suggests, it will offer you good luck at the business place as it will ward off negative energy and instead bring growth opportunities and speedy development. Furthermore, it will add a touch of elegance and luxury to the design.

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