Good Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas To Enhance Love + Romance

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Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging the surroundings to invite positive energy. It is believed that it helps regulate the energy flow by arranging the items in a home or any workspace. “Feng” and “Shui” mean wind and water, respectively.

If you had only one room to select for feng shui, it would undoubtedly be the bedroom. It is because, according to feng shui, the bedroom is the most important room in the house as it is the area where we spend much of our time. It might be a complicated assignment, but properly arranging the bedroom is worth trying with Feng Shui bedroom ideas. You can have an enriched life or relationship by optimizing the power in your bedroom.

How To Create A Bed Feng Shui Bedroom?

When you make any changes in your bedroom, they impact you significantly. Besides, you are always in a passive state while you sleep. Therefore, you are affected by all the energies in your bedroom. So, creating a good feng shui bedroom can help you overcome the negative energies while promoting positive energy flow into the bedroom. In this section, we will get to know what should be avoided placing in the bedroom and what should be incorporated:

There are many good feng shui bedroom ideas. Some of them are listed below:

1. Bed placement in the commanding position

Feng Shui experts believe in following feng shui bedroom ideas for a happy married life. Therefore the bed should be placed in the “commanding posture,” which refers to positioning things towards the entry door but not in line with it. Your bed should be situated in the commanding position as it is the most significant object in the room and where you will spend most of your time. The best spot is to put your bed diagonally across the entrance, so you can at least watch the room from the bed. In addition, avoid placing the bed in the “coffin position,” the feel pointing out the door. It is considered good for your relationship if you follow these marriage bed tips.

2. Electronic gadgets and displays should be kept to a minimum

Keeping away the electronic gadgets is one of the excellent feng shui bedroom ideas. It is practical to understand that any presence of an electronic device in our bedroom can disrupt our sleep. As Feng Shui is based on the arrangement of the natural world, using technological devices in our bedroom might lower the level of positive energy, disrupting our relaxation and sleep. Therefore, keeping electronics out of the room is a good idea when you do not get enough good night’s sleep. Instead, you can take an alarm clock and read books before sleep. This way, you can keep yourself entertained and engaged without any electronics. 

3. Avoid placing mirrors in your bed’s line of sight

We all know mirrors are fantastic items for making our small space larger. However, mirror placement in the bedroom can be challenging. The mirrors act as distracting objects and it isn’t considered the best feng shui bedroom ideas. Therefore, it is good to keep mirrors away from the bedroom. Even if you wish to incorporate a mirror, make sure to place it away from the bed without facing the door. To balance, you can consider keeping a taller mirror. Place them opposite a window to maximize light in your room without interrupting you when attempting to relax from your day’s work. 

4. Declutter Underneath The Bed

According to feng shui bedroom ideas clutter creates negativity. We generally do not remember to take a look underneath our bed. However, it can affect our life since the items under our beds affect us while we sleep. Besides, the objects present in our beds might also create a subconscious block in our life. For instance, letters from ex-partners, if kept under the bed, can get stuck in the present relationship, while shoes under the bed can make you feel moving instead of making you feel relaxed. In addition, luggage under the bed might never make you feel quite at home.

When you have a long list of items under your bed, it’s time to declutter. Feng shui bedroom ideas strictly supports decluttering area. If you find it possible, make sure to remove all your belongings from underneath the bed. It will help you feel free and rejuvenated while you are sleeping.

5. Incorporate a headboard

Incorporating a headboard symbolizes stability and support in your life, particularly in your relationships and is considered one of the best feng shui bedroom ideas. Therefore, select a headboard that is solid and without perforations. Avoid the headboard of bars since it can make both you and your partner a prisoner. Furthermore, fasten it securely to make you feel its strength and support.

6. Pain with Feng Shui friendly colors

With a better feng shui bedroom ideas you can incorporate Feng Shui-friendly colors according to your needs. If you desire more passion, you can add a red color. If you are seeking relaxation, you can incorporate neutral and earthy colors, while for vitality and rejuvenation, you can add green or blue. When you add peaches and pink, you can help yourself attract a partner.

Feng Shui For A Blissful Marriage ( 10 Things to avoid )

A perfect marriage is a result of hard work. However, there are times when couples go through rough times, mainly when they are not doing enough to keep their romance alive. While it is true that it takes a willingness to forget, forgive and compromise, Feng shui can be an alternative to improve your marriage. You can do it by optimizing the positive energy in your bedroom.

We have listed some of the true steps to avoid since it can stand a bed feng shui bedroom idea. Avoid them to improve the energy in your bedroom to invite prosperity, peace, and good luck into your married life. The ten feng shui steps for a blissful marriage are given below:

1. Get the right bed

As per feng shui bedroom ideas you must get the perfect bed if you desire to encourage a happy and healthy marriage life. The first thing you should avoid is pushing your bed into a corner. You should remember that the bed should be freely accessible from all sides. It represents establishing an equal amount of space for you and your companion. With the proper placement, your bedroom will be filled with positive energy and equilibrium. 

2. Avoid water bodies

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, avoiding water features in the bedroom space is one of the most significant pieces of feng shui advice to bring back the lost romance in your life. It does not always imply a waterfall. Water will “dilute” your love. Thus even a little fountain or aquarium would be a horrible idea to install in a bedroom.

3. Eliminate mirror placement

Mirrors in the bedroom are a big no, according to feng shui experts and feng shui bedroom ideas, because they contain previous energy that can attract a third party into your marriage. In addition, mirrors are considered extremely charged, which might cause insomnia. Therefore, it’s important to avoid mirrors in your bedroom that can harm your relationship. Instead, create a mirror-free bedroom to focus on each other.

4. A proper artwork

The energy you bring into your life is directly proportional to the images and pictures you choose to bring into your bedroom. Remove hectic street pictures from your walls and replace them with quiet, romantic themes, such as a couple’s portrait. According to feng shui bedroom ideas, avoid artwork with three-part groupings, as this might introduce the idea of a third party into the connection.

5. Choose the right colors

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, the bedroom color must also be aligned with feng shui principles for married couples. Choose romantic colors to emphasize the romantic side of your relationship. You can incorporate pink and red as they are also acceptable choices. However, avoid black, brown, and green when decorating your room.

6. Always keep the doors shut

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, No bedroom door should be left open, especially when you and your partner are sleeping. When it comes to business, an open door is a wonderful indicator of opportunities. But, unfortunately, it’s not a positive indicator for your personal life since it invites other influences in.

7. Eliminate the electronic devices

Electronic devices such as a television, radio, or phone in the bedroom may divert focus away from vital activities such as marital sex. As per feng shui bedroom ideas  placing a TV in the bedroom is tantamount to inviting a third party into the relationship. So, it is best to keep a TV away from the bedroom.

8. Bring twos of everything

According to feng shui bedroom ideas and also Feng shui experts believe that you should bring things in pairs throughout the house. As much as possible, bring twos of everything. For instance, you can have two instead of just one side table. Hang two frames on the wall instead of one. This can definitely make a difference in your romantic life.

9. Keep some plants or flowers around

Plants and flowers are considered the symbols of love, beauty, and life. According to feng shui bedroom ideas, having some greenery in the bedroom or the entire house would be helpful. When you incorporate greenery in your home or bedroom, try keeping them in the southwest corner. However, keep in mind that dead flowers and leaves are an unwanted feature of feng shui for love, so once they come to your notice, remove them as soon as possible.

10. Opt for a wooden headboard

The feng shui of your bedroom, and hence your relationship, is greatly influenced by your headboard and bed frame. Because the wood element corresponds to the symbolic nature of sustaining the body and energy when sleeping with your partner, feng shui bedroom ideas suggest to choose a robust wooden headboard and frame.

Feng Shui Cures For Love And Marriage

Following are the feng shui cures for love and marriages as per feng shui bedroom ideas,:

1. Purchase a Good, Sturdy Headboard.

Because a headboard is a sensation of stability, a lovely sturdy headboard is crucial for a night of proper sleep. According to scientific research, poor sleep quality declines mental as well as physical health. Using feng shui bedroom ideas can also negatively impact sex drive. So improved sleep is a vital basis for better bedroom romance.

2. Make Your Bed Sheets and Linens Look New

New bed sheets and linens, according to feng shui bedroom ideas and some feng shui experts might assist in revitalizing your love connection. However, you might have people advise you to heat your relationship by using colors like white, bright green, or pink rather than red, and they are true. It is because incorporating red might burn your connection. 

3. Remove any extra pillows or stuffed animals from the room.

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, If your bed is piled full of pillows or plush animals, it gives the impression that you don’t have a place for anyone else. So, it is considered best to remove them from your bed.

4. Your Walls and Window Treatments Should Be Colorful

As per feng shui bedroom ideas,to produce a healthy flow of love and sexual energy, the color of the bedroom walls and window coverings should match each other. Use a dab of pink if you can since it symbolizes love, pleasure, happiness, and romance. 

5. Symmetrical bedside furniture is ideal.

As per feng shui bedroom ideas, do remember to add some similar furniture on both sides of the bed since it encourages sentiments of equality and collaboration. There’s no room on the nightstand for anyone, and there’s no better side of the bed.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules To Enhance Love And Romance

Following are the listed rules to follow to feng shui love and romance in your relationship:

1. Declutter your space.

Morris, a Feng shui expert, explains that a bedroom should be about relaxation, rest, closeness, refreshment, and sleeping. Therefore, anything that isn’t supportive of it should not be welcomed. Therefore, reduce the number of books and pictures lying around or on display and eliminate everything linked to work or exercise.

2. Make a symmetrical design.

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, a symmetrical room creates a harmonious connection. So, one nightstand on both sides of the bed is essential. No matte if the nightstands are identical, but they should be of similar components, height, and weight. A relationship is out of equilibrium when one night stand is out of balance. Correcting that promptly will result in a transformation in the relationship.

3. Do not lean a bed against a wall.

According to feng shui bedroom ideas, a bed leaned against a wall is a big No. It is not only inconvenient for both of you to clamber over each while getting in or out of bed, but a bed with one open side might also indicate larger issues.

4. Purchase the reassuring headboard you’ve been admiring.

Consider purchasing a wooden headboard for your bedroom. As per feng shui bedroom ideas, a wood element is good in your bedroom. However, remember not to use a bar-like headboard since it represents prisoners. 

Which Color Is Good For Bedroom Feng Shui?

Feng shui practitioners recommend using calming colors. According to feng shui bedroom ideas, colors can create positivity in life. For example, warm, rich earth tones such as copper, coral, cream, and cocoa are recommended by feng shui practitioners for creating a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. On the other hand, soft, natural hues like light blues, greens, and lavenders provide a peaceful, relaxing, healing, and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. Besides, cream and peach colors can create a cozy environment in your bedroom.

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How To Activate The Love Corner In Feng Shui?

To activate the love corner, your first task will be to find out the love corner. To find it out, stand at the entrance of your home. Next, you can locate the love corner on your home’s far right side. 

To activate the lover corner of your home, remove things, colors, or other elements that can harm the positive energy flow to this area. Remove the listed things:

  • Remove representation of things that are alone such as images of lone figures.
  • Remove the items that remind you of your past relationship.
  • Declutter your space.
  • Remove objects such as sharp or unsafe objects.
  • Remove the items that are broken or need repair. 

After removing all the objects, clean out the space. Then, you can add the following welcoming elements to the space:

  • Incorporate colors such as white, red, or pink. 
  • You can add symbols of love such as sculptures, pictures, or murals.
  • You can add two figurines together.
  • Fresh flowers.

However, remember to clean the area regularly. And do not allow clutter to build up.


What Should Be Kept In Bed For A Happy Married Life?

You can add the following objects near your bed for a blissful married life:

Showpiece of Mandarin Ducks:

Mandarin Ducks are popularly called love birds. According to Feng Shui experts, a pair of Mandarin Ducks is a popular cure for love. The Chinese believed that the birds symbolize the union of the man and the woman and help enhance love.

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers symbolize love and life. So, when you add flowers or plants to your bedroom, you attract peace, love, and beauty. Feng Shui experts advise keeping the flowers on the Southwest side of the bedroom.

Use showpieces of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal symbolizing peace, love, and healing. When you add this crystal to your bedroom, you can invite good luck to your marriage. You can even put the crystal under the mattress or near your bed for better results.

Add Elephant Figurines

The figurines or images of the elephant are important in Feng Shui. It represents fertility, wealth, and strength. It is believed that the elephant’s trunk brings positive energy, and placing it near your bed brings happiness to your marriage.

How To Use Feng Shui To Attract Love?

You can attract love in the following ways:

  • Purchase a Good, Sturdy Headboard: A headboard symbolizes strength and support, so get a sturdy headboard.
  • Make Your Bed Sheets Look New: Feng Shui experts say that new bed sheets help freshen up romantic relationships. To heat your relationship, take bedsheets of color such as bright green, pink, or white.
  • Remove any extra pillows or stuffed animals from your bed: Stuffed animals indicate that you do not have room for other individuals. Therefore, removing any extra stuffed objects from your bed is good.


“Feng Shui” is an ancient Chinese art that teaches us how to live harmoniously with our environment. Feng Shui has taught us how to enhance our health, financial well-being, and relationships with those around us for almost 4000 years.

Feng shui practitioners share some feng shui bedroom ideas for creating a romantic Feng Shui bedroom. Using these ideas, you can create a greater sense of love and romance in your bedroom.

By following the Feng Shui bedroom ideas, you can create a peaceful and harmonious space that promotes restful sleep and relaxation.

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