Evil Eye Protection – Important Things You Need To Know

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Although the word “evil eye protection” in feng shui sounds terrible, doesn’t it? It’s a feng shui amulet for Evil Eye Protection, as well as a gorgeous blend of blue tones that add to the natural beauty of Greece’s blue and white ancient architecture.

Drishti, another evil eye protection moniker sometimes referred to as a Nazar, is an item intended to protect individuals from the evil eye. According to folklore, an adversary’s or foe’s evil eye gaze might be deadly or cause much grief and sadness.

What Does The Evil Eye Protection Mean?

The evil eye is a curse cast by a malicious glance and is generally bestowed onto a person while they are unsuspecting. Many cultures believe that being cursed with the evil eye would result in misfortune or damage. Therefore, talismans and amulets designed to ward off the evil eye are known as “evil eyes” or “Nazar Boncugu” in Turkish.

Evil Eye Protection Symbol Meaning

In my art, the Eye has frequently taken on metaphorical meaning. Then, one day, these eyes came to life and expressed themselves more intimately and emotionally. The acceptance of this innovative technique gave my work new vitality and complexity, bringing them “to life” to communicate emotions of pain and pleasure.

Significance Of Evil Eye Protection Charm In Feng Shui

The Feng Shui Evil Eye is a powerful Feng Shui protective technique against bad energy. A classic Feng Shui Evil Eye protection is an iridescent crystal of blue glass shaped in tear-drop circles forming an eye-like design.

The circular form and blue hue symbolize Heaven and Faith, respectively, while the image in the center, whether colored or cast in bronze, represents a sacred, attentive eye. It may be used to block bad energy for personal safety, newborns, plants, and animals, both outdoors and within the home.

As a kind of self-defense, hang a horseshoe or other Evil eye protection emblem at your house or business. Also, wear bracelets or other jewelry with a single eye. If you have evil eye protection, it will bring good fortune to your house.

Use Of Evil Eye In Feng Shui

Feng Shui considers Bad Eye charms or things symbols of good luck and protection that keep negative and evil energy at bay. Different civilizations, particularly in Asia, believe that an evil stare can do harm to someone, which is why several Evil Eye remedies have been utilized. 

A deep blue colored glass bead-shaped in concentric tear-drop circles that forms an eye-like motif is indicative of a Feng Shui Evil Eye. These ornamental elements may be liberally put throughout the home to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Where To Hang Evil Eye Protection In The House?

These evil eye protection symbols may be used to make wall hangings. In most houses, the evil eye charm is clutched or hung over a wall with Nazar Dosh beads.

You can hang wall art to protect your business and house. With a quick distraction, the evil eye searches for the person who attempts to focus on you and plainly and effectively shatters such focus and power. Blue is supposed to guard against mishaps even if one of the evil eye protection becomes damaged.

Check on where you can hang the evil eye to protect your house:

  • You can place it on the entry door. It is the way through which all the energy enters the home.
  • You can place it in any house area, such as a terrace, living room, or bedroom. It aids in balancing the thoughts and glare of the visitors.
  • The evil eye can also be framed and hung in the living room.

How To Use Evil Eye Protection For Home Entrance

The evil eye is one of the most potent evil eye protection and rapid feng shui remedies; that is also fashionable and can be accessed in feng shui stores. Though you can place it in an area of your house, the best place still remains the entrance of your home, especially at the doorway.

  • The figurative picture of the evil eye in this feng shui treatment catches the viewer’s attention as soon as they enter your home and removes whatever bad energy they may have brought with them.
  •  In feng shui, however, the front entrance is the greatest spot to put an evil eye amulet. As you or anybody enters the house, it will balance the visitor’s thoughts and glare and turn into good energy. You only need to put an evil eye charm on your doorstep.

How Does The Evil Eye Protect You?

One way to protect oneself from the evil eye is to trust the power of an amulet that you may keep close to you.

In the past, the Romans wore jewelry with flying phalluses, and the Greeks placed Gorgon sculptures on their doorways. In today’s culture, you can wear amulets like jewelry, but be careful not to harm the evil eye amulets.

Mastering mirrors is another way to protect oneself from the evil eye. Mirror reflections appear to send bad energy back to the source. In reality, you will be shielded against this energy. In this instance, use reflecting things as accessories. It is best to keep mirrors closer at all times.

Evil Eye Protection For Babies

  • It is critical to safeguard newborn newborns or babies from negative energy. To accomplish so, use the following recommendations as a powerful evil eye protection dua.
  • Tie an evil eye protective band around the baby’s wrist.
  • If you don’t want to use a tie bracket, simply tie a black thread around your baby’s wrist, as bracelets are too soft and fragile for newborns.
  • Never force your baby to nurse in public; always keep them covered when nursing.
  • People in Canada apply a black dot, commonly known as “kajal,” as a cure on newborns’ foreheads for evil eye protection.

Ways Of Checking If Evil Eye Is On You?

If an evil eye has impacted you, you can see the most common symptoms listed below.

  • Put one drop of olive oil in a glass of holy water. The technique is used to determine if the evil eye has been implanted.
  • Although olive oil can float in normal conditions, if the droplet is submerged in water, this shows that the evil eye has already been implanted.
  • The signs of the evil eye are difficult to identify but not impossible; affected persons may feel a loss of appetite, indigestion, frequent vomiting, or other symptoms.
  • A person with an evil eye may experience mood swings for no apparent cause. The individual may change from being joyful to weeping uncontrollably, becoming despondent.

What Does Evil Eye Protection Jewelry Mean?

We’ve all heard the expression “an eye for an eye.” And it is true for the fervent amulet. The alleged curse of the evil eye is based on the belief that successful individuals are subject to jealous glances. The eye is said to have enormous power in Greek mythology. Those who were the target of an envious “evil eye” gaze were thought to experience catastrophic calamity.

People sought a way to fend off these bad spirits and give protection from evil eyes. As a result, the first variants of the eye amulet were developed. This helps to explain why trinkets are frequently connected with protection. They are also connected with protection from the malice or jealousy that is likely to accompany riches.

Do Evil Eye Protection Bracelets Work?

So far, we’ve covered all the benefits and applications of evil eye charms. When we wear an evil eye bracelet, it works; you will find it useful and feel safe from negative energy. However, the bracelets will work wonders only if they are worn correctly. But, if it is done properly, it can do wonders. 

Which Hand To Wear Evil Eye Bracelet

Wear a Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelet on your left hand if you want to feel comfortable about your feelings or private life. What is the reasoning for this? Because the left side of our body contains the heart, it is linked to our emotions.

Wear the Feng Shui Evil Eye Bracelet on your right hand if you desire protection for unimportant matters such as your work, career, money, and endeavors. It is because the right side of our body is related to the brain, our logical side, success, business, jobs, and goals, among other things.

How To Cleanse Evil Eye Bracelet

Why should I clean my evil eye bracelet? When using it for the first time, use running water to clean it. Cleansing is essential to remove any negative energy associated with it. Other ways to cleanse in Feng shui include employing sunshine, moonlight, or incense for a total cleansing.

Different Evil Eye Protection Colors And Their Meaning

The most common type of evil eye amulet is a rich cobalt blue. However, evil eye charms and beads are available in a variety of hues; see the list below for information on the meaning and nature of many Evil Eye Colors:

  • Authentic Blue: This is the genuine and original hue of the Evil Eye Amulet.
  • Black: The color black represents power.
  • Brown: The color brown denotes stability.
  • Coral: Coral symbolizes safety and protection.
  • Deep Green: The deep color green denotes happiness and prosperity.
  • Light Green: Success is represented by light green.
  • Deep Red: Deep Red denotes bravery.
  • Light Blue: It denotes cleanliness and purity.
  • Pink: Pink is the color of love.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is associated with good health.
  • White: The color white indicates wealth.
  • Yellow: Yellow indicates happiness and optimism.

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How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye?

In reality, you will be shielded against this energy. In this instance, use reflecting things as accessories. Therefore, it is best to keep mirrors closer at all times.

How To Remove The Evil Eye From The House

You can follow the listed ways:

  • Hang an Ashok leaf mala at the entrance of your home. It should be completed by Friday.
  • To get rid of Nazar dosh, hang a peacock feather on the front door.
  • Additionally, sprinkle gangajal throughout your home. Make careful to sprinkle it in every nook and corner of the house.
  • If everything else fails, have a pandit do the Nazar Dosh Nivaran Puja.

Is It Bad To Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

No, Wearing evil eye jewelry is acceptable because, as described in this article, it repels negative energy.

How To Protect Your Family From Evil Eye

Swirl a coconut three times above your head in your right palm, envisioning the bad energies affecting you.

Visualize the coconut’s eyes as evil, then destroy them on the way to your residence. You can also do it at a temple. Simply put, you may avoid the evil eye if you keep any positive news to yourself.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye?

It is quite OK to purchase an Evil Eye amulet for yourself. However, it is more effective when presented as a gift to someone who you believe needs to be protected.

How To Bless An Evil Eye Bracelet

Blessing an evil eye is a type of feng shui ceremony necessary to remove any negative associated with the evil eye. For example, soak the bracelet in flowing water or wash the amulet in the sunshine, moonlight, or with burning sage.


The cumulative benefits of evil eye protection symbols include the illusion that it protects the user from demonic eye and disaster. Wearing these protective symbols for good luck or protection against the effects of evil negative energy is a cultural thread shared by feng shui practitioners.


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