Best Crystal Lotus Flower Benefits + Quick Placement Tips

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At first glance, the Crystal lotus flower may appear unpleasant. The form and colors of the lotus are undeniably stunning, but beneath its fragile shell is a deeper meaning that reaches back nearly to the beginning of time. Several Asian civilizations revere the blooms, considered one of the world’s most spiritual plants.

Crystal lotus flowers come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they are often used as decorative pieces in homes or offices. Some crystal lotus flowers are also designed to be used as candle holders or to hold small objects like jewelry or crystals.

The lotus flower’s growth process is unlike any other flower’s. It falls under river water every nightfall because its root is caught in the earth, then suddenly re-blooms the next day, dazzlingly clean. In many religions, this practice is related to reincarnation and spiritual enlightenment.

In Chinese herbal treatments, every lotus flower’s part has medicinal properties. Beginning with the lotus base or roots and progressing to the lotus blooms, this plant becomes a considerably more effective remedy for a happy and quiet home.

According to Feng Shui experts, this flower is supposed to combat evil with positive energy, cleaning the spirit and providing insight to obtain wisdom.

In Chinese mythology, the Lotus’s importance is represented through many signs and symbols. For example, Ho Hsien Ku, one of the Eight Divine Beings and the Taoist religion’s emblem of nuptials and amorous delight, holds a Lotus blossom.

Crystal Lotus Flower Feng Shui Meaning

The Crystal Lotus flower is vital for generating good energy and renewing family bonds. Moreover, because the Crystal represents the Earth element, it is also a sign of Mother Earth’s blessing.

When the Crystal Lotus’ power is exhausted, it must be recharged. That can be done by placing it on a transparent counter-top with lights beneath it, representing the lighting’s Fire component, re-energizing the crystal’s Earth component.

  • It will cleanse the environment, providing loved ones with peace of mind and helping them to fulfill their life objectives.
  • Crystal lotus helps with Chi modulation by halting, accelerating, and releasing stagnant chi.
  • Over time, this Chi practice will bring you success, contentment, peace, focus, and wealth.
  • The important lotus flower crystal has numerous layers in Feng Shui. Because this one-of-a-kind bloom rises from the dirt, representing victory over hardship.
  • Because its petals give refuge and safety to fish, the lotus is associated with wealth preservation and is also a sign of prosperity.

Top 7 Crystal Lotus Flower Benefits In Feng Shui

  • Crystal Lotus flower feng shui is associated with problem solving and success. According to Feng Shui principles, the revitalized Crystal Lotus brings development, love, and good fortune, among other benefits.
  • When the Crystal Lotus flower (Energized) is placed in a site with passionate arguments, it has calming effects and creates substantial transformations, according to feng shui.
  • The Crystal Lotus is truly energized to attract money and good fortune.
  • Crystal Lotus also represents money and wealth. Therefore having one in your home or company will assist you in attracting more of it.
  • It helps to emit positive energy to energize family bonds. It also detoxifies the atmosphere by providing happy sensations.
  • Give your family and friends a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. The crystal will distribute the illumination and generate wonderful hues in your home, filling it with positive energy and encouraging calm and optimism.
  • If you’re seeking the proper spouse, place a crystal glass lotus blossom in your romantic space to symbolize a beautiful union.

Crystal Lotus Flower Placement Feng Shui

Crystal Lotus Flower Placement Feng Shui

It is said to have to purify properties that will cleanse the area and attract good fortune. When the Feng Shui Lotus Flower Crystal is placed in areas of the property where arguments commonly occur, the individual members will be comforted, and tensions will be replaced by positive chi and love.

In Buddhism, the Lotus bloom is called the “flower of heaven.” It symbolizes four basic virtues: beauty, kindness, fragrance, and cleanliness. Despite being planted in the dirt, the Lotus signifies the purity of the body, word, and intellect.

Its petals, which grow on woody stalks, appear to float above the murky oceans of connection and desire. It also symbolizes separation since water drops easily fall from its blossoms. Buddhists believe the blossoms signify the opening of the heart.

The lotus represents our potential to transform from a state of agony to one of splendor. Its roots grow in the murky earth and ascend to the sun’s brightness via the river. Therefore, placing Crystal Lotus Flowers in various house rooms, such as the living room, is symbolic. 

Below are the listed placements in workspace and home:

Living And Bedroom

Place a crystal lotus flower in the living room position it in the Southeast corner to attract wealth and abundance, or in the bedroom positioning in the Southwest corner to enhance love and relationships.. It will ensure you keep away from fighting with your family members. It is because its appearance in these spaces will replace annoying and angry emotions with tolerance and love. 

South West Sector

The crystal lotus flower must be kept in the southwest sector of your bedroom and living room. If you are single and looking for a mate, it can help you. Besides, it can also improve and refine your relationships, whether romantic or familial. 

Reception Area In The Office

Placing the crystal lotus in the office’s reception area will draw wealth. In addition, it will help overcome challenges and bring positive income.

To attract success and recognition, place it in the North or South corner of the reception area. Avoid placing the crystal lotus flower on the floor or under the desk, as this can create stagnant energy and block the flow of positive energy.

If you want to create a calm and peaceful environment, place it in the East or Northeast corner.

Best Ways For Displaying Crystal Lotus Flower

A crystal lotus flower can best be placed in the workspace. Displaying it in the workspace can lead to a salary hike, better contracts, and additional clients. However, it should be placed in the business’s or house’s central portion. Having it placed in the business will help you overcome hurdles. For example, placing it in the southwest sector of any area ensures you will easily overcome any challenges. 

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Crystal Lotus Flower Colors Type And What They Represent

Each color of the crystal lotus flower represents different meanings and energies. Crystal lotus flowers, like actual lotus flowers, come in a variety of hues with varied meanings:

Crystal Lotus Flower Colors Type And What They Represent

  • BLUE: Serenity, quiet, peace, freshness, and sensitivity are all represented by the blue crystal lotus blossom.
  • GREEN: The color green of the lotus crystal flower represents nature, freshness, happiness, life balance, success, harmony, optimism, youth, and vitality.
  • YELLOW: This color is cheerful and enthusiastic and exudes vitality and drive. It also represents cleverness and tenderness.
  • RED: This color flower indicates energy, force, initiative, and ambition. Red represents passion, temptation, strength, power, emotion, luxury, energy, persistence, resolve, and struggle.
  • PURPLE: This color represents delicacy, romance, idealism, mystery, and protection. This hue flower represents newness, elegance, tranquility, and purity. This hue both stimulates and calms mental activity.
  • Pink represents gentleness, innocence, romance, sweetness, and a majority of good characteristics. It also represents peace, calm, serenity, confidence, and tranquility.
  • WHITE/ TRANSPARENT: White or transparent crystal lotus flowers signify pure ideals such as purity, innocence, and equilibrium. This color conveys refinement, majesty, tranquility, quiet, and peace.
  • MULTI COLOR: With the set of various hues, multi colors make a rainbow in the crystal flower. This hue represents cooperation and serenity.


What Does A Lotus Flower Mean In Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, The Lotus flower is responsible for bringing harmony, balance, and prosperity to a relationship. It also brings communication among the members and riches, health, protection, and success in business. 

Are Lotus Flowers Good Luck?

For ages, the lotus blossom has been represented in various religions and places worldwide. The lotus, which somehow grows in the murkiest conditions, is a fortunate emblem renowned for its persistence and beauty.

Does The Lotus Flower Symbolize Strength?

Because lotuses emerge from the dirt stain-free, they are frequently seen as a sign of purity and strength. 

Is It Ideal To Grow Lotus Flower At Home Feng Shui?

The flower is used for decoration, but other plant sections contain nutritional and therapeutic properties.

Unlike many flowers and plants, a real lotus plant cannot be brought into your home. If you wish to work with lotus symbolism, bring a picture of a lotus into your location with intention. 


The Lotus Flower, a symbol of ultimate purity, spiritual enlightenment, and loyalty, takes root in a vase of dirt and blossoms gloriously on water. The lotus, with its intact face to defilement, represents the purity of heart as well as mind.

The crystal lotus Flower represents purity and clarity, both visible and unseen. It lets light pass through while making its outlines disappear, creating a luxurious and enchanting illusion of light.

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