Feng Shui Bed Placement Guide For good Health & Wealth

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Feng shui bed placement is significant in creating a proper bedroom layout and increasing harmony. Today we will learn about appropriate bed Feng Shui placements, directions, and other vital bedroom arrangement guidelines.

Feng Shui is an old eastern art of Taoist origin whose goal is to improve people’s well-being in connection to their surroundings. This ancient technique is centered on enhancing nature’s energy so that it flows in the dwellings and enhances life in areas such as happiness, health, love, and so on.

Importance Of Feng Shui Bed Placement

Feng Shui is now regarded as the skill of organizing and designing places to promote optimal energy flow. It describes how your home is a mirror of your thoughts. You will often be able to learn important information about people by inspecting the interior of their homes.

Though Feng Shui cannot be considered an actual science and cannot guarantee that following all of these guidelines would completely enhance your life, it is an art concerned with harmony and positioning domestic goods.

Feng Shui has highly significant space for the right flow of energy in the home (also known as “Chi”). And these rooms are the house’s bedroom or bedrooms. It is where we rest, relax, and even fall in love. As a result, according to Feng Shui regulations, the right bed direction in relation to the bedroom furniture is crucial for a pleasant, peaceful sleep.

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What Is The Best Direction For Your Bed To Face?

The feng shui bed placement greatly depends on the Kua number. Numbers 1, 3, 4, or 9 are the Kua number for finest bed placement. If the Kua numbers match the above, you may arrange your bed toward the East, South East, or West. If your Kua numbers are 2, 6, 7, 8, bad facing North East, North West, West, and South West can be great.

Feng Shui Bed Placement For Wealth

Many people wish to attract wealth through the feng shui bed placement. For example, you can place your bed for wealth on the house’s southwest or northwest side. But the bedroom must be situated in the southwest sector only if the house has two stories. 

The owners’ children can use this room if they are married. However, it will be inconvenient for small children to use it since it may cause problems with house maintenance. Bedrooms near the northeast corner of the home might also have a detrimental impact. Arranging a bedroom is important in feng shui for having an affluent house. Feng Shui bed placement in a bedroom, in particular, must be dominating.

According to feng shui bed placement, the finest dominating area for a bed is the southwest. This area encourages the owner’s good health, long life, and abundance. On the other hand, the bed placement at the northeast or southeast may bring criticism or disagreements between the pair.

Another effective money-saving technique is to keep a money bowl under the bed. In addition, keeping items such as a wealth vase, cash, a jewelry box, or any other type of precious item may make life more affluent.

Feng Shui Bed Placement For Small Bedroom

Feng Shui Bed Placement For Small Bedroom

The layout of a tiny space can rapidly become a pain depending on the configuration, surface, and position of the doors and windows, but it is far from impossible.

It all depends on the feng shui bed placement and its orientation. So, where should you put your bed in a limited space? Where should the headboard be placed for optimal sleep? 

The laws of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of balancing your home in order to pull the best energy from it, are strict. Despite the fact that the bedroom has a small surface area, the position of the bed is critical to ensure great sleep. You must be intelligent, think about optimization, and have good circulation to place your bed in a tiny space appropriately.

Listed are the things that you can follow for your small bedroom:

The Commanding Position

Setting up your bed in the commanding position is crucial. It lets you see the entrance from the bed while lying or sitting on it. If that seems impossible, you can add a mirror that reflects the door from the bed to make you feel more at ease. 

Besides, if the bed seems aligned with the door, you can change the bed’s position. However, a small bedroom might not provide you with this opportunity. So, you can cure this issue with a small feng shui crystal ball. Hang a crystal ball between your bed and the door. 

The Bed

For an adult, it would be best to avoid a twin bed and go for a single bed instead. If you are married, you can get a bed that accommodates your partner. In addition, get a headboard for the bed. You should take care to leave spaces on both sides of the bed. 

Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

The bedrooms are considered comfortable, harmonious, which are decorated according to Feng shui principles. However, the proper positioning of the bed as per feng shui bed placement, allows us to sleep properly and wake up refreshed. As a result, it is an important stage in the bedroom arrangement that should not be overlooked. 

Regarding the proper feng shui bed placement, we make many mistakes without noticing the influence on our sleep. The bed, for instance, must not be placed against the wall as the door. 

In turn, the latter should not open straight towards the bed since this might impair the feeling of security. Instead, place the bed away from the window to avoid being exposed to cold energy from the outside.

Another blunder to avoid in feng shui bed placement is placing the bed between the window and the entrance. In modern bedrooms, the headboard is frequently not leaning against a wall. On the contrary, the bed is in the center of the room.

Why Shouldn’t You Put Your Bed Under A Window?

Sleeping under a window is considered terrible feng shui because it creates a sense of unease and disrupts your sleep and, more importantly, your relationships.

The greatest solution is to relocate your bed away from the window, or if that is not possible, make a strong window arrangement like cleaning, emphasizing its protection.

Feng Shui Bed Placement Compass Direction

We may use the Bagua map compass direction to find the right feng shui  bed placement. The best direction, according to the Bagua map, is southwest. However, reading directions might be difficult for many individuals.

You can also practice the Eight Mansions to find out your bed location. First, determine the Kua number by determining your birth year and sex. After finding the Kua number, note the lucky and unlucky directions to determine the bed placement. For instance, people with eight as their Kua number should place the bed in the west sector of the bedroom. 

Feng Shui Cure For Bed Facing Bathroom Door

according to feng shui bed placement technique, the bed facing the bathroom door affects the member’s health in feng shui. Couples’ disagreements may arise due to it sending frequent negative vibes. As a remedy, relocate your bed away from that location or arrange it diagonally to avoid the energies coming from the entrance.

Is It Good Feng Shui To Have A Bed Facing The Window?

Is It Good Feng Shui To Have A Bed Facing The Window?

It is not a good idea to situate a bed immediately under, straight to, or parallel to a window for the optimum bed position feng shui. It is because intense light can interfere with sleep and disrupt your regular cycle.

Which Side Of The Bed Should The Woman Sleep In Feng Shui?

The optimum direction to sleep with your head is to the south. As a result, your bed position may be adjusted properly. According to Vastu, this position is associated with prosperity, contentment, and, most importantly, the finest quality of sleep.


Which Direction Should We Not Sleep?

According to Feng Shui, the best sleeping position is to lie down with your head pointing southerly. However, a north-to-south body posture is regarded as the worst. That is because the head is said to have a polar attraction and has to face the southern side when sleeping to attract opposing poles.

What Happens If We Sleep In The East Direction?

If we follow Vastu, East is the sun rising direction. It is the best sleeping direction. Ancient people believed that people who slept had a restful night of sleep, placing their heads to the East. It is also said that the students and instructors should sleep placing their on the East sector since it boosts energy and aids in memory improvement.

Students with difficulty remembering specifics about their academic courses and disciplines such as Mathematics and Economics should sleep with their heads pointed east. According to Vastu, it is also the finest sleeping direction for persons suffering from health problems.

What Happens If We Sleep In The West Direction?

Feng Shui experts believe that feng shui bed placement for sleeping in the West sector is not a good idea because it causes restlessness and interrupts a night’s unbroken sleep. However, sleeping pointing the head in the southwest sector promotes a restful night of sleep. 

Does Your Sleeping Direction Matter?

One research contrasted persons who slept east-west with people who slept north-south. After some months, individuals sleeping in the north-south direction had lower blood pressure and greater and longer quality of sleep. So, the researchers concluded that people’s sleeping quality might improve when sleeping with the Earth’s electromagnetic field.


Finally, according to Feng Shui practitioners, light conveys energy. In Feng Shui Bed Placement, this element is employed to rectify sectors and can also symbolize the fire element.

It is critical that our room and our home, in general, are well-lit the majority of the time. Whether it is natural or manufactured, light is always energy. But be careful!

Natural light, such as sunshine, is preferred. However, its excess also harms, destroying plant materials as well as personal equilibrium. Rather than utilizing artificial light, try to control extra light using blinds, curtains, or blinds.  

The balance of light and darkness in our home is what will bring about emotional harmony. Its goal is to produce a good and harmonious atmosphere that promotes the lives and well-being of a house’s residents. In this theory, each point of light represents the sun, which is required to live and maintain people’s pleasant feelings and spirits.


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