How To Choose Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

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Feng shui is a Chinese concept that examines how to deal with your home’s energy. Our objective is to increase the energy flow in your house so that you may bring greater health and success into your life. There are several rooms and locations in feng shui that are especially essential; one of these is the kitchen. Therefore, it is very important to choose Feng shui kitchen colors to make it a Feng shui kitchen. 

In this article we will discover how to choose the best feng shui kitchen colors with our comprehensive guide. Discover the meaning behind different colors, their impact on your mood and energy, and how to incorporate them into your kitchen design for optimal feng shui. Start creating a space that promotes health, abundance, and positivity today!

How To Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Consider using bold feng shui kitchen colors on walls that are easier to repaint if you wish to update the feng shui kitchen. Color choices should be chosen based on the amount of light in your Feng Shui Kitchen. Only use dark colors in light areas in the feng shui kitchen. The feng shui kitchen colors listed below may be used in both large and small kitchen spaces and layouts.

White is the hue par excellence, and while it is not always in style, it is the one that fades the least. Currently, nothing beats mixing tones and textures to make your Feng Shui Kitchen seem trendy and beautiful.

Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Selecting the right feng shui kitchen colors for the kitchen requires a lot of understanding and deep study. The descriptions of the colors below will assist you in determining which color you should choose.

Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors


White has always been the top color in feng shui kitchens, and it is making a strong comeback. Selecting white as a feng shui kitchen color is ideal for concepts like this minimalist feng shui kitchen with raw white cabinets and shelving. And it looks excellent with the deep wood color of the kitchen and the water basin.

Besides, if neutral hues are your choice, you’re lucky since they’re a decorating trend these years. In reality, some combinations are as effective as this other Feng Shui Kitchen. For example, cabinets and doors are light white, with a beige center island. Everything looks fantastic.


In reality, the combination of black and brown are marvelous. But be cautious; according to feng shui kitchen colors it is preferable to include something metallic to create a touch of brightness.

If you want the shift to be more obvious, consider a white feng shui kitchen with a modern style without a doubt. The walls should be painted dark brown. And a gray floor with this combination will make a sophisticated choice. Because the use of wood, or materials that look like wood, is now popular in feng shui kitchens. 


If you pick brown as your primary hue, go for something soft, akin to beige, for all your shelves and kitchen furnishings. However, nothing beats white for the intensity of color we see above.

Brown is a neutral color that can be used in feng shui kitchen colors. It represents the earth element, which can bring a grounding and stabilizing energy to your kitchen space. Brown is also associated with warmth, comfort, and stability, making it a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

Brown is the ideal hue for kitchens. However, because of your devotion to wood, you may also pick it for your walls by combining it with other colors such as gray.


Beige is another popular hue for the feng shui kitchen. Beige with rustic furnishings is a beautiful choice.

Beige is a neutral color that can create a calm and soothing atmosphere in the kitchen, making it a popular choice for feng shui kitchen colors. It can also promote stability and grounding, which can be beneficial in a space that is used for cooking and nourishment.

Beige is one of the best feng shui kitchen colors that has emerged as a popular choice this year. It is an elegant color and is suitable for various styles. 

Dark Grey

According to feng shui kitchen colors, dark grey is generally not recommended as a primary color for the kitchen. This is because it can create a heavy and oppressive atmosphere, which may negatively impact your mood and energy levels while cooking and eating, but it is possible to incorporate dark grey into your kitchen design in a balanced and harmonious way. For example, you could use it as an accent color or combine it with lighter and brighter colors to create contrast and balance.

Dark gray combined with white may is also an excellent choice for a feng shui kitchen.

In reality, the benefit of white is that it can be combined with different colors. For example, we’ve previously seen red as a fantastic dramatic hue when blending tones in our kitchen, but you can also see how great it looks with blue.

Furthermore, combining these effective elements makes the kitchen appear much larger.


Purples, aubergines, and more purples. In the early 2010s, all of these hues were popular. However, the purple color for your kitchen can be selected when you wish for an old-fashioned appearance.

According to feng shui kitchen colors, purple is a color that represents wealth, prosperity, and abundance. When used in the kitchen, it can create a sense of luxury and opulence, making it a great choice for those who want to attract financial success and good fortune.

If you want to introduce a completely distinct perspective to your kitchen, we propose using hues that aren’t commonly utilized. For example, purple and violet can combine better for interesting tones for your kitchen. 


Although in feng shui kitchen colors, pink is not a typical color choice for a kitchen as it is associated with romance, love, and nurturing energy. However, if used in moderation and in the right shade, pink can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

Feng shui kitchens have never been taken, so if you want a hue that signals distinction, pink is a choice to explore. For example, using extremely light tones may give your kitchen a feminine and pleasant feel.

Pink is a really unique hue that may be utilized in kitchens to provide a distinct charm. Using the gentler pink intensities kitchen is preferable. However, you may also have a kitchen that is all pink and, while overdone, is excellent.


Yellow is a bright and cheerful color often associated with warmth, optimism, and intellectual stimulation. In feng shui, yellow is believed to stimulate digestion and promote a healthy appetite, making it a popular choice for kitchen decor.

When incorporating yellow as a feng shui kitchen colors, it’s important to consider the shade and intensity of the hue. Bright, sunny shades of yellow can help create a lively and energizing environment, while softer, muted tones can promote relaxation and harmony.

Select a yellow hue to fill your kitchen with light. Besides, you will observe that it has a beautiful retro appearance.


Wood is a popular hue in kitchens. As a result, wood is a common material used in kitchens. However, it is also a terrific alternative if we look at it in such a way that we can blend it with others based on its tone.

Incorporating wood elements into your kitchen design can be an effective way to promote positive feng shui energy. When choosing feng shui kitchen colors, consider incorporating shades of brown, beige, and green to enhance the wood element. You can also add wood accents through cabinetry, flooring, or decorative items like cutting boards or bowls. By integrating wood work into your kitchen, you can create a sense of warmth, grounding, and stability in your space.

Top Feng Shui Kitchen Color Combinations

Various color combinations make our kitchen look beautiful. But people always do not go after beauty; sometimes, they try to incorporate feng shui arrangements as well. For example, we’ve seen red as a fantastic dramatic hue when blending tones in our feng shui kitchen, but you can also see how great it looks with blue. Furthermore, combining these effective elements makes the kitchen appear much larger.

There are several feng shui kitchen colors combinations that can create a harmonious and balanced energy in your space. Here are some of the top combinations to consider:

Metallic And White Tones In Feng Shui Kitchen

Metallics are popular for home appliances, and you might have observed how well they go with brown colors. The combination of varying intensities of white, from lighter to off-white, with the blackness of brown, is amazing.

When using metallic and white tones as feng shui kitchen colors, it’s important to balance them with other elements such as wood or earth tones. This can create a harmonious and balanced energy in your kitchen, promoting health, abundance, and positivity.

Intense Brown + White Combination

The rich brown + white combination is just not to be overlooked. Again if the kitchen is spacious, use dark colors like black to provide a unique counterpoint. The lighter tone of the wood also creates a stronger contrast with the metallic luster.

The Black’s Abstinence

We’ve already seen the black hue, but the reality is that it adds wonderful sobriety to feng shui kitchens. It is also a great hue for rooms that are more spacious and have a more modern feel to them. And if they appear a bit darker, you can opt for a combination of their hue with white or gentler colors.

Rose Red

Red was a popular kitchen color a few years ago. Only rate its use if it thrills you because it has been commonly employed in homes since the first decade. In reality, red lends a lot of vitality to kitchens, and if you have one rather big, you will see how it transforms into one of the most remarkable areas in the house. 

On the other hand, kitchens in red are generally presented with features that come back forcefully, such as lacquered ones.

White And Green

Combining greens and whites as feng shui kitchen colors may give your kitchen life and joy, resulting in a location where you want to spend a lot of time. Furthermore, numerous intensities of green exist, so a mild green, for example, might be an excellent choice. 

Also, while the most striking green might be a unique concept for your kitchen, it can rapidly wear you out. Strong tones are always a danger. Therefore it is preferable to paint walls that are less expensive to alter color than furniture doors in strong hues.

What Are The 6 Types Of Kitchen Layouts?

Our feng shui kitchen ideas provide six different kitchen designs containing all you need to know. With these layouts, you can maximize the potential of your kitchen. While you may believe that small kitchen ideas are restricted, these smaller rooms are typically significantly more ergonomically efficient.

The Galley Design

Galley kitchen designs were initially connected with simplicity and limited quarters – there’s not much room for extraneous decoration aboard the ordinary ship. However, galley kitchen plans work because they are ergonomically sound – it is simple to arrange everything such that it is easily accessible.

The L-Shaped Design

L-shaped kitchen designs work well in any size room, whether small, medium, or big. L-shaped layouts complement both modern and classic cabinets, and the design is adaptable enough to accommodate structural requirements such as sloping ceilings or wide windows.

If you’re wondering what you can accomplish with an L-shaped kitchen, keep practicality in mind, as you should with any kitchen plan design. It’s also important to consider your daily routine in the area since this will assist you in designing an L-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped Design

U- Shaped kitchen designs are practical three-sided designs that maximize kitchen storage options by keeping everything close to reaching. If you’re short on space, these horseshoe-shaped layouts provide lots of kitchen counter-top space as well as cupboards and drawers above and below for an ultra-streamlined appearance.

U-shaped kitchens do not have to be limited to three walls, and the arrangement can be modified if there is room at one end of a row of units for an island unit or breakfast bar.

The Layout Of The Island

The greatest kitchen island ideas may significantly improve your kitchen space by adding storage or creating a comfortable dining or seating area. In this layout, the island can be the kitchen’s focal point, allowing you to enjoy both cooking and socializing. You may insert integral kitchen components such as a cook-top or a sink into your island, retain it as a reserve of storage with drawers or open shelving, or utilize it primarily as a central breakfast bar.

The Kitchen With One Wall

One-wall kitchen layouts are frequently regarded as the finest kitchen plan for tiny or narrow kitchens. A one-wall kitchen, the most basic of all plan alternatives, attempts to optimize space efficiency without sacrificing functionality. Cabinetry is often built on a single wall in this style. Upper and lower cabinets, as well as shelving atop base cabinets, can be used to create a clean, linear look.

The Layout Of The Peninsula

Peninsula kitchen ideas are one of the most durable kitchen layouts, and they are a popular choice for anybody looking to zone an open area or embrace broken plan living. On a map, a peninsula is an area of land almost totally surrounded by water yet attached to the landmass on one side. A peninsula for a kitchen is similar, although less wet.

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What Is Good Feng Shui For The Kitchen?

The greatest feng shui kitchen arrangement is one that fits your area without sacrificing too much. However, if you have a clean slate and lots of space, the U-shaped kitchen plan is ideal for ensuring that the kitchen triangle is precisely formed and that you have plenty of storage and counter-top prep area.


What Colors Should Not Be Used In A Kitchen?

Dark, dull, blue, earthy colored, and white are all colors you should avoid using in your kitchen.

Should Kitchen Walls Be Light Or Dark?

In the kitchen, neutral hues like beige, oatmeal, and other earth tones work nicely. According to feng shui kitchen colors, such colors promote stability and harmony in a home. In addition, these light hues are warm and inviting, making your kitchen feel cozier.

What Are Lucky Kitchen Colors?

White is the most popular color for kitchen dividers and also consider positive when used under feng shui kitchen colors. Since it is bold and modern while remaining ideal and versatile.

What Does A Yellow Kitchen Mean?

Again, this is a common feng shui kitchen color. According to feng shui experts, it stimulates sociability, boosts your emotions, and makes your kitchen place pleasant and joyous. However, avoid using bright yellows that can irritate you and your visitors. Instead, choose a pale yellow or a rich yellow. It is calming to the eyes.

How Do I Get Positive Energy In My Kitchen?

To get positive energy in your kitchen, you can incorporate the listed things:

How Do I Get Positive Energy In My Kitchen?

  • Paint your kitchen walls with color.
  • Incorporate green plants.
  • Utilize salt to relieve bad vibes.
  • Declutter the space.
  • Dust and wash your windows.
  • Draw the blinds to let sunlight enter your kitchen.

Should The Kitchen Be At The Front Or Back Of The House?

The kitchen should be at the house’s back. It is because the wealth and energy of the kitchen will remain protected. Besides, the kitchen at the back of the house is in the commanding position. 


We’ve provided you with a tonne of Feng Shui kitchen color ideas that you can use to paint your kitchen walls. As a result, use these recommendations to attract excellent potentials that will contribute pleasant energy to your home via the entire feng shui color art.

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