15+ Easy Ways To Feng Shui Declutter Your Life

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Feng Shui experts believe in the concept that humans and the environment are connected. And it is through the balancing of the energies that human beings help people to bring peace and harmony to an individual’s life.

Feng shui principles state that the environment surrounding you deeply impacts your life, whether positive or negative. However, the environment can be modified according to an individual. The blog explores the easy ways to detox your life with feng shui-approved ways. You can go through the blog carefully to know how feng shui declutters your life.

What Is Feng Shui?

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that balances the environment by arranging items, furniture, and decorations in your home in proper order. This arrangement is made to achieve harmony and lead a blissful life. Feng shui has its roots in early Taoism and is popular even today. It has spread through China and is followed worldwide, meaning “the way of wind and water.”

Feng shui has its roots in the belief in chi that comes from Taoist belief. Chi energy is combined energy from yin and yang elements. These forces cannot be separated because they are complementary to each other. Therefore, the Taoists believe that only by balancing yin and yang elements positive chi energy can be improved, helping to keep the negative chi away.

Connection Between Life And Feng Shui

There is a deep connection between life and feng shui since human beings are deeply connected with nature. People generally practice feng shui at home in their daily lives. You can engage yourself in power cleanse your life with feng shui methods.

  • Feng shui can detox your life and ensures you have an uncluttered or unconflicted life.
  • It is a traditional Chinese practice that has its roots in Taoism in China. It helps to balance the environmental energy to enhance the lives of people.
  • It is a principle that helps to fall everything into place.
  • The arrangement of the environment has a profound influence on individuals’ quality of life and health.

15 Ways To Detox Your Life With Feng Shui

Feng shui experts believe there are various means to feng shui declutter your life and mind. However, the decluttering process starts with the house, where we spend most of our time.

Decluttering your life and the house are two sides of the same coin. One side cannot exist without the other. Therefore, you can train your mind to be at peace only if you find your house to be at peace. And to build a peaceful and harmonious home, you will need to start by properly arranging the furniture and other essential items, fixing broken pieces of items, removing unnecessary things, fixing the lighting system, and balancing the five elements of nature. With all these arrangements, you can ensure you have a constant positive energy flow.

Feng shui detoxing life has to be brought into the home by constant and conscious effort. In this article section, you can explore 15 ways to detox your life with feng shui. Listed are the tips through which you can declutter your life:

  1. Feng Shui Declutter Your House

Feng shui declutter is an important aspect of creating a harmonious and balanced living space. The idea behind feng shui declutter tips is to clear your home from unnecessary items and negative energy, allowing for positive energy to flow freely through your space.

To get a positive energy flow into the house, start by decluttering. Clutter around the house traps the stagnant energy that replaces the positive energy creating an unhealthy environment for your mind. First, remove the unnecessary items from where you stay the most. These areas can be the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Avoid keeping unnecessary things in these areas. In addition, remove the objects you do not like since unlike objects are counted as clutter, and they equally contribute to the negative energies.

  1. Make Use Of More Rounded Objects

In feng shui, objects of rounded shapes are of more importance. It is because different shapes represent different positive energies and the spherical objects symbolize the element of metal. When you place round things in your home, it provides energies like freshness, positive feelings, and clarity to the home. Rounded objects should be placed in the bedroom as it represents the metal element and is known as nature’s strongest element.

  1. Keep Things Off The Floor

When you plan to create positive vibes throughout the day, you should make sure to clean the floors of the house frequently, consider this as the first step of feng shui declutter. In addition, make sure to keep everything in the proper place all the time. It will ensure you have positive energy run through your house when you keep your floors clean and clutter-free.

  1. Make It A Tech-Free Zone

This comes under the most peaceful feng shui declutter tip. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we accept technology in every aspect of our life, let alone in our bedroom. You will find yourself mostly in front of the screen, which is not good for your mind. Create an area that is tech-free that is free from screens. If you work from home, designate a place for your computer where you can sit and work.

Besides, having a TV in your bedroom is inappropriate, so you should remove it immediately. Television in your bedroom brings negative energy. So while you feng shui declutter your life, a digital detox is also necessary.

  1. Dust And Wash Periodically

Dusting and washing comes under the clearance feng shui declutter tip. A frequent or timely dusting or washing of your necessary items is essential. Washing and dusting the objects in your house will prevent them from looking new. Unwashed or dirty items make them unappealing or unwanted, which is not good, according to feng shui experts.

A clean and dusted house offers good vibes into the house. When you enter a dust-free and clean home, you feel a surge of positive vibe. In addition, it provides freshness and preciseness, and positivity to your mind as well. Therefore, make sure to clean your furniture, hanging wall art, and other items and curtains periodically. Furthermore, make sure to clean your items made of glass. It will ensure your home is always shining for a positive effect.

  1. Energize Your Space With Plants

feng shui declutter technique connects completely with nature and greenery. Plants are the living things that are feng shui for your home. According to feng shui principles, plants or indoor plants hold importance that is responsible for bringing positive energy into the home. However, remember to plant plants that can survive without sunlight to keep plants indoors. In addition, ensure to water them regularly to help them stay alive for longer.

  1. Use Non-Toxic Products

Select non-toxic products for everyday use since they would not cause harm to the environment either when they are created not after usage. As per feng shui declutter technique uses of toxic products can negatively affect the air quality in your home. Try to replace them with natural alternatives.

  1. Use Positive Feng Shui Symbols

To channel positive and good energy into your home and life, use positive feng shui symbols. As per feng shui declutter technique you can use various feng shui symbols such as the white tiger, the laughing buddha, an elephant, the feng shui dragon, the lucky cat, lotus flower, crystal pyramids, windchimes, and gem tree, etc. All these feng shui symbols help to draw positive energy with their positive properties.

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  1. Avoid Mirrors Facing The Bed

Many feng shui sources confirm that mirrors facing the bed are a big no. Instead, they replace positive energy with negative energy in your bedroom, affecting your mind and home.

Mirrors near the bed are said to damage your relationships, disrupt emotional stability and affect your marriage life. Besides, it is also believed to disrupt your sleep. And with less sleep, you will have an unfocused mind.

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  1. Feng Shui Rules For Bathroom

Following feng shui rules for the bathroom will help to invite positive feelings as well since it is a part of your home. Listed are rules to maintain feng shui rules for the bathroom:

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

Place plants in your bathroom

Make sure to have a window in your bathroom because it is an excellent feng shui.

  1. Get Rid Of Toxic People

Feng shui declutter is not only about decluttering your surroundings. People who are giving you negative vibes and threats they are also producing clutter in your life which one must cut off to provide them self a clutter free and positive life.

Not everyone in your life gives positive vibes, and most people are generally aware of it. There is no object to having friends and socializing with them. However, selective people might bring negative energy to your life, and eliminating them from your life is essential not only as a feng shui but also for your mental health. When you feel people are contributing negativity to your life, make sure to reduce interaction with them.

  1. Minimize Social Media Activities

Social media is a big solicitor of negative energies in your life. When you constantly use social media, you start comparing your life and activities with that of others. It is harmful since social media provides a distorted picture of people’s lives.

Use feng shui declutter technique here by avoiding such things or posts and give yourself a new goal and passion with more positive energy in your life.

  1. Indulge Yourself In Meditation, Yoga, and Exercise

Feng shui declutter technique also lights up the area of meditation, yoga and exercise which cleanses your aura and keep your mind, body and soul clean and peaceful. It is known that meditation, yoga, and exercise are required in one’s life. It does not only keep the body healthy but the mind as well. Many people are engaged in work that does not require being active. However, to foster a healthy body and mind growth, it is crucial to take some time to indulge in exercises and meditation.

  1. Feng Shui Colors To Harmonize Your Life

According to feng shui declutter technique, colors plays a vital role in decluttering. Feng shui states that color represents the five elements of nature:

  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Metal

Dark Blue and black are the colors of the water spectrum. Using these colors for your home will bring career luck and enable you to concentrate and handle challenges. Green symbolizes the wood element. Green is associated with development, growth, action, and decisiveness. Adding this color to your life will help you feel motivated, bringing various changes in your life.

In feng shui, yellow represents mother Earth. The yellow color is associated with hope and wisdom. Red is the color of the fire element. It is the warmest color and symbolizes warmth that helps to stimulate motivation. Silver, white and beige is associated with the element metal. It symbolizes purity and brings calmness to your home.

In feng shui, colors can also be the part of feng shui declutter technique., as selecting the correct color combination for your home or bedrooms or kitchen can show cleanliness and less clutter around you.

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  1. Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng shui bedroom ideas are essential when creating a feng shui bedroom layout. To create a feng shui-approved bedroom, ensure your door is visible from the bed. Place all the artworks in their appropriate place, and make sure you purchase calming paintings. You can choose soothing abstract arts and pictures of serene locations. It will help create positive energy and promote a relaxing aura in your bedroom. In addition, avoid placing electronic gadgets except lighting.

Choosing the right window curtains is essential. While sleeping at night, try to choose the right thickness of the material to block away from the light. Furthermore, avoid exciting colors like red or depressing colors like black.

For a good feng shui bedroom you must use feng shui declutter technique which depicts, make sure to reduce the clutter to a minimum and only keep the things you love. For example, choose spherical-shaped furniture over sharp corners.


How Can I Get Positive Energy At Home Feng Shui?

You must follow some rules to get positive energy in your home. These include using the front door. Chi energy enters home through the entrance or the front door, so entering through the front door means you invite opportunities. The more you use the front door, the better. In addition, fixing the squeaks or repairing the broken items is equally essential. For example, if the door hinges squeak, it might drive negative energy flow into your home. So be careful and oil the door to prevent it from making noise.

Thirdly, decluttering also helps to provide positive energy flow into your house. Feng shui declutter technique signifies clearing mess around your surrounding to create a peaceful and clean environment. Therefore, declutter represents clearing the stagnant energies, and if done periodically, it will enable positive energy to flow into your home. In addition, the placements and decoration for all rooms in your house should be soothing so that it does not disrupt the balance of your house. These might include a proper lighting system, selecting the soothing color for house painting, placing the furniture in a proper area, keeping the bathroom door closed, etc. All these arrangements can help create positive energy in your home space.

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life?

Feng shui believes in harmonizing your life by changing the placements of your surroundings. If the new arrangement provides peace, it can surely help you change your life. For instance, feng shui believes in decluttering your space periodically. And decluttering helps lift up your mood, thereby helping you focus on the positive area instead of the dirt in your room. Besides, a decluttering room is to declutter your mind as well. This way, feng shui-approved settings can help you change your life.

Is Feng Shui Really Effective?

Feng shui is the process of arranging everything in your space in order. And with these arrangements, it is believed to harmonize the energy flow in your living space. However, it is not proven if it is really effective in life. It is because it isn’t yet proved that chi energy actually exists. However, feng shui experts and believers believe feng shui to be effective.

Is There Science Behind Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is not a science. Instead, it is a form of art rooted in eastern culture. Feng shui will be a superstition or pseudoscience if it is measured by scientific definition. It is believed to be traditional art. It is the connection or interaction between human beings and the environments that surround them. Feng shui aims to bring peace into people’s life. This art has its own language. So, it cannot be measured with scientific definition.

How Long Does It Take For Feng Shui To Work?

Various feng shui consultants state that some people start to experience results in less than three months while others require a little longer using feng shui techniques like feng shui declutter, feng shui colors, feng shui placements, and etc.. In addition, the changes the feng shui approved layouts bring are pleasing and restful. When your mind is at rest and focused, it drastically impacts the quality of your life.


Remember, feng shui declutter technique is an ongoing process, and it’s important to regularly assess your space and make adjustments as needed. By using mirrors properly, you can create a more harmonious and balanced living environment.

Thus, these are the ways that you can choose to detox your home, mind, and life. You can follow feng shui declutter tips and rules to replace the negative vibes with positive ones. And it will ensure you get out of all the negative energies from home.


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