21+ Feng Shui Lucky Animals | How To Place?

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Feng Shui is a Chinese-originated traditional pseudoscience belief and practice. For example, people believe that both positive and negative energy rules our planetIt is thought that some feng shui lucky animals can protect people from negative energy while others bring bad luck. So, Chinese culture lists some animal symbols expected to draw positive energy when used wisely. These lucky animals are placed in the corresponding Feng Shui areas, which enables them to attract positive energy in the house or office. This article lists both the categories of animals that bring good and bad luck.

What Are The Feng Shui Lucky Animals For Wealth?

We have different animals in our surroundings. Do you believe when we say these animals can bring wealth to your life? Or if there are animals that might be responsible for bringing bad luck.

We unknowingly ignore these animals’ feng shui power, which can also be financial luck. When we discuss the animals in this article, you can be careful and treat them well. Let us check on this feng shui lucky animals.

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1. The Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat is often addressed as a welcoming cat or Maneki Neko. It is a feng shui lucky animal symbol that originated in Japan and is equally popular in Asia. The lucky cat symbol can bring good luck when placed in an office or home. The lucky cat is recognized as having one arm in the upward direction and the paw facing down, in a waving position. When the Lucky Cats are adorned with a coin, it symbolizes wealth. This symbol is generally placed at the entrance of restaurants and stores and is believed to attract customers.

The Lucky Cats are made of metal, ceramic, plastic, or other materials. In addition, they are also colored with different colors that have different representations. For example, the gold-colored lucky cat is used to invite wealth, while pink is for love.

The lucky cat with metallic or white color symbolizes metal linked to completion and precision, and a black cat is connected to a water element representing wisdom and intuition. And the cat, red in color, attracts fire energy representing passion, recognition, and inspiration.

When the Lucky Cat is placed near the door, it acts as a door protector. Besides, unlike other feng shui symbols, it welcomes prosperity into your space when facing outward at the window. Furthermore, you can put it in the wealth sector if you intend to invite wealth.

2. Money Frog

The feng shui money frog is often called the three-legged toad. It is a Chinese feng shui animal that invites prosperity and wealth. In addition, it also brings long life and good luck. It also helps you to eliminate negativity from your life.  

Placing the three-legged toad in different locations has different representations. For instance, when you put it near the entryway, it will invite wealth and prosperity. But, it should be placed facing inward from the door to let the financial luck come in. You can also place it in the wealth position, the southeast corner of the house, to bring good financial fortune. When the money frog is placed on your desk, it activates your career, attracting income and prosperity. It can attract more wealth if you choose to put it in your wallet. 

3. Horse

The Horse is an auspicious symbol representing loyalty, speed, success, and perseverance. The Victory Horse is used to foster a good reputation, while the Tribute Horse brings mobility and success. Furthermore, you can also choose other Horse symbols to use as a decor item to attract positive energy in your life.

The feng shui horse is known to be full of Yang energy and is closely linked with the fire element, and should be placed in the Bagua (south) area. In addition, you can also hang Black Horse pictures in this area to draw luck of victory, perseverance, and courage. A two-horse figurine in the southwest sector of your home can ensure harmony for your love and marriage life. Placing the horse in this area can also promote luck in social situations.

4. Elephants

In many Asian cultures, elephants are revered animals and symbols. Feng shui believes the elephants symbolize protection, good luck, strength, and wisdom. Chinese people follow Buddhism. In Buddhism, elephants are considered the universal monarch’s seven precious treasures. In addition, they are considered to be honored vehicles to transmit spiritual teachings. They are so powerful that they can remove any obstacles.

You can place two elephant statues near your entryway as they offer protection and bring good luck and fortune. However, putting the elephants in a raised trunk is considered lucky. And the proper place for them is to be on the North side of your home to bring success. If you can locate it on your study desk, it can bring good career luck.

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 5. Monkey

The monkey is one of the feng shui lucky animals and is one of the animals of Chinese astrology. This animal bestows auspicious benefits to those with the pure intention of acquiring success, creativity, and intelligence. It can be placed riding another powerful animal such as a dog or elephant to merge two powerful energies to gain prosperity, fame, and success.

You can place a monkey figurine in the north sector of your home to tap into energies to gain strength and resolving capability. To achieve perfect health, place it on the east side. But make sure that it never faces towards the window or door. Furthermore, to resolve any issues in your marriage or to enhance your married life, you can incorporate it into the southwest sector of your home.

6. Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle is a mythical feng shui animal with energetic qualities and various characteristics. The combination of both the creatures is thought to obtain more fortune and prosperity.

This creature combines the Dragon’s head with the turtle’s body. It is generally displayed sitting on the bed of coins. It is found to be with a Chinese coin in its mouth, which is considered the symbol of prosperity. Feng shui experts believe that the dragon turtle brings success and wealth to your life.

The creature’s placement on your desk or workspace is advised to advance your career. In addition, when you place it in the far left corner of your home, known as the wealth area, it can invite more prosperity and wealth. Furthermore, placing it in the center of your home, also known as the Tai Qi, can bring financial abundance and prosperity to the entire family.

7. Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are associated with marital happiness and fidelity. Therefore, they are generally placed in the bedroom of a married couple in pairs. Traditionally, wedding couples are gifted with a pair of mandarin ducks for marital harmony and good luck in their marriage. The mandarin ducks are paired with lotus or other good luck symbols to double up the happiness and peace.

8. Fu Dogs

Fu or fo dogs are known for their faithfulness which is also believed to bring good luck. In feng shui, fu dogs are believed to protect from any danger. They are placed in the Northeast direction of the home or office to get its auspicious energy. They are generally placed near the entrances, official buildings, houses, temples, gates to palaces, and tombs. 

Historically, fu dogs were placed to ward off any negative energies. They are thought to have originated from the symbol of the lion that traveled with Buddhism to China. 

9. Dragon

The Dragon is the mythical revered animal expected to bring wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Feng shui connects it to the nature element of the earth and to the east direction, where the sun rises. When it is placed at the entrance of the door, it eliminates negative energy and provides protection. In addition, it also protects the home from burglary and invites wealth. So, it is considered one of the feng shui lucky animals.

10. Tortoise

The tortoise is one of the four celestial animals or emblems in feng shui. It is the most revered and sacred animal. It represents wisdom, longevity, and endurance. 

The placement of the tortoise in your home determines to activate different energy. If you place it in the north sector, you can receive good luck for protection, success, and wisdom. When you place a tortoise figure in your outdoor space, it can invite longevity for the owners. In addition, it also protects from other energies that come outside of the home. You can also foster real tortoises only if you can take care of them, and they will thrive in the given conditions. 

11. Giraffe

Giraffes are also one of the feng shui lucky animals. It is known to bring good luck to the home. You can place a statue or other artwork in its proper place to activate its energy. The appropriate place for the giraffe is in the house’s northwest direction. When you place it in this direction, you can welcome wealth as well as good luck.

12. Ox

Feng shui considers the ox as the beast of burden. Therefore, it symbolizes endurance. You can place the statue of the ox in your living space to activate its energy. It will enable you to work hard and get promotions and success in your life.

13. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the Feng shui celestial animals. Feng shui symbolizes rebirth as it is believed to rise out of the ashes to get success. The Phoenix is paired with the Dragon, representing the union of yin and yang energy. It shows the non-dual nature of the concept of yin and yang. The phoenix is placed in the south direction to victory in a love affair and protection.

14. Sheep

The sheep are another feng shui lucky animal. Feng shui is considered to be nurturing and caring. It is kept in the living space to protect it from danger. People born in the year of sheep enjoy success and glorious energies. They are pleasant, decent, and sometimes shaped by words and thoughts from their surroundings. The sheep is also referred to as goat or ram, often considered a sign of good fortune. It represents yin energy.

15. Swan

The feng shui swan is symbolic of peace, good fortune, tranquility, love, and romance. It is believed to bestow you with peace when you keep the statue of the season. In addition, a pair of Feng shui golden swans is a great home decor item.

16. Rhinoceros

The blue Rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of protection. It protects against robbery, backstabbing, accidents, office politics, and enemies. In addition, it is also known to preserve wealth and houses. 

17. Crane

The crane represents longevity in Asian cultures and feng shui. It is believed to invite happiness and money luck to your life. It is also associated with longevity and can be paired with another powerful symbol, the turtle. Their wishes are believed to be fulfilled when one folds a thousand origami cranes.

You can also keep a statue of the crane in your home. It keeps you away from financial crises. However, remember to place it in the northeast direction. In addition, you can fold origami cranes of different colors and hang them as decors in your living space.

18. Deer

Deer are considered peaceful animals in Feng Shui. Feng shui believes in placing it in the living room to enhance beauty as well as bring peace. You can also keep it to acquire fortune and prosperity. Furthermore, it is also thought to help in attaining good health.

19. Pig

The pig is also one of the feng shui lucky animals and is the bringer of wealth and prosperity. So if you are facing a financial crisis or in your career, you can place a pig statue in the North direction to eliminate your financial issues and succeed.

20. Tiger

Tiger is given a specific place in Feng shui. This fierce animal is assumed to bring good luck and finances. Therefore, the appropriate place for the tiger is on the Northern side of the home or office.

21. Bat

Bat is synonymous with wealth. Chinese astrology advice to place a statue or an image of the bat anywhere in the living space if you are facing a financial crisis. After the placement, you will not find any hindrance in your life.

22. Cricket

Feng shui considers cricket to be the bringer of good luck. However, it should be placed in the kitchen to invite good luck. People in the early days decorated their houses with crickets to attract wealth and achieve success. If you wish to gain wealth, you can keep a golden or silver statue in your house.

23. Snake

The snake sits between Dragon and Horse, the most potent zodiac creatures. Therefore, feng shui believes that snakes can invite wealth to your home. In addition, if you are born in the year of the snake, you can place a snake figurine at the west of your space. This way, you can create wealth. Furthermore, if you wear metal ornaments with the symbol snake, it can bring you good luck. 

Though the snake is symbolic of slyness and darkness, it symbolizes friendliness and sympathy for human nature. However, unlike other symbols, the snake is not famous in feng shui.

24. Carp

The symbol of carp is synonymous with abundance in wealth in feng shui. History tells that the carps attempted to swim against the strong current of the Yellow River. Then, they hoped to swim through the Dragon Gates to transform themselves into Dragon. This journey symbolizes virtues like courage, determination, and strength. In addition, the repeated jump out of the water towards heaven represents their determination to attain their ambitions and goals.

Therefore, they are connected to educational success, financial luck, and marital happiness. In addition, as the fish represents a water element, it is believed to bring life and abundance of prosperity. Therefore, placing a statue or image in your home brings positivity, calms people’s minds, and gives them good luck. 

25. Rat

Rat is one of the feng shui lucky animals in feng shui. The rats are considered the proper astrology sign of Peach Blossom Theory. It is the animal that can bring good luck.

What Are The Animals That Bring Bad Luck?

As we have listed the feng shui lucky animals in the previous section, we will go through some of the unlucky animals. That is because, in Chinese culture, people consider some animals to bring bad luck when placed in the home. So let us go through the list below:

1. Snakes

In various cultures, the snake is worshiped and considered good luck, while others consider them as the incarnations of Satan. They are regarded as insidious, ruthless, dark, and sly beings. Generally, it is labeled with a dark image. However, it is also known as the symbol of wisdom.

2. Turtle

Chinese mythology explains that the feng shui turtle brings slow money. Therefore, they might incur a loss in the owner’s business. Consequently, one should not prefer to use the figurine or picture of a turtle in a business sector or office. 

3. Goat

The feng shui animal Goat is known to be a peace lover, but they are shy. Chinese people believe that if you keep a figure or image of a goat in your home, you might be fooled by other people. In addition, they are easily gullible. Therefore, you should always avoid animals.

4. Cat

Cats are known as selfish animals in feng shui. It is because using the figure or image of a cat might bring in jealousy and envy in your family. Therefore, feng shui experts advise you to keep yourself away from the cat.

5. Chameleon

The chameleon is known as the Chinese bad luck animal. Keeping a picture or statue of a Chameleon might destroy your future. If you are a working man/woman, your colleagues may turn against you.

What Can Be My Feng Shui Lucky Animals?

To consider feng shui lucky animals for you depends on your wishes and what energy to attract. Therefore, the lucky animal might vary from person to person. Each animal specializes in bringing different energy into your home or office.

  • You can keep the lion dogs if you wish extra protection in your home. It acts as a protection charm from evil eyes. For example, if you think your close ones want to destroy you, you can keep them with you.
  • If you are suffering from a financial crisis, you can take in feng shui lucky animals such as pigs and frogs. You can also find other animals, but these two are the best.
  • If you face an infertility issue, you can take in a rabbit. Then you can wish to see a child’s face.
  • If you wish to bring financial luck, you can go by horse and elephant. These feng shui lucky animals are the best to invite financial luck.


What Are The 12 Animals That Bring Good Luck?

Chinese Feng Shui astrology believes that 12 animal symbols promote good luck. They are Rat, Pig, Tiger, Ox, Rooster, Snake, Sheep, Dog, Monkey, Dragon, Horse, and Rabbit.

Which Animal Brings Money?

Feng shui experts believe that various animals can bring financial luck to your life. So to invite monetary luck, you can opt for a three-legged money frog, goldfish, Dragon, and turtle.

Feng Shui Animals For Bedroom

When you are a married couple and wish to bring happiness in your married life, you can decorate your bedroom with figurines like Dragon and Phoenix, Pair of Geeze, and Mandarin Ducks. This feng shui lucky animals symbolize love, bond, and romance in married life.

Which Pet Is Lucky For Home?

Feng shui offers various options for you to have pet animals in your home. You can opt for auspicious fishes such as Goldfish and Arowana Fish. Animals such as dogs, turtles, cows, frogs, and cats are the feng shui lucky animals that can be chosen as pets.

Is Rabbit Good For Home Feng Shui?

The rabbit is a Chinese astrology animal symbol. It is also symbolic of abundance and fertility. Therefore, a rabbit is considered suitable for the home. You can place it in the sector of your house where you wish to attract abundance. For example, putting it in the southeast sector can invite wealth, while placing it in the west sector can help eliminate infertility. 


The feng shui lucky animals discussed in the article are believed to protect from negative energy. Feng shui is believed and practiced in many cultures worldwide. Therefore, they also think that animals can bring them good luck as well as bad luck.

In this article, we have detailed the lucky animals that can bring you good luck. And if you wish to bring peace and harmony to your life, you can choose the lucky animals and properly place them in their place to be successful in your life.

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