How To Use Feng Shui Elephant Symbol [ Placement Ideas ]

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Feng Shui placement ideas help harness the positive energy from the environment and establish peace among the people and their environment. There are various figurines in Feng Shui that can be placed in respective places to make a feng shui-approved environment. And one of them is the feng shui elephant. It is an auspicious symbol that can bring positive energy only if placed in the right place. 

the Feng Shui elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and good luck. It is believed that placing an elephant figurine or image in your home or workplace can bring positive energy, good fortune, and protection.

The placement location of the statue is determined by what energy an individual wants to activate. It is because feng shui practitioners believe each area of the house governs specific aspects of one’s life. Therefore, when an individual places the elephant symbol in a specific room area, it energizes the energy according to the placement area. 

The elephant is a symbol that can bring miraculous impact when it is placed in specific places and directions. This article will help you learn about the feng shui elephant in detail and the areas where it should be placed to get the most out of the symbol.

Feng Shui Elephant Symbol Meaning

In different Asian cultures, the feng shui elephant is regarded as a sacred animal, a wondrous creature, and is greatly admired. Buddhists believe that the animal is the celestial animal and is a sacred treasure of Lord Buddha. Feng Shui practitioners believe it to be a sacred symbol. The feng shui elephant symbolizes fidelity, good luck, wisdom, dignity, intelligence, success, longevity, and good luck. In addition, the elephant also acts as the wish grantor and household’s protector.

How Do Element Symbols Work In Feng Shui?

The elements: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood are known to be the foundation of the concept of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is important to work on these elements to create balance and stability in one’s life. To create stability and balance in life, it is essential to understand the relationships between these five elements of nature and the person concerned. These feng shui elements are also responsible for determining an individual’s energy that they feel in their personal life. When an individual gets associated with particular energy, the person may get weak or strong depending on the energy. Therefore, to balance the energy of the space, an understanding of the feng shui elements are necessary.

How To Place A Feng Shui Elephant In Home?

feng Shui elephants are believed to bring good luck, protection, and wisdom to a home. You might wonder how you can place feng shui elephant symbols in your house according to feng shui. Rest assured and explore the article to know the right placement of the elephant symbol in your home:


The bedroom is the place where you spend time sleeping. So, placing the feng shui elephant in the bedroom in the right direction is essential. 

  • Place the symbol on the right side to get the best result. 
  • For married people, hanging the feng shui elephant symbol with the trunks upwards in the bedroom can ensure a healthy relationship with your spouse.
  • You can also use elephant souvenirs to get a healthy relationship with your spouse in your bedroom.

Living Room

Placing the elephant symbol in the living room will help bring prosperity to your home. In addition, an elephant statue in your living room can bring an aesthetic presence to the home. Furthermore, it can also help flow positive energy throughout the house.

Children’s Room

Placing the feng shui elephant sign in the children’s room is auspicious. Having this sign in their room will ensure your children have strengthened knowledge and improve their focus while studying.

  • When you place an elephant sign in your children’s room, ensure to place it either in the form of wallpapers or as toys. 
  • Place it on the right side of their study table. It will reinforce the positive energy of the elephant in your child. 

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What Direction Do You Face An Elephant For Good Luck?

Consider placing the feng shui elephant figurine or wall art in the east and north corner of your home to bring good luck. However, follow the following tips to ensure you have proper placement of the sacred statue:

  • Place the feng shui elephant in your living room for a healthy family relationship.
  • For the protection and good luck in the house, you can place the figure at the main door of your home.
  • As the symbol is symbolic of fertility, faithfulness, and love, it can be placed in your bedroom.
  • Place it in the north of your home for your career growth.
  • Place the figurine in your children’s room to help them improve their intelligence and focus.

What Is The Meaning Of Feng Shui Elephant Trunks Up Or Down?

Feng shui elephants are an attractive aesthetic as well as a figurine to bring prosperity to the family. However, the different trunk direction of the elephant has different meaning. The direction of the trunk determines the house you are trying to have. We will explore the elephant having different trunk directions says in this section.

Feng Shui conceptualizes that when the feng shui elephant has a raised trunk, it is symbolic of good luck because they raise their trunk especially to greet their friends. It is also believed to express happiness when it raises its trunk. Therefore, having a figurine with the trunk rising upward will show you compassion and good luck.

Furthermore, it is also symbolic of success and fortune since it is believed to vacuum the space from the negative energy from the space where it is placed. To help sweep off the negative energy, you can choose a statue holding a crystal ball. In addition, elephants with raised trunks also symbolize protection and power.  

But if it has a trunk positioning downwards, it is symbolic of sensuality and focuses on your home. It also represents the potential to solve challenges when you face one. Furthermore, it is symbolic of longevity. Besides, the trunk positioning downwards does not symbolize bad luck. 

How To Place The Feng Shui Elephant Based On Your Intentions?

You can place the feng shui elephant based on your intentions:

Good Luck And Protection

Place the figurine at the front door of your home to bring stability, protection, and good luck to your family.  

Romance And Fertility

Placing the figurine in the main bedroom of your house will help bring love and faithfulness to your household. In addition, couples desiring a child can also place this statue in their bedroom since it symbolizes fertility. Choose a figurine having a mother and a baby elephant or an intertwined trunk. You can also choose a figure with a trunk facing down. 

Wisdom And Academic Success

Whether for your children or your academic progression, feng shui elephants must be placed on the right side of the study desk. This placement will encourage knowledge, intelligence, concentration, and focus. 

Healthy Bonding

The statue with the mother and children is a symbol of love and union. So, to strengthen the bond with the family members, the statue should be placed in the living room. 


Place the elephant statue on the north of your home for your career growth.

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Do Not Place It In Certain Areas

There are specific areas where placing an elephant figure is regarded as inauspicious. Prevent yourself from placing the figures in areas like the kitchen or bathroom. And it must be treated with respect and should not be placed on the floor.

Where To Keep Elephants In Feng Shui?

You can create a feng shui-approved setting with a feng shui elephant statue in your home. However, each placement area of the statue energizes different energies. Below are the placement areas where you can place the statue to energize different energies in your home:

Near The Front Door:

When you place the feng shui elephant statue near your front door, it can bring good luck and strength to the family and protect the household. But, it should face inside the door. If it is placed facing outside the door, the chi energy produced in the home space will leave the house. 

In The Bedroom:

Placing the elephant in the bedroom promotes love, fertility, and faithfulness between the partners. If you choose an elephant statue having a raised trunk, it symbolizes longevity and fertility. You can enhance the bedroom with a statue of a mother and baby elephant or a figure of seven elephants in the group to promote positive energy. It is to remember that seven is the feng shui number representing children. Therefore, if you hope to conceive a child, you can choose to place this statue in your bedroom.

In Children’s Bedroom:

With a feng shui elephant statue in your children’s room, you can promote your child’s academic progression and cultivate knowledge. You can hang a wall painting or place a figure on the right side of the study table. 

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Elephant Always Facing Inside Your Home

A feng shui elephant is placed facing inside your home, bringing prosperity and good luck. The elephant facing inside the home represents that the positive energy from your home space will not leave the house.

Is Elephant Painting Lucky?

Feng Shui practitioners believe that having a feng shui elephant in your house is very lucky. But, you would not find many people placing the figurine or the wall art right. The key to reinforcing the elephant’s energy is to place it right. You must have a clear intention while installing it. Only then can the symbol direct and its energy towards your cause bring your intention to fruition. Follow the tips below to reinforce the good luck in your house:

  • To promote stability and peace in your house, place the feng shui elephant in the north direction.
  • You can place a painting in their room to ensure your children work harder and improve their focus and intelligence. You can also place a figurine on the right side of their study table.
  • When the elephant painting is placed near the front door of your home, it helps to bar the positive energy from leaving your house. 

Elephant Ornament Meaning

Like elephant statues and paintings, elephant jewelry in the form of bracelets, lockets, and other ornaments represents good luck, protection, and good fortune. It is believed that the ornament brings good luck to the wearer. You can also gift a feng shui elephant ornament to your loved ones to help them remain strong.

How To Wear Elephant Ornaments For Good Luck?

Though elephants pointing their trunks downwards does mean to bring bad luck, it is believed that a happy elephant always points their trunk upwards. Therefore, you can choose to wear an elephant ornament pointing its trunk upwards.

Elephant Symbolism Buddhism Significance

You can check this section to learn what the elephant symbolizes in Buddhism:

  • When in pregnancy, his mother dreamt about a pure elephant statue while she was offering a white lotus from its trunk.
  • Buddha was linked to the elephant in every aspect when he was born. 
  • Buddhism believes the elephant to be a paragon of patience, wisdom, protection, prosperity, loyalty, and strength.
  • In Buddhism, the elephant is represented as having Buddha’s boundless powers and his enlightened spirit.
  • Elephant’s strengths are also revered in Buddhism.
  • The elephant has other qualities such as perceptivity, patience, tranquility, and responsibility.

What Do 3 Elephants Mean?

The three elephants represent a strong and healthy family bonding and unity. To add good vibes to your home space, you should place the figurine in the living room.


Good Luck How To Place Elephants At Front Door

You can place a single elephant statue or a pair of elephant statues at the front door because it brings good luck and prosperity to your home. The important rule to placing an elephant statue is to place it facing into the room. You should never place the statue facing the door because it may revert the positive energy from the space out of the door. Therefore to retain the energy in your space, place its back on the door side.

Can We Keep A Single Elephant Statue At Home?

According to feng shui, the elephant statue is symbolic of courage, protection, safety, good luck, prosperity, and positivity. You can keep a single elephant at home or office. It will help bring positive energy into your space while placing it near the front door will help bar the positive energy from leaving your home space. 

Are Elephants Bad Luck In The House?

We have discussed in the article how elephants can bring prosperity, a sense of protection, and good luck to the house. So elephants in the house are not bad luck to the house. 

Which Animal Symbolizes Family?

Elephant, the most sacred animal in feng shui, symbolizes family. A statue or painting of the feng shui elephant in your home can help create a healthy relationship with the family members.

Can Elephant Symbols Be Gifted In Feng Shui?

Feng shui elephants are placed inside the home to bring prosperity. Therefore, elephant symbols can be a perfect gift for your loved ones for many occasions like birthdays, wedding gifts, etc.


We hope the article has helped you find the proper placements of the feng shui elephant to bring good luck to your home. The feng shui practitioners believe that the placement of the elephant can help attract or repel the positive energy of the space. Thus you can harness the power of the elephant statue by placing it in your home or in the form of an ornament. You can also gift it to your loved ones to help attract positive energy and make your life prosperous.

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