How To Find Your Feng Shui Birth Element – Know All

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Do you know what your Feng Shui birth element is or how you might calculate it? So, the Feng Shui birth element determines your personality and the things responsible for shaping your life.

If you are curious to know the process of calculating your birth element, you are in the right place. You will learn everything that you need to know regarding the feng shui birth element.

Feng Shui Birth Element And Its Meaning

Feng Shui Birth Element And Its Meaning

Feng Shui means “wind” and “water” respectively in English. In China, it is an old blend of art and science. It developed about 3000 years ago, thus practitioners in Chinese culture used to construct gorgeous houses and buildings, and farming via the use of this art.

What Is My Birth Feng Shui Element?

To Find out your Feng shui Birth Element, you need to follow the following procedure-

  1. Determine your birth year. (The year for this computation begins on February 4/5, so if you were born on January 25, 1947, your year would be 1946.) If you were born on February 10, 1947, your birth year is 1947).
  2.  Subtraction of 1900. (e.g. 1947 – 1900 = 47)
  3.  Add the digits together till you get a single digit. (e.g. 47-> 4+7=11 ->1+1=2)
  4. Subtract this from 10 if you are a man. This results in the Lo Shu Number. (For example, 10-2=8, Lo Shu = 8)
  5. You are a woman. Increase the number from step 3 by 5. (e.g. 2+5=7) (If you receive more than one digit, add them together again and again until you get a single digit.)

Which Five Components Corresponds To My Birth Year?

Five Components Corresponds To My Birth Year

Here’s how to figure out which of the five components corresponds to your birth year.

  • Metal: Birth years that conclude in 0 or 1.
  • Water: Years of birth ending in 2 or 3
  • Wood: Years of birth ending in 4 or 5
  • Fire: Years of birth ending in 6 or 7
  • Earth: Years of birth ending in 8 or 9

You can use the above-mentioned five elements to investigate the elements associated with your birth year. Thus, you will be able to discover how you might nurture it with feng shui.

Feng Shui Wood Birth Element

Use wood décor elements to complement your natural wood aspect. This includes employing it in the best directions of east and southeast (both of which are dominated by the element of wood), as well as in wood furniture and wood artifacts. Furthermore, the water element is believed to nurture the wood element. Therefore incorporating a water fountain or an aquarium into any of the sectors. But avoid placing them in the kitchen or bedroom. Living in a forest or forested region and/or near water will increase your own element power.

Feng Shui Birth Element Water

Those born under the Feng Shui Birth Element Water are naturally sensitive and have a strong intuition. They are extremely creative and skilled at expressing themselves. However, these persons must retain a decent fundamental physical structure. And mental stamina, as well as the ability to focus on one thing at a time, are required to achieve a degree of renown and success that others cannot even imagine.

People with the Feng Shui Birth Element Water are usually peaceful and easygoing, and their everyday activities mirror a free-flowing stream. However, you must have the strength and will to overcome any problem. With their concealed energy reserve, which they may access

Feng Shui Birth Element Fire

The utilization of the fire element in the South can strengthen you (ruled by the fire element). So, incorporate a fireplace and/or candles. Lighting is a powerful enhancer, representing the fire element. You can incorporate table lamps and floor lamps in addition to recessed ceiling lights. Because wood feeds fire, you may complement the South with wood components from the East and Southeast. A warm climate is ideal for you.

Feng Shui Birth Element Earth

When you incorporate the Earth’s elements or features in the proper sector, you can boost its impact on the living environment. This allows you to manage and maximize the flow of Chi, or life energy, inside the locations that are significant to you.

You may simply activate this element and reap all of the benefits of the Feng Shui birth element Earth by using particular materials. There are methods to enhance or mitigate the impacts of other Feng Shui aspects in order to achieve optimal Feng Shui harmony and balance in your house or business.

Feng Shui Birth Element Metal

The metal element dominates the West and Northwest. You can incorporate metal home decor to activate the metal element in these sectors. Include metal artwork, furniture, and different metal artifacts. Because metal draws water, a water element can be utilized to improve the qualities of the metal element. Mountain regions with mineral reserves are good places to reside.

Feng Shui Element Colours

Based on the Five Feng Shui Elements, Feng Shui colors represent ourselves. The color palette is shown below.

  • Green and brown wood.
  • Fire colors include red, bright yellow, orange, purple, and pink.
  • Earth colors include light yellow, sandy/earthy tones, and light brown.
  • White and grey metal.
  • Blue and black water.

Feng Shui Birth Element By Month

As traditional astrology determines the birth month to know how it influences crucial parts of life and personality, feng shui and Chinese astrology base these variables on the year.

Feng Shui Birth Element Kua Vs Pakua

Feng Shui is used by both people and their living places. Both of these critical criteria must be considered for successful Feng Shui application. For individuals who are unfamiliar with the study of Feng Shui and how changes to the home or workstations are made, the Kua- Vs- Bagua is a perplexing topic.

The Kua number is a personal Ku number issued to an individual depending on his date of birth and gender. Bagua, on the other hand, refers to particular areas of his home or workplace.

And the examination of the same in order to deliver the appropriate forms of adjustments to the specific locations. These two are blended to provide the ideal treatments for the individual and his property.

If you grasp the distinction between these two key parts of Feng Shui, the Kua- vs.- the page will not be overpowering. Discover how to use each of them to make full use of Feng Shui principles to enrich your life.

What Is Feng Shui 5 Elements Cycle

The fundamental idea of Feng Shui is that your house or office must have all five main Feng Shui components in order to have a harmonic and balanced energy flow. However, after studying the Ba- Gua number, you will see that specific sections of your home require extra power of particular components in order to have the intended impact.

Every fundamental Feng Shui element has its own Feng Shui element cycle, and each element follows this cycle to provide the optimum advantages to your house or workplace. When you combine the Feng Shui Birth Element with the Ba Gua number to examine and correct a specific flaw in one of the home’s regions.

Feng Shui Birth Element Finder

Feng Shui Birth Element is the most fundamental knowledge you need to find in order to employ Feng Shui concepts to better your life. According to this ancient Chinese traditional science of energy and space. The ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters organized the universe into five fundamental elements: fire, water, metal, earth, and wood.

All people may be assigned to one of these fundamental Feng Shui elements by using the Feng Shui Birth element chart. The classification of people under Feng Shui elements is based on the person’s year of birth, and the year of birth is the primary data.

His Feng Shui birth element may be determined. The Chinese Lunar Year is indicated on the Feng Shui Birth element chart. The birth year is mentioned under these elements from which you can determine your birth element by the year you were born.

Once you understand this, you will be able to apply different colors, ornamental things, and spatial concepts to improve your life using Feng Shui. Using this as a birth element finder, you can now determine your Feng Shui Birth Element. However, when utilizing the birth element chart, keep in mind to determine your correct year of birth in Chinese birth.

After determining your birth element through this chart, you may determine what needs to be done to arrange the house to make it entirely compatible and the home environment more harmonious with Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is friendly so that Chi’s energy flow is restored to appropriate levels and maintained for higher levels of success and wealth.

Feng Shui Birth Element Chart

The cosmos is split into five primary components in Feng Shui: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. The living creatures’ traits are regulated by all five basic Feng Shui components, even though all of these elements are present in all of us. To choose the colors to utilize and the decorative things to place in one’s living environment, one must first determine their Feng Shui birth element.

You may use the Chart for this. This is based on the Chinese lunar calendar and is offered by old Chinese Feng Shui gurus. You can simply identify your birth element by utilizing the Feng Shui Birth Chart. After knowing it clearly, you will be able to apply Feng Shui principles.

To achieve happiness, success, and wealth in your life. This is the foundation of your Feng Shui, and you may learn about the elements by using this Feng Shui Birth Chart. That rules you, and with this understanding, one may use Feng Shui work in every manner. To determine your Feng Shui birth element using the Element Chart, enter your birth date in the date/month/year format.

The column in which your birthday falls reflects your Feng Shui birth element.

It should be remembered that the Chinese lunar year begins with the second moon of the Western calendar. As a result, it begins in the middle of February, and those who were born in February must consider this. Make sure their birth year corresponds to the correct year on the Chinese lunar calendar.

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How Do I Find My Feng Shui Birth Element?

To find your Feng Shui Birth Element, simply enter the final digit of the year you were born.

Element Last Digit of Birth Year Last Digit of Birth Year
Metal 0 1
Water 2 3
Wood 4 5
Fire 6 7
Earth 8 9


How Do You Balance Elements In Feng Shui?

Feng shui encourages equilibrium through the use of the five elements: fire, earth, metal, wood, and water. Flowers, plants, and trees, as well as wood furniture, are all excellent ways to incorporate wood into your home and inspire creativity. To enhance the fire theme, try using candles or tones of red and orange.

What Elements Are In Wood?

Overall, wood is composed of around 50 percent carbon, 6 percent hydrogen, 44 percent oxygen, and trace quantities of numerous metal ions. A thorough chemical analysis takes into consideration all of the components of the original wood sample.


Feng Shui is helpful to our life, and because it begins with our birth element, you must first understand how to determine your Feng Shui birth element.

Find your Feng Shui birth element metal as well as other elements to get a comprehensive picture. How to Use the FengShui Birth Element Chart to Determine Your Feng Shui Birth Element We learned how to compute the Kua number and how to combine it with the Feng Shui Bagua number.

To make all of the necessary improvements for a house or business in order to attract all of the good energy. The combining study of the Kua, the Pa-Gua, and the birth element may be employed to effect all of the modifications required for a successful Feng Shui application.

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