Dream Catcher Meaning + Symbolism | 5 Exclusive Placement Tips

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The dream catcher meaning is a talisman that protects people from having nightmares and other dreams. The charm was typically used for infants and was hanging above their cradles or beds. 

People believe that both pleasant and evil dreams permeate the air at night. The dream catcher, like a spider’s web, traps negative dreams and allows positive ones to pass through. The negative dreams get eliminated while it is exposed to the morning sun. The beautiful dreams stream down through the feathers to the sleeping person.

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What Is Dream Catcher Meaning?

Dream Catcher Meaning

Many tales surround the significance and tradition of the dream catcher. The dream catcher’s most frequent connotation originates from the Native American Ojibwe tribe. According to them the dream catcher’s meaning is that it screens out unpleasant dreams, protecting the individual from negativity.

Traditionally, the dream catchers were of a few inches in diameter. It was completed with leather webbing and the dream catcher’s ring held a feather. The Ojibwe people think that the night air is full of both happy and evil dreams. The dream catcher was created to hold all dreams and release the negative ones. The mythology of the dream catcher tells us to only let good in and keep evil out.

What Does A Dream Catcher Symbolise?

While dream catchers have become a widely popular phenomenon outside of the Ojibwe indigenous people, and have even spread outside Pan-Indian societies, there are several different forms of dream catchers. Even with a close inspection, these dream catchers retain some similarity to the old ones, even the ones with feathers.

These parallels, however, are few and far between. There is still a significant difference between originals and moderns. These new versions are created, sold, and displayed by non-Native companies, which some believe violates the culture, beliefs, and customs associated with traditional dream catchers.

What Does A Dream Catcher Do?

What precisely do dream catchers do… Well, dream catch? Some believe that good dreams travel across the web. They drift down the strings of beads and feathers to the sleeping youngsters. However, bad dreams become trapped in the web. The terrible dreams fade away when the first rays of dawn light reach the dream catcher. Children who sleep under a dream catcher are claimed to be safe from nightmares.

Others understand the role of the dream catcher differently. They claim that bad dreams travel through the web’s gaps and out the nearest window while good dreams become trapped in the web. They make their way down the beads and feathers to the individual sleeping below it.

How Do You Activate A Dream Catcher?

Hammer a hook, a nail, or both

Hammer a nail or hook into a horizontal post 6 feet above the ground. Choose an outside location for the blessing. Using the hook, hang the dream catcher.


To prepare for smudging, cover the ground beneath the dream catcher with a thick layer of sage, cedar, and or sweetgrass. Use dried plants in order to create smoke. It is advised to keep your plants away from the smoke. So, cover the pile with rocks or bricks. Light the plants on fire and let the smoke drift up and envelop the dream catcher.

Wakontaka chant

As the smoke rises above the dream catcher and towards the skies, chant to Wakontaka, the Native American emblem of life’s creator. To praise the creator and finish the benediction, repeat the chant 4 to 8 times with lengthy, monosyllabic tones, such as WA-KONNN-TAAANKAAH.’

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Different Types Of Dream Catchers

Different Types Of Dream Catchers

  • Dream Catcher Amulet Made by Native Americans. A circle-shaped device packed with interlaced threads. This type of “web” captures positive dreams. It is believed to fall on the person sleeping under the dream catcher, making his sleep peaceful and pleasant. Not only that, but it also delays and decreases the power of nightmares. Evil spirits that produce unpleasant nightmares dwell in the intertwined strands and vanish when the sun rises.
  • The Siberian Shaman’s Magical Instrument- This dream catcher is intended to attract all types of visions, whether they are good dreams or horrors. They are all significant to the shaman. He sees pictures of trapped souls in a dream with the use of such an amulet. Confronting negative energies helps the shaman to delve deeper into his own awareness. Such amulets might be hazardous to untrained practitioners of such ceremonies. As a result, only experienced shamans should employ it.
  • Amulet From Asia- The symbolic components from which such an item is constructed provide its strength. Asian dream catcher amulets frequently include animal or zodiac constellation imagery.

Which Type Of Dream Catcher Is Best?

Dream catcher amulets are classified into three types: Native American, Asian, and Siberian. Each kind has its own history and meaning. Before you grab any Dream catcher, understand the differences between them. Native American amulets known as dream catchers have been around for millennia. 

They come in many sizes with the same purpose: to keep the dreamer safe from terrible nightmares. There are several sorts of dream catcher amulets, each with its own emblem. The spider web, buffalo, and hawk are some of the most well-known emblems. When selecting a dream catcher, evaluate what form of protection you require the most.

How Does A Dream Catcher Work?

A dream catcher does not prevent terrible dreams; rather, it shields the soul from their long-term detrimental repercussions. Dream catchers, also known as “Sacred Hoops,” were originally used to protect sleeping people, typically children, from terrible dreams and nightmares.

Theory Behind Dream Catcher?

It’s not a hypothesis. For many, it is both a legend and a fact. This is the legend, as given to me by an Ojibwe elder. Many individuals consider sleeping to be another life being lived. It’s critical to take care of that life as much as you do your waking life. A lady had a dream one night that a woman clad in white skins approached her with a present for her. She demonstrated how to weave the web and how to leave a center with a reward in the center to attract malevolent spirits. The lady inquired as to why she would choose to bring an evil ghost to her fragile dream existence.

Does Dream Catcher Work?

Dream catchers are not only decorative, but they also “catch” your unpleasant dreams/nightmares during the night. They are also claimed to aid with the recall of good/positive dreams. Dream catchers were initially utilized by Native American tribes to fend off evil spirits throughout the night in the 1960s and 1970s. A dream catcher is a handcrafted artifact that people place over their beds in the hope that it will catch all of their bad dreams and nightmares.

A legend describes that hanging a dream catcher over a bed would capture bad dreams on the web and allow pleasant ones to pass through the center. All of the terrible dreams will vanish when the rays of the sun touch the dream catcher in the morning.

Where To Put A Dream Catcher In Your Room

The main role of these sacred objects is to protect sleeping people. It is especially to protect newborns and children, from unpleasant nightmares and the detrimental outcomes the negative dreams bring. Thus, dream catchers hanging near or above the bed are considered ideal.

THE CHILDREN’S ROOM: Kids have strong attachments to the Dream Catcher’s colors. They will feel safer and more protected if they are explained about the positive aspect of the dream catcher as it keeps away from negative dreams. Many people put it in the window for this purpose because youngsters believe that bad creatures can enter at night. Then you’ll perceive it as a shield that will keep you safe even if Mom and Dad aren’t around.

YOUR ROOM: If you enjoy dealing with the dream world, dream interpretation, and the astral world, the ideal location to do so is in your bedroom, and it is also a good idea to keep a notepad on the light table where you may jot down your dreams. The more you think about it, the more frequent your dreams will be and the deeper their implications will be. 


When you combine the dream catcher with protection stones and cleanliness, you will have a strong discharge amulet that will assist you in keeping the energy of the surroundings pure, as well as promoting peace and connection between people. It is recommended for this reason to choose light harmonizing hues that are not too bright; ideal stones are tourmaline and quartz crystal, among many others that we will discuss in subsequent posts. This is why we incorporate semi-precious stones on all of our dream catchers; we truly feel they boost their effectiveness.

WORK AREA: Whether it’s your workshop or office inside or outside your house, having a dream catcher at your workspace can help you focus, be inspired, and relax. You should focus on having a dream catcher created with spiritual colors and stones that can help you maintain your connection with your Higher Self placed in the work area. You can also bring a small moving altar that reminds you at all times of your true being. It will make you work with more happiness, and keep you inspired and positive.

MEDITATION AREA: Just like a holy picture, a candle, incense, and energy stones, a dream catcher can be a wonderful connection maker that will connect you with your Superior Self. It will utilize the power of the feathers to connect with the energies. Native Americans see dream catchers as having the utmost usefulness.

In Which Direction Should We Hang The Dream Catcher?

Dream catchers should always be positioned facing southwest. This not only infuses pleasant energy into the home, but it also helps to eliminate nightmares. It also enhances our home’s Vastu.

What Are The Dream Catcher Patterns Meanings?

Even while it is crucial, the design in which the dream catcher’s web is made is sometimes disregarded. Each point pattern on the web has a distinct meaning.

  • Five points: This represents a star or the stars.
  • This represents an eagle with six points.
  • Seven points: Follow the seven prophecies.
  • Eight points: Represents a spider or the spider lady, Asibikaashi.
  • Thirteen points: Represents the moon’s 13 phases.
  • Beads have been added to the web along with the patterns, which signify any one thing: the spider of the web or the happy dreams in physical form that did not travel through the web.

Are Dream Catchers Good Feng Shui?

A ‘Dream Catcher’ is a utensil in traditional Feng Shui that traps pleasant dreams and protects from negative dreams or nightmares. Feng Shui Dream Catchers are typically wooden hoops with a loose net woven over them and feather or bead extensions.

What Does A Black Dream Catcher Mean?

Death, mystery, power, and evil are all represented by the black dream catcher. Black is also a hue linked with uncertainty and terror. Black dream catchers, which represent mourning as well, are regarded to have a more negative meaning. Thus, people prefer dream catchers that have vibrant colors. 


Feather Tattoo Dream Catcher Meaning

They represent a variety of concepts, including liberty, strength, knowledge, and power. Many dream catcher designs include feathers, which are said to promote happy dreams and positive ideas that reach the person they are guarding.

Can We Gift Dream Catchers?

Dream catchers are usually meant to be given to someone rather than taken on purpose. A piece of bone or a tooth… anything essential to the person building the dream catcher was sometimes put in to remind them of the goal.

Chakra Dream Catcher Meaning

According to the chakra Dream Catcher meaning, the enormous energy of the cosmos may be discovered within each of you. To reach and use such power, you must learn how to open the seven Chakra inhibitors within your body and mind.

What Does Dream Catcher Above The Bed Mean?

The Dream catcher meaning is that it is a talisman. It is generally hung over the bed to keep away from bad dreams or nightmares. The charm was typically used for infants and was hanging above their cradles or beds. 

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dream catcher meaning is that it is designed to connect with your spirit and function exclusively for you. As a result, it’s advisable to get one that is 100 percent genuine and not mass-produced. It’s also a good idea to have some ideas for what you want to include in your dream catcher so that you may have one constructed just for you and your dreams. Only then can your dream catcher perform to its full potential and provide you with the finest of dreams while you sleep.

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