How To Use Feng Shui Cures For All Common Life Issues

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What Are Feng Shui Cures?

Feng Shui is an Asian art of adjustment or placement. Feng Shui looks at the positive and negative energy flow in our homes. In addition, it also looks at how we interact with our home’s spaces. Feng Shui cures, alternatively called adjustments, are used by the Feng Shui practitioners to shift the negative energy of a place. It is believed that helping the positive energy flow throughout the home promotes peaceful life; the Feng Shui cures help us practice mindfulness by paying attention to the placements and incorporation of things that affect our lives and vice versa. It involves the changing aspects of the physical space and redirecting the qi flow.

Basic Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui aims to create harmony and peace in an environment. Basic Feng Shui cures are used to disperse, expand, moderate or alter the chi energy for good results. However, few basic Feng Shui principles can help cure all the general issues. Nevertheless, these Feng Shui cures are potent remedies to balance an imbalance in Chi.

  • Fix and Repair: Fix and repair anything that requires to be fixed, for example, broken glass, latches, leaking faucets, damaged equipment, loose tiles, etc.
  • Declutter: Declutter inside and outside of your home and office. Make space to help flow the positive energy throughout the area. Not clearing or cleaning the rooms might have stagnant energy retained in them. This stagnant energy may revert to your life.
  • Organize: It is essential to organize your area for a better positive energy flow. Organize the drawers, cabinets, and closets.
  • Keep everything neat: Keep your area tidy by picking up clothes, organizing your space, emptying the trash, folding the laundry, and more.

How To Activate Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient art of placements to bring positive energy flow throughout the home. You can activate Feng Shui in your house by following the proper order of the object, locating the rooms in the given directions, placing the mirrors in the right direction, decluttering the home to remove the stagnant energies, and many more.

Feng Shui Cures For Prosperity And Wealth

Some Feng Shui tips will help you bring in the energies required to attract prosperity and wealth. In addition, Feng Shui’s art will help promote health, love, and wealth. These are some of the Feng Shui cures for prosperity and wealth. Lets us know about the cures:

  • Declutter space: According to Feng Shui practitioners, clutter-free homes or offices can attract money. It is wise to remove the items no longer in use to flow energies and invite opportunities and prosperity.
  • Have a water feature: Placing a fountain in your home can promote wealth and energy; if you do not want the idea of having a water feature in your home, you can select an image of flowing water.
  • A pleasing front door: You must have an inviting entrance to attract money. Beautify the entrance by using potted plants and a welcoming doormat.
  • A clean kitchen: Keeping your kitchen clean will help flow positive energy. Therefore, organize and tidy up the floor and kitchen to attract money.
  • Place the citrine crystal in your home: Citrine crystal is believed to attract wealth to your home. To attract wealth and prosperity, display a crystal on a gem tree in the money corner. Pyrite is another corner to attract money.

Feng Shui Remedies For Home

Feng Shui can bring positivity into your home with some design principles. Following are the Feng Shui remedies for a home to revitalizing your home. Following are the Feng Shui Remedies:

Fix Your Squeaks

The entry door is vital throughout the home to bring positive energy into your home. If the door squeaks, it makes a crying sound that can affect your well-being and mood – oil, the door hinge. This way, you can create positive energy.

Use Your Front Door

The entry door signifies how positive energy enters and flows into your home. Unfortunately, many people use their back door to get in and out. It may limit the good energy to enter your home and your life. Make sure you use your entry door at least once daily to fix this.

Placement Of The Feng Shui Fountain

Feng Shui believers believe water is the representation of wealth. Therefore, placing a water element like a fountain near the entry of your home, no matter if it is placed inside or outside, can bring you an opportunity to have wealth in your life. Most importantly, the fountain should flow towards the center of the house.

Plants Above The Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets do not have space, they can attract dust and thus stagnant energy. The chi energy gets stuck and encourages the dead energy to affect your life. If the kitchen cabinets have space, place green plants in this location. You may choose to use natural or fake plants to transform the energy and bring life to this area.

Keep The Bathroom Door Closed

Water is related to wealth. Feng Shui believers believe that money gets flushed if the bathroom door is open. Therefore, keeping the toilet seat cover and the bathroom door closed is essential.

Location Of The Bed

The ”commanding position” is used in Feng Shui to place vital furniture like beds. It is the place where you spend most of your hours sleeping. The bed must be placed in a way that while sleeping, you are not in line with the door but facing the door. If you cannot place your bed this way, you can place a mirror to see the door while lying on the bed.

Cover The TV In The Bedroom

Keeping the TV covered when not in use in the bedroom is good. TV having vibrant energy can disrupt the calming energy and disrupt your sleep. Therefore, just toss a beautiful scarf or cover on the TV to cover the vibrant energy flowing through the room when the TV is not in use.

Clean Windows

Windows in a house are the representation of eyes to the world. You should be able to see everything clearly that the world has to offer us. Clean away the grime and dirt using some old newspaper, a bottle of vinegar, and water to brighten the windows.

Space Clearing

It is important to do a space clearing to the home environment that inhabits the spaces. Take some time, burn out the old energy, and welcome a new fresh ”chi” to your home environment. 

Feng Shui Cure For Stairs Facing Front Door

If you have stairs facing the front door, it may be considered a stairway going toward financial failure. Following Feng Shui methods, you can find a Feng Shui cure for stairs facing the front door. First, hang a wind chime or a crystal ball from the ceiling halfway between the front door and the stairs. It will diffuse and spread the Chi energy coming down the stairs. In addition, it will prevent the energy from rushing out from the front door with the incoming energy coming from the front door.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom

A bedroom is a sacred place of relaxation where we spend eight hours a day in it. Therefore, it is important to follow Feng Shui bedroom ideas to maximize Feng Shui to its full potential. You can declutter and clear the area to drive away any negative energy. Let us discuss the most effective addition to a good Feng Shui bedroom.

The Right Color Scheme

It is believed that specific colors can promote peaceful vibes and improve restful sleep. Select muted shades you find in nature like peach tones, browns, chocolate, creams, and off-white. The colors should be used in limits as unlimited use of the colors can temp different energy flows. For example, if you overdo the color peach in your whole bedroom, the chances are that you will attract someone, then you may keep on attracting. Therefore, consider using peach as an accent tone on small objects. Avoid using crisp white as it might activate at night and hamper your sleep.

The Right Layout

The right layout in your bedroom can promote relaxation and harmony. Your bed is an essential item, and place it in the command position. It is good to place your bed in a way you can watch your door lying on the bed. Avoid placing your bed on the same wall as your door because it is believed that it might make you feel threatened.

Furthermore, your beds must have a headboard. Feng Shui believes that having a headboard is a feeling of life support. While selecting a headboard, choose the one having a soft edge; it will invite a sense of relaxation. Avoid headboards having bars or sharp angles. It might cut the positive energy.

Pairs Of Everything

You can create everything in pairs even if you are not in a relationship. It is because, in Feng Shui, pairs are believed to promote harmonious and loving energy. Therefore, create your bedroom for two people and present everything in pairs—for example, two seats, two similar lamps, two pillows, two similar nightstands, and more.

Add Accessories That Are Meaningful And Nourishes The Five Senses

Consult a Bagua map to know what you can pull into your personal space. For instance, if your bed is in the family and health area, where wood is the dominating element, add blues and greens to maintain the element; you can use the Bagua map to consider what elements you can consider adding to evoke the senses:

  • Sight: Earthy tones are good to use in a bedroom. Fiery tones such as orange, pink and red can also be used. Remember to use them in pairs to create harmonious Feng Shui.
  • Touch: Selecting Soft fabrics is best for a bedroom. You can use Egyptian cotton, satin, and velvet for pillows, sheets, cushions, and curtains. Mainly, your bed sheet should be soft to your skin.
  • Smell: To promote a good fragrance throughout your room, consider using essential oils in a candle diffuser. The essential oils are potent hence add a few drops of oil to dilute in water. You can use Lavender and jasmine while going to bed. You can use eucalyptus or ravintsara if you have a cough.
  • Taste: You would not want to bring food to your bedroom. So place a water jar next to your bed. You can put some lemon on the water jug and drink it to boost yourself.

Feng Shui Cures For Kitchen

Improper kitchen layouts or incorrect locations can cause you financial losses or health. However, the practice of Feng Shui cures can minimize the effects. Let us discuss the cures the below:

Cures For Stove Opposite To Freezer, Sink, Dishwasher, Or Refrigerator

Feng Shui issues occur with improper kitchen layouts. You might find kitchens that are built with a stove placed opposite or at the side of the sink or refrigerator. The fire and water elements placed opposite each other are conflicting. However, moving the appliances can be inconvenient or costly. There are a few Feng Shui cures to these issues:

  • Place a natural plant between the conflicting water and fire elements.
  • Above the space of the appliances hang a multifaceted crystal ball.
  • You can place a woody plant on top of a freezer or refrigerator.
  • Hang a multidimensional crystal ball above the stove to distribute the ”chi” energy produced by the fire element.
  • You can set your stove higher than the refrigerator to weaken the clash of fire and water elements in your kitchen.

Cures For Kitchen In Front Of House

Ideally, kitchens are placed at the back of every house. However, it is considered inauspicious if a kitchen is located in the front of a home, specifically near the front door. Feng Shui practitioners have a couple of cures to minimize this negative effect.

  • The kitchen door should be kept closed to keep away the chi energy from the kitchen. Chi’s energy might rush through the kitchen’s front door if it is not held close.
  • If your kitchen does not have a door, you can protect your kitchen from the chi energy by hanging a curtain to create a barrier.
  • You can also use a folding screen to separate the kitchen from the front door entrance.

Cures For Inauspicious Shared Walls With The Kitchen

Kitchen sharing wall with bathroom is considered inauspicious because it generates negative energies. However, you can follow the following Feng Shui cures to weaken the effect:

  • Hang a mirror on each wall facing the respective rooms. It will reflect the kitchen fire energy into the kitchen while the bathroom energy will be reflected in the bathroom. The separation of these energies will ensure you have a balance between the energies.
  • Painting a medium-light green color to each bathroom and kitchen wall’s shared side will lessen the generated negative energy. It is because green signifies the wood element.
  • While fueling the fire element, wood weakens water. Therefore introducing wood objects to each side of the walls will drain the negative energy. You can use wooden things like wall hangings, wooden plaques, sculptures, etc.

Cures For Bathroom And Bedroom Above Kitchen

Bedrooms above the kitchen can be inauspicious because they can affect the member’s health sleeping above the stove or oven. In addition, a bathroom’s wastewater flowing down to the kitchen is regarded as inauspicious. You can follow the same discussed Feng Shui cures for the bathroom above the kitchen to drive the ”chi” energy away from the kitchen. To weaken the negative energy, you can apply some Feng Shui correct bed placement cures as discussed below:

  • Place a round mirror (symbol of water) underneath the rug and bed.
  • Wood feeds the fire. Therefore, using earth color linens while avoiding wood color can weaken the negative energy.
  • Place a rug colored in earth colors like brown, yellow, or grey. The carpet must be significant to extend one or more feet beyond the bed.
  • The earth element destroys the fire element. Therefore, introduce earth elements like ceramics, crystals, or pottery in your bedroom to eliminate the negative energy.
  • Keep on the kitchen’s ceiling lights for six hours to ward off the chi energy from the kitchen.

Cures For Kitchen Placed In The Northwest Sector

The kitchen placed in the Northwest Sector is called “Fire at Heaven’s Gate.” This gate consumes the oldest male’s energy. Therefore, the kitchen on this side might bring health and financial woes by consuming the man’s energy to earn money. However, Feng Shui has a cure for this issue. Follow the cures to direct the ”chi” energy:

  • The placement of a round mirror facing down from the ceiling directly over the stove can reflect and contain the fire energy, generating and distributing the positive energy.
  • Ceramic and crystals have the potential to activate the earth element to minimize the effect of the fire element. Therefore hang a wind chime or crystal or ceramic mobile over the stove.
  • But the best cure would be to relocate the kitchen to the south or east sectors.

How Do I Fix Feng Shui Problems?

Feng Shui problems require Feng Shui-approved solutions. The specific issues have specific solutions. To make your home Feng Shui approved, you need to direct the energy flow following the Feng Shui rules. For example, if you have stairs facing the front door, you can hang a crystal ball halfway between the stairs and the front door to have the positive energy do not rush out of the door. Similarly, there are cures for each Feng Shui problem.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas

If you have missing areas in your home, you can use the Feng Shui cure for missing areas to include these in your home and life.

Option 1: You can find a cure for your outdoor. If you plan to fill a missing area, you can fill it with a delineated garden or a yard addition like stone, lamp post, fountain, etc., at the farthest missing corner.

Option 2: You can bury a crystal based on the energy you wish to draw, angling towards the center of the floor at the corner of the missing area. 

Option 3: If you cannot do the crystal option, you can paint a dot the size of a quarter on the pavement. You can choose any color.

Option 4: You can also choose to create an illusion of space. You can bring in space associated with the missing area. Place a mirror at length bordering the missing area. Ensure it gives you the intended positive feelings.

Feng Shui Cures For Mirrors

According to feng shui cures Mirrors can enlarge, reflect and multiply any type of energy. So let us check on some of the cures that can help cure the misplaced mirrors approved by the Feng Shui practitioners:

Cure to Reflecting Mirrors on Stairs: It is believed to place a mirror around the landing area of the stairs to widen the staircase. Make sure you have placed the mirror facing the upstairs area. 

Cure to Mirror reflecting Door: Placing a mirror near the front door can dispel energy away from home. Hang the mirror to the wall without leaning forward. It will help energy enter the house.

Cure to Mirror Reflecting Window: To make sure you wish to attract good vibes, place the mirror to reflect attractive and pleasant sights. Pleasing surroundings can boost vibes.

Cure to mirror reflecting TV: It is important to ensure you do not place a mirror reflecting a TV. To cure it, it is recommended to place the TV in the southeast corner and make sure the screen is covered when it is not in use.

Cure to mirror reflecting clock: A clock should not be placed facing the mirror. In addition, make sure to repair the clock immediately so the chi energy does not get stagnated. 

Cure to mirror reflecting fireplace: Allowing the mirror to reflect a fireplace is advantageous. Again, It helps to sustain the chi energy in your home.

Cure to mirror reflecting water: Allowing your mirror to reflect fountains, streams, or other natural environment forms will help boost positive energy.

Feng Shui Tips For Career Growth

If you are worried about your career growth and looking for something that can be solved, be relieved to know that some simple Feng Shui steps can solve all your issues. Let us discuss some of the steps below:

Feng Shui Cures For Office Desk

Feng Shui believes that attracting positive energy and good luck is good at work. Therefore, you can attract positive energy by placing your computer, headphone, or other electronic gadgets on the left-hand side at work. As per feng shui cures It is believed that the left side is the side of Green Dragon, responsible for bringing you harmony and prosperity at work, thereby assisting you in your career growth. On the other hand, the right side is for the White Tiger, responsible for bringing more challenges. Therefore, placing the electronics on the left side is the simplest Feng Shui trick.

Boost Your Health Using Plants

Whether in the office or at home, if your working position is near a corner, you can place a miniature plant in front of your table. Placing plants on your table will bring positive health energy to the area. Positive health energy will boost your stamina to work harder, bringing you closer to your goals. However, remember that plants with thorns like cacti should be avoided, or plants with too many flowers could be a hindrance rather than a help. In addition, ensure you place natural plants and not fake plants, as artificial plants can help lower your self-esteem or attract negative energy.

Remove ”Sha Qi” By Turning On Music

Music is known to calm and soothe tempers and create harmony around us. So turn on music that has calming melodies or songs having no lyrics, as this kind of music believe to remove “Sha Qi”. Avoiding energetic or upbeat music is always good if you concentrate on your work. It can distract you from focusing. 

Everyone has a unique taste for music. So, choose the music type that soothes you while at work. It is good to place soothing music if running your own business. You can help yourself as well as your employees. Furthermore, if you have clients meeting, choose a place having pleasant music to have a higher chance of deals.

Do Not Place Office Desk At Sharp Corners/edges

Placing your desk at any sharp corner can attract negative energy. It might cause you headaches, pressure, migraines, and cause you unhappiness you must follow the feng shui cures accordingly to create positive energy around you. If you have your desk placed this way, you can put up a blockade between the edge and your desk. Or else you can put a salt bowl to minimize the pressure.

Place Crystals On Your Right

As per feng shui cures, Placing crystals on your right-hand side at work can help you break down stressful energies. The crystals help to lessen the attacks from tricky people around you. In addition, they can attract benefactors to help you in your work. However, it is crucial to cleanse the crystals regularly to use them effectively. After that, you can use crystals like Clear Quartz or Tourmaline.

Keep A Partition Between The Doorway And Your Table

Having a doorway, corridor, or walk path facing your table may help you receive direct energies from them that might affect you. For example, doorway openings have fast-moving energy that might distract you from concentrating on your work. As per feng shui cures the effective way to direct the energy is by using a blockade. You can also put up a curtain as a barrier.

Tidy Up Your Table After Finishing Your Work

It is good to tidy up your desk after finishing your work every day. It will ensure you will start everything fresh the next day. In addition, make sure your desk isn’t messy or disorganized. A messy desk can accumulate stagnant energy causing friction between you and your colleagues. It is the ultimate Feng Shui cures for the office desk.

Avoid Hanging Mirrors In The Office

According to feng shui cures, It is good to avoid hanging mirrors in the office, especially behind your back. Any reflective things like a mirror can also invite complaints and increase the chance of backstabbing you. If you want a mirror to help you check your makeup or hair, you can use a compact mirror.

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Feng Shui Cures For Love And Marriage

Feng Shui cures practitioners have Feng Shui cures for love and marriage. Follow the steps below to create a loving relationship with your partner.

Fix the northwest:

The southwest sector is for the feminine, while the northwest sector comprises the father and the husband. To create a bond between the yin and yang, ensure both these sectors exist. If it is missing, Feng Shui offers to fix it.

  • Hang a bright light outside to introduce the missing area and install a metal chime.
  • If you have a bathroom in this sector, hang a metal chine outside it.
  • IF you have a storage room, try to free it up and free up the Chi energy.
  • IF you have a kitchen in this area, hang a metal chime.

Fix the southwest:

 Earth elements and symbols are necessary to fix the Southwest symbol. Create a loving bond using the following cures:

  • Frame pictures of the happy couple.
  • Place the crystal of love
  • Display decorations in pairs
  • Before applying any cures, declutter your home and mind.
  • Hang a bring light outside to introduce it to the missing southwest corner.
  • If your bathroom is located southwest, fix it with earth elements like crystal stones.

How Do You Cleanse For Feng Shui?

You can cleanse Feng Shui cures with saltwater. Feng Shui practitioners recommend using sea salt or rock salt and never artificial salt. You can use the saltwater or directly rub the salt over the cures and rinse them well. Remember not to damage or scratch the materials. The salt is used to clean the cures as it effectively cleanses away the negative vibes. 

Furthermore, you can use saffron water to cleanse Feng Shui cures. It is effective for mantra plaques and crystal balls or jewels. You can soak the cures in the saffron water and place it in the morning sun for a few hours. 


Feng Shui is the art of placing everything in proper order for an adequate energy flow. The Feng Shui cures discussed in the article can help you cure the placements and items that are difficult to eliminate or relocate. It is where the Feng Shui cures comes in. Follow the proper Feng Shui cures for money or Feng Shui remedies for a home to better your life.


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