How To Feng Shui Living Room – Quick Decor Tips

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Feng Shui is a practice that depends on the placement of the items in a room to make the environment peaceful. This practice is an ancient Chinese way to bring peace, abundance, and good luck to the home or business. It was believed that the placement of the things in our surroundings influences what energy we let to flow into the area. Placing decorative items or painting the wall with the proper color in the living room are determined by Feng Shui principles. Maintaining a proper design and placement in the feng shui living room can enhance the positive energy flow into it. 

How Do I Feng Shui My Living Room?

A living room is an important part of the house where friends and guests meet up. The living room can directly influence your well-being. Therefore, balancing the living room is the key to having a balanced life. You just have to embrace some of the simple feng shui living room tips to have a feng shui living room

What Is The Best Color For A Living Room?

People who are believers in the Feng Shui placements of the things around their houses cannot ignore their living room’s color as well along with the proper placement of the decorative items. The feng shui living room also has a great impact on the resident’s life including their health, marriage, wealth, and career. Decorating the living room with the right color is an important part of feng shui. So, the color application can be determined by the design of the living room itself. 

Check out the color combination of the feng shui living room to help you bring more good luck:

Living Room Facing The East

The main door of the living room facing the east sector should be yellow. In this sector, the wood element has strong Qi. Based on the five elements theory, this area is the sector of wood and soil. Therefore, the ideal color is yellow which represents the earth. 

So, select the decorative items based on any hues of yellow for the sofa, wallpaper, painting, or wall paint. You will enjoy good luck with any hues of yellow in this sector. 

Living Room Facing The South Sector

The house’s south sector’s dominant element is fire. It is the place where the fire element flourishes. Thus, this sector, decorated with fire elements can bring financial abundance. Therefore, choose colors that represent the fire element such as white as it signifies gold. Remember that the south side always remains hot even though the south wind keeps it cool. The color white can reduce the fire. 

Living Room Facing The West Sector

The green color is regarded as the ideal color for the living room facing the west sector. Feng Shui experts believe that the five elements of this sector belong to gold. This sector is believed to have a gold flourishing and Jin Khemu. This signifies financial abundance. The environment of the living room becomes very strong in the afternoon sunlight. Thus, it has a balance between warm and dazzling. Painting the room with green and incorporating decors with different hues of green will protect your eyes. 

Living Room Facing North

The north is believed to belong to the water element. In this sector, the water element is prosperous and helps the residents of the house save their money. Thus, choosing colors like pink, red, and purple for the room decorations can activate the power of the water element of this sector. Note to incorporate all the mentioned colors for different decorative items. 

These colors signify fire that gives you a warm feeling since it is believed that living rooms facing the north bring north winds in the winter. Thus incorporating cold colors is not appropriate.  

12 Tips To Decorate Feng Shui Living Room

Tips To Decorate Feng Shui Living Room

Our living room is the only space where guests, relatives, and friends meet. Therefore, the effort that goes into the designing and purchasing of decorative items should be based on the Feng Shui principles if you are more into the feng shui living room

Placement of decorative items in the living room by Feng Shui principles is quite easy to achieve. The first thing that one should mind is that the living room should be bright, clean, and have clear airflow. The windows of this area should be kept clean, fresh, and bright. On the other hand, this area should be in that corner of the house where there is adequate exposure to sunlight and good airflow. Avoid keeping it dim as it might lead you to hurt your health, mood, or work. This will indicate that the home is harmonious and peaceful. 

So, in this section, we will discuss what decorative items and of what color should be placed in the living room. Check them out:

1. Paintings

You can incorporate paintings into your feng shui living room such as 7 horse painting and landscape painting. Make sure that the water in the painting should not flow outside the house but inside. The inward flow of water signifies that the treasure or wealth will flow into the house while the outflow results in the loss of wealth. If you wish to bring a boat painting, make sure the bow of the boat looks inside and is not painted vice versa. 

2. Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are a necessary item in the living rooms. It is because wall clocks have some major functions according to feng shui experts. Wall clocks are believed to attract wealth, ward off evil spirits, give proper time of the day, and help the resident’s wealth. 

Now, when it comes to its proper placement, you should always hang it facing the open space like outside, balcony, or door. Thus, it is not good to face the clock in the inward direction of the house. 

3. Plants For Living Room

Living room plants are another decorative item that is considered ideal for this space. Green plants such as rich trees and rich bamboo should be placed in the living room hall. It enhances the production of oxygen in this space benefiting the people staying in this area. You can also incorporate flowering plants. However, remember that since they are natural plants, they might wither with time and will not be evergreen. Make sure to change them or care for them properly to make the living room stay vibrant in their presence. 

4. Living Room Colors

When it comes to the colors of a feng shui living room, it is always advised to opt for green, white, blue, and yellow color. Remember that heavy colors like gray and black should be avoided in this space. These colors we have just discussed are the ones that will go into the walls. 

So, when you select colors for the ceiling and the floor, choose colors based on the feng shui methods or colors that complement each other. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky which has a light color. Thus, you can choose anything from light yellow, white, and light blue for it. On the other hand, to match the sky, the floor coloring should be slightly darker than the ceiling. This is the balance of using heavy and light colors in the living room. 

5. Lighting

The living room can be decorated with diffuse lighting or spotlights. To do this, incorporate four bulbs over the dining table and the ones leaning against the walls, beautifying it more. If the lights in this area appear monochrome, you should first start by changing the paint on the wall to be able to get the proper lighting of the area. Make sure to choose the color according to the position of the room, as we have discussed in the earlier section of the blog. 

6. Curtains In The Living Room

Curtains in the living room are important decor. The color and material of the curtains should be taught carefully before purchasing. The color of the curtains should be chosen based on the color of the room and its lighting. 

7. Rug In The Living Room

A rug with purple, soft blue, and gray tones can be a unique piece of decor to decorate your living room. The rug color will give the room a peaceful appearance. 

8. Fireplace For Living Room Feng Shui

Set up a fireplace to get a feng shui living room as it is an important decor that boosts relationships. The sector of the fireplace also determines what it will be enhanced with. If you place the fireplace in the northeast corner it will enhance calm thinking, good health, and education whereas it boosts love and romance in the couple staying in the house. If adding a fireplace is not possible for you, you can either add an electric fireplace or light a collection of candles.     

9. Mirror Placement In The Living Room

If you are a person who has been following feng shui principles, you might know some rules should be followed for placing mirrors in any room and the living room is no exception. It is always a good idea to not include mirrors in the living room. However, even if you want to include it, do not add it behind the sofa. In addition, it is also not the best idea to place many mirrors at an angle. This can make the living room more scary.

10. Fish Tanks On The Table

Placing a fish in the living room, office, or any room will not only be a piece of decorative item. But also can bring financial abundance. However, remember not to place it in the financial sector of the house or else it might not play the role it should play. Avoid using a large fish tank instead choose a smaller one. 

11. Gold Ingots On The Table

Gold ingot signifies money. Thus, placing a gold ingot on the table of a living room acts as a wealth-seeking item. It can be placed anywhere in the living room, office, study table, or bedroom. Also, if you place it on the outside of a windowsill, it can seek outside wealth too.

12. Crystal On The Table

Placing crystals can have a positive effect on the living room. You can incorporate both natural and artificial crystals on the table for good luck. 

The tips to decorate your feng shui living room are a way to enhance your living room without disrupting the feng shui principles. Feng shui recommends making harmony with the little details added to a living room. It can range from small rug placement to furniture. 

How Do You Set Up A Feng Shui Living Room?

Setting up a feng shui-based living room is quite simple. You can incorporate different decorative items such as paintings, crystals, an aquarium, and a fireplace into the living room. We have discussed which sector to place them in to bring abundance and good luck to the house. When we talk about the color of the room, it completely depends on which side the living room faces. Based on the living room facing side, the color should be added to the wall. In addition, the color of the furniture, rug, curtains, and other decorative items should be purchased based on the same concept. 


Arranging the living room based on Feng shui principles is of great importance. The living of a house plays an important role in a house as it is used for family activities, and welcoming guests and friends. It is also believed that the proper placement of the items in the area directly affects the people living in the house. We hope this article has cleared up how the placement of the items in the living room should be. 

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