How To Use Arowana Fish Feng Shui | Placement Tips

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The Arowana Fish is well-known for its appearance, beauty, and strength, making it an expensive and exotic fish for aquariums. This fish is one of the auspicious fish, according to feng shui. This article is about Arowana Fish, and we will discuss why it is considered lucky along with its feng shui fish placement and other aspects.  

Arowana fish feng shui are a popular feng shui symbol that is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and abundance to those who keep them in their home or office. This fish is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its unique appearance, long lifespan, and ability to jump out of water.

In feng shui, the Arowana fish feng shui is considered a powerful symbol of wealth and good fortune because of its resemblance to a dragon. According to feng shui principles, the Arowana fish should be kept in an aquarium or fish tank in the southeast corner of a room, as this is believed to attract wealth and success.

About Arowana Fish

Feng shui experts consider the Arowana fish feng shui a powerful symbol of good luck, also known as the golden dragon or dragonfish. The Arowana fish is a feng shui fish that bestows its owner personal power, great love, happiness, health, prosperity, and wealth. The Arowana fish lives in freshwater and is from the family of Osteoglossidae. Its variety inhabits northern Australia, Southeast Asia, and America. 

How To Use Arowana Fish In Feng Shui

You can use the Arowana fish feng shui in the following ways:

Arowana Fish Used As A Charm

The Arowana Fish feng shui with a coin in its mouth can be used as a feng shui charm. This charm can best be placed in the East and North direction to ensure you have enhanced business opportunities and career paths. In addition, the Arowana Fish represents abundance and wealth.

Arowana Fish Used For Good Money Luck

The Chinese dragon is believed to be the symbol of the emperor or a good luck symbol for prosperity and wealth luck. Feng shui experts also believed that the royal families were also the dragon’s descendants. It is a cherished gift among business executives or owners.

People choose this fish to invite money luck. Fish lovers also place it in the aquariums in their homes or offices. However, they are most often used as art or decor to relieve space constraints and maintenance.

You Can Use It As Arowana Art

Live Arowana Fish maintenance and space are required if you wish to foster a live fish. And if you feel taking live fish is a daunting task, you can incorporate it as an artwork in the appropriate direction.

Why Is Arowana Considered Lucky?

Feng shui experts state that the Arowana fish feng shui is the best symbol of abundance, success, and good fortune in business and commercial aquariums. Arowana fish are called lucky because they are dominant in their area and grow rapidly. This natural characteristic is associated with the power of authority, authority, and growth. In addition, feng shui followers feed them and are in optimal health to ensure they acquire gold and pink tint. The rapid growth and the shades of the body together symbolize growth, wealth, and prosperity. Furthermore, this fish has been utilized for years to maintain rice paddies. The fish helps keep the paddies free from pests besides providing fertilizer to the crops.

What Are The Different Types Of Arowana Fish?

There are wide varieties of Arowana fish. You can explore all of their types with all the specifications. They are massive with elongated bodies, making them seem elegant while they move in the water. In addition, they resemble Chinese dragons, so people pet them as good luck bringers as well. The Arowana is differentiated according to the area from which they descend. Here are the best Arowana types:

Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana inhibits South America and is the largest yet peaceful among its species. It grows up to 3.5 feet and is of only metallic silver. However, Silver Arowanas require tanks of massive size or at least 250 gallons of water volume in addition to many plants and rocky areas. It is also known as the cheapest Arowana fish, starting from $40. But its life span is about 15 years. 

Black Arowana

Black Arowana also inhibits South America. These species feature blackish color while young, but as they mature to their full size, the black color starts to fade away and almost turns to silver at one point with elegant blue fins. However, they tend to grow extremely at a slow pace, providing you with their blackish features for a more extended period. Their size is similar to that of the Silver Arowana, which is three feet. 

Black Arowanas are aggressive towards their mates, particularly to their species. But these rare fish come with a higher price tag and can survive for about 20 years. 

African Arowana

The African Arowana features olive-green colors and a round head. They grow up to 3.3 feet while in captivity. They are not ideal for people with less experience with Arowana. They are different in their feeding habits. While young, they feed on insects, mollusks, and crustaceans, and during their adult phase, they turn into omnivorous creatures. 

Jardini Arowana

Jardini Arowana is from Australia. These species are the best choice for people willing to have a single fish in their Arowana tank. Jardini Arowanas grow up to 2 feet in tanks and feature reddish or pink scales, making them a handsome type of fish. In addition, they also have a lifespan of up to 20 years. 

Green Arowana

Green Arowana are Asian and feature a silverish color. However, placing them under fluorescent lighting can become fluorescent green and grow up to 3 feet in tanks. They are a very rare species that can live up to 20 years. But their picky eating habits can make them prone to various diseases as they often reject food according to their moods. 

Red Arowana

Red Arowana is a beautiful but expensive aquatic creature. While young, they feature reddish color around their heads, but after reaching adulthood, they develop flame red all over the body, making them the best majestic companion for 20 years. 

Golden Arowana

The name suggests that Golden Arowana features a bright, shimmery golden color. However, they have a short lifespan of about ten years. So, golden Arowana can be the best companion for those who genuinely admire them. 

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Arowana Fish Feng Shui Placement Tips

Following are the Feng Shui placements tips for Arowana Fish feng shui:

Location For Arowana Pond

When you wish to locate a pond with Arowana Fish feng shui, select the southeast sector of your house. If you want to discover the fish pond in your front yard, make sure to place it on the left of your entryway. 

If you wish to determine the right place, you can stand inside the entryway. The space to the left of the entryway door is the right place to set up your pond. Bear in mind that you should never place a water feature to the right side of the front door (area while looking out from your home) because a pond in this sector activates the inauspicious energy of male fidelity. 

Location For Arowana Fish Aquarium

You can add different mates in the tank of the Arowana Fish feng shui, but most people prefer to keep only one fish per tank because of its ensuing size and aggressiveness. However, you need to follow several feng shui placements for your aquarium:

  • East: East is known as the health sector of your house. The aquarium will provide health luck when placed in the health sector. You can experience improved health when you put it in this sector.
  • Southeast: In feng shui, the Southeast sector is the wealth sector. When the aquarium is placed in this sector, it will help activate great wealth and big money.
  • North: The north sector is known as the career sector. When you place an aquarium in this sector, it is considered to bring career opportunities. 

Location For Arowana Fish Art

The north, east, and southeast sectors are the finest locations to place an Arowana Fish feng shui art. However, there are other specific locations as well that you can try for your business or as an individual.

  • Water Fountain: Fish need water to survive. So you can place an Arowana Fish feng shui art near a water fountain to enhance your luck of wealth.
  • Business Entrance: You can add Arowana Fish artwork in your office to increase sales in your business. Place a statue outside your office door or the entryway to activate this. If this placement seems impossible, you can also place it inside the door. But make sure the fish swims in the office and not away from it. 
  • Cash Register: If you utilize a cash register, you can place an artwork in this sector beside the cash register, which will help you bring more into your business. 
  • Kua Number: You can also use your Kua number to find the directions for the correct placement of the fish. Remember that Sheng Chi is considered the appropriate direction for excellent reputation and prosperity and is essential in general life and business. 

Where To Place Arowana Fish Statue In Home?

Arowana fish feng shui is auspicious fish that symbolizes wealth, harmony, prosperity, and health. Therefore, the Arowana fish statue with a coin in its mouth placed in the East or North-East direction is considered lucky.

Lucky Arowana fish price

Along with luxury cars, yachts, and private mansions, people possess some usual objects or animals that symbolize wealth and prosperity. Likewise, Arowana fish feng shui has become an obsession for the billionaires and is regarded as the hallmark of social status. The Asian Arowana is the most costly fish in the world and is priced at up to $300,000, as per CNBC reports.

This fish is also called “dragon fish” and is prized for its curved body and beautiful scales. This fish is believed to bring good luck. It is also thought that Arowana can also sacrifice their life by jumping out of the tank to warn them of their unlucky financial decisions. However, the international trading of the fish was banned by a treaty in 1975, signed by 183 countries.

How Many Arowana Fish Can Live Together?

Arowana fish feng shui generally do not live together. So even though you plan to keep them together, you must do it cautiously. However, you can save at least 6 of the fish together. But ensure you have a large aquarium like a natural pond, so they do not cross each other’s paths. 


Does Arowana Fish Bring Good Luck?

Yes, having Arowana fish feng shui in your household is considered lucky. But, it takes patience on the owner’s part to pet this fish. Listed are the benefits that Arowana fish bring to the household:

  • It symbolizes prosperity, so you should put a picture of the Golden Arowana in the wealth sector in your living room.
  • This fish symbolizes wealth and is very rare that can bring financial well-being. For financial well-being, choose gold, pink, or silver. 
  • It also relaxes your mind when you look at it. So, you can utilize it for your meditation purposes.

Where Should Arowana Be Placed In The House?

Following are the places that you can place the Arowana Fish feng shui in the house:

  • The Arowana fish feng shui must be placed at the wealth corner of the house because it is a symbol that invites your income luck. The location of the wealth corner is measured diagonally (45 degrees) to the entrance of the home or office. 
  • The Arowana fish feng shui can also be placed in the living room. But never face the head towards the window. It is because it represents leaking your wealth of luck.  
  • You can also know your Sheng Chi location using the Kua number. After finding it, place it as if it is coming from this direction to maximize your money luck.
  • You can also use Arowana fish feng shui symbol in your office. It helps you to invite career opportunities and personal growth besides helping to stand out among your colleagues for recognition or promotion by placing it on the North of your office desk.
  • You can also place this Arowana fish feng shui near a water fountain for wealth luck.

But knowing where to avoid placing it in your house is also essential since it can act as a double-edged sword without knowing the know-how. You should remember that knowing the right places will help invite good luck, while the wrong placement may invite bad energy, which you would never wish for. Therefore, avoid placing them in the following places:

  • Do not place the aquarium in the afflicted sector of your house with flying stars, five yellow and two black. It is because the water will activate negative energies, causing unavoidable health issues, or you might suffer money loss.
  • If you have aquariums, never place them in your kitchen or bedroom. It may also cause health and money issues.

What Is The Lifespan Of Arowana Fish?

The average lifespan of Arowana fish is 10 to 20 years.

Does Aquarium Bring Good Luck?

Feng shui experts believe that water is the representation of wealth. Therefore having an aquarium in the household can be lucky, according to the belief. For example, the aquarium having eight or nine Arowana fish is believed to bring luck, wealth, and fortune. Therefore, the fish you can add to the aquarium are koi carp, Arowana, and goldfish. The number of fishes added to the aquarium also matters. The number 8 represents prosperity, while the number 8 represents long-lasting Cantonese.

Listed are the tank mates that you can consider with the Arowana fish feng shui:

  • Black Ghost Knife Fish
  • Parrotfish
  • Silver Dollar Fish
  • Large Catfish
  • Large Plecos, Bichir
  • Jaguar Cichlid
  • Green Terror Cichlid
  • Pacu (only of the tank in large)

But do not worry about the fish bringing bad luck if your Arowana fish dies. It is because the death of the Arowana fish symbolizes a positive influence in your household. It is believed that it is a sacrifice that helps to reduce every bad energy from your home. It helps to take away sickness and death from your family.

Is Silver Arowana Lucky Fish?

Yes, Silver Arowana or dragonfish is the auspicious fish in Chinese culture. According to Feng shui experts, Arowana fish feng shui are the descendants of the mythical dragon and are valuable in their household.

Is Golden Arowana Lucky?

Yes, Golden Arowana is also considered lucky, according to Feng shui experts.

Which Fish Is Good For Feng Shui?

Arowana fish feng shui is good, according to feng shui. It is because the Arowana fish resembles the Chinese dragon that symbolizes good luck, fortune, peace, and wealth.


You have learned how and why Arowana Fish feng shui is called lucky and how it can bring auspicious energy to home when placed in the appropriate location. However, remember not to place it in other locations as it can do more harm than good. In addition, knowing how to rear live fish is also essential if you wish to foster them in an aquarium. Consider selecting the capacity of more than 200 gallons for the Arowana fish feng shui.

However, Arowana fish are not for beginners. These massive yet magnificent creatures are for fish lovers experienced in handling them. Remember that a live Arowana Fish can activate wealth luck, same as the artwork can bring. So, you can use either of the two in your home as well as office. But avoid overusing the symbols as overuse of any signs can diminish the blessings.

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