What Is A Bat Symbolism | Are Bats Good Luck?

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Bat is the creature that receives much skepticism due to the facts surrounding it. The name itself sends a specific signal that is frightening. However, you must know more about the bat symbolism to know its positive significance.

Bats are denoted with both negative and positive significance in different cultures. It has spiritual meaning irrespective of its fearful reputation.

To get a complete idea about the symbolism of the bat, you can go through the blog carefully. This blog will remove the idea that the bat symbol has held from the past. Instead, you will find it immensely beneficial. Furthermore, you will find that the bat symbolism offers some spiritual meaning despite its fearsome reputation.

Bat Symbolism

Symbolically, a bat is powerful and can significantly influence how you receive things surrounding you. Therefore, you must study the bat symbolism to interpret your dream, foresee, decode, predict, and make decisions. Only when you comprehend the complete meaning of the symbolism, only then will you know what it has to offer. It offers an understanding of what your future holds and an analysis of your shortcomings and what you should improve to avoid your misfortunes.

Detailed Bat Symbol Meaning

In this section of the article, you will come to know about the detailed bat symbolism meaning:

Good Fortune

The bat symbolism brings good fortune since it extends the lifeforce of the fruit trees around us. They do it through pollination. The bat poop, also known as bat guano, is a natural fertilizer. In addition, the bats living in large companies or colonies are also a symbol of good luck. The Chinese believe it to be a sign of happiness, fortune, abundance, and prosperity.

So, when you see any bat symbolism or bat coming into your life, understand that it signifies good luck or fortune. In addition, the bats have excellent eyesight during the night. It signifies that along with the bringer of good fortune or luck, it also allows you to visualize or foresee your future. This ability can help you imagine the actions to adopt to move closer to your goals, which is an important phase in making your dream a reality. 

Supernatural Powers

Bat or bat symbolism is believed to have supernatural powers. For instance, bats live in large colonies, and when a bat’s mother is separated from the baby, she does not have any trouble finding them. In addition, they can hear sound in frequencies that humans are not capable of, which also helps to navigate in the dark. These are the remarkable sensory traits of bats. 

It is due to these powers the bats are nocturnal and associated with the supernatural world. Some ancient cultures believed bats could move freely in and out of the living and dead’s land. In addition, they are also associated with astral traveling. It is the act of the soul leaving the body temporarily before returning. 


Bats or bat symbolism have more excellent maneuverability skills than birds. It is because their wings are like the hands of humans – with a membrane and more joints. Therefore, they have a higher control while they fly. 

As a maneuverability symbol, the bat implies being flexible and quick on the feet. Therefore, the bat implies maneuvering if you are going in the wrong direction. It reminds people to envision the capability to adjust and pivot. Finally, it states that developing the capability to maneuver will create better outcomes no matter the level of difficulties. 


Bat symbolism or Bats are the only mammals that evolved to fly. In the later stage, the bats use echolocation, not in the earlier stage of evolution. It was an adaptation they developed over time. Therefore, as the symbol of evolution, the bat reminds us of the power to evolve. It implies that it is good for people to learn and develop on a spiritual level. Bats emphasize that every issue in our life comes with a lesson and any challenge is an opportunity. The challenges that seem large and the most painful heartaches provide the best learning experiences. It tells people to keep moving forward and learn how to fly. 

What Does It Mean When Bats Fly Around You?

When you encounter a bat flying around you, you must understand that it is trying to pass on important messages. They might be trying to communicate the listed messages:

  • It symbolizes the start of something new. It implies that you need to kill something in you to help create something unique. The phase that has been completed needs to be dead for the rebirth of another new phase. 
  • It is also a sign that people are going to heal themselves. Finally, it shows that you will find rejuvenating and renewing capabilities embedded in bats.

Spiritual Meaning Of Bats Outside Your House

The bat symbolism or bat has spiritual meaning when placed outside the home. Following are the spiritual significance of bats outside the house:

Spiritual Meaning Of Bats Outside Your House

Adapted To Changes

Bats are flexible creatures and can work on any obstacle that comes their way. In addition, their nature makes them excellent maneuvering mammals. Therefore, seeing bats outside your home might tell you that various things in your life are not going in the direction it was supposed to go. It might also foretell that you are in the wrong direction and need to change your course or turn back. For instance, if you have embarked on a project that is not working, you need to stop and think deeply before moving forward.


Bats mostly live in groups or companies. So when you see bats outside your house, it is communicating how advantageous it would be to take the company of your people. So, it signifies that people should align with those who help to achieve goals. However, remember to take the company that believes in you, your goals, and supports you.


Many believe bats have poor eyesight. But bats possess the capability to visualize and envisage what may happen in the future. It is the prerequisite that a person needs to achieve goals.

Long Life

Bats enjoy a long life. And it is because of this characteristic that bats symbolize longevity in feng shui. So, when you see bats outside your home, it implies that your best years are yet to come by. But, no matter what challenges or tests you are to come across, you can accomplish your dreams.

The bats send this message that will ultimately lead to creating something to last long. In addition, it will withstand the test of time irrespective of your challenges.

Wealth And Good Luck

Chinese tradition considers the bat a symbol of abundance, longevity, luck, wealth, comfort, and fortune. So, when you see bats near your house, understand that it is showing a sign of good luck. You will have good luck, and abundance is waiting on your doorstep.


The bats’ position in which they sleep, their active nature during the night, and various other nature make them the most criticized mammals. But similarly, like butterflies and bees, they help in pollination.

Bats are a pivotal species in the ecosystem that helps support life and has a vital contribution to the environment through their activities. To conclude, bats help in balancing our ecosystem. So, seeing a bat outside your home sends a message that your life is balanced. It shows that you should balance your career, finance, and relationship so that nothing in your life disrupts others and maintain a balance.

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What Does Dead Bat Symbolism Mean?

Don’t be scared of seeing a dead bat. The dead bat symbolism is a good omen. It is a sign that the difficulties in your life will end soon. You may be able to shift yourself into a new phase of life and will be ushered with good luck and an abundance of fortune. Seeing a dead bat indicates that your pleasant days are near, far away from all misfortunes. 

What Does It Mean Seeing Bats At Night?

When people see bats at night, it represents our consciousness. It indicates that people are aware of their state of consciousness or inner consciousness. That is why people can understand the darkness, death, and the dream world.

Seeing A Bat During The Day Meaning

Bats are rarely seen during the day. If you see a bat during the day, it might be trying to communicate a message. It represents that you can have a dramatic or impactful shift in your life. A bat during the day acts as a light at the end of a tunnel. So end all your doubts and move in the direction that will move you closer to your plans and set goals.

What Does the Bible Say About Bats?

The Bible considers bats as evil and unclean creatures. It tells people not to eat bats as they are unclean to consume. In addition, they are represented as negative symbols. The Bible states that bats are the messengers of Satan. It is believed that bats are mostly seen at night, and it is during the night that most strange things happen.

Where To Place A Bat Statue In Feng Shui?

You can place a bat statue or an image in the following areas:

  • You can place the bat statue on your office desk at the back of your seat. It will help to attract positive energy such as abundance and good luck around the space while deterring negative energy. 
  • Placing a bat statue in your living room or the garage can act as a protection symbol and good luck. 
  • You can also place it on the walkway to enhance your career success, fortune, and luck.
  • If you place a bat statue or hang an image outside the house, it can dispel unpleasant things such as bad luck, sickness, and evil spirits. 
  • When you place the bat statue in your home’s Northwest sector, you can also help to attract helpers. 

What Does A Bat Symbolize As A Tattoo?

A bat tattoo can be excellent since the design can be both complex and simple. The bats are a good fortune symbol. So, a bat tattoo is an affirmation of good luck. It also symbolizes that people accept the evolution that helps them to become a better version of themselves. Any tattoo is personal to people. However, if you have a tattoo only after knowing about the bat symbols and mythology, you can bring a deep meaning to your tattoo.

Bat Mythology And Folklore

Bat symbolism can vary depending on the culture and context. In some cultures, bats are considered symbols of good luck, while in others, they are seen as symbols of darkness and evil.

In this section, you will understand what bat mythology and folklore say about bats:

Bat Symbolism In Mesopotamia

The ancient Sumerians called their demons utukku and wrote about them. The utukku were the dark shadows that had loud voices emitting poison. Edimmu was the subgroup of the utukku, and they are the ghosts of people who were not buried with proper ritual. This subset of utukku was associated with bats. They were the spirits of wind and were considered to have wings. The edimmu were angry and vengeful and would suck people out of life when they slept. Therefore, the Sumerians believed that the dead buried with proper ritual could appease the edimmu. 

Bat Symbolism In African Mythology

The African people tell tales about bats. For example, one story tells why bats come out at night. The story shows that the bat and the rat were friends. Once, the bat cooked soup for themselves that was really delicious. The bat’s skills made the rat jealous of the bat’s cooking skills. And while asking about the recipe, the bat replied that when the water boils, he jumps into the water pot that leaves a part of himself cooking, giving a succulent flavor.  

So, the rat went to his wife with the secret recipe. When she put the pot on the fire and the water came to a boil, the rat jumped into the hot pot and died. It upset her, so she went to the lion king to catch the bat and punish him. When the animals chased him to punish him, he flew away. This story explains why it comes out at night. Because at night, the animals cannot catch him. 

Another story states that the bat created the night. It is from a Sierra Leone tale. Long ago, the Earth received 24 hours of light without a night. One day, God asked the bat to carry a basket to the moon. But the box was heavy. Therefore, the bat paused to take some rest. Seeing the bat rest, other animals curiously opened the basket, thinking it had food. But soon, they realized what a grave mistake they had made. When the bat came to save it, it was too late. Darkness began to spill out. Therefore, the bat is believed to relax during the day while it spends the night trying to collect the darkness.  

Bat Symbolism In Greek Mythology

The ancient Greeks thought bats to be the type of bird. But they realized that they were not synonyms to the normal birds. The Greeks also realized that they were nocturnal. Therefore, the bats were associated with the underworld. 

Another story goes around Alcithoe and her sisters. One day Dionysus, the God of ecstasy, parties, and wine, invited them, but they refused. Their refusal angered God, and he turned the ladies into birds and bats. In addition, the Greeks also believed that bats, along with other winged animals, carried the dead people’s souls.  

Bat Symbolism In The Bible

In the BibleBible, bats are considered birds. But they are regarded as unclean birds, just like vultures and eagles. 

Bat Symbolism In Quran

The Quran, similar to the BibleBible, considers the bat an unclean animal. Therefore, they ask the followers not to eat it.

Bat Symbolism In Native America

The Native American culture considers the bat both positive and negative. For instance, the Taino, Apache, Cherokee, and Apache view it as a trickster. But the Blackfoot People believe it to be poisonous. 

Bat Symbolism In China

The Chinese believed the bat symbolized wisdom, longevity, happiness, and good fortune. In China, the five bats symbolize wufu, which symbolizes five blessings. These blessings are good health, wealth, longevity, experiencing old age, and doing good for others. 

You might also come across a bat depicting the bad biting of an auspicious coin for prosperity and wealth. Feng shui practitioners say that the bat symbol is an entryway to a home that is beneficial to bringing prosperity, health, and happiness to your life. 

Bat Symbolism In Hinduism

Hindus associate the bat with good fortune. For example, the Sarsai village in Bihar in Northeast India worships and protects bats. People believe that during the plague that occurred in the 14th century, numerous people died. During that period, the bats settled in that area, and since then, no plague has struck the village. 

4 Unusual Facts About Bat Symbolism

Following are the unusual facts about the bat symbolism:

Unusual Facts About Bat Symbolism

1. It Signifies The End Of Something

The bat might be a symbol of bad luck in other cultures. But some people mistakenly believe that bat symbolism symbolizes death and apply it differently. But, the bat symbolizes that something has come to an end that shows only some stages of your life. For instance, the job or relationship is coming to an end. It does symbolize death. Instead, it signifies that only one of the phases of your life will end at that point, and get ready for the new one. Therefore, it is good to embrace and enjoy the phase that will end and wait for the new one.

2. Use Your Support System

The bat symbolism signifies that you need to look back to your company when you have some changes or transitions in your life. Not everything in your life can be done alone; you need some help from your loved ones. Working alone will not only be stressful but also might have the chance to make mistakes without proper guidance. In addition, you should also take care of choosing your company carefully to help you get the correct advice and guidance.

3. It Symbolizes Good Luck

The bat symbolizes good luck in your life. And it is good if you embrace and look forward to the exciting change in your life. It implies that you will have something amazing in your life. You cannot stop the things that are bound to happen. Instead, you can embrace and enjoy the transition.

The best thing you can do is accept the bat symbolism for good luck and think it will help you instead of hurting you. Then, you can just look forward to the brighter future that it is trying to bring you.

4. Get Ready For The Change It Will Bring

The bat or bat symbolism appearing in your life implies a big change in your life, and it is what you will need to get ready for. This acceptance will alter the direction you are heading to. In addition, it shows that you are excited about the change, which might also involve some nerves on your part as well. But be alert and aware of your surroundings, as it will make your transition a lot easier to deal with.  


Is It Good To Keep A Bat Statue At Home?

Bat is a wild animal. So, if you place a statue of the bat at home, you promote disharmony and violence. Therefore, it is best not to place the figure in the space where you spend your time with your family members. Instead, you can put it outside your house as it can be an exciting decor item.

Are Bats Good Luck?

Bats or bat symbolism may creep out some people, but these ubiquitous creatures worldwide are seen as a sign of longevity and good health. In addition, the word bat means “good luck” in Chinese. So, the Chinese also wear charms featuring bats to promote good fortune in their lives.  

Does The Bible Mention Bats?

The Bible represents the bat or bat symbolism as unclean and an abomination that people should avoid. When God provided the law of Moses to the Israelites, bats were among the unclean animals that people should not eat. In addition, the bat symbolism is associated with the doctrine of idol worship in the book of Isaiah. It was depicted this way because bats are found in desolate places, in the darkness, ruin, and graveyards.

Are Bats Considered Evil?

Bat symbolism or bats are generally associated with darkness and evil. This negative attitude towards bats stems from people’s hardship in understanding their physical form. Therefore, the sudden appearance of bats in a building is thought to portend grave misfortune. It might also range from illness to death or just bad luck. The myth about bats is that the presence of a bat in a house also foretells the death of a family member.

Is It Bad Luck To See A Bat?

The bat symbolism or bat’s appearance in a home indicates to have a grave misfortune. It might also mean that people living in that building may suffer from illness or cause death, or bad luck. However, Chinese tradition considers it in the form of good luck. It is because bats help kill the old and give birth to the new. It symbolizes initiation, transition, and the start of a new beginning.

Are Bats An Omen?

According to Western Culture, bats or bat symbolism are a bad omen. It is because they symbolize death, illness, and bad luck. However, in Chinese culture, people represent bats with longevity, good vision, balance, wealth and good luck, good company, and the capability to change according to the environment. Therefore, for the Chinese people, bats are a good omen.

What Does A Bat Mean In Christianity?

Christianity sees bats or bat symbolism as a negative symbol. According to the Bible, bats are the messengers of Satan. To conclude, Christians were and are not fond of bats for various reasons. First, bats are found at night. According to the Bible, it is at night that strange things happen. In addition, some bats are harmful to humans, as it can lead them to become even more demonized in the BibleBible.


We hope this article has helped you comprehend the bat symbolism and is able to help you remove the confusion about whether the bat is a good or bad omen or luck. Different cultures have different beliefs about bats. For example, Chinese people consider it to be good luck that has the potential to bring good luck, longevity, wealth, and good health, whereas, in Christianity, they are considered evil creatures and the bringer of bad luck.

However, we can also embrace the bat as good luck, prosperity, happiness, and fortune as an animal capable of bringing good luck into our life. Besides being a positive symbolism, it also helps our local ecosystem to thrive since it contributes much to the environment. 

The bat symbolism can vary greatly depending on the cultural context. While bats may be seen as symbols of good luck in some cultures, they are not universally considered to be lucky or auspicious animals.


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