How To Feng Shui Office Cubicle For Success | 10 Quick Tips

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“The office” is a workspace of many companies and businesses. Arranging your office correctly will help you make your tasks less stressful. This article will help you learn about implementing a feng shui office cubicle to achieve career success. We will provide some tips about the feng shui office cubicle, its proper layout, etc.

What Does A Cubicle Symbolize?

Feng Shui office cubicles are generally opted in the office because of their uniformity and blandness. They represent a modern office. Cubicles offer the employees privacy and personalization that is believed to be better than previous office environments. The former settings consisted of desks lined up within an open room. The cubicles absorb and reduce noises while the walls cut down on distractions, making it easier for you to concentrate on your tasks.

Feng Shui Office Cubicle Tips

You might have come across various issues with cubicle designs for the office. Therefore, we present some feng shui office cubicle tips through which you can achieve the best design for growth and success. Listed are the tips to address the issues and cure with feng shui remedies:

Poison Arrows

Feng shui Cubicles for offices often have poison arrows because the decor is permanently installed with walls, desks, and storage units rather than free-standing furniture. However, you can remedy it with multi-faceted crystal balls or plants to address the poison arrows. The crystal balls can be placed in the corner but make sure it isn’t noticeable. Choosing a small and subtle crystal ball for these areas is excellent.


Generally, cubicles have high ceilings that have industrial lights for the tasks. However, if you wish to energize or feng shui office cubicle with lighting options, you can add a floor lamp, table lamp, or small task lamp in the southeast corner of the cubicle. You can also use a crystal glam table lamp to produce yang energy with the help of light reflection.

Yang Energy

feng shui office Cubicles have partially open walls, allowing them to draw in chi energy, particularly yang energy, to the space. Even though you wish to have a calming environment for your daily tasks, you still want to invite yang energy for excitement. So, you can incorporate the yang energy by placing plants or oscillating fans to have a feng shui office cubicle.

Wealth Sector

The Southeast sector is the sector to activate wealth luck. Wood elements rule the wealth sector, so never forget to place live plants in this area. If your company objects to placing live plants, adding wood objects such as a table, art objects, or wooden chairs can do the job. In addition, you can also add images depicting wealth and happiness in wooden frames. Furthermore, you can choose to add feng shui office cubicle colors like brown and green in this area with a small water fountain only if you are allowed to. However, make sure to place the fountain so that the water flows toward you while sitting in your cubicle.

Boost Your Fame And Recognition

Sitting and working in a feng shui office cubicle might make you feel you are lost in a sea of workers. Feng shui can help you stand out from the crowd of workers. You will find the cubicle to be an ideal place to boost your fame and recognition.

  • Get a creative way to display your certifications, diplomas, and awards.
  • If your feng shui office cubicle is too small, you can take a photo of yourself in front of all your credentials in your home office.
  • Put it in a frame and hang it in the south direction.
  • In addition, if you have other awards, you can choose to display them in the south sector.
  • Redbirds represent career success. Therefore, you can either take a photo or ceramic cardinal and place it in this sector. You can also opt for a cardinal-decorated coffee cup if you have your desk in the south sector.

Disorganized Coworker

You share walls with your coworkers when you work in a cubicle. An average cubicle shares three walls. If you have coworkers who keep their feng shui office cubicles cluttered or disorganized, it can bring you inauspicious energy. In addition, if your work is suffering even though you have done all the feng shui remedies, you need to take other solutions.

You can follow the following rules:

  • You can prevent the inauspicious energy from spilling over by placing a mirror face down on the shared wall.
  • Attach a round mirror to the larger picture frame and set it on a flat surface on the shared wall.
  • You can do this remedy for other coworkers who have a disorganized cubicle.

Office Politics

Working in a feng shui office cubicle has big problems, such as conversations overheard, misheard, or gossipings. You or your coworker can hear the ongoing discussions while in the cubicle. So, you can defuse office gossip or jealousy by placing an amethyst crystal on your desk—place it in the area where it is visible while entering the cubicle.

Sound To Clear Chaotic Energy

The office isn’t a perfect place to play the music of your choice. However, with some soft sound, you can reduce some of the chaotic noises swirling around you. For example, you can incorporate a water fountain with chimes on your desk. It can disperse the negative energy with its subtle and soft sound. Besides, you can also choose to place a small fan as it can also mask sounds produced from the feng shui office cubicles.

Minimize Interruptions

When required, place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your cubicle wall. Working in a cubicle has a possibility of having constant disruption. But with a good feng shui solution, you can return to your work with minimum disturbances. For example, you can add a mirror behind your back that can reflect what is behind your back. It will also help you relax and focus on your given task.


You can also enjoy the benefits of getting rid of clutter. First, declutter your cubicle by only placing the things that are of everyday use. Furthermore, add images to your cubicle that lifts your spirit. For example, feng shui experts suggest that water represents cash flow. Therefore, you can add pictures of water in your office feng shui office cubicle.

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Hоw the feng shui office cubicle layout should be?

Feng shui office cubicle layout is implemented by balancing colors, proper lighting, and introducing nature’s elements into the cubicle. Placing the furniture in the appropriate spot is also essential. Following are the tips on how you can feng shui cubicle space:

  • Desk in the power position: The desk must be positioned in a “power position.” The perfect position is placing it far from the entrance. It should be set in a position where you can see the door while sitting.
  • Create a strong backing: Your chair must be positioned against a solid wall. It is called the strong feng shui backing position. If this arrangement seems impossible, you can introduce cubicle-friendly plants behind your sitting area.
  • Choose the right chair: A chair providing high backing is ideal in feng shui. Feng shui experts believe that a high-back chair creates protection and support.
  • Introduce wood and water elements: Incorporating water and wood elements in the cubicle can create positive energy. For example, you can place a fountain with moving water or a live plant in your cubicle.
  • Introduce the right Colors: Appropriate colors in the office create balance. Some colors are pale gold, pale green, soft yellow, blue-green, white, and sandstone.
  • Go for natural lighting: If possible, you should use natural light from windows. However, you can also use artificial lights such as incandescent or full-spectrum light bulbs.

What Is The Difference Between Cubicle And Cubical?

Feng shui office Cubicles are partially enclosed workspaces. These cubicles are built to separate one workspace from the neighboring workspaces by partitions. The main purpose is to isolate the managers and workers from the sounds and visual distractions.

On the other hand, a cubical is shaped like a cube. It has the same measurements in all the dimensions. Rubik’s cubes, dice, boxes, ice cubes, building blocks, sugar cubes, etc., are examples of cubicles.


How Do You Feng Shui Your Cubicle For Career Success?

You can also improve your career if you have a feng shui office cubicle. In this section, we will share some tips to feng shui your cubicle for career success:

Clutter-Free Cubicle Environment

You should clear your feng shui office cubicle of everything but the only task at hand. You must spend not more than just nine minutes cleaning your mail and discarding magazines, old notes, or catalogs. In addition, remember to act on it or toss it.

Furthermore, avoid leaving piled-up trays on your desk. Again, it is because it symbolizes unfinished works. You will have visible benefits from getting rid of clutter.

Proper Layout

You should determine which side you will sit on in your cubicle. If you sit with your back to your door, you are in a victim position. It symbolizes that others might take advantage of you. A proper office layout will help you see who is entering or leaving the office. It will make you take control of the situation and feel comfortable. It gives you power when you are able to see the door.

Proper Desk Position

Properly positioning your desk helps you to be productive and achieve your goals. Your desk should be in a position so that:

  • You can sit away from damaging chi such as pipes, loud copy machines, hanging beams, and sharp furniture corners.
  • You can check who enters and leaves your office.
  • You have wall support behind your back.
  • You can sit far away from the door to help take more control over the space.

If you cannot move your cubicle since they are attached, you can place a mirror in a way that lets you know who is entering or leaving the cubicle.

Get A Power Chair

  • Get a chair that makes you comfortable.
  • Position the chair in a way that is backed by a wall while facing the door.
  • When you have clients visiting you, they must be seated in a smaller chair.
  • If you do not have the ideal location, you can add a large mirror on the wall and a good office chair.
  • Get a chair that is adjustable and comfortable and protects your neck.

Where Should I Put My Desk Feng Shui?

Feng shui experts suggest placing the desk in the power position. The power position is the position that is away from the room’s entrance. Arrange the desk in a position so that you know if people are entering or leaving the room. In addition, try to face the desk in the east, north, or north-east direction. It is because the sun rises in these so, facing in this direction helps bring financial growth and prosperity.

How Can I Make My Cubicle More Private?

Feng shui office Cubicles can sometimes be more distracting. So, if you wish to bring s little privacy, you can follow the following rules:

  • You can plant to block your coworkers’ eyes, soften noises, and create barriers. Tall plants such as bamboo shoots can be excellent for short cubicles, while philodendron or ivy trailing plants can be a great choice for higher spaces.
  • You can also arrange items on your desk for a visual distraction and sound barriers from your neighbors. But remember to arrange it without being intrusive to your coworkers.
  • Using headphones or earplugs can also be used to keep yourself private. In addition, you can also ask your neighbors to use their own or your headphones if they make too much noise.
  • If you do not face the opening of the cubicle, you can install a mirror on the side of the computer to know about your visitors. It might not offer privacy, but you can protect your privacy by preventing yourself from saying something you do not wish others to listen to.
  • You can also use a marker system for advertising if you are available or not. It can be “in the office” or “unavailable to protect your privacy.
  • Remember, the company or employer owns everything on the business computer, including your personal emails as well. Therefore, you can protect your privacy by taking personal calls and emails only from your personal phone.


You should remember that bringing feng shui-approved arrangements to the workplace will improve the positive energies in a timely. It will also replace the bad energies with positive ones, promoting the workplace’s well-being. A feng shui office cubicle will help your financial well-being, career, and overall growth.


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