Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Money & Prosperity

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Good luck charms are the feng shui lucky charms that represent the energy you wish to attract in your life. You can choose some powerful lucky charms to hang near the door or wear to invite energies. You will find various items that can be worn to attract abundance, such as Chinese coins, the Statue of Buddha, Lucky Cat, and many more good luck charms for money.

In this article, you will learn about the powerful good luck items for the money you can add to your life for protection or an abundance of wealth.

How To Attract Good Luck And Wealth

You are required to follow some tips to attract good luck and wealth. Below listed are the tips that you can start at home and can work for you:

  • Locate the money area and corner in your house and activate the area. Feng Shui believes that the North and the Southeast represent money and career. It is the corner that is the wealth area of your home.
  • Locate an area free from dirt and dust since it can attract negative energy easily.
  • Feng Shui practitioners believe that you need to imagine being rich.
  • There is no objection to loving your money, but your intentions must be honest.
  • To win good luck, it is important to have a positive outlook.
  • It would be best to stay more in the moonlight to acquire the moon’s power. 

Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Business

Good luck charms in feng shui are worth the attempt if you wish to succeed in your business. In this section, you will learn the powerful charms that can help you grow your business. Remember to choose the lucky charm that has considered the five elements of nature governing each direction. For instance, water is the element that governs the north direction, while the element of metal governs the northwest and the west sector. The element of wood governs the southeast and east while the earth element’s direction is the northwest and the southwest. The fire element governs the south. 

Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Business

The list above shows the elements that govern the sectors. Therefore, you can choose the material compatible with the assigned element sector where you want to use it. Furthermore, you can also choose two lucky items together. For instance, you can select items that are for a healthy life and the others for a prosperous life. And these two items together can bring wealth. You will find various items that might work alone or in combination with other feng shui lucky symbols to manifest both energies.

Following are the feng shui good luck charms for money and business: 

Ox Statue

Ox is symbolic of loyalty, honesty, and responsibility, bringing justice to every situation. The statue of the Ox is said to provide courage that can help you overcome any hardships and ensures protection. You should place the Ox statue in the northwest sector of the home or workplace for the growth of your business or as a good luck charm for success.


Laughing Buddha is a well-known good luck charm that brings peace and happiness. Therefore, the statue’s placement not only helps bring an abundance of wealth and prosperity but also eliminates tension and fills the environment with happy vibes wherever it is placed. 

However, choose a rounded belly laughing Buddha for more success. You can also rub its belly to make your wishes come true. You should place it on the southeastern area of your desk to bring wealth. 


The Chinese Dragon symbolizes good luck, power, abundance, and honor, a perfect good luck charm for business. Chinese culture represents it as a powerful and sturdy celestial animal symbolic of wealth, success, protection, and power. In feng shui, it is regarded as an auspicious symbol and has powerful Yang energy. This lucky charm must be placed in the southeast or east corner of the workspace to gain success in your business. 

Money Frog

Money Frog is regarded as one of the most powerful good luck charms to bring money in feng shui. The statue represents the frog residing on the coins or has two coins in its mouth. Choose a money frog that has Chinese letters written on the side of the coin and is facing upwards. Placing the money frog on the northern sector of the house is important to help attract good luck in your business. And avoid placing it on the outside of the door and point it on the inner side of the house to retain the positive energy in your space.

Money Tree

The Money Tree is regarded as the most auspicious tree in feng shui that can bring prosperity and luck to businesses. It is also known to enhance wealth. Besides being symbolic of prosperity and finances, it also helps to bring in happiness, luck, and positive energy. Besides, they are excellent good luck charms that can help balance among the employees and the owner. The money tree is required to be placed in the southeast sector of the office to get the most energy from it. 

Lucky Cat

You might have noticed shop owners or restaurants place a golden lucky cat in their workspace. This statue is known to bless the owner with happiness and prosperity. This feng shui good luck lucky cat can be placed in any workspace. It will never stop bringing you good luck in your business. Generally, individuals prefer them to be placed at the entrance or at the cashier to attract wealth. 

Where Do I Hang Feng Shui Lucky Charms?

In order to hang the feng shui lucky charms, locate the area and corner of the money in your house and activate it first. Feng Shui practitioners believe that your home’s North and South Eastern areas represent money and career. Bear in mind that a wealthy area of your home can activate the prosperity flow in your life. Therefore, these areas can be the best place to hang or use the feng shui lucky charms.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms To Attract Money And Prosperity

You might often come across figurines displayed in stores or restaurants by the owners. These figurines are placed in the belief to invite good sales in the business. This helps the business owners to use the workspace to help positive energy flow. 

If you wish to add feng shui good luck charms to your business to attract money and prosperity, remember to hang or place them in the Southern and Northern corners of your workspace. These are the areas that represent money and career. Listed are the feng shui lucky charms for your business:

Money Frog

Money Frog is known to invite wealth into the business. Feng shui experts believe the Money Frog to be a significant prosperity symbol. The Money Frog lucky charm should be used either of gold or porcelain. It is a figurine that either sits on coins or has one coin in its mouth. This lucky charm should be placed near the entrance’s north corner of your workspace. But remember to place it facing inward and not outward. 

Feng Shui Coin Sword

The feng shui coin sword is used as a lucky symbol that has the potential to ward off negative energy from space. It is generally placed to invite wealth and protection in the business. Feng shui experts believe in placing it on the doors in the form of X with two coin swords to ward off jealous neighbors.


Bagua mirrors are generally placed outside the home or workspace to trap negative or unlucky energy from the pointed or sharp objects in the opposite direction. It has an octagonal shape or eight areas displaying the eight essential areas of one’s life, such as love and marriage, health and family, wealth and abundance, etc. Though the center absorbs negative energy, the outer areas spread positive energy.

Red Agate Money Tree And Pi Yao/Pixiu 

You generally notice these figurines in casinos and banks. The Red Agate Money Tree is believed to bring happiness, peace, and abundance. The Pixiu/Pi Yao is a powerful hybrid mystical animal that is the protector of the believers. In addition, these figurines are believed to be the powerful activator for business owners in increasing their fortunes.

Incense Sticks

Feng shui experts believe incense sticks wards off negative energy. Various incense sticks are available in the market and can be brought according to your wish. However, red incense sticks are generally made for the growth of the business.

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat is most commonly spotted in various stores or restaurants because it is known to invite prosperity. It can be placed in any business space to bring good luck. However, it is generally spotted at the entrance or near the cashier.

Good Luck Symbols For Business

If you want an extra boost on your career or business, you can use symbols in your workplace. Following are the symbols that can be added to your workspace:


Ox is the Chinese symbol believed to be a wish grantor and a sacred animal in Chinese culture. The ox symbol must be placed in the north zone of the workspace. It is because it can act as good luck charms for business.


The symbol of the ladybug connects with good fortune, positivity, and good luck. It is believed that the ladybug symbol can help bring good wealth and prosperity.

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What Are The Luckiest Good Luck Charms?

In this section, you can explore different feng shui luckiest good luck charms that you can include to decorate your home. It can invite prosperity, good luck, and positive energy to your home.

The Luckiest Good Luck Charms

Red Envelopes

Red envelopes are most commonly used to present monetary gifts for special holidays, weddings, or other ceremonies. Red is said to possess yang energy that symbolizes life energy. Red is also regarded as an auspicious color and is also related to protection. In addition, red is believed to invoke passion and inspiration. Red is considered to be the good luck charm to different objects.

Double Happiness Symbol

It is a symbol generally used in wedding items to bring good luck. It is a Chinese character to bring double happiness. If the character is used in combination with red, it can double the happiness and bring more joy into your life.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Zodiac Animals represent auspicious energy. You might be familiar with the zodiac animals and know that each year is related to the zodiac animals. So, you can add the images or decorations of the twelve zodiac animals in your home or workspace. The twelve animals bring balance and peace as it symbolizes different personalities. So, it helps to make peace at home or at the workplace where people have different personalities.

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Ten Emperors’ Coins

Ten Emperors’ Coins represent the Ten Emperors of the Qin Dynasty and their imperial reserves. These coins are used as good luck charms to invite prosperity and wealth from the rightful means. It should be placed at the entrance of your home or workplace. 

Dragon Symbols

Chinese dragons are known to be the most beneficial and powerful symbols. It can invite good luck into the home or office. In addition, they are known to bring good harvests and can provide help when it is necessary.

How Can We Save Money – Good Luck Tips For Money

Knowing excellent luck tips on how to save money is important. In this section, you can explore the ways how you can save money.

Cleanliness Rules

  • Make sure to declutter the front door. Remove the things that object from fully opening or closing the door.
  • While in the kitchen, clean the sink countertop to increase the flow of chi energy.
  • If you have dripping faucets, repair them since they symbolize economic bleeding.
  • Eliminate unnecessary things and arrange the necessary items in an order.
  • Check the things that have stopped working, are broken, or need repair. Discard the broken ones, fix the things that can be corrected, or replace them if necessary.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

When your home is cluttered with various unnecessary things, you get stuck with negative or stagnant energy that can be harmful. Conversely, eliminating unnecessary things or keeping things in order can restore positive energy quickly. 

So, at first, you should eliminate the unused stuff to clear the stuck energy. Then clean your house thoroughly to clear off the stagnant energies. In addition, remember to declutter the front of your home because it is the area through which chi energy enters. So, keeping it clean and inviting is crucial. 

Do Not Keep Anything Behind The Door

Make sure to keep your front door clear so you can fully open and close it. It will help the positive energy flow into your house while helping to leave the stuck energy. 

Add Lucky Charms

You can add the most powerful good luck charms at the front door or home to invite good luck. Different lucky charms can be added either to repel negative energy or to invite positive energy in the form of money. For example, you can hang a wind chime or a horseshoe at the front of your house to invite good luck. You can use Bagua mirrors outside your home to ward off negative energy. 

Additional Rules

  • To activate prosperity in your home, you can add an element of wood with a water source. 
  • You can activate the southeast sector with the number four and the color purple. You can also add four things colored purple like flowers, cushions, or boxes.
  • To attract money, you should always clean the mess of your home. This way, you can begin to produce an abundance of wealth.
  • Colors such as black, green, red, and purple increase prosperity.
  • Check your wallet. If your wallet is worn out, make an effort to replace it. In addition, if you have various papers or cards that are unnecessary, make sure to discard them. 


How Can I Get Good Luck Now?

You can use good luck charms to invite good luck to your life. In addition, always listen to positive things to bring positivity. Furthermore, keep doing something good. If you do good actions, good things will happen to your life.

What Color Is Good Luck For Money?

Though black color is known to bring good luck for money, red color can also be used. You will also find many colors favorable if you take care of the Kua number of each of them. And if you never wish to get short of money, you can choose to keep feng shui coins inside your wallet. 

Do Lucky Charms Actually Work?

When you entirely rely on lucky charms, you may be called superstitious. But, including lucky charms in your life works. In addition, if you believe you have good luck charms on your side, you feel self-efficacy. The belief makes us capable of doing what we wish to do, and it boosts both physical and mental performance.

What Should I Hang On My Front Door For Good Luck?

The horseshoe is one of the best good luck charms has been known to bring good luck to your home by eliminating negative energy. Therefore, it is the luckiest feng shui symbol that can be hung on the front door for good luck. 

What Are The Lucky Things To Wear?

Various ornaments are made of different feng shui good luck charms that can be used as symbol of good luck to wear. You can wear them as bracelets, lockets, earrings, etc. For instance, an evil eye pendant, bracelet, or four-leaf clover ring can be worn to protect yourself from evil eyes and ward off evil energies.


In this article, we have discussed the feng shui art of saving money and feng shui good luck charms to invite energies that can help grow your business. You can follow these feng shui rules and add lucky charms to transform your home or office into full of harmony and receive an abundance of wealth.


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