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What exactly is a cure? According to the dictionary, a cure is a “method of removing sickness or evil; a treatment.” A remedy is a generic word in Feng Shui philosophy for a method of working with your home’s energy to accomplish a specific goal. A remedy, in most circumstances, signifies the Feng Shui aspect you require in your house or workplace.

Place a pot of chrysanthemums in your foyer, for example, if your home is lacking in a happy spirit. They symbolize the sun, and as such, they bring the sun’s joyful, life-giving energy into your house. The chrysanthemums are the Feng Shui treatment or medicine for the “illness” of a lack of cheerful energy. 

Mirror Reflecting Feng Shui Cures

Mirror Reflecting Feng Shui Cures

They may be utilized to enlarge a room and produce more light by stimulating good energy. Mirrors also represent the water element because they reflect everything, much like water. Mirrors may therefore be used to boost positive energy by reflecting it. However, there is always a counterbalance: mirrors may also boost negative energy depending on what is reflected. For these reasons, hanging a mirror takes careful thinking and planning. There are several mirror reflecting feng shui cures to follow and remove negativity.

Significance Of Reflecting Mirrors In Feng Shui

Many individuals use mirrors for various reasons, but most commonly, mirrors are used to make a home appear visually larger. In other words, if you have a small room, you may make it appear larger by adding a mirror.

Mirror reflecting feng shui cures specifically includes the mirror location for amplifying good luck, is one of the finest Feng Shui treatments. This seemingly insignificant yet powerful instrument may magnify and boost the energy in your home, attracting positive things in plenty. 

Regardless of their utility, you must understand how to use and arrange mirrors at home. Before installing mirrors in a home, the owner should be familiar with the standards governing mirror installation. Other than these use mirror reflecting feng shui cures to improve your house’s energy.

What Does Mirror Mean Spiritually?

According to mirror reflecting feng shui cures a Mirror reflects the light, allowing them to mirror the environment around them. Light is the emblem of enlightenment. As a result, mirrors are signs and bearers of truth. It reflects the things people believe to be true. 

Psychology is more critical of mirrors because they constitute a barrier between the consciousness and unconsciousness. By staring deeply into a mirror, we are looking deeply into ourselves in a conscious way, following a cognitive process.

Mirror Placement Belief, Mystery, Or Superstition

Many aspects of a house or workplace might benefit from the inflow or expansion of positive energy. The entranceway, for example, is the doorway through which energy enters and departs a dwelling. Therefore, it is critical to encourage positive energy, or chi, to stay and increase after it has been welcomed.

A mirror on a side wall at a home’s entrance amplifies this pleasant energy. However, avoid hanging it opposite the front door since this can cause the chi to bounce back out. On the other hand, mirrors may boost the flow of positive energy and produce brightness. For example, a mirror on a dark, narrow stairwell landing might assist in generating light and space.

Feng Shui Mirrors — Do’s and Don’ts

According to mirror reflecting feng shui cures, there are some dos and don’ts which one should follow. Mirrors are adaptable decorative components that, with surprisingly little effort, can provide an instant refinement to any area. They are a popular choice in interior design because they provide a sense of space while also adding a touch of elegance and drama to a space. However, while designers are focused on design aesthetics and concerns, not every designer is aware of the Feng Shui implications of their decisions. So, let us understand the Dos And Don’ts:

Following are the feng shui mirror do’s:

Beautiful vistas are reflected- If your house has a magnificent natural view of nature, such as trees, grass, blue sky, bodies of water, or anything else, place a mirror to reflect it. You are welcoming and activating Mother Nature’s wonderful energy into your house by bringing the beauty of the outside inside.

Include eating and living spaces- Mirrors work well in the dining room, especially when they can reflect the food on the table. The dinner table (including the amount of food and wine on the spread) indicates a family’s prosperity in Chinese culture. As a result, amplifying and doubling this part of the room’s energy is akin to ‘doubling your riches.’

Put mirrors in areas where they can create more space- This method adheres to fundamental interior design concepts. Mirrors are an excellent technique to give the appearance of space in a tiny room or a long corridor. A mirror placed along the corridor wall will slow Qi and offer aesthetic appeal. The only thing to avoid in the bedroom is installing a mirror that directly mirrors the bed.

Use mirrors against the wall to identify any missing corners or energy sectors in your property- You might have some essential sectors of your house that are absent. For example, north sector (representing profession) or the southwest sector (representing romance or relationships), you are more likely to have troubles in these areas of your life.

Mirrors are an excellent solution to correct these Feng Shui concerns in your house. Install a mirror to enlarge the space; the reflection will symbolically ‘fill in’ the missing portions, allowing them to be full and complete. Usually, once a solution is in place, the changes in these key aspects of your life are quickly recognized or felt – I’ve had wonderful outcomes with my customers in the past.

Following Are The Mirror Reflecting Feng Shui Cures  don’ts:

Do not put a mirror right next to a front door: As per mirror reflecting feng shui cures,They prevent auspicious Qi from entering the premises, as a mirror’s reflective ability pushes that energy back out the door.

In mirror reflecting feng shui cures, it is especially significant for small enterprises and retail stores. Mirrors opposite the front entrance communicate “please don’t come in” and can have terrible consequences for a business. If you want a mirror to open up your entryway for aesthetic reasons, try positioning it along the side wall rather than facing the front entrance.

Do not put mirrors in your bedroom: As per mirror reflecting feng shui cures, to begin with, a mirror in the bedroom can cause problems and disagreements in a relationship, especially if it mirrors the bed. Mirrors mirroring the bed bounce a couple’s energy back and forth, making it impossible to resolve disagreements. Mirrors that reflect the bed are also supposed to attract an undesirable third person into a marital or sexual relationship.

Second, mirrors in the bedroom prevent a good night’s sleep by keeping the energy in the room too lively. Your bedroom’s energy should be passive yin, with no mirrors or technological equipment to boost it. Full-length mirrors or built-ins are common in modern homes’ bedrooms.

If we utilize mirrors to increase auspicious energies, we should avoid mirrors that reflect anything bad or sharp or mirrors that distort their subjects. For example, avoid installing mirrors in areas where they will reflect toilet seats, garbage cans, shoe cabinets, or debris. Negative energy can be amplified by seeing ‘unpleasant’ reflections in a mirror.

Do not use broken mirrors: In mirror reflecting feng shui cures, this is a no-no. You should never eat from a cracked bowl or plate and never use cracked mirrors since they carry a lot of bad energy. Instead, replace them or eliminate them.

Mirror Reflecting Feng Shui Cures For Doors

People use mirrors to check their appearance before leaving the house. Thus they keep mirrors at the front door or entryways for convenient access. However, having a mirror facing the front entrance is not a good idea. It implies that putting a mirror in front of the door can deflect energy away from the house.

Reflecting Mirror Facing TV Feng Shui

According to mirror reflecting feng shui cures, Mirrors play an important role in absorbing and reflecting both good and negative energy. Therefore, they are a potent conduit for energy transfer and must be given special care.

According to Feng Shui, you should not position a mirror that reflects or faces your television. This is not one of the mirror reflecting feng shui cures, that is because the television screen has a reflecting surface, classifying it as a mirror. As a result, if you have a mirror facing on and reflecting a television, you have two mirrors that are too close together.

Where Should You Not Put A Mirror?

If Mirror reflecting feng shui cures are utilized correctly, a mirror has significant benefits in Feng Shui treatment. The mirrors solely determine the degree of energy you have at home.

Mirrors are highly valued in Chinese culture that is why they have Mirror reflecting feng shui cures also, and meticulous planning on where to position them has paid dividends. Mirrors have healing potential since they are significant elements, and if positioned in the appropriate direction, they may increase the energies at home. Because mirrors may restrict the flow of energy, when utilized correctly, they can amplify and magnify affluence, fortune, tranquility, and health while devouring negative energy.

Since they are important, we identify the locations where they should not be placed using Mirror reflecting feng shui cures.

  • The first guideline is that mirrors should not be positioned facing or opposite each other. This is against Mirror reflecting feng shui cures, this location can produce a lot of problems, which can lead to domestic strife. That is because two mirrors facing each other or opposing each other will generate negative energy in the vicinity.
  • It is recommended that you keep your mirrors where your body parts are not reflected when sleeping. This is the first point stated in Mirror reflecting feng shui cures. At night, cover your bedroom mirror.
  • Place your mirror in a location that will not reflect unpleasant or hazardous items in the surroundings. Allow the most stunning scenes to be reflected in your mirrors. 
  • If you have negative things, you can put a mirror in front of them to absorb the bad entity. Don’t let it affect you in any other way.
  • Don’t put a mirror, television, shiny item, or anything else that shines directly in front of your main door.

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Mirror Reflecting Water Feng Shui Cure

Mirror Reflecting Water Feng Shui Cure

Because they are reflecting, mirrors and water both symbolize water elements. As a result, in order to properly benefit from the power of a mirror reflecting Feng Shui cures, one must understand how to use it. Mirror reflection has been shown to have healing properties that may be exploited to our benefit. Because people keep mirrors in their homes, their reflections may either magnify or intensify positive and negative energy.

According to Feng Shui principles, water should be reflected because mirrors and water symbolize the same element. Therefore, water in the shape of a fountain, stream, or other natural setting creates a natural atmosphere where you may enable your mirror to reflect, boosting your positive energy.

Mirror Facing Window Superstition

According to mirror reflecting feng shui cures, the orientation of your mirror in relation to the window is critical in determining whether it will draw good or negative energy, which will therefore attract good or bad things. If you wish to attract positive energy, ensure your mirror reflects appealing, pleasant images, such as a flowering garden or a lush environment.

As per mirror reflecting feng shui cures, the mirror is not recommended to reflect any form of damaging or negative depiction beyond the window since this might let negative energies enter the house.


Should I Cover My Mirror At Night?

According to mirror reflecting feng shui cures, a mirror reflects the life that each individual creates, encompassing people, different places, and occurrences. It has also been used to define the act of constantly assessing the repercussions of one’s ideas and actions. 

Covering the mirror at night is crucial because, according to mirror reflecting feng shui cures, when a person sleeps, both the good and bad energy leaves the body. The bad energy tends to leave the body while the good energy recharges itself during sleep. When the mirror remains uncovered, it shows the reflection of the sleeping person, and while the bad energy leaves the body, it gets frightened and remains within the person. 

Is It Bad Luck To Put A Mirror In Front Of Another Mirror?

The worst thing that can happen if two mirrors face each other is two mirrors confronting each other which is against mirror reflecting feng shui cures. So it would be best not to allow unverified and superficial man-made stories of life to rule your existence. What occurs to you is a result of your own beliefs and thinking. Nobody, no scholar, no so-called guru, no self-proclaimed mind expert can start events in your life unless You let them.

Is TV Considered A Mirror Feng Shui?

Having a television in your bedroom is considered bad feng shui, although this guideline is not always consistent with modern living. TVs are a common addition in the bedroom for helping you rest and relax after a long day or to help you go asleep. 

While you may remove the television from your bedroom to improve feng shui, there are methods to improve or diffuse the energy it emits so that it does not disrupt the chi energy of the space.

What Happens If You Sleep In Front Of A Mirror?

According ti Mirror Reflecting Feng Shui Cures mirrors should never be hung or placed in the bedroom since they are harmful. It is harmful because it depletes one’s energy resulting in sleeplessness. The mirror is said to double up different kinds of energy that disrupts the peace in the bedroom. Hence, it disbalances the environment that provides better sleep. 


It is important to choose high-quality mirrors and place them strategically according to Feng Shui principles or mirror reflecting feng shui cures. Avoid placing mirrors facing the bed, as this can create negative energy and disrupt sleep. Additionally, mirrors should be cleaned regularly to maintain their positive energy flow.

Mirrors have been carefully chosen and used over the years because of the skills indicated above. You may get the most out of this inanimate object because the mirror reflects excellent Feng Shui treatment for enlarging or enhancing everything you wish in life. Still, the only limitation is that it must be appropriately positioned to achieve your intended aims.

Because of its reflecting capabilities, you must carefully decide where you position your mirrors at home. In this post, we discussed the significance of mirror placement as well as ideas for Reflecting Mirrors to boost the energy level your mirrors may bring into your house.


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