Feng Shui Love Symbols | Lucky Charms For Love

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Feng shui offers various feng shui love symbols to attract and improve love relationships. Would you not want objects that bring good luck to your life and house?

A happy relationship symbolizes a happy home. Feng shui experts bring forth various symbols to help maintain your relationships. You can catch hold of these lucky symbols and put them in the southwest direction of your room to create a better love relationship with your partner.

What Are The Chinese Love Symbols?


What Are The Chinese Love Symbols?A good relationship with loved ones results in a happy home. When placed in the right place, these Chinese symbols have the potential to maintain your loving relationship. These feng shui love symbols can also improve your love life. These symbols can also bring back your lost love feelings. You can explore to know the signs that can attract love and ways to get good luck in love.

Mystic Knot

According to feng shui love symbols, Mystic Knot represents infinite love as it has no beginning and an end depicting an everlasting love relationship. You can place it near your bed or in the southwest zone of your room or use it as an ornament. 

Double Fish Symbol

It represents successful marriage. The Double Fish Symbol is one of the popular motif of feng shui love symbols which depicts the two soul unions. The southwest corner is the best place to place it.


Peonies symbolize good fortune, romance, and love. According to Feng shui love symbols it believe to attracts happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Put the flowers near the entryway of your home, or you can add them to the southwest corner of your home. 

A pair of Swans

According to Chinese culture, a pair of swans is considered to be one of the feng shui love symbols which is very effective in improving love relationships and helping them to last long. It is a symbol of love. Quarrel commonly occurs in your home. Therefore, placing a picture or an idol of a pair of swans will help circulate the positive energy in your home. In addition, it will help coordinate with your partner and help reduce the distance between you and your spouse. The flow of chi energy will also help you spend your marital life happily. But beware, if your wife has a strong character, placing a pair of swans will create insecurity for the husband.

Happy Couple Figurine

The image or statue of a happy Chinese couple is symbolic of a happy marriage and a feng shui love symbols. Placing a statue of happy couples ensures you have a happy married life. You must put it in the Southwest sector of your home since this corner represents the love corner of your home. It can also be placed in the living room.

Mandarin Ducks

According to feng shui love symbols Mandarin ducks are symbolic of fidelity, peace, and happy marriage life. It represents a prosperous, peaceful, and happy marriage life since these birds mate for life. In Asian culture, people gift wooden mandarin ducks to promote a successful marriage. 

The placement of the mandarin ducks should be chosen carefully. First, you must place the ducks in the married couple’s room facing each other and at the partnership area of the Bagua map. This position of the Bagua man will reinforce the devotion to a partnership. If you do not have a statue, you can also attach a photo to your bedroom wall.

Scented Candles

Scented candles can be used as a Feng Shui love symbols to attract love, romance, and intimacy into your life. Including scented candles in your bedroom helps freshen up your environment and lift your mood, thus improving your relationship as well. To strengthen the element of fire, you can also use pink, red, or multi-colored candles in your bedroom. 

Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns are considered to be one of the powerful feng shui love symbols and romance. Red Lanterns placed around the bed of a newly married couple are believed to bring good luck and marital longevity. Red lanterns are symbolic of prosperity and argument-free marriage relationships. Therefore, it is used while celebrating joyous occasions like weddings. 

What Are The Lucky Charms For Love?

If you wish to use lucky charms or feng shui love symbols to attract love, you can follow the below list. With these lucky charms, you can find them useful in your quest for a perfect relationship.

Mandarin Ducks

Feng shui experts believe Mandarin ducks to be a feng shui love symbols for true love and a better relationship. It is because mandarin ducks mate for life, and even if they lose their partner, they rarely choose another. Therefore, it becomes a symbol of an eternal relationship.

These lucky charms or feng shui love symbols work for singles as well. It helps to improve the chance of finding their partner for life and provides the chance to get an everlasting relationship. The Southwest corner is the romantic corner of your living room, and you can place it in the form of a pair.

A Pair Of Swans

Swans, like Mandarin Ducks, mate for life, becoming the feng shui love symbols of an everlasting relationship. It also symbolizes a peaceful, content, and blissful relationship. A pair of swans also represents balance, elegance, purity, fidelity, grace, and love. You can place it in your bedroom or living room that will attract positive energy to improve your relationship.

Happy Wedding Couple Figurine

According feng shui love symbols it is a figurine representing a couple wearing Chinese wedding attire that symbolizes harmony, eternal relationship, and blissful married life. This figurine, when placed in the Southwest sector, activates its energy.


As per feng shui love symbols Scented candles are believed to enhance your mood in your bedroom. It is because it enhances that part of the brain that is connected with emotions and memory, thus improving your relationship. To strengthen the element of fire in your room, you can even try candles of a different color, such as pink or red.

Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns symbolize good luck, vitality, and marital longevity. This is one of the known feng shui love symbols or lucky charm will also help improve your relationship with your spouse and family. 

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Feng Shui Good Luck Crystals For Love

According to feng shui love symbols crystals work beautifully to enhance relationships. You can work with crystals to infuse your love life with intention. For example, you wear ornaments made of these crystals as a reminder to cultivate a loving love life. Following are the four types of crystals that are associated with romance and love relationships. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a well known one of the feng shui love symbols which has the potential to heal your heart from heartbreak. It acts as a band-aid for your heart. It can help you heal wounds from your past love life and release other emotional baggage. You can also recharge it during a full moon night to help you keep your loving vibes everlasting. 


Malachite is a crystal to help prepare for true love. It is a stone and one of the feng shui love symbols that enables you to feel secure and stable while you open your heart to any type of love.

Green Jade

Green jade is one of a popular feng shui love symbols that is believed to attract love, harmony, and balance into one’s life. Green Jade is a crystal that helps you attract your true love. If you wish to find your partner, you can use green crystal jade. Green Jade represents harmony that stands with you as you put your heart into finding your true love. 


Amazonite is a crystal that helps to maintain deep love. If you wish to keep your connection with your lover, you can add this crystal to your life. This crystal helps to provide safe energy to help you communicate with your partner clearly and openly. 

Feng Shui Bracelet To Attract Love?

Various bracelets can be worn to enhance your love life. A feng shui bracelet is said to be one of a popular feng shui love symbols which imbues the wearer with the generated energy. For instance,wearing a bracelet designed primarily to enhance your love life will help you improve your love life. You can also choose ornaments for your health and wealth. The intention of your use will feature Chinese characters, symbolic charms, or semi-precious stones. 

Obsidian Five-Element Bracelet

Obsidian is a black stone. It is a precious stone considered one of the seven Buddhist treasures. It is believed to have protective powers, so it is used in creating charms and amulets. Feng shui experts believe that it removes inauspicious energies. Wearing this bracelet will help eliminate or protect you from negative energy and helps balance the energies in your life. 

Rose Quartz Bracelet

In feng shui, Rose Quartz is believed to attract love-chi energy. It symbolizes double happiness and can enhance your love relationship and marriage. Any bracelets made with rose quartz are said to provide auspicious energy to your marriage or relationship and also relieve heartache. 

Double Happiness Symbol Bracelet

The double happiness symbol depicts the birth of love between two young people they had for each other. They were separated for a period before they got married and wrote this symbol two times to celebrate their love for each other. Then this symbol became a cherished symbol for marriage and love relationships.

Feng Shui Tips To Bring Back Lost Love?

Nowadays, ‘love’ has become a fickle emotion that can be blown away with one strong wind. However, with Feng Shui tips, you can bring your long-lost love back into your life:

Feng Shui Tips To Bring Back Lost Love

Declutter Your Bedroom

Clutter in your bedroom signifies clutter in mind. If you have a cluttered mind, it would never let you focus on any item, not the feelings of love. Therefore, clean the dirt of your room, and remove dirty laundry and electronic gadgets from your bedroom. A clean room helps clean up your mind as well and helps you focus on your relationship as well.

Revving Up Romance

If you wish to create an ambiance of love in your room, you can place a beautiful pair of candlesticks, fresh flowers, or other love symbols in the room or use feng shui love symbols. You can also select artworks or statues to rev up your atmosphere. In addition, you can also pair up light furniture to work wonders.

Avoid Hanging Photographs

Remove the photographs that object to your personal space, such as photographs of your children or parents. The pictures hanging on the wall tend to create impersonal feelings in your own moments. So, clearing these photographs will help you get a personal room of your own and would never debar you from enjoying your personal moments in your relationship.

Make way for New

Get a new living space if you had a bad relationship or a recent breakup. For instance, you can remove your curtains, pillows, and bed sheets. It is because all these things in your room carry the stagnant energy of your past relationship, thus giving you a negative vibe. So, clear out the items that remind you of your past memories.

Create A Space Full Of Romance

Makeover your entire room and make the room comfortable as you spend most of your time there. To make over your room, select colors that are soft to the eyes, such as purple, pink, lilac, etc. Yang energy is masculine energy, and soft color like pink reinforces it. So, you can also change your bedsheets to pink. It can also strengthen your relationship.

Do Not Get A Large-Sized Bed

Do not select a very large bed; replace it with a smaller one if you have a big one. It is because a large bed with a large space will let your partner drift away. But in a smaller bed, you and your partner can increase the moments of romance to spring up.

Choose Love Colors To Decorate Your Room

Choose a neutral color such as browns, beige, ivory whites, grey, and pinks to paint your room. These colors will provide a romantic look to your room.

Do Not Create A Trap In Your Room

Never arrange your room that emerges from a feeling of being trapped in one corner. It symbolizes the trapped feeling in your relationship. You should also leave both sides of the bed open.

Avoid Placing Gadgets In Your Bedroom

The bedroom lets you focus on each other and live the moments together. So, avoid placing gadgets in your bedrooms, such as phones and laptops.


How Do You Attract Love In Feng Shui?

Feng shui experts suggest that love seekers use the powerful feng shui love symbols or charms to attract love which is considered lucky.

What Symbol Means Love Forever?

Doves are symbolize everlasting love and peace. In addition, doves select their partners for their lifetime, which is a representation of fidelity. Therefore, the depiction of two doves represents eternal love, making it the symbol of love forever.

How Can I Attract My Soulmate?

You can attract your soulmate by believing in love at first. You are required to believe in love to make an effort to make it true. The next step is to heal all your old wounds.Using feng shui love symbols can be the next step to follow to attract or enhance your love life. If you recover this part, you will allow more fulfilling love to come into your life. It is because eliminating yourself from your old wounds will make you trapped or not good enough to allow a partner in your life.

Thirdly, practice self-love daily because other people will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you adore yourself, your partner can adore you. Accept, love, and respect yourself for what you are. Fourthly, enjoy life before your partner enters your life. You must feel good before your partner comes in.

How Can I Decorate My Room To Attract Love?

You can decorate your room in a symmetrical order that promotes a healthy relationship. You can use feng shui love symbols to attract love, for example, make sure to place a nightstand on each side of the bed that is of similar weight and height. In addition, do not place a mirror in your room. Placing a mirror in your space might bring in a third party between you and your partner. Besides, it also symbolizes restless sleep.

Thirdly, keep your room clutter-free to get rid of stagnant energy. Fourth, add shared memory images and avoid artwork of three animals or people in your room.

When it comes to selecting a color, pick a soft and relaxing color. In addition, place your bed so that one side does not stand against the wall. A bed with only one side open represents a bigger problem. Finally, place your bed in a way that has equal access to both partners.


By incorporating these powerful Feng Shui love symbols into your living space, you can create a more harmonious and supportive environment that promotes love and romance.

In this article, all the important aspects of attracting love. The powerful lucky charms when e you to attract love and you can create an everlasting relationship with your partner. These feng shui-approved lucky charms for your life can definitely improve your relationship.

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