10+ Feng Shui Mistakes That Can Ruin Your House

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Feng shui is an art of organizing the objects of a room or area to maximize positive energy flow. The arrangement is made to establish a peaceful atmosphere. This positioning is made to boost happiness and richness in one’s life.

However, sometimes Feng Shui mistakes may occur due to no proper knowledge of the feng shui placement ideas. So, we have consulted with feng shui experts to find out what may be limiting the essential life energy in your house and what you can do right now to improve things.

What Is Bad Feng Shui For A House?

What Is Bad Feng Shui For A House?

People might have serious feng shui flaws in the house – from having a bathroom facing the entrance to having a staircase in the heart of a home. These are the feng shui mistakes a person do make sure to identify these home flaws to balance the house’s energy is crucial. Prevent yourself from making these Feng Shui mistakes to avoid bringing negative energy into your home. 

If you want to buy a new home, try to avoid houses with bad feng shui traits. On the other hand, if you live in a property with these problematic aspects, read the feng shui guidelines above and make it a goal to implement them as soon as feasible. Feng shui mistakes can lead to problematic source of situations which you may want to ignore.

Feng Shui Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Feng Shui Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Feng shui house styling is a fashionable concept that is taken on by homeowners all over the world. This 3,000-year-old Chinese philosophy system is thought to have miraculous results when applied to various aspects of our lives, such as health, relationships, careers, and even house décor. Don’t let Feng shui mistakes overtake these positive and cheerful aspects of life.

The attraction of ‘Chi,’ unseen energy or life breath, is the underlying premise here. Most of our home design efforts are focused on producing an eye-catching and vivid aesthetic. On the other hand, a Feng Shui-styled home focuses on much more arrangements. The beliefs strive to welcome beneficial energy while expelling negative ones.

Following are the feng shui mistakes that should be avoided:

The Living Room Should Not Have Too Many Spotlights

There might be various Feng shui mistakes or errors in the living room. For example, many families use light’s beauty in today’s home furnishings. As a result, they incorporated many lights possible into their home decor. To begin with, too many lights might pose security risks and falls under the category of feng shui mistakes.

Many people installing numerous lights later regretted their decision, believing it was a waste of money. As a result, when it comes to spotlighting placement, we should remember that less is more.

Floor Tiles Should Not Be Reduced In Quality

Floor tiles are a significant investment in furnishings and are highly scalable. However, the floor tiles price might range between hundreds of yuan and a few yuan. As a result, many people are hesitant to invest in high-quality floor tiles in order to save money. In fact, this is a major blunder and hence one of the feng shui mistakes made by people.

First and foremost, the floor tiles are easy to maintain. However, they will not last if they are too cheap. Second, with the cheap floor tiles, you can easily slip, causing accidental injury. As a result, when purchasing floor tiles, aim for the mid-range.

Curtains Must Not Be Ignored

A good rule of thumb is to hang curtains at the height of 5 cm above the window frame. However, if you have a high ceiling, you can hang the curtains from top to bottom to make the room appear larger. You can also use a roman hemp shade to obstruct the sunlight.

Buy High-Quality Wires And Water Pipes.

Electric wires and water pipes are also high costs in the overall decoration of the house. Some working-class comrades have proposed cutting back on this expenditure. However, they frequently disregard quality in favor of a lower price. It is a major blunder.

If you use cheap quality electric wires and water pipes, you may also risk hidden safety hazards. Thus, people should always utilize high-quality water pipes and electric wires to ensure safety. 

The Power Plug Is Not Smaller

Some people believe that by saving a plug, they might save some wires. As a result, they attempt to save as many power plugs as possible. Unfortunately, this approach is also incorrect. 

However, people might begin to use numerous devices once electrical appliances advance. However, installing new appliances is difficult when no sockets are available.

Second, avoid using multiple devices simultaneously while using power plugs for electrical devices. When fewer plugs are placed in the home and several pieces of equipment are used simultaneously, it may result in an accident.

Living Room Decoration Should Not Be Visually Confusing Or Cause You To Lose Focus.

Ignoring the window is a form of light rejection. Sheets and blankets go on beds, not on windows. Window decorations are as vital to space as jewelry is to a woman; they mark the completion of the décor process. Aside from paint, tracery is a simple and inexpensive method to modify the appearance and feel of a whole space.

It Is Not Appropriate For Light To Influence Mood.

A light bulb, a lampshade, and a lamp can be different light sources. Therefore, people use other bulbs to create different moods in their homes. 

However, dimmer switches are an excellent hidden weapon since they are inexpensive, simple to install, and can provide all of the space ambiances and feel that you want. Understand the role of each space before selecting the appropriate luminaire. For example, you must configure the kitchen’s operational area work lamps during flood lighting.

Color Phobia Is A Waste Of Color.

The color combination in a room can provide a different feeling. However, only a few people know how to combine colors for beautification. And many individuals enjoy colors but are hesitant to utilize them.

They are reluctant to utilize color on the wall because they are worried about appearing too daring, of the outcome and choice dislocation, and of not matching the furnishings.

But you can choose to experiment with the color on the wall. Then, everyone may rest assured of “graffiti” as long as the paint is ecologically acceptable. But, do not make the living room too beautiful. You can perform multi-color substitution in a child’s room or bedroom.

The Door Should Not Be Facing The Elevator.

The building’s front entrance must not face the elevator door directly since this will bring bad luck to the premises and expose the occupants to sickness.

Direct The Door Away From The Window, Back Door, Or Toilet.

Doors and windows represent the openings into and out of the room. However, the main door should not be aligned with the window and the rear door, resulting in crossing the front and back doors.

A toilet is a place where individuals may expel their waste. Because of this unclean space, the door should not be placed facing the toilet directly. Directly facing the toilet door will result in financial investment blunders and a waste of family money.

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The Basic Conditions Of The Home, Which Is Located Diagonally To The Door

The living room is generally positioned diagonally to the living room’s entrance because the busiest areas are directly opposite the entryway. It is peaceful and stable. It cannot be the passage’s moving line. 

It is not appropriate to hang the mirror because it impacts reflection, which will likely harm the family’s fortune. It will make a fortune low and the chance lost. Instead, lucrative mascots should be positioned in a prosperous situation. Growing green leaves with vigor is an excellent strategy.

More Decorative Objects With Round Shapes Should Be Used In The Living Room.

The living room is a space where guests gather together. Therefore it should be vibrant and harmonious. Because the circle represents the sun and is a dynamic emblem, the circular lighting, ceiling forms, and decorations offer a warm and vibrant ambiance.

What Is Bad Feng Shui For A House?

A bad feng shui in a house can be having a staircase in the heart of the home, a narrow corridor, or a bathroom facing the entrance. The bathroom should never be placed facing the doorway. Likewise, a long narrow corridor is considered a feng shui mistake. It is believed to be a combination of rushing Sha Chi and, in most situations, stagnant energy (Si Chi). But don’t despair; there aren’t many house design problems that can’t be solved with savvy feng shui decoration. 

What Are Basic Feng Shui Rules For A House?

Feng shui means “wind and water,” respectively. These components are connected with good health and wealth, and implementing feng shui in your house will increase energy flow. However, special laws must be observed because this is an old Chinese ritual. You can follow the listed rules below:

Keep Your Surroundings Neat And Tidy

Keeping the surroundings tidy is at the top of the list for a reason! A disorderly household promotes tension, despair, and dissatisfaction. Designers, particularly professional organizers and interior decorators, are fully aware of this.

Chinese people describe “chi” as unseen energy that links life together, and strong chi cannot exist in a home filled with clutter and dirt. Therefore, when making a feng shui-approved arrangement, the first order should be to remove any dust, grime, or clutter obstructing positive, healthy energy.

Maintain A Safe Distance Between Your Bed And The Window

Maintaining a safe distance between you and the window is rigorous regulation in Feng Shui! For example, while sleeping, your head should never be beneath a window, the reasoning being that both your mind and body require support. Thus mattresses should be positioned against strong walls that have no door on either side.

Regarding preventing feng shui mistakes, proper placement of the furniture is crucial, and the bedroom is possibly the essential location of all because it’s where we rest and rejuvenate ourselves. The vibe in this room must be calm and harmonious, which brings us to our second guideline.

Work And Relaxation Zones Should Be Separated

To attract (and keep) positive energy, you must be careful of how you use your workspace and relaxation place. For example, setting up a workstation in your bedroom violates a feng shui rule that states that work and rest places should be kept distinct. On the other hand, having a laptop next to the bed is tempting because many individuals work demanding jobs (and others work from home), but this would disrupt their peace of mind.

Use The Bagua Map Correctly.

If you intend to avoid feng shui mistakes, you must first become acquainted with the Bagua map. This eight-sided energy map tool leverages your space to map out your life. In addition, it will aid in identifying the improvement areas. The Bagua map is most typically aligned with the front entrance since it is regarded as the “mouth of chi,” through which all energy enters the dwelling.

Understand Your Colors

Every interior designer understands the significance of color in the house. Colors promote quality of life by elevating emotions, reducing stress, and boosting confidence.

Consider the color red for a moment. We guess that feeling of passion and excitement comes to mind. When that hue is used to decorate the walls of a living room, the energy in that place becomes passionate, bold, and alive. By adding appropriate color to your room, you can avoid feng shui mistakes.

Feng Shui Items For Positive Energy

 In order to attract positive energy, the five elements Earth, fire, wood, water, and metal are the five fundamental elements that invite positive energy. It might be reflected figuratively or practically in your house. To add the fire aspect, for example, you may choose warm colors like red or orange. You might also light a candle or light a fire. The theory is that all of the components are necessary for human survival, and an imbalance in these colors would result in a life imbalance. So paying attention to the literal and symbolic meanings of the items in the surrounding is crucial to avoid feng shui mistakes.


Where Should The House Face Feng Shui?

The home should not be built on a ridge, cliff-side, river outflow, bridge or highway, or at a crossroads. Stay away from the sloping terrain behind the home because it is considered a feng shui mistake. In feng shui, the auspicious house direction is facing south, which is helpful to invite light, and positive energy and maintain family peace.

How Do I Find The Wealth Corner Of My House?

You may even work only with the wealth area of your bedroom or workplace to make things easier. In this situation, you would stand outside the bedroom or office’s main door, peering inside. Your bedroom’s left corner in the far is the wealth corner. Don’t use too much feng shui tips and keep the house clutter free then there will be at-least less possibility of feng shui mistakes.

What Things Should Not Be Kept At Home?

Showpieces or portraits like the Taj Mahal should not be kept at home. People thinks its a symbol of love but actually it is one of the feng shui mistakes people make. It is because it signifies a grave representing death and inactivity. Likewise, animal paintings or sculptures: Pictures, paintings, statues of animals and birds such as pigs, snakes, asses, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, pigeons, and crows, among others, should be avoided.

What Should Be Kept At The Entrance Of The House?

Placing a sculpture or portrait of Gods and Goddesses at the doorway is fortunate.


Feng Shui mistakes are relatively prevalent. However, they may be prevented if proper procedures are followed. To those who believe it is important to research the most advantageous places in order to produce a balanced project capable of effectively using the environment’s energy.

Feng Shui provides a way for establishing the most harmonious, useful, and lucrative location and design for these positive individuals who wish to leave the foundations of success firmly seated without missing loose ends.

By avoiding these common Feng Shui mistakes and incorporating Feng Shui principles into your living space, you can create a more harmonious and supportive environment that promotes positive energy and well-being.


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