How to Cure Poison Arrow Feng Shui – Best Tips

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Poison arrows produce a wide range of issues, and feng shui tackles these issues and recommends cures. This blog will suggest the best tips to cure poison arrow feng shui.

What Are Poison Arrows In Feng Shui?

Now, the question arises, What exactly are poison arrows?

Poison arrow feng shui is the negative energy that comes from sharp angles that people are subjected to when these arrows aim toward their energy field. These arrows will continue to release evil chi energy if they are not restrained, which might have a detrimental effect on the person’s life.

Naturally occurring and man-made environments both include these arrows. Since Feng Shui arrows impact every aspect of a person’s life, It is important not to undervalue their power.

How to Cure Poison Arrow Feng Shui?

Scaring you is not our goal. We are here to alert you of the harmful consequences of poison arrows, but don’t worry—we will also explain how to cure poison arrows in Feng Shui.

These Feng shui poison arrows may sap the energy of people or groups of humans, causing them to become ill. They also hurt people’s well-being. To heal these poisoned arrows, we should practice simple poison arrow Feng Shui cures at home and Sha Chi laws while away.

To experience abundance, take the following measures to heal the missing Feng Shui wealth corner:

  1. Decorate your home with purple accessories or furnishings.
  2. Place a living, natural green plant inside the house and care for it.
  3. Create a water fountain appropriate for the size of your home, as water has a nourishing effect.

According to Feng Shui, the North West is an essential direction for discovering the value in individuals, benefactors, and luck related to enjoying great companionship.

The absence of the North West corner means you will be isolated from those who can assist you and support your ambition. Instead, more opponents and unhelpful individuals will surround you.

You feel alone and lonely when your home lacks a North West corner. Nobody usually comes to your assistance or rallies around you.

If you discover this direction needs to be added, there is a Feng shui treatment.

Feng Shui Tips for Poison Arrows in The Office

If cured correctly, poison arrows Feng shui make any place more inviting. Therefore, if you have trouble staying motivated at work, Feng shui has an office-friendly solution.

  • Choosing the right chair is essential. Make sure that this chair is cozy and comfortable so that it can provide a high level of comfort and support for you. The previously mentioned also enhances concentration.
  • Now, talking about the chair’s accomplice, How you position your desk also plays a very influential part. Did you know that positioning your desk so you can see the door makes you feel in complete control of your life? This is a psychological phenomenon. Being able to see what’s ahead of us and what’s approaching helps us increase our intuition and trust ourselves to make good decisions.
  • Placing your mirror in a way you can see your reflection is also a very effective method, as seeing your reflection can help you stay more focused.
  • Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that artworks play a very crucial role in motivating you? This principle also works in reducing negativity caused by Feng Shui arrows. When you keep the artwork or motivational quotes surrounding yourself, they reinforce a positive mindset in you.
  • Another very effective technique that you can utilize for poison arrow feng shui is using indoor plants to cover poison arrows. Place a tall plant in front of the corner. It is a typical way to block the Feng Shui arrows. Check that the plant is not prickly to avoid further disruptions. Instead, you should get a plant with broad, supple leaves to slow the chi.
  • Lastly, The Bagua should be on your desk for usage. The Feng shui Bagua is a mandala that consists of eight regions arranged around a central space. It is around houses or rooms. However, you can also position it on your desk. You can get hints about potential developments in several areas of your work by laying the Bagua on the desk. Consider observing where clutter tends to gather. Do objects, for example, frequently build up in the upper left corner’s “riches and plenty” corner? The previously mentioned might imply that your wealth is constrained.

A relationship-related clutter in the top right corner might be a stumbling block in your relationships or cooperation. Is the most congested part at the far center? That is the domain of celebrity and notoriety. The formerly mentioned might imply that your efforts are not being seen or acknowledged.

How To Deflect Feng Shui Poison Arrows?

Deflecting poison arrow Feng Shui is not hard if you know how to work around remedies.

  • Placing a tall plant in front of the sharp corner is the traditional remedy for poison arrows. The plant’s stems should be raised (not sagging), and its leaves should be delicate and spherical.
  • You can also use Wooden corner covers for decoration. Corner-round molding that wraps around the sharp corner.
  • You can use Decal stickers in a variety of colors.
  • Purchase products in pairs: Any item that comes in pairs represents togetherness. So, when you go shopping, buy items in pairs. This is a method of resolving the missing love corner.
  • Display love symbols and pictures throughout your home. You may, for example, purchase lovebirds, photographs of cheerful, loving, and passionate couples, cupid art, and heart symbols.

The element of earth is linked with reliability, support, and stability.

  • If you choose any of these forms, you will experience balanced energies. A square design is appropriate for homes used for residential purposes.
  • Building a residence according to Feng Shui principles might bring success and luck. The forms recommended by Feng Shui are rectangular or square. The optimum form, though, is the square, representing the earth element.
  • Having a Southwest corner in your home ensures financial security and debt-free living.

Feng Shui Poison Arrow Facing The Door

Here are some tips to neutralize the poison arrow Feng Shui facing the door:-

  1. Plants that are helpful for feng shui should be placed near the divider and the entry doorway. Some examples include chili pepper plants, Garlic plants, and Finger lemon plants.
  2. Use a unique method to create a new main entrance into your property.
  3. Consider hanging a multi-faceted crystal ball between the object and your front door.
  4. One of the simplest methods to deflect is to build a wall between your front door and the barrier you’re attempting to avoid.
  5. Get furniture with rounded or squared poison arrows feng shui corners.
  6. The missing ancestral regions might bring disease, energy depletion, and dissatisfaction. The ancestral region may be healed or offset by cultivating soft natural flowers and healthy plants and applying color preferences like blue and green colors and pillar forms.

How to Identify And Correct Poison Arrows

Identifying and correcting poison arrow feng shui is necessary for a wholesome and stable life.

Listed are the tips on how to identify and correct poison arrows:-

  • While buying property, you should cross-check that your house is not at the end of a cul-de-sac or T-intersection, as this is very treacherous. Because of their sharp angles, buildings may potentially produce dangerous poison arrows. If you are experiencing major issues in your life, inspect the surface of your home or company to see whether there are any poison arrows aimed at you. The region of your life (such as health, money, or relationships) where the arrows strike (east, southeast, or southwest) may experience the impact.
  • Another effective technique to deal with negative energy and poison arrows is to use barriers. Trees, fences, windchimes, mirrors, and stones are all excellent barriers. A screen, curtain, or free-standing wall is another type of barrier.

Check out for the following other signs:-

  • When youngsters in the family are not well or are regularly unwell, Children are more vulnerable to the effects of poison arrows than adults. Take note if your youngsters are having difficulties.
  • Identify if there has recently been a road, building, or other construction near you, which means that a poison arrow may be fresh, having come with some new structure.
  • Note that “poison arrow” energy is generated when you are on the outer road curve or water body.

Poison Arrow Feng Shui On The Front Door

The front door plays an important role, which most people miss, and if arrows are pointing at your front door, you may face a lack of chances and financial issues. So how do I avoid poison arrows Feng Shui on the front door?

Look closely at your front door area to ensure nothing is pointed at it. When both the rear and front doors are lined up or when you open the front door and witness the home, this is a frequent poison arrow. In addition, the energy of the aforementioned causes to surge through your home quickly, which can be hazardous.

The sooner you realize that poison arrow Feng Shui on the front door contribute majorly to your life, the better.

  • The quickest approach to keeping a front door poison arrow at bay is to prevent the eye from seeing through the house, such as via a window. Too frequently, homeowners seek to block out the view from the back of the house. However, this method excludes the homeowner from the view from their windows. Instead, blocking the view near the front entrance is a preferable solution.
  • You should note that the goal is to prevent the eye from looking outside the house, which usually requires the employment of a physical device such as a screen, doorway, or curtain to obscure the view. Another alternative is to include a console table with large ornamental elements to help halt the flow of chi. Stopping the eye from straying out the back of the house is the single best strategy to save money and avoid unpleasant shocks.

How to Fix Poison Arrow Feng Shui By Integrating the Five Elements of Feng Shui?

If the poison arrow comes from a certain direction, you can employ the destructive energy cycle to counteract it.

If the arrow is pointing:-

NORTH: To block the arrow, build a wall or mound of stones.

SOUTH: Build a wall and flow water down it. Install a circular fountain instead.

WEST or NORTHWEST: If negative energy is coming from any of these two directions, lights will disperse it. Consider adding a red accent wall. Metal is destroyed by red (fire).

SOUTHWEST or NORTHEAST: Plant many trees.

Place a metal barrier in the southeast or east to halt the energy. A circular gazing ball, metal grate, or grill will operate against this energy. Alternatively, you may install a 6-rod wind chime between the arrow and your house or business. The wind chime will funnel and dissipate the aggressive energy.

The Front Door To Backdoor Poison Arrow Feng Shui

Here is a solution for the front door to backdoor poison arrows Feng Shui:-

  • A very effective way to stop a poison arrow is to hang faceted crystals from the ceiling between the door and the window or door at the rear of the house. Use seven crystals in a row if you have a door that aligns with another entryway.
  • In today’s design style, it’s all too common to want to be able to see the entire house or living room from the front entrance. While being open is admirable, there is a narrow line between being open and over-exposed. This is frequently a judgment call about what is open vs. exposed, but it is one of the reasons why so many homeowners struggle with money flow and the capacity to keep and increase savings. It is good to have a door, screen, or curtains hanging so that your eye is not permitted to go out the rear of the house to block the poison arrow.

Tips On Feng Shui Poison Arrows In Bedroom

Once you’ve addressed the external poison arrows Feng Shui, you should move on to the home’s interior part to treat any poison arrows. Most homes have some simple poison arrows which can be easily fixed. Here are some suggestions:-

  • Place a leafy plant in the region where there is a protruding corner.
  • Chandeliers and ceiling fans over the bed: Move them away from it so that it is not below them.
  • Put a pair of bamboo flutes with open ends. It should be in the shape of a tent or “A.” Also, hang a canopy over the bed that can’t be seen through. You can also paint the beams white. Move the bed so that the beams are not above it.
  • Rearrange things such as plants, hanging plants, tables, or crystals to avoid poison arrows.
  • Across from the front door, there is a staircase or spiral staircase. Use a tall planter, curtain, or folding screen to hide the stairs.
  • The Evil Eye is a common Feng Shui sign for attracting good luck. Furthermore, the evil eye may reject and make void negative or negative energy, protecting you and your house from unwanted consequences. It is a stunning piece of home décor for your bedroom.
  • A three-legged frog is an excellent feng shui object in your bedroom. It is the most potent wealth symbol. Get a three-legged frog if you want to be wealthy and grow your fortune.
  • The smiling Buddha is an excellent feng shui addition to your bedroom. It is symbolic and fortunate because it attracts positive energy.
  • Crystal lotus is a feng shui object with a romantic aspect that may be utilized at home. It implies that incorporating it into your house might strengthen the love relationship between couples. If you are looking for a suitable mate, you may add to your house to attract good luck in finding your love bird. Crystal lotus may also be used to attract fortune.

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Are Poison Arrow Feng Shui Effective?

Yes, feng shui arrows are effective as they impact every region of a person’s life. Poison arrows are energy concentrations that shoot at you like an arrow from sharp, slanted, or pointed things in your surroundings. This form of energy is so powerful that it “attacks” whatever it is pointing at; hence, you don’t want any poison arrows aimed at your home or yourself.

What Are Feng Shui Earth Cures?

Feng shui earth cures are those elements that can balance your life and add nourishment and security. You can use earth elements such as crystals, zen rock, and Himalayan Salt Lamps and decorate rooms with earthly tones.


We hope you have come to know what poison arrows are and how they can negatively affect your life. Thus, it becomes important for you to address the issue and eradicate these poison arrow feng shui at your earliest convenience. You have already witnessed the tips that have been mentioned in the article.

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