Feng Shui Earth Element  |  How To Balance Earth Elements?

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Feng Shui consists of five elements that are known to impact the environment and mankind if they are balanced adequately and one of them is the feng shui earth element. These forces are known to influence the environment and the balance of them is known to bring in positive energy.

The elements are listed as follows:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Water

In this blog we will discuss the feng shui earth element in detail such as its attributes, tips to quickly decorate or balance the earth element etc to create a balanced and positive world. Besides this, you will also learn how this element can be placed to maximize its benefits and also know about its various purposes.

Significance Of Feng Shui Earth Element

The Earth is the only base where everything exists and all nature flourish. It is the place where various activities take place. Thus the Earth is indispensable and without it human beings like any other natural beings will cease to exist and it is how its personality can be described.

Therefore, the Earth among all other elements has different qualities in it that makes it different from the other five elements. The significance of its meaning depends on its stability and physical strength.

If homes are filled with items made with earth elements and materials having earth elements, the residents can experience stability. In addition, the earthen items in the homes can bring overall well-being, boundaries and self-caring. As it is the base for human existence, it can also be the dependable base for the people residing in the home.

The feng shui earth element is also responsible to bring mothering features to the people that can help keep the people’s life secure and in a balanced state. Furthermore, it also lays out a deep and relative place to sustain the efforts to make the people realize their desired goals to move forward and achieve them.

The earth element is also associated with some powerful necessities like stability, knowledge and health in life. Thus an earthen element kept in the home brings not less than powerful chi around the home.

What Is Earth Element In Feng Shui?

What Is Earth Element In Feng Shui?

Earth element is one of the natural elements of nature, the others being  fire, metal, water and wood. It is known as the base of the existence of the natural beings since it is the base where all the natural beings such as human beings, plants and animals carry out various activities. Thus without the earth element, every other thing will cease to exist.

With earth elements in one’s space can bring the flow of positive energy making their lives peaceful. It also has the ability to reduce anxiety and relationship issues. Therefore, balancing the feng shui earth element in the homes by incorporating earthly things into the home can bring peace and love.

How Can We Strengthen The Earth Element?

It is possible to strengthen the feng shui earth element using earthly items. There are various earth related items that can be chosen to enhance and strengthen the element. Check them in the list below:

Use Earthen Materials:

  • Hang images depicting gorges, mountains, and valleys in your homes. Make sure to add images that have more soil in it than the flora.
  • Brown, yellows, sand and beige are the colors that are considered earthly tones. Use materials of such color or paint your walls with these colors.
  • You can use bricks to decorate or demarcate a portion of your home to strengthen the earth element.
  • Fill jars or bottles with sand and place them around your home.
  • Use a vase made with stones, rocks, clay and crystals. These materials are earth elements.
  • Use a terracotta flower pot in such a space where you often pass. This will encourage the earth element to strengthen.
  • You can add some accessories to your space according to your decoration style. For instance, you can add a brown rug to the space where you spend most of your time.
  • Adding earth-toned furniture in the living room is also a good idea to incorporate earthly elements in your home space. For instance, you can add a yellow colored sofa in your living room.
  • Using square or circular shaped mirrors or other items are the ways to strengthen the earth element.

Eat Earthly Foods

The feng shui earth element can be straightened by having roots or tuber crops such as garlic, ginger, sweet potatoes, yam, carrots etc. Adding these earthly foods into your diets, you can enhance the earthly element in yourself.

Introducing such objects in your living area and having earthly foods can strengthen the earth element around you. Besides earth elements, fire and metal elements can also strengthen the earth element. Thus, you can also add these elements to represent the earth element.

Feng Shui Earth Element Personality

People having an earthly personality are different from people having other elements. They can be identified easily since they are caregiving, gracious, compassionate, kind and generous. They have a fleshy body making them look firm. People with an earthly personality are occupied with thoughts that make them look worrisome.

If you are looking for tolerance, honesty, good temperance, and excitement, you can find them in the earth element personality. Also, they associate easily and flow along with the people around them.

It has been established that earth element personalities are introverts, and they exhibit qualities of honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, and steadfastness.

The earth people operate often with good support, harmony, quietness, and amazing organisational skills and they set their hearts to make a profit. Just like the earth, people have their strengths, they have shortcomings too.

As a result of the sticky nature of earth, it makes them sometimes respond to things slowly, slow in words and deeds as well, and sometimes become insensitive to new things around them, because of the slow response of the running vital energy.

Quick Earth Element Balancing Tips The Feng Shui Way

Balancing the feng shui earth element in your home space can provide you various benefits such as it helps the flow of positive energy, wipe off the feeling of anxiety and let in peace and love. Thus it also has the capacity to help reduce relationship issues as well.

There are various ways to incorporate earth elements to space in the feng shui way. One such instance is by adding paintings of landscapes, or mountains in the living area. And painting with earthy hues is another way to introduce the earth element. Some of the best ways to balance earth elements are listed below:

  • Add a yellow or brown couch in your living room.
  • Use earthly colours like beige, yellow, brown etc in your room either in the form of painting, bedsheet, pillow cover, or rug.
  • To add more touch of earthy elements, you can get a brown terracotta flower pit and place it in the space where you often pass.
  • Use natural crystals such as agate, tourmaline, or malachite etc.

Feng Shui Earth Element Decorating Tips

Feng Shui Earth Element Decorating Tips

The earth element symbolises nature, stability and groundness. It is also associated with boundaries and caring. That means the way we care for others and ourselves. If you desire to bring stability and other such benefits of earth elements in your home, you can add more earth elements. Besides, it also has the ability to fade away anxiety and unsettling feelings.

The earth element can be added to your home through these design elements:

  • Add objects made of stones, heavy, ceramics, crystals etc
  • Use flat and square objects.
  • Incorporate colours like yellow, beige, brown and other earthly tones.

You can also follow the listed ways to incorporate earth elements in your home:

Wall Colour

With earthy hues on the wall can bring a difference to your home and how it feels. Earthly toned colours give a supportive backdrop for the other decors in your home. You can try adding sandy colours to get a soothing and neutral environment. To make a more of a statement with your walls, you can also get wallpapers having earthly colours.


Though furniture is a wood element, it is also an expression of the earth element because the element is associated more with living green plants and the brown colour of the wood represents the earth element. So, while incorporating earth elements through furniture, make sure to get a heavy wood desk of rectangular shape.

Natural Crystals

Crystals come from the earth. Thus they represent earth elements. Within the various natural crystals available, you might be overwhelmed to choose one. So, feng shui experts recommend you to go for the one that is most supportive for you or you can choose crystals that have earthly tones such as malachite, agate, tourmaline etc. However, make sure to cleanse them periodically to wipe off the accumulated negative energy.

Ceramics and Earthenware

If you want to add more feng shui earth element in your home, the best items would be ceramic and earthenware items. Items made of ceramics are the representation of the earth elements that creates a connection with the earth. You can have ceramic dishes, vase etc.

Home Decor Accessories

You can add earthly home decor accessories if you do not wish to alter the colour, furniture to your home. Earth elements can be added through square pillows, brown rug, ceramic flower vase or dishes. You can also add rectangle or square shaped artwork or images in the earthly shades of yellow or brown.

Feng Shui Earth Element Crystals

If you wish to keep the earth element close to yourself, you can use natural crystals with earth elements such as citrine, tiger’s eyes, malachite, agate and tourmaline can be introduced in your homes. These natural crystals help to stabilize and ground people that can wipe off the feeling of unsettling. With natural crystals, you can invite more earth elements into your home or work space.


What Are The 7 Elements Of Earth?

The seven elements of earth are

  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Cold Energy
  • Warm Energy
  • Plants
  • Mineral

How Do You Bring An Earth Element To A Room?

You can add an feng shui earth element to your living space by painting the walls with earthly colors, place vase that is made of clay, crystals or terracotta.

How Do I Improve My Earth Element Feng Shui?

You can improve the earth element by having earthly or root crops such as yam, carrots, ginger, garlic, sweet potatoes etc. You can also add seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet.

How Do You Balance Elements In Feng Shui?

In feng shui elements can be balanced by using all the five elements such as water, metal, earth, wood and fire. Using earth colors such as beige, yellow, brown to paint the walls, and incorporating wood elements like wood furniture or a live plant in your living space. Besides, to incorporate water elements, you can add an image of a water fountain to add balance of the elements.

What Does The Earth Element Control?

The feng shui earth element controls water.

What Should The Earth Body Type Eat?

To strengthen the earth element, you should go for whole grains like rice, root vegetables and rice. Root vegetables like carrots, yams, and sweet potatoes etc. Get seasonal vegetables and fruits and don’t skip breakfast.

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Incorporating Feng Shui earth element in the form of earthly materials, colors, and images to the living area will bring you positive energy flow in your home. People drawing with challenges or people loaded with anxiety, the feeling of ungroundedness unease can be ceased with introducing earth elements in their life. Besides, the earth element is also known to benefit relationships. It also helps to create stronger boundaries and help you build self-care.

If you consider incorporating earth elements to your living area it can bring you various benefits by providing supportive energy to the environment, the needed ground to receive stabilized energy, taking our fears, anxiety and magnifying love, peace, generosity and making people more passionate.

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