Best Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars In House

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Do you have pillars in your house? According to the ancient art of Feng Shui (the art of creating a harmonious living environment), exposed pillars represent powerful airways that negatively affect a home. Have you found an exposed pillar yet? If you did, don’t panic; we’ll show you feng shui cures for exposed pillars in your home in this blog.

What Does Feng Shui Pillars Symbolize?

Feng shui has mystical links to astrology and has proved to promote overall well-being. It is still impossible to make changes to it. The four pillars represent several concepts. Each one, for example, represents a distinct entity, such as your time, a pillar for your month, a pillar for your day, and a pillar for your birth hour. A beast and an element are associated with your Sixty Pillars Cycle. According to the Chinese astrological theory called The Four Pillars of Fortune, the two sexagenary cycle characters allocated to a person’s birth time, month, day, and hour may disclose their fortune or fate. This concept is explained by the moniker “Ba-Zi,” which means “eight characters” or “eight phrases” in Chinese.

Why Are Exposed Beams Bad Feng Shui?

Exposed beams are negative feng shui because they cut like a sword into the center of the house. The position of these unsightly pillars in your house determines which aspects of your life will be impacted by its effects.

Here are some ways in which pillars inside your house affect you:-

The presence of an exposed pillar in the living room causes money luck to become negatively unbalanced, and you may experience bad luck, including poor health.
Pillars in the kitchen can make you irritable and ill, and your luck may suffer.
The jobs of your neighbors will be in danger as there won’t be many prospects for advancement if the flawed layout is on the front balcony.

The purpose of pillars and columns in a house is to distribute weight evenly over the floor. However, if they are built in the wrong place, they may cause injury to the inhabitants.
A badly built pillar may impede family members’ progress and lead to disputes. As a result, understanding the core understanding of feng shui for pillars and beams in the home is crucial.

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Top 11 Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars In House

Do you want to know how to use feng shui cures for exposed pillars in your home? Hold on tight while we bring you the best answers.

Make Use Of A Mirror

Placing a mirror on the pillar is one of the feng shui cures for exposed pillars that will assist in “eliminating” it visually. When utilizing this option, bear in mind that the upper section of the mirror must be at least above the head for it to be effective.

Buy Wallpapers

The purpose of using wallpaper on pillars as a solution for poor feng shui house design is to make it blend in with the room’s backdrop walls. This helps so that the pillar can go unseen from certain angles unless a resident goes out of their way to notice it.

Use Paintings

If paintings were hanging on the pillars, instead of the threatening “sword” through the heart, This, can change negative energy into positive energy. Mountains in landscape paintings are a wonderful choice because they are often auspicious and create a mountain of protection between you and the pillar.

Utilise Plants

Feng shui-compatible plants have a higher influence on energy correction and can be considered as one of the best feng shui cures for exposed pillars. Plants in pots are a common choice for freestanding or exposed pillars. Particularly around the corners of the pillars, It’s better if the plants are taller.

Keep in mind, however, that the plants should not be permitted to grow too large in contrast to the available living space. Even little plants at knee height might give some protection, which is preferable to doing nothing.

Make A Cabinet

Making a cabinet is a potent feng shui cures for exposed pillars as it permanently eliminates a pillar from space and an effective response to the issue of “how to get rid of bad luck in the house.” By adding a cabinet as an extension to the pillar, you can successfully transform it into a wall, and, as a consequence, the feng shui problem on the property will be resolved. The cabinet should be at least one foot higher than the person receiving the treatment.

Five Emperor Coins

The five Emperor coins date from the Qing dynasty, during the reign of the Five Qing Emperors. It is a popular belief that displaying the coins together can bring good luck and successfully combat negative energy. This is why, it’s frequently utilized as a quick fix for chi difficulties or as feng shui cures for exposed pillars.
Suspend two bamboo sticks at a 45-degree angle from the above beam to symbolize the Bagua. The coins should be facing upward. The flute mouthpieces can also be hung vertically, with the coins facing up.

Using Fake Firecrackers

To imbue the space with invigorating, uplifting chi, hang imitation firecrackers in a lucky red hue. Fireworks provide you with more good energy or chi, which helps to eliminate the poor chi caused by the exposed beam or pillar.

Canopy Treatments

Hanging a canopy over the bed under the beam in the bedroom offers visual respite and a smoothing effect, which reduces the strong, linear chi from the beams. This method is an excellent option when you are dealing with house pillars or with pillars inside your house.


Place a light beneath or near the beams. This creates a warmer qi environment and prevents the formation of an invisible force. If no light is allowed, such as in your bedroom, put a piece of fabric loosely over the beam to enable qi to flow freely.

The Buddha of Laughter

Any laughing Buddha is insufficient. The Laughing Buddha is most likely in the well-known stance of pointing up with his arms as if holding something like a beam. Placing it beneath the beam will necessitate it acting as a mountain, supporting the beam. Given the way the smiling Buddha is beaming, it looks like this task is far too easy for him, which is why this is one of the very effective ways to counter negative energy from the pillars.

There Should Be No Heavy Structure In The Center Of The House

The center of the home, sometimes known as the “heart,” is crucial in Feng Shui because what happens in this sector impacts all residents. So, ideally, keep buildings like pillars and staircases out of this region.
A pillar or staircase in the center of the home is considered terrible feng shui. Residents of such a home would experience financial troubles as well as stomach-related health issues.

How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

A pillar in the center of the living room is frequent. The common room is a location where energy may flow freely. Instead of having a single space restricted by pillars, a living room with pillars might be divided into two zones.

How Many Pillars In a House Can Be Feng Shui?

In feng shui, pillars represent the components that support a house’s floor. Because there is no such restriction for pillars in the home, the numbers 7 and 9 are considered auspicious in feng shui. As a result, they, coupled with the pillar specifications, might be regarded as numbers for pillars.

Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars In The North East Corner

A noticeable flaw is a pillar on the northeast side of the house. Being aware of pillars is like having a spike driven into our skull. Its feng shui design is awful. Your only choice is to lessen the impact because a pillar is a crucial structural element of a house. Cover the pillar with a mirror to symbolically make it vanish.
Do not let the northeast quarter become unkempt; keep it tidy.

Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars In Front Of The Main Door

A pillar should never be in front of the main entrance or feng shui doorway. There should be no pillar right near the entrance door. These serve as a ‘dwarvedha,’ and may be the source of the obstacle. Residents will face various hurdles on their path to greatness as a result of the front pillars on your main door.

How To Decorate Pillars Inside The House As A Feng Shui Cure?

A pillar in the living room is regarded negatively in feng shui because it represents a blade cutting into the center of the home, and the required efforts to heal this problem should be performed as soon as possible. Pillars in the house should never be taken lightly since, as previously said, they bring a lot of bad luck.
The ideal solution is to find a means to erase the pillar, either by eliminating it if possible or by concealing it with decorations.

Green succulent bushes can be utilized to hide or cover the margins. Remember to change the plants regularly since the negative vibe from the sharp edges and sides is so strong that flowers or shrubs can quickly dry up.

There is, however, a rule to follow if you wish to add plants to your home. First and foremost, consistent plant care is essential. Remove any withering or dry plants from the space since they bring sluggish energy into it.
If you find it difficult to manage actual plants, you may instead utilize imitation plants. However, some Feng Shui experts advise against it, so it is still a matter of personal taste.

When the sharp ends of the pillar are aimed toward you, it generates negative energy, commonly known as “Poison Arrow,” which is damaging to your health. To fix this, put a mirror on the exposed pillar to visually erase it.

If you utilize this strategy, keep in mind that the mirror should not reflect the bathroom or the front door. Furthermore, to be effective, maintain the upper section of the mirror above head level.

Make The Pillar “Disappear” By Using A Cabinet Or A Wall

If the money and room allow, you may add a cabinet or feature wall as an extension to the pillar. This cure will visibly remove the pillar from the image, resolving the Feng Shui issue. Plus, who doesn’t want the added advantage of your house looking more ravishing?
Finally, if you are looking for a new home, avoid houses with massive pillars since they cannot be removed from your house. If you already reside in such a property, you can utilize Feng Shui cures.


Pay attention to the specific arrangement of the rooms throughout the house when designing or purchasing a home, since an improper layout and “pillars in the house” might result in a variety of unfavorable feng shui treatments. You should also consider working with your builder if you are currently building your house or want to be sure of the feng shui pillars.

As demonstrated by the instances earlier in this text, If you find yourself in an uncontrollable circumstance, use the feng shui cures for exposed pillars indicated above for each improper arrangement or layout.

Never forget that removing bad energy from your home is possible, so don’t panic; we’ve got you covered.
We hope you found our blog about Feng Shui Cures For Exposed Pillars informative. Stay tuned for more Feng Shui-related content because we will be spilling more of the secrets of Feng shui pillars next.

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