How To Use Feng Shui Bracelet For Good Luck?

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Feng shui bracelet is known to shield you from bad energy and harmful spirits while also being very therapeutic. Wearing a feng shui bracelet allows feng shui energy to enter your body. Money, relationships, and health are all forms of energy.

Stay tuned because our blog today will reveal how to use a feng shui bracelet to create a joyful existence.

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

Wearing a feng shui bracelet activates positive feng shui energy in the body. According to feng shui, the cosmos consists of numerous energy which impacts our lives in unique ways. Prosperity, healthiness, and relationships all have their form of energy.

How Do Feng Shui Bracelets Work?

Feng Shui bracelets work by attracting the energy of certain elements. The water element is embodied, for example, by the famous obsidian bracelet. It is said that water enhances the energy of career achievement. Water also nourishes the tree with the Five Elements and aids in the flow of money energy.

As a result, wearing obsidian attracts wealth and career luck. For example, according to Chinese tradition, a Pixiu bracelet attracts money and energy. The Wu luo (Chinese gourd) bracelet promotes good health, and the Rose Her Quartz inspires love. It is necessary to understand the importance of the bracelet you wear to connect the energy of the bracelet to your aspirations. So you can take full advantage of it.

How Do You Wear A Feng Shui Bracelet?

How Do You Wear A Feng Shui Bracelet?

There are three steps to get your bracelet working perfectly. These are:-

  • Cleaning the bracelet.
  • Set intent.
  • Strive to achieve your goals.

Cleaning The Bracelet

Someone else most likely gave your bracelet to someone else before it got to you. It could have accumulated too much, dulling its effects. Make sure you clean your bracelet before wearing it to prolong its life.

As a result, cleaning the bracelet allows more aspirational energy to be stored there.

Set Intent

Now you need to align your intention with the energy of the bracelet. To do this, think of a specific goal you want the bracelet to achieve. This could be a promotion at work, medical treatment for an illness, or a certain amount of money.

Be specific with your intentions. Then turn that intention into an affirmative. For example, “I attract the energy of success. I will be promoted at work.”

Repeat this affirmation for a minute or two each day while wearing the bracelet. This will program your intentions and activate the energy in your bracelet.

Strive To Achieve Your Goals

Finally, put in enough effort to reach your goals.

Do not rely too much on obsidian feng shui bracelets. A good feng shui environment will make you feel like giving your best while receiving encouragement from the universe.

If you want to grow professionally, you have to act professionally.

If you want to be healthy, pay attention to your lifestyle. If you want to attract money and energy for your livelihood or business, put effort into it.

Obsidian feng shui bracelets support your efforts by directing the right energy toward your goals.

Here are some more tips:-

  • The Pixiu’s head should be pointing outwards, towards your pinky finger.
  • Throughout the day, keep touching your Pixiu.
  • Make sure you remove it at the end of the day. Place your bracelet in your living room, with the Pixiu facing the front door.
  • Allow no one to touch your Feng Shui bracelet since the crystals may absorb the other person’s energy and the Pixiu may swap allegiances. If your Feng Shui bracelet is touched, immerse it under running water. Then, before wearing it again, scrub it with salt.

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What Does A Lucky Feng Shui Bracelet Represent?

Feng Shui bracelets are talismans of fortune fashioned from wooden pearls and a Chinese coin of fortune that have been used since early imperial reigns to boost finances and promote happiness and success.

Which Hand To Wear Bracelet For Good Luck

Bracelets should be worn on the left hand, with the head of the bracelet pointing outward towards your little finger. Wear your ring on your middle finger. And the Pixiu on a necklace should be facing upward. Feng shui gurus often recommend wearing the bracelet on your left hand. This is because the Chinese believe that the left side of the body is utilized to collect energy from the outside world.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Bracelets

  • First, clean the body of your feng shui bracelet. Clean it with running water after removing the dust.
  • Then, on an energetic level, purify it. Cleanse your bracelet using high-frequency vibrations for the best results.

You will require the following items to cleanse with sound:

  • a Tibetan singing bowl
  • as well as a mallet
  • To eliminate bad energy from your bracelet, follow the procedures below.
  • Place your bracelet alongside the bowl.
  • Then, using the mallet, strike the bowl to generate the cleaning sound.
  • To keep the vibration continuing, rub the side of the bowl.
  • Let the music wash over your Pixiu charm. This will refresh the bracelet’s energy, enhancing its effects. This process should take 5-10 minutes.

As a general rule, you should cleanse your Pixiu bracelet at least once a month.

Feng Shui Bracelet Rules

Here are some feng shui rules you should know:-

  • Put your bracelet on your left wrist, as it is a fortunate hand. Your right hand should be facing your left ear. This is the hand that receives positive energy from the body. Wearing a black bracelet is said to be unlucky.
  • Wearing a pixiu bracelet on your right hand is not recommended, especially if you are pregnant or in poor health. Wear it with caution in the living room. You may, however, wear your pixiu bracelet on your left wrist and direct it towards the entrance.
  • If you have a Pixiu charm on your feng shui bracelet, it should be placed where it may be honored. It should be oriented towards Tai Sui, the year’s grand commander and the most powerful god in Chinese feng shui. Tai Sui’s flight path changes every year, thus in 2019, it will travel north, northeast, and then south.
  • Your Pixiu charm should be worn on your left hand. In Chinese tradition, your left hand is the “receiving” hand. The right hand is referred to as the “projective” hand. A Pixiu bracelet worn on your left wrist can assist you in absorbing prosperity chi. Second, wear it with the head towards your little finger so that the fortune beast may seek precious stuff.


Can I Wear My Feng Shui Bracelet To Sleep?

No, do not wear your feng shui bracelet while you sleep. The life force it contains may be too strong for you.

How Can You Tell If A Feng Shui Bracelet Is Real?

Genuine black obsidian stone and a golden metal Pixiu charm make up the genuine feng shui riches bracelet. It is also cleaned and anointed with positive energy through spiritual chants to increase its potency.

Genuine Black Obsidian Crystals

The first thing you should look for in a black obsidian bracelet is the stone beads. Black obsidian is a stone associated with the flow of money.

In feng shui, black crystals are said to carry vibrations that attract the energy of wealth and prosperity. Obsidian also shields you from the negative energy that might prevent you from living a wealthy life.

Consider whether the stone beads are made of plastic or conventional glass. They will not have the soothing vibrations of genuine black obsidian. As a result, black obsidian will not benefit you.

Don’t be taken in by these “obsidian beads” fake.

Pixiu With A Golden Metal

A true riches bracelet also incorporates a Pixiu amulet made of gold metal.

In Chinese tradition, the “lucky beast” is known as Pixiu.

It is a celestial creature that devours treasures such as diamonds and money, according to tradition. It scours the world seeking precious items to fill its stomach. As a result, many people believe that wearing a Pixiu amulet attracts wealth and prosperity.

This is especially true if the charm is gold.

In Chinese traditions, metal is the feng shui element that signifies heaven. Having the energy of heaven on your side will help you achieve your goals.

Gold is also the hue of abundance and good fortune. Feng shui experts recommend that your Pixiu be this color.

Real Obsidian vs. Fake Obsidian 

  • Inky obsidian crystals are jet black and have a lustrous appearance.
  • Sunlight is your best friend for finding fake obsidian. Hold the obsidian beads up to the light. It’s a glass block, so it’s slightly transparent. But it’s a natural product, so it’s not perfect! Shadows and impurities can be seen, and colors may vary slightly.
  • Obsidian usually appears slightly greenish in places when held up to the light. This is a sure indicator that the obsidian is genuine.
  • By comparison, fake obsidian is usually black glass, impervious to light. The behavior of these natural stones is not seen at all.
  • Obsidian is a natural product and expensive. It’s impossible to find a real obsidian bracelet for less than $20.

What Does It Mean When Your Feng Shui Bracelet Breaks?

The bracelet will break. This could mean that the amulet has already served its purpose. If it breaks, wrap it in a red cloth and bury it in the soil.

Which Way Should A Bracelet Face?

The head of the Pixiu should point towards your little finger.


A feng shui bracelet can assist if you believe in feng shui crystals, the power of manifestation, or the law of attraction. Yes, feng shui bracelets may help you! These Chinese Lucky Bracelets function best when your goals are aligned. When you have everything you desire, you make excellent partners. These bracelets can also aid if you’re having trouble due to an elemental imbalance.

Follow the principles to optimize your charm if you want to gain the benefits of wearing a feng shui bracelet. Whether you believe in crystals, the law of attraction, the power of manifestation, or feng shui, Black Obsidian feng shui bracelets are meant to function. But even if you don’t, it’s fine. Because performance in that instance is simply the consequence of hard work, deliberate goal-setting, and thorough preparation. If you believe in the power of feng shui wristbands, it is reasonable to say that you should select something that works for you and that you love wearing. However, feng shui wristbands do not work for everyone.

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