Wu Lou Meaning + Placement Ideas[All You Need To Know]

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In ancient times in China, Wu Lou was considered as a powerful feng shui cure for various issues. It is made using an emptied and dried Wu Lou to store liquids, medicine or foods.

Now, Wu Lou is used to cure any issue that is identified in your life by placing it in the workspace or at home. In this article, you will learn the placement ideas, and all about Wu Lou. So stay tuned till the end of the article.

What Is A Wu Lou?

What Is A Wu Lou?

A Wu Lou is the shell of a gourd that has been hollowed out used by the Taoist monks and Chinese to store medicine and food. In traditional Chinese culture, a Wu Lou is the symbol of good health, prosperity and longevity. So, Wu Lou is used to counter negative energy that is responsible for bringing bad luck and disease.

An amulet made of Wu Lou is thought to have the elixir of life or a miraculous remedy. It is depicted alongside Sau, the god of longevity. In modern times, it is found made of brass, metal, or jade painted in gold, black, green, red or pink.

Feng Shui Wu Lou Meaning And Placements

The Wu Lou represents good health, vitality and longevity and is pronounced as Hulu in Chinese. Its look is often compared to calabash gourd. The golden Wu Lou, pumpkin Wu Lou or Wu Lou is said to have the elixir of life and is associated with God Sau.

The traditional Chinese used them to store food and medicine. It was also used to fill water or rice wine while they went on long journeys or trips. The shape of the Wu Lou is the symbol of the union of heaven and the earth while the upper side is known as the heaven and the lower side as earth.

It has a coin with the Bagua that has eight trigrams as a cover. This provides people with good feng shui energy. When the Wu Lou is activated, it should be tied with a red ribbon at the part that seems the thinnest. This tying of the ribbon makes the integration between earth, heaven and humanity indissoluble. The Wu Lou makes the perfect gift for our close ones because in the form of Wu lou, we are presenting them longevity, vitality and good health.

How To Use A Feng Shui Wu Lou?

You can use it in various ways such as:

  • Place it next to the bed of a sick person since it helps a speedy recovery of their health.
  • You can use the Wu lou as a personal amulet in your wallet.
  • You can take it in the form of a pendant or place it inside your vehicle. It is said to attract well-being when placed at home at the Northwest or West side.
  • If you place this item with the lid open at the front door of your house, it will trap a demon or any negative energy that tries to enter the home.

What Is The Importance Of Gold Wu Lou Pendant?

The gold Wu Lou pendant might vary in size and weight or according to personal choice since it is an expensive jewellery. The gold Wu Lou is believed to remove bad energy also helps as a guardian against all harms and is considered very effective.

Feng Shui Brass Wu Lou Garuda

The Feng shui brass wu lou with garuda in the body of the Wu lou is used as a cure to dispelling illness, obstacles, hindrances and remove negative chi. You can place feng shui brass wu lou garuda in the location of flying star #2 to remove the sickness effect.

What Is Wu Lou Amulet?

The amulet is believed to promote good health and longevity in traditional Chinese. It can also help accelerate the recovery process if the owner is sick or illness.

In ancient times, this amulet was prepared by the Chinese artisans by hand. They used an elongated-shaped pumpkin and removed the seeds and pulp to leave it out in the sun to dry and harden it. It was then used as a vessel for transporting medicinal water or liquids since it is believed to give a long life to the liquids carried. In modern times, Chinese artisans still create it in a traditional way. So, it is a very expensive item.

However, feng shui practitioners who used it as a cure against negative energy prefer to use it that is made of jade, ceramic, wood or metal.

Brass Wu Lou With 8 Immortals

The feng shui brass Wu Lou is similar to a Black Wu Lou representing vitality, longevity, and good health. Feng shui experts believe it to have the elixir of life since it is made of brass. It also represents the 8 immortals that are tied together giving it a form of a fully open flower.

In Taoism, the 8 immortals are known as the legendary beings that have lived their lives in different eras. They have achieved their immortality by learning the secrets of Nature. They are believed to appear in the earth periodically to eradicate bad luck, ill health promoting good health, good luck, financial abundance, longevity and good offspring. These eight immortals are worshipped by the Chinese people since they came to help mankind.

Each of the deities carries an object such as Wu lou gourd, the sword, the flute, the fan, etc that makes a particular contribution.The deities came to help humanity by promoting glory, good luck in business, literature, military skill, integrity, discipline and love for others.

How To Use An Obsidian Wu Lou?

You can use an obsidian wu lou in various ways. You can use it as a piece of jewellery or place it on the table near your bed or on the desk in front of you. If anyone has a bad intention of you behind your back, it will reflect the negative energy back to them and it will get manifested in their lives that they have attempted to cause you.

Importance Of Black Wu Lou For Health

Importance Of Black Wu Lou For Health

Following are the importance of this item for health:

  • The Wu Lou black in colour represents vitality, longevity, and health. The black Wu Lou is thought to have the life elixir and is associated with Sau, the God of longevity from ancient times.
  • The black Wu Lou was known to help people who travel to keep them alive. They used the black Wu Lou with water or rice wine while they went for long trips or expeditions. Thus, it got its name as a life-giver and became the symbol of good health.
  • Sau is the name given to many deities in Chinese culture. One of the eight immortals among them  are Li Tieh Kuai and smiling buddhas in red robes. These figures are the different representations of Wu Lou figures. They represent magic because they can activate good health in sick people when it is placed on the table at night in the sick people’s room.
  • This can be added to the workspace such as the office or where you work most of the time to protect yourself and let the figurines absorb negative energy .
  • The black Wu Lou is said to conjure bad energy. It also counteracts the disease star and illness known as #2 stars. It is known as the personal activator that keeps people protected every time from the negative energy that might surround them.

Wu Lou Made Of Other Elements

According to Feng Shui Five Element Theory, the Wu Lou made of other elements can also be used. Therefore, you can also go for Wu lou made of rose quartz, wood and jade. You can place it in various areas of your house to get the most out of it since it is also a symbol of good luck and abundance.

South west Sector (Earth Element)

The Southwest sector is known as the love and relationship sector. You can choose a Wu lou made of rose quartz, to activate love energy in your life and place it in the sector covering the earth element. Rose quartz is known for promoting love and romance energies. Make sure to place it in the southwest sector of your bedroom.

West Sector (Metal Element)

Metal element rules the west sector that is known to promote the descendants’ luck. Choose a brass Wu Lou or other figurines made of other metal to activate the positive energy in this sector for your children’s luck.

Northwest Sector (Metal Element)

Northwest is known as the mentor luck sector. This sector is ruled by the metal element. To activate the northwest sector, place a brass or Wu Lou made of other metal in this area.

North Sector (Water Element)

Water element rules the north sector and is also known to promote your career luck. Use a brass or other element Wu Lou to attract the water element. Doing this, you can attract an abundance of career luck.

Northeast Sector (Earth Element)

The earth element governs the northeast sector and is known as the education luck sector. To activate the earth element in this sector, you can use a jade or other stone so that it can invite an abundance of good luck. You can also use a stone Wu Lou to your classes and while studying if you are a student.

East Sector (Wood Element)

Health luck is ruled by the east sector and it is governed by the wood element. You can place a wooden Wu lou in this sector of your home to bring health luck. You can also choose to wear a keychain fob for personal use.

Southeast Sector (Wood Element)

Wealth is ruled by the southeast sector. When you place a wood Wu Lou in this sector of your house, you can attract an abundance of wealth.

South Sector (Fire Element)

Fire element rules the south sector and increases the luck for recognition and fame. Placing a wooden Wu Lou can help fuel the fire element making the figurine more productive. You can place it in your home or workspace in the south sector. If you place it in the southeast sector of your workspace, you can activate the wealth luck.

The Sacred Character Of The Wu Lou

The Chinese associate the symbol of Wu Lou with Sau who is the god of longevity. According to ancient Asian legends, the god Sau carries a container with him to transfer the immortality elixir.

  • Buddha and Kwan Yin are also depicted wearing the Wu Lou. It symbolises the grace of healing offered equally to all sentient creatures.
  • In earlier times, monks and healers carried it while transporting their medications. It was used during the longest trips they took since Wu lou was believed to make the medicine effective. The healers and the monks’ belief was based on the fact that the amulet symbolised the union of heaven and the earth that is the human and the divine. These uniton is separated by the evolutionary path of sentient beings.

What Happens If Your Wu Lou Broke?

Feng shui experts believe that keeping anything broken in the house can bring bad energy and bad luck. Therefore, to invite good luck and prosperity to the house, the broken things must be discarded immediately. However, they also believed to treat the broken things with respect and they advised not just to throw them out in the garbage. Feng shui experts believe that a clutter-free home is where you can bring good luck, positive energy and prosperity.

What Is Wu Lou Laughing Buddha?

The laughing buddha is known to bring financial abundance and good luck removing bad energies. Laughing Buddha in his left hand carries a money bad symbolising wealth, happiness and good health. According to feng shui experts, the laughing buddha with Wu Lou can wipe out diseases and negative energy.

To bring good luck and wealth in your life, you should place the figurine of a laughing buddha in the living room at the southeast sector of the house.

What Is a Wu Lou Keychain?

A Wu Lou Leychain is a Chinese good luck charm that comes in the shape of a pumpkin. In ancient times, the shells of pumpkins were used as containers to store traditional Chinese medicines.

This is the reason as to why it has been associated with good luck and good health. It also makes a good luck charm to give to the close ones since it is known to protect them from all harms and bad energies.

Wu Lou Cure For Financial Problems

For a cure to financial problems, you can place it in any part of your house. You can place it in the northern and southeastern sector and it should be painted in gold.

Feng shui experts recommend a jade Wu lou as a cure for financial issues. This can be carried in your purse or car. You can even use keyring, as a pendant, or bracelet to invite wealth luck.

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How To Wear An Obsidian Wu Lou Bracelet?

Feng shui experts recommend wearing an obsidian Wu Lou bracelet in the working hand. However, many people believe wearing it on the left hand is a misconception. The hand you use as a working hand should be put on an obsidian Wu Lou bracelet.

You should follow some of the rules while wearing a Wu Lou bracelet

  • Taking the bracelet to the bathroom or while taking it should be avoided.
  • Avoid wearing it while you are sleeping. Instead keep it in a clean box while you are sleeping.
  • Never allow someone to touch the bracelet. And if someone mistakenly touches it, make sure to clean it with clean water.
  • The last rule is to wear the bracelet means to believe and respect it.


As we have learnt that Wu Lou has incredible power as a feng shui amulet that carries different meanings. No matter if you are thinking to improve your health, bring good luck, financial abundance, ward off negative energy, you can make use of Wu lou amulet.

However, to make the best use of it, it should be placed on the bedside table in the bedroom. You can also place it in your workspace like the office or where you spend most of your time working. It will protect you from all harm while absorbing all the negative energy present in the environment.

To use for protection purposes, the item should be natural, dry and should be cut in the upper part. Then use it by removing the seeds, and painting it with gold or silver color.

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