How Feng Shui Help You To Enhance Fertility – Quick Tips

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7 Best Feng Shui Tips For Fertility 

Best Feng Shui Tips For Fertility

Feng Shui practices can address fertility issues. So, it is best to address both the parents and the home when it comes to improving fertility using feng shui fertility. This ensures that nothing is ignored and that a comprehensive approach is adopted. Fertility Feng Shui cannot cause miracles, but it may create an environment conducive to miracles.


The northwest is the luckiest direction for a descendant. It is the first feng shui fertility tips experts suggests. Feng Shui practitioners regard it as the direction of “heaven” (and aren’t all infants heaven-sent?). So positioning your partner to sleep with his head directed northwest, sit at work facing northwest, eat facing northwest, and so on will trigger his descendant’s luck.

Although it may appear strange, couples should shift the bed so that the male sleeps with his head toward the northwest. If this causes the man’s head to point toward the door or causes him to sleep with his back to the door, try another option.


Personal Feng Shui is a strong way to attract positive ancestors. The KUA number may be used to predict the man’s “own descendant’s luck direction.” If the NW orientation does not work for him, the individual should work, eat, and sleep facing this way.


It worked for Lillian, so it could work for you as well. First, check that there is enough space outside the entrance door and that there is nothing in the way of your front door, like a tree, roadway, or another item. The entrance door is regarded as the “mouth of chi,” through which all energy enters the dwelling. So make this space clean, auspicious, and lovely.


The western sector is connected with children. As a result, it is preferable to avoid having fire items, such as candles or bright lighting, in this area. Vases, for example, are wonderful fertility boosters. Metal things, such as fans, stereos, or other electrical or metal items, can be used to decorate this area of the house, living room, and bedroom.


When attempting to conceive, your bedroom Feng Shui is critical. One of the feng shui fertility tips is that beds must not be located next to a kitchen, bathroom, or door. Televisions, computers, mirrors, plants, and exercise equipment should all be removed. This chamber should only be used for rest and romance.


Feng Shui employs a variety of feng shui fertility symbols, many of which are supposed to increase fertility. Some examples might be:

  • Dragons: When placed on the man’s side of the bed table, the dragon may lend a little additional “oomph” to the bedroom. If the dragon is excessively large, it will produce too much “yang” energy in an area, making rest impossible.
  • Double Fish: The emblem of marital marriage is the double fish. Display this on your bedroom’s southwest corner.
  • Bamboo: Put a single hollow bamboo piece in the north direction of the bedroom to boost fertility. These are thought to help in conception.

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What Is The Role Of Feng Shui In Fertility?

If you’re healthy and well but have problems becoming pregnant or encounter barriers every time you try for something, it might be due to energy blockages. Energy blockages appear in every aspect of your life and, if left unchecked, cause health issues, worry, fear, overthinking, and the breakdown of satisfying relationships. Feng shui is physically organizing and orienting components to remove energy obstacles in your house and every part of your life.

What Is The Best Color For Feng Shui Fertility?

The Best Color For Feng Shui Fertility

Orange has been considered the best color for fertility. It’s an inspiring, optimistic hue created by blending red (love) with yellow (happiness). However, it now affects approximately 7 million or nearly one in every eight marriages.

What Are The Top Fertility Feng Shui Symbols?

Making room for a new baby is an essential sign in feng shui. This includes getting rid of clutter. If your house is overcrowded or overrun with items you don’t need, now is an excellent time to think about giving, dumping, or storing your belongings. If you are trying for your first child, get rid of one-third of your belongings. This implies making room in your life for a child or a third family member.

Surrounding oneself with uplifting photographs and products that reflect conception, fertility, and children is another simple approach to drawing in energy that promotes pregnancy. Chinese couples who desire to conceive traditionally display a classic picture of 100 children playing in their bedrooms to stimulate pregnancy.

Other powerful feng shui fertility symbols are:

  1. Elephants: Elephant artwork with their trunks facing down is a popular fertility charm. It is stated that using a pair of elephants may revitalize a relationship.
  2. Pomegranates: These fruits have many seeds representing fertility and good luck.
  3. Houseplants: Having a healthy plant for fertility in the house represents growth and new life beginnings.
  4. Bamboo: A single piece of bamboo in the bedroom or residence will increase and enhance your fertility rate.
  5. Dragons and red lanterns: Hanging a red paper lantern on two sides of the bed or a miniature dragon figurine on the men’s side of the bed brings energy to promote fertility.

Best Feng Shui Fertility Tips For Having A Healthy Baby

Avoid using fresh flowers, floral cushions, bed covers, and wallpaper. Flowers represent the yang, or male, aspect of a plant in feng shui and might conflict with your partner’s yang energy. Also, when trying to conceive, keep the TV, books, phones, and other electronic gadgets away from the bedroom.

What Feng Shui Flowers Symbolize Fertility?

Flowers are high in Chi (purest energy). According to Feng Shui, certain flowers may draw happiness into your life, shield you from the evil eye, and keep negativity away. Therefore, these are generally regarded as Feng Shui flowers.

Orchids are a flower that represents purity, perfection, fertility, and beauty. It is one of the greatest Feng Shui flowers since it comes in a variety of colors and can increase joy, fertility, and creativity in your life.

Top Feng Shui Fertility Good Luck Charms

Following are the feng shui fertility tips:

  1. According to the Bagua 8 ambitions hypothesis, the sector to activate is West, which determines descendent luck.
  2. Keep a little figurine or picture of a dragon near your bed to represent valuable yang energy. A dragon tortoise with kids on its back can also be used to represent excellent descendent luck.
  3. If you have just married, invite a virgin lad of the Dragon zodiac to roll on the bed. Feng Shui practitioners think that doing so will give you a positive qi and result in a large number of healthy offspring.
  4. Pomegranates have been presented as gifts to new brides in Chinese custom for generations, as it is thought that the seeds of this fruit are equivalent to the number of male progeny that the wife would bear. Display a pomegranate in the bedroom’s West region if you have reproductive issues.
  5. Crystal jewelry in the West sector will provide valuable descendent luck and ensure a stable setting for the birth and raising of healthy, loving children. In this region, place a lovely Crystal Feng Shui Lotus Flower (Clear).
  6. Display a sculpture of a pair of Elephants with Trunk Down in the bedroom or West region for couples having difficulty conceiving a child. Simply massage the animal’s trunk right before night for optimal results.
  7. To increase the luck of your descendants, position a Laughing Buddha with children in the West direction of the primary family room.
  8. Display a picture of a laughing infant or 100 joyful children in the West sector of your family room to bring good fortune to the children in your house and to increase Yang chi.

Feng Shui Bedroom For Fertility

When attempting to conceive, your bedroom Feng Shui is critical. Beds must not be located next to a door, a bathroom, or a kitchen. Televisions, computers, mirrors, plants, and exercise equipment should all be removed. This chamber should only be used for rest and romance.

Feng Shui Fertility Tips For Conceiving Twins

According to feng shui, the northwest direction represents the road of heaven’s luck (or aren’t all children sent from heaven?). So put crystals in the living room and bedroom’s northwest sector to strengthen the celestial energy of this baby-making location.

The offspring’s luck, the male, is vital luck for reproduction and feng shui remedy for conceiving twins in feng shui. Personal feng shui is an effective method for attracting the luck of a prosperous descendent.

The personal descendant’s lucky direction the man may be determined using various feng shui calculating methods, according to feng shui belief. The male must behave, eat, and sleep facing the luck of triggering the Chi for twins.

How To Use Uncooked Rice Under Bed For Fertility?

It is thought that placing a dish of uncooked rice beneath your bed can boost the fertility of whoever sleeps on it. There are no further particular instructions to worry about. You may use whichever bowl you like and whatever sort of rice you desire, as long as it is uncooked.

Feng Shui Fertility Tips For Conceiving A Baby Boy

Avoid using fresh flowers, floral cushions, bed covers, and wallpaper. Flowers represent the yang, or male, aspect of a plant in feng shui and might conflict with your partner’s yang energy.

When you’re trying to conceive, keep the TV, books, phones, and other electronic gadgets away from the bedroom. These steal time away from what should be the room’s only two functions: sleep and intimacy.

Make sure there is no leaking or running water from the bed, as this also represents a loss of energy. You may have to give up your preferred side of the bed. A lady must be on the bed’s right side and a guy on the left.


Who Is The Fertility Goddess?

Parvati, one of the most important Hindu goddesses, represents Lord Shiva’s feminine aspect and is considered his second half. She is well-known for being the Goddess of marriage, childbearing, beauty, and the arts.

Goddess Parvati and Goddess Shakti are said to be interchangeable. ‘Parvati’ means ‘daughter of the mountain’ in Sanskrit. She represented the Himalayan mountains and was thought to be the daughter of the Himalayan or Himavan mountain monarch.

What Animal Represents Fertility?

The Peacock is a powerful emblem of fertility, maybe because it is known to dance before a rainstorm. In addition, many people associate the Peacock’s fan-shaped tail with the sun.

The tail is so gorgeous that it depicts a “vault of paradise.” The eyes on the tail are thought to represent the stars. Among the numerous symbolism connected with the Peacock in many different cultures, it is strongly related to immortality and fertility.

Do Fertility Bracelets Work?

Each Fertility Bracelet is made with natural gemstones that have fertility-boosting metaphysical characteristics.

We chose different stone combinations for each fertility bracelet to accommodate different worries and demands. Some fertility wristbands, such as those designed to help with PCOS or Endometriosis. Others are well-balanced in terms of overall fertility and emotional well-being. Each fertility bracelet has been meticulously designed for optimal benefit.

Charms have also been utilized in several of our works to represent hope, fertility, good fortune, implantation, and other things. For example, the fertility bracelet has a detailed note card, so you can always refer to its significance and metaphysical characteristics. We’ve also included a travel pouch for your protection.


Utilizing the feng shui fertility symbols listed above will create a channel for positive energy and open the door to a new life. While installing statues in the home, the elephant for fertility is the greatest item to start, and decluttering will be your largest step. Allow plenty of time for the task because results take time to appear.

The quick answer is that feng shui fertility can help boost your fertility, but it won’t happen immediately. It takes time to clear out, much like negative energy blocks over time. The best news is that it won’t take forever. You’re on the right track if you are not healthy and have begun using these guidelines.

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