How To Use Feng Shui Protection Symbols | Quick Tips

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Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placing the essential things in the right place to draw positive energy in the home environment or the office. It is a practice to make harmony with the environment. It is believed that if we can balance the spaces with nature with the Feng Shui protection symbols in the right place, we can create the best circumstances for luck and prosperity. For instance, the location of a tree can make a significant difference in its lifetime.

If it is placed in an area where it can receive sunlight and rain equally, it has the chance to flourish, but if it is placed where the condition is not suitable for it, it might not do very well. Similarly, with Feng Shui symbols, people can receive an abundance of positive energy from the items and make the best use of it to flourish in their career, health, or good luck.

Feng Shui Protection Symbols And Meanings

Feng Shui Protection Symbols

The Feng Shui protection symbols have their meaning from their importance. Listed are the important Feng Shui protection symbols and meanings:

Laughing Buddha: 

The laughing buddha is the most popular of the Buddha Symbols. It symbolizes peace, prosperity, good luck, protection, and happiness. The Laughing Buddha is responsible for creating calm, contemplative energy from its presence. These feng shui protection symbols should be kept on a corner table opposite the front door because it ensures your guests’ energy is positive when they enter, protecting you from their negative energy.


The image of 7 running horses or a horse is regarded as the feng shui protection symbols. Likewise, you can place a photograph or sculpture as protection from negative energy. Feng Shui practitioners believe that horses bring the energy of protection, fame, speed, success, and freedom. 


Turtles are regarded as the powerful Feng Shui protection symbols. It is because turtles are one of the feng shui celestial animals. These celestial animals are regarded as the guardians of good Feng Shui energy. 


Dragon is one of the best Feng Shui protection symbols  that also provides strength, and prosperity. It is known to protect from negative energy in life. You can place it on the desk in the eastern direction to bring in the Dragon’s Luck. It should be kept especially in any workspaces or in offices. But it can be pretty disruptive if kept in the bedroom. The most potent dragon symbols are carved out of metal. So besides, it is essential to keep out metal dragons. 


Bamboo is another best Feng Shui protection symbols that also provides luck. It brings good luck to the house and helps an individual’s growth, wealth, and relationships besides protecting from harmful chi. You might obtain a whole bamboo tree for your home, but you can also use a painting if you cannot opt for the tree. Bamboo in the house can enhance positive growth in every aspect of your life. But, you can also choose a wind chime. 

Foo Dogs

Foo Dogs are also one of the Feng Shui protection symbols, protecting from evil thoughts and negative energy. Whoever has it in their territory is possessed with only good thoughts and positive chi. Therefore, it removes negative emotions and helps complete the tasks smoothly that have already been started. You can place it as a guardian outside your office or your house, but it must be kept at a high position.

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Feng Shui Protection From Enemies 

You might have enemies in your home or the workplace, and people always find it challenging to stay in an environment that gives negative experiences or unwanted energy. To protect yourself from unwanted energy, you need to identify what protection is necessary. Therefore, be aware of the goal to develop the energy necessary for you. It is believed that you need to protect yourself by taking a deep breath for a minute.

Then imagine a shield of diamond wrapping it around you and sucking you in, the air producing bubbles in various colors as a protective wall. It takes only some minutes to regain the emotional, psychic, and mental energy that consumes your energy. It depends only on your imagination how you protect yourself from your enemies.

Feng Shui Negative Energy Protection

Feng Shui helps protect us from negative energy by improving the flow of qi in our environment. We would always look to the flow of healing and supportive energy instead of sick, stagnant, or negative qi. But where does negative energy come from? The negative energy might already be present in the home from the previous inhabitants, or sometimes you might have a challenging year.

Besides, negative energy might also come from negative attitudes, and this negative energy might be reflected in others in the family. Whatever energy you bring into the space might be reflected or mirrored into your space and life. However, you can stop panicking as fear and despair might create more negative energy. You can follow some of the feng shui negative energy protection formulas in your space to eliminate the negative energy.

Feng Shui salt and water is a powerful purifier that helps create a barrier against negative energies. You can perform the listed rituals with salt to keep away from negative energies:

Purifies The Home

You can use Feng Shui salt in your home to eliminate negative energies. Therefore, you can put a little salt in the four corners and the doorstep of your house to increase the house’s energy and purify the environment. However, you must replace the salt once every month. You can also choose to leave a glass of saltwater behind the door and change the water once a week. Besides, you must keep noticing the changed color of the salt if it begins to crust. You must change the glass if it changes its color or begins to crust. The change indicates that the negative energies of the environment have been absorbed into the glass.

Cleans The Home

 When you have a party or reception at your home, your guests leave psychic waste in your home. The Feng Shui salt helps to eliminate waste. For example, you can wash the dishwasher with coarse salt to remove the energy. You can also use the coarse salt to dissolve into the cleaning water, let the feng shui water soak in, and vacuum the floor. It will help protect your home and you from many guests’ bad luck and negative energies.

Purifies The Body And Mind

Feng Shui salt helps purify the body and mind when it comes into contact with the skin by removing the negative energy. Therefore you can go for a bath to purify yourself. You can pour salt into the bathtub to purify your body. If you do not use a bathtub, you can take a bottle, fill in water, and add three handfuls of salt. Let the salt dissolve in the water. Then pour it from the top of the skull and let it run down the body. While doing this ritual, you must visualize the negative energies flowing down the body. Wait for a few minutes, and then rinse yourself thoroughly.

You can also use another technique. Throw a nip of salt over the shoulder from your left to eliminate bad luck. Remember that doing the ritual over the right shoulder might bring you more bad luck.

Brings Good Luck In Your Life

You can also keep salt in your pockets to get positive energy and avoid negative waves. You can practice this technique when you go to a job interview or other important work in your life. This technique will help you reach your goals much more efficiently by eliminating the negative energies that stand as barriers. You can also ward yourself off evil eyes by mixing salt and black pepper in your home or office.

The other health benefits of Feng Shui salt are:

  • It helps to eliminate impurities from the body.
  • It helps to detoxify the body.
  • It helps to reduce stress and tension, providing relaxation.
  • It helps to relieve fatigue.
  • It helps to relieve physical injuries.

Feng Shui Protection Symbols For Home

Protection Symbols For Home

There are Feng Shui-approved settings and cures that can act as a protective shield to your home. You need to keep your house entrance obstacle-free, and it will open the door to the good opportunities in your life and let the good vibrations enter your home to protect it from negative energy. Listed are the ways that you can apply to protect your home from negative energies:

Strong Main Door

The main door is regarded as the mouth of qi. It is through the main entrance that the energy enters the home. Feng Shui believes that a strong front door protects the dwellers of the house from negative energy or unwelcoming visitors. Therefore, it is essential to check the physical strength of the door and the locks. The front door acts as a gate to your home.

It is also a barrier between the inhabitants and the world outside. It helps you to invite helpful people and their positive energies while leaving the negative energies out. Therefore, make sure the door is strong enough to provide enough protection.

Red Front Door

You can strengthen the main door by painting it in red color. Feng Shui considers red the most auspicious and powerful color as it transforms negative energy to protect you. In addition, red is believed to be connected with the fire element that interprets it as stimulating, energetic and dynamic.

Black Tourmaline Crystals

The black tourmaline is a crystal that acts as feng shui protection symbols in a house. Placing it in the right place absorbs negative energy and makes you feel protected from the negative energies, including EMFs from the power lines and electrical wiring at home.

You can use it in your home by placing it in each corner of your room, house, or under the corners of your bed. It creates a grid of protection for you. For example, if you keep it at the front door, its black color absorbs the energy outside the home.


In BTB, Feng Shui believes that Om Mani Padme Hum, a Sanskrit mantra, can protect your home if placed on the door. This mantra works best as feng shui protection symbols and it reminds us of the beauty within, like the lotus blooms in the muddy water, “the jewel is in the lotus.” It is believed that you can also place Tibetan prayer flags that have mantras written on the inside and outside of the home. In addition, you can also write a mantra on a piece of paper and add it above the door. Then, you will activate and receive the blessing from it every time you walk in or out.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

The Bagua mirror is one of the best feng shui protection symbols to protect the home. The Bagua mirror is round in an octagonal frame. It is decorated with eight trigrams. These eight trigrams and the Bagua areas are connected to the ancient Chinese divination text.

To use the mirror correctly, place it outside the home. Make sure not to place it inside. For example, if you have a sharp end pointed towards the front of the house, you can place a Bagua mirror to remove the negative energy. Remember, do not put the mirror that points towards your neighbor. You can even contact a Feng Shui practitioner to help it place in the correct location.

Hang A Bell

As per feng shui protection symbols, Hanging a bell can be helpful when you are not in a commanding position. It means that you are not in a commanding position when you cannot see the entrance door from your bed, at your desk, or while cooking at the stove. Hanging a bell can alert you if anyone enters or leaves the house. And in this case, a metal bell works the best. A metal bell is believed to protect you on a conscious or subconscious level.

Door Protectors

Many door protection items are put on the door, such as a horseshoe, foo dogs, green plants, green plants with white blooms, etc., As per feng shui protection symbols, these items are placed on the front door to help protect the family, which also helps invite good fortune.

Feng Shui Protection Symbols For Good Luck And Wealth

You can add these protection charms for the home to attract good luck:

  • The Laughing Buddha: It is the most commonly used Feng Shui item. The laugh of this figurine can attract happiness and luck for you. It is also responsible for energizing, healing, and balancing other areas of your life. You can place it on a table that faces the entry door to bring in happiness.
  • Crystal Lotus: You can add a crystal lotus to attract money and luck. People looking for romance in their life can also opt for a crystal lotus. Feng Shui practitioners recommend that you should place it near a window in the southwest direction to attract positive energy. You can also choose to place it in your bedroom.
  • Dream Catcher: Dream catchers are made of peacock feathers and are hung over the bed to invite good luck. Feng Shui practitioners believe it helps deliver good dreams while clearing negative energies. You can also add it near the door or window to stop negative energy from entering your home.
  • Evil Eye: Do you wonder what to wear for protection from the evil eye? Evil eye charms are used to attract good luck as it is commonly believed to buzz negative and evil energy from home. The entry door is ideal for hanging an evil eye charm where the guests mostly visit. Apart from warding off bad energies, it also brings prosperity and harmony.
  • Bamboo Plant: Bamboo plants are often called lucky items as they attract positive energy and are responsible for bringing in Wealth. The ideal place to place a bamboo plant is on the east side for good health, and putting it on the south side helps attract money.

To attract Wealth, you can follow the following tips:

  • Locate And Activate The Wealth Area: You might be pretty aware of Bagua Map, and there is an area in the Bagua Map called Xun position. This position is related to abundance, wealth, and prosperity. You can stand in the doorway of your home facing the in to find the wealth area. The far left corner of your house is the wealth area. You can activate it by introducing more green plants in the area. The plant is a wood element associated with the Bagua. You can also use purple accents to decorate it, as purple is related to Wealth. Finally, you can add Amethyst crystals in the wealth area.
  • Feng Shui Money Plant: A plant known as a money plant in Feng Shui is a great way to invite more Wealth into the family. You can add jade plants and Pilea peperomioides, two varieties of the money plant with coin-like leaves to welcome an abundance of Wealth.
  • Paint The Front Door Red: Feng Shui believes that the front door is an integral part of the home as it is through this way opportunities find you. Therefore, you need to make it more enticing. You can paint the color of the door red as red is considered an auspicious color. The color red is noticeable and can bring attention, energy, and opportunities to you besides protecting you, making it one of the best feng shui protection symbols.
  • Add Citrine Crystals: Citrine crystals bring in opportunities and abundant Wealth. It can also increase confidence and optimism. To activate the wealth area, you can place a citrine crystal on your desk to bring in opportunities of abundance wealth.
  • Introduce A Money Frog: The money frog is known to attract prosperity, abundance, longevity, and wisdom. It is believed that money frogs produced coins from their mouths. The money frog is a small figurine made of jade or metal. It should be placed on a low surface but not on the floor to activate it. If you choose to keep it, make sure you treat it carefully, clean it often, and set an intention for it.
  • A Bowl Of Oranges: Oranges symbolize Wealth and luck and are also a source of yang energy, which is bright. The oranges’ color and scent are believed to uplift and energize an area. Therefore, keeping a bowl of oranges on your kitchen counter brings prosperity to your home.
  • Chinese Coins: Chinese coins symbolize good luck and positivity as they are connected to Wealth and prosperity. You can string the coins together with yellow and red ribbons and hang them on the wall. It is believed that red and yellow are considered auspicious as yellow is associated with the imperial court, and red represents protection and vitality. Therefore, these can also stand as the best feng shui protection symbols.
  • Build Fountains For Wealth: If you add a water fountain near the entrance door of your home, it can bring more Wealth. It is because the fountain represents the water element. Ensure that the fountain does not run dry and clean it often to reflect positive energy into the home.

Feng Shui Protection Amulets

Feng Shui has different amulets that are potent Feng Shui protection symbols. You can find Feng Shui amulets in various forms like jade pendants, small gossips, paper amulets, gourds, etc. You can promote Wealth, good marriages, safety, auspiciousness, and help others flourish apart from getting away from bad luck. If the amulet is opened, it is considered to consist of intense spiritual power and can keep the wearer safe and bring good luck. It can be worn on the body and can be carried by constantly keeping them away from danger.

You can use it by following the listed tips:

  • You cannot open the amulet bag and the amulet. It must be placed in a clean place where an outsider cannot touch it, or it will lose its spirituality.
  • You can wear it as a form pendant or other in other forms, but if you find it inconvenient to wear, you can place it on your drawer, under the pillow, wardrobe, or desk.
  • If you have come closer to the physiological period, you must wait until it subsides. You can only open the envelope after bathing or after washing your hands. 
  • You should not sign out near outsiders or livestock. It is important to sign out in secret places.
  • If you wear amulets, make sure you are not wearing them while making love with your partner. Ensure you wash your hands before wearing them again after coming from the bathroom.


How Do You Protect Yourself From Evil Neighbors?

The gate is the way for everyone to enter and exit your home. It stands as the superior Feng Shui protection from bad neighbors. Therefore, you should not mistake taking care of your gate that will protect you from your neighbors.

In many residential areas, it is found that two doors face each other in any unit building. Through which air flows and people move, and in Feng shui, it is known as an air vent. If these doors are placed opposite each other, the gases coming from the doors affect two neighbors. Feng Shui believes that it is not suitable for living in this house, but the building is already formed and cannot be rebuilt. You can follow some tips to protect yourself:

  • You can use Feng Shui protection symbols items like animal heads, mirrors, or tiger heads that reflect intense energy on the door to protect from your neighbors.
  • A door screen can prevent the direct flow of air from the opposite door. Your neighbors or outsiders cannot look at your home directly, and it is conducive to protection against neighbors.
  • The door-to-door pattern of neighbors can be resolved by using five emperor money. It is believed that the emperor made money one at a time, then placed them on each side of the gate to remove the bad energy. But it is good to use real ancient money instead of crafts.

Do Amulets Protect You?

An amulet is an item, either natural or artificial, that is believed to have powers to attract good fortune, protect from bad energies, or renew strength. It originated from the Latin word, known as an item protecting people from trouble, as described in Pliny’s Natural History. These items can also act as feng shui protection symbols.

Are Amulets And Talismans The Same Thing?

Amulets hold power to ward off evil energy, while a talisman is believed to give power to the one who wears it. It does not ward off energy but gives the power to the wearer to combat negative energies. The items of amulets are coal, crucifixes, lucky coins, garlic, and horseshoes, while a magic rod, and a magic hat, are considered talismans. The talismans are generally made of gemstones and crystals. But both amulets and talismans are the lucky charm object for protection or good luck.


Placing the important Feng Shui protection symbols in the office or home can enhance their potential, helping them achieve success in all aspects. Feng Shui is considered an important tradition, and most people know its belief. Therefore, you can choose the best protection symbols that have some meaning and importance for you and your house.

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