How To Feng Shui for Health – Best Feng Shui Tips

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According to feng shui principles, your health area at home or work is as important as other areas like prosperity, name, fame, money, etc. This is because your health directly complements your other life aspects to give you a better, longer, and healthier life. So, your health area at home should also be organized as per feng shui.

Using feng shui for health can boost your Bagua and make it more appropriate for healthy living. Feng shui Bagua plays a vital role in your house. The health area supports the other areas of the Bagua since it is the center of the Bagua.

Top Feng Shui Tips For Health

Feng shui practices can impact your life for good. You can improve anything and even cure your health by using several remedies, methods, or tips. Let me discuss some tips one can follow to create healthy living around them for their betterment.

Sleeping Direction

We were always told about the perfect sleeping posture, but feng shui has a perfect sleeping direction for your health. So, connect with your Kua number first and find your perfect sleeping direction. Then, you can take advantage of it.

Learn how to connect with your Kua number. It will reveal everything about your good and bad luck. Once you find your kua number accordingly, your sleeping directions will be determined.

Health directions according to east group numbers are:

  • 1: East
  • 3: North
  • 4: South
  • 9: Southeast

Health directions according to west group numbers are:

  • 5 Male: West
  • 5 Female: Northwest
  • 2: West
  • 6: Northeast
  • 7: Southwest
  • 8: Northwest

Place a Wu Lou

Shaped like two bottle segments, Wu Lou is a feng shui symbol for health and longevity. It is being used to cure illness. Just place it in the right place and direction. It was first used by monks to trap spirits, and later on, it was used by feng shui experts or masters to trap negative energies.  


Clutter is an obstacle to any positive energy. Therefore, you must de-clutter your surroundings every day, every minute, to cure illness. It is said that decluttering your surroundings can boost one’s immunity and regain energy.

On the other hand, cluttering around you generates negativity and makes it clean every day. Cleanliness is not a trying part. You must keep it clean every day, spread good aromas and even decorate your space for a healthy and peaceful environment. Make a checklist every day and try to clean up and cover almost everything mentioned in your checklist.

Add Wood Elements In The East

As per feng shui, the east is the health sector of your bagua, and the element related to the east sector is wood. Therefore, you can complement this element by adding wooden furniture, show pieces, flooring, or any other item regarding wood.  You can add colors like green and brown other than wooden elements, representing wood. Then, add decors using this color to your wall, paintings, pillow covers, etc.

Create A Garden For Health And Longevity

The first impression is the last impression, and as per this context, the exterior of your house is as important as your interior. It must look attractive and vibrate with positivity. Plants enhance the interior beauty of your house, and a garden enhances the exterior, which looks amazing. Adding some ornaments, like feng shui statues or symbols, is an ancient technique for feng shui for health and longevity. Placing these ornaments in the north or northwest corners or sectors of your garden is going to give you a better result.

Feng Shui Items For Good Health

As feng shui is a good practice for prosperity, good fortune, money, etc., it is also good for your mind, soul, and body, which are directly connected to your health. Some people don’t know they can also use feng shui for health, like feng shui items. Using feng shui items for good health will benefit them and help them live a life full of joy and positivity.

 Feng shui items one can include for their good health are listed below –

  • Plants: According to Maureen Calamia, a feng shui expert and the author of Creating Luminous Spaces, the one thing that is a necessity in every space is healthy, green plants. She says, “Plants offer a way to stay connected to nature while spending time indoors.” They also serve as a reminder of nature’s restorative powers.” Additionally, they cut indoor carbon dioxide levels and may even lower the concentration of some contaminants, providing a host of health benefits.
  • Placing a citrus tree towards the southwest corner of your home is going to be beneficial for good luck and good fortune. But remember, plants under bad conditions are going to provide you nothing in preference to good, so keep watering your plants and make them flourishing and beautiful, complementing nature.
  • Flowers: Flowers provide your space with color, a ray of sunshine, happiness, and a positive ambiance. Flowers look pretty, and while practicing feng shui, one must keep orchids or peonies to themselves. They scent well and have a very soothing aroma that will help you relax to the core. Keep your flowers where you spend most of your time.
  • Good lighting: If we talk about good lighting, It is natural lighting, but still, it is not possible to have natural lighting in all areas of your house or workplace, so for that, you can use some artificial lighting to create that energy for your bagua. You can use modern artificial lights to magically fill your space with positivity and shine, promoting all your healing power and draining out the entire negative aura from your house or space.
  • The right artwork: An artwork regarding mountains is a good symbol for good health as mountains represent the earth element, which is good for health. You must keep artwork of mountains in your health area or at the place where you have most of your get-togethers with your family, like the living area or living room.
  • Crystals: Crystals can charge or add energy to your Bagua. You can place your crystals in the southeast corners of your home for better results. You can even hang them in the area where you get maximum sunlight so that when the sunlight strikes it, the colors of that crystal could burst over your space, and you can feel the energy growing whenever you see it. Try working out with ruby and citrine; they are the perfect crystals. You can even use it as a bracelet for health and wealth.
  • Windchimes: Sound is one of the five senses in feng shui, and it is also the part of nature that one has to feel and work through. The sounds can be anything that can heal you, like water, breeze, birds, soft bells, etc.; hanging a wind chime in your space, like near windows or doors, is a great pleasing way to connect to your soul. There are plenty of windchimes you can work with, but only select the one that attracts you.
  • Buddha:  Laughing Buddha represents warm, joyful, and happy surroundings near you. Placing a laughing Buddha at your front door facing your entryway is a great practice to spread peaceful and happy nature around you and your space, and it even increases the flow of money at your house.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are the reflecting symbols in feng shui. Note the correct direction where you should place a mirror, and whatever reflects that mirror according to its direction selected calls to be extended or reflected in your life. So there is clutter, garbage, and piles of something reflecting in the mirror. It is said to be reflecting one’s life. Else you can put it in the darkroom to not have too many windows to reflect more light. Place the mirror where light strikes it so it can strike back.
  • Photographs: Make one wall of frames at your house where you can keep all your memories in front of you; it is good for your inner health, but make sure it is not your bedroom. You must not collect your memories in terms of photo frames in your bedrooms because it is where you can completely connect with your loved ones and could even get distracted.
  • Fountains: The sound of flowing water makes one’s mind refreshing, peaceful, and relaxing and attracts positive vibes and good energy. Placing a mini fountain at home is going to grow your movement in life and enhance your health.
  • Black tourmaline: Quality sleep is a part of your good health. People are in a rush nowadays to compete with those around them, but they lack sleep, which doesn’t come under their good health. They are growing externally but losing their minds internally, which is not good. Create a healthy sleep cycle by placing a tourmaline next to your bed, and see the magic. It will help you to completely regain your mind by giving you a healthy and sound sleep.

 These are some of the feng shui items one must have, or you can select any of these items to reconnect with your health, mind, and body.

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What is Feng Shui Healing?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that seeks to harmonize people with their physical environment. Feng Shui healing refers to applying Feng Shui principles to promote health and well-being by aligning the energy in a space with the needs of its inhabitants. This involves rearranging furniture, selecting colors, and incorporating certain objects, such as plants and crystals, to create a positive and nourishing environment.

How Do You Attract Good Health In Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a method that can attract good wealth, great fortune, prosperity, abundance, etc., and along with that, a healthy life. There are plenty of feng shui techniques to attract everything good to one’s life, and regardless it also has something related to good health.

So, there are some Feng Shui tips for good health, and there are several steps you can take:

  • Place a healthy plant, such as bamboo, in the east or southeast sector of your home or office to symbolize growth and rejuvenation.
  • Position your bed in a commanding position to promote a sense of safety and security while you sleep.
  • Use the color green, which symbolizes growth and renewal, in the east or southeast sector of your home or office.
  • Place crystals, such as jade or rose quartz, in the northeast sector of your home or office to enhance personal relationships and foster good health.
  • Display images of healthy activities, such as exercise or outdoor activities, in the south sector of your home or office to inspire good health habits.
  • Keep the environment clean and clutter-free to promote positive energy flow and health.

Feng Shui Symbols For Health And Longevity

Using feng shui health cures everything related to it. You can use any of the symbols for your health and longevity. Here are seven Feng Shui symbols for health and longevity:

  • Bamboo: Representing growth and resilience, bamboo is believed to bring good health and longevity.
  • Mandarin Ducks: These symbols of love and partnership are said to bring good health and longevity to relationships.
  • Peonies: Representing good health and prosperity, peonies are believed to bring longevity and a long, happy life.
  • Crickets: These symbols of good luck and longevity are believed to be a good feng shui for health and long lives to those who display them.
  • Koi Fish: Representing wealth, good health, and longevity, Koi fish are believed to bring these blessings to those who display them.
  • Pine Trees: Representing longevity, strength, and good health, pine trees are believed to bring these blessings to those who display them.
  • Jade: Representing good health and longevity, Jade is believed to bring these blessings to those who wear it or display it in their home or office.

Feng Shui Gifts for Good Health

Gifting is a good give-and-take tradition between people. It sometimes softens their relationships with other people and even helps them grow stronger. In this context, people love to present gifts to their loved ones, then why not surprise them and make them happy by presenting them with a perfect feng shui gift item to cure and protect their health from danger along with your other gift items?

Here are two to three Feng Shui gifts for good health:

  • Jade: A symbol of good health and longevity, jade can be given as a gift in the form of a pendant, figurine, or even a plant.
  • Bamboo: Representing growth and resilience, bamboo is a great gift for those seeking good health and longevity. A potted bamboo plant or fountain can be a beautiful and meaningful gift.

The bamboo plant is one of the feng shui plants to improve your feng shui for health; one must consider keeping it at home.

  • Red Apples: Representing good health and vitality, red apples are a traditional Feng Shui gift for good health. A bowl of red apples or a painting of red apples can serve as a visual reminder of good health.


Quick Tips In Feng Shui Stomach Problems?

  • Place a salt lamp in your home’s east or southeast sector to balance digestive energy and alleviate stomach problems.
  • Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to promote healthy digestion and alleviate stomach problems.
  • Place a healthy plant, such as aloe vera, in the south sector of your home or office to stimulate digestive energy and alleviate stomach problems.

What Is The Meaning Of The Term Longevity?

Longevity refers to the length of time that a person or organism lives or continues to function. It is often used to describe a long life span, typically unusually long, and is considered a positive attribute in many cultures. In the context of health and wellness, “longevity” refers to the ability to live a long, healthy life and maintain physical and mental wellness at one age.

Which Are The Things To Follow For Feng Shui For Health?

Make sure to come up with cleanliness for these areas of your home while following feng shui for health tips –

  • Primary Element: Earth
  • Best Color: Earth-Tones/Yellow
  • Best Shapes: Horizontal, Flat, and Squared
  • Complementary Items: Red, Fire, Pointed or Triangular
  • Destructive Items: Green, Wood, Columnar


Using feng shui for health is going to boost your mind, body, and soul to the core. You can use many feng shui items like feng shui plants for health, feng shui paintings, and some crystals, considered good health jewelry. Practicing feng shui is easy but effective.

Feng shui also provides symbols and directions that you can use to cure your illness. These symbols are the most important factor in attracting good health and longevity through Feng Shui and creating a harmonious and balanced environment.

Remember, Feng Shui is a holistic approach to design and should be customized to meet the specific needs of each individual and space. You can connect to feng shui experts to get a particular feng shui bagua for your house.

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