How To Feng Shui Kids Room | 11+ Best Affordable Ways

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Welcome to our guide on how to Feng Shui kids room! Feng Shui is a blend of art and science based on neurobiological principles for arranging your home in the correct colours and directions. It is done primarily to maximize positive energy flow throughout your home.

Various things are arranged in different ways, and it depends definitely on the purpose of the area. In addition, your child’s room is the most crucial component of your home. As a result, you can follow Feng Shui practices correctly to protect your child and make them efficient. According to Feng Shui guidelines, this blog will discuss several approaches for Kids’ room Feng shui.


Importance Of The Children’s Bedroom And Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient discipline that discusses how people can improve their surroundings by adopting various directions and components principles.

It increases a person’s overall harmony and well-being by including tiny modifications in the surroundings.

So, if you’re wondering whether Feng Shui is good for your child’s room, the answer is yes. Yes, incorporating Feng Shui into our children’s bedrooms may make their lives much more comfortable, peaceful, and joyful.


How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 11 Ways


How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 11 Ways

You can follow the listed steps to Feng Shui Kids Room:

1.Toy Boxes

Toys are an essential item for small children, and they are usually kept in a box. Keeping that Kids’ room Feng Shui shapes box in your child’s room, on the other hand, might lead to clutter. Youngsters hurl these toys about the room most of the time since they don’t always keep them in the box. As a result, the closet becomes untidy and cluttered. You can avoid this problem by considering the following choices and making your child’s room a Feng shui kids room.

Use boxes or containers of different sizes with lids on to arrange toys. Make sure to take it away from your child’s bed because it attracts yang energy, which is detrimental to their growth. It is strongly advisable to store the toy box in a separate room, such as a playroom or another place to make your kid’s room Feng Shui.


2.Display Shelves

Second thing to consider for Feng Shui kids room is display shelves. At all costs, open-shelf displays should be avoided. They are thought to cause “poison arrows,” known in Feng Shui. Instead, always utilize closed-door bookcases or shelves. Glass doors are also recommended to reduce energy clashes. If you decide to install open-door shelves, consider the following ideas to make the atmosphere safer.

Use rounded-corner shelving books that should be placed along the shelf’s edges. Cover the edges with a textile item.


3. Wall Art, Posters, and Murals

Feng shui kids room with wall art, posters, and murals. Let’s see how and why is it effective.

Children frequently daydream about a variety of topics. As a result, they like to display posters, theatrical paintings, or murals. It is a fantastic concept since it allows your child to express their creativity and generate positive energy. Certain items, on the other hand, must be avoided. It includes the following:

  • The use of terrible pictures of animal savagery or predators in an aggressive position should be avoided.
  • Images of calamity, explosion, or battle elicit agitation and attract bad energy.
  • Images of raging waves or chaotic waters have a poor Feng Shui effect.


4. Window Treatments

Window treatment is an important step to Feng Shui kids room. Window coverings are critical for generating the correct kind of energy. Toddlers and newborns spend the majority of their time sleeping throughout the day. Therefore, they also require a suitable quantity of light for proper sleep.

  • Curtains or drapes must completely block out all light to produce a calming and restful atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.
  • You can use blinds to guide light in whatever direction you like.
  • Choose textures and materials that aren’t too bold since they don’t suffocate the chi energy.


5. Choose The Right Feng Shui Bedding

To Feng Shui Kids room, selecting suitable bedding is just as essential as using the right furniture, colours, and decorations for your child’s sleep quality. Soft bedding is always preferred since it supports the back arch. In addition, select materials for coverings that are appropriate for the season. Overfilled patterns and dark hues generate yang energy, which might interfere with your child’s sleep.

6. Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Another essential point to consider to Feng Shui kids room is their stuffed animals and plush toys. As previously said, youngsters are obsessed with their toys. As a result, they try to maintain them as near as possible. As a result, kids frequently wind up flinging them all over their room. It adds to the clutter and attracts yang energy. Parents should also place Feng Shui living room furniture layout with kids’ toys to attract positive energy in their room. You can also use a fishbowl in a kid’s room as a Feng Shui. 


7. Lighting Solutions

Lighting is another factor to be consider while talking about Feng Shui kids room.

The appropriate type and amount of light are critical in your child’s bedroom. For example, using an overhead light immediately over the bed might give excessive yang energy.

It may disrupt their sleeping patterns. Therefore, layered lighting is usually recommended.

  • If you’re going to utilize an overhead light, keep it on a low setting.
  • A three-way table lamp may be used as a nightstand.
  • Recessed ceiling lights are an excellent alternative for discreet lighting.
  •  Use a pattern like up-and-down on the bed’s side.


8. Separate Study Areas 

Do you need to consider study areas while Feng Shui kids room? The answer is yes. Study Areas are Feng Shui recommends keeping the study space separate from the bedroom because your workplace should not be in the way of your resting spot. However, the parents install a study table in the child’s bedroom. If you must place it there, you can use these strategies to lessen the yang energy in the space.

Create a space between your bed and the study table using a folding screen or any other type of barrier. Placing a crystal pyramid Feng Shui item in your child’s room that is in between the bed and the study table aids in dispersing positive energy. This way you can Feng Shui your kid’s room.

9. Electronic Devices

It is practically impossible to live these days without technological devices. Since the pandemic outbreak, cell phones and computers have skyrocketed. However, according to Feng Shui, limiting the use of these technological gadgets to the study area or playroom is essential.

They should not be brought inside the bedroom. TVs and other electronic gadgets typically disrupt the chi energy of a Feng Shui bedroom arrangement and disrupt your child’s sleep. Thus, Feng Shui kids room in such a way that usage of electronic devices can be kept to at least minimum.


10. Bed’s Position

In Feng Shui, the most crucial aspect of a  Feng Shui bedroom is the bed’s positioning. So always place your child’s bed facing the door. And make sure to place the bed diagonally against the wall. It’s also important to consider the materials of the bed itself. To Feng Shui kids room, it’s best to use natural materials, such as wood or bamboo, for the bed frame. Avoid using metal beds, as metal is believed to disrupt the flow of qi.


11. Music

Among steps to Feng Shui kids room, consider music is also become important. As while growing up, most youngsters listen to the music of different forms. Make sure kids listen to quiet and soothing music before going to bed (If they do). It is not advisable to listen to hardcore music at night while going to bed.

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How To Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom


How To Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom

The teenage years may be a challenging period for your child since many changes occur in their body during this time. As a result, they shape their character and establish a distinct identity among their peers.

A youngster will go through an upsetting series of emotional adjustments throughout this time. Feng Shui bedroom methods recommend various approaches and tactics to assist your child during this time.

You can alleviate your child’s suffering and give some mental stability by appropriately arranging his or her bedroom.

Common Rules which are needed to be followed:

  • The use of dark and blue hues should be avoided. These colors are related to water components and attract vibrant energy, which may be disturbing at this time of year.
  • Avoid red because it is associated with the fire element.
  • For a calm and peaceful tone, choose white.
  • Select wooden furniture for it represents solidity and stability.
  • Metal furniture draws water elements, which raises the energy level.


How To Feng Shui For Children’s Health

Keep your child’s room neat and tidy to enhance his or her health. Also, adhere to all Feng Shui rules to avoid the passage of bad energy throughout the house, which might impact your child’s health.


Can We Have Two Beds In One Room In Feng Shui


Can We Have Two Beds In One Room In Feng Shui

Two beds in a single room are not recommended since a bed is generally dominant. As a result, placing two beds in a single room might obstruct that posture. However, if you have two children, you may want to consider utilizing a double bed.

According to Feng Shui, many people use bunk beds, but they are not the best option. It is due to the fact that a bunk bed compels the youngster to sleep too near to the ceiling. And can compress their energy. However, if having a bunk bed is absolutely necessary, understand the following:

  • Bunk beds are entertaining, but they should only be utilized when the room is limited or your children adore them.
  • More significantly, if they love sleeping in it and are receiving a good night’s sleep, there is no reason to avoid utilizing the bunk bed.


How The Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Should Be For Kids’ Room

The bed is an important piece of furniture in any bedroom. As a result, it should be positioned at an ideal location known as the “commanding position.” In addition, it is the perfect posture since it encourages a night of restful sleep.

Your youngster should be in a commanding position where he or she can see the door. You don’t want to arrange the bed directly in front of the entrance, but somewhat diagonally, with the headrest against the far wall.

It’s done this way so your youngster can see who’s coming in and leaving. Someone should not catch them off guard.



How To Feng Shui Toddler Sleeping Area


How To Feng Shui Toddler Sleeping Area

Toddlers have a lot of energy and are most active at night. As a result, kids require a relaxing and pleasant bedroom atmosphere in order to sleep.

And Feng Shui recommendations for children’s rooms might be really beneficial in this regard. But, of course, making their bedroom attractive is also essential.

You may use light brown and lush green as color combinations because they are in harmony with nature and can aid in preparation for sleep. Another fantastic color combination for a toddler’s bedroom is soft whites or airy pale blue taupe. Finally, choose your child’s bed and other furnishings based on his or her height.


How To Arrange Play Area In Kids’ Bedroom Feng Shui


How To Arrange Play Area In Kids' Bedroom Feng Shui

We all have heard of quote “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Thus, consider playing area while thinking about Feng Shui kids room becomes essential. Let’s see how you can do it and what are the things you need to avoid.

The playing area is not advised to be located in the same room as the bedroom. However, if you have a child or there is no room for a play area.

Also, avoid putting toys near the bed and accumulating toys, which attract yang energy.

Another great approach to keeping toys out of their bedroom is to use Feng Shui’s living room furniture layout with kid’s toys.



Do you wish to Feng Shui Kids Room? As far as we can tell, your child’s bedroom is a vital aspect of your home. As a result, numerous factors must be addressed while organizing or decorating it.

Everything counts, from the bed’s positioning to the choice of wall colors. So be sure you follow the tips we’ve given you for getting the most out of your bedroom according to Feng Shui principles.

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