Best Chinese Symbols For Love, Peace And Happiness

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Do you believe that there are certain signs, characters, and symbols that can be a powerful means to resonate with love and happiness? Believe it or not, there are certain things that you can believe and trust. Various Chinese symbols for faith, hope, love, peace, and happiness work wonders when it comes to some of the most beautiful emotions one can ever experience.   


The symbols used in advanced Chinese are composed of eight fundamental strokes that have developed over a myriad year. Many people find these characters interesting and beautifully originated. Wearing Chinese characters that indicate harmony, love, satisfaction, and peace as neckbands or fascinating armbands is a trend nowadays. The walls of homes are also decorated with delightful and artistic calligraphies of such Chinese signs of love and life. And they believe it to add to the beauty of the rooms.


Not only this, regular practitioners and propagators of the Chinese characters for hope, love, and happiness believe that these signs have a more profound vitality. Therefore they play a significant role in welcoming luck, fortune, and auspiciousness in one’s life. They use a Bagua map as a correlating factor between these Chinese symbols, your home, and the nine areas of your life. Feng Shui practitioners believes that all of these helps to attract prosperity in your life.


Chinese Symbols For Peace


Chinese Symbol for peace


安 or on the other hand, “ān” is the Chinese sign that symbolizes peace and harmony. This image combines harmony with womanliness and addresses the possibility that a steady and mature woman manages an ideal home.


In the Chinese language, there are countless characters for peace. Different Chinese symbols demonstrate a variety of the importance of the words. For example, there are multiple signs and signs for each of the below-mentioned terms:

  • Peace
  • Peacefulness
  • Balance
  • Calm and serenity
  • Tranquillity
  • Peace of mind
  • Peace from meditation
  • Inner peace


Chinese Symbols For Love


Chinese symbol for love


“爱” or “愛” is the most common love sign in Chinese. It signifies that you love somebody through your actions and with all your heart and soul.

And as far as the expression “I Love You” is concerned, “wǒ ài nǐ” is a very well-known way of saying it without holding back in conventional as well as contemporary Chinese or Mandarin.


But, there are a few debates in China. The proximity of the Mandarin language is still viewed as nearest to the standard Chinese. And this is because most of the local people speak the Mandarin language compared to other languages in the country.


There is a subtle distinction between the modern-day Chinese characters and the traditional Chinese words. On present-day occasions, you will observe that modern Chinese symbols and words have fewer strokes, making it less challenging for people to learn.


China and Singapore uses these contemporary Chinese characters officially. And as far as the usage of conventional signs is concerned, they are widely used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and some parts of North America.


The proximity of both the conventional and contemporary methods of writing these signs can be identified from the following example: Traditional Chinese signs 我愛你。and and the modern Chinese words  我爱你。 for the same word.

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Chinese Symbols For Love Tattoo And Its Meaning


Since the Chinese compositions and the characters are works of subtlety and precision, they play a significant role in planning Chinese tattoos. The Chinese tattoo images have a feeling of secret, supernatural quality, and power. Consequently, people just perceive the tattoos only who have them.


The tattoos are remarkable due to their deep meanings and surprising excellence when introduced with innovation and creativity. As referenced before, the Chinese symbols for love “爱” or “愛” are widely used by people as single letters with basic meanings or now and then in the mix with various characters and varieties to indicate a deeper meaning.


Each stroke in these characters can fundamentally change the meaning and significance of the tattoos. For that reason, believers encourage us to be specific and careful about each sign to avoid any kind of humiliation and negative repercussions in the future.


Chinese Symbols For Happiness


As discussed before, most Chinese characters have at least two meanings for one word, similar to other languages. For example, the Chinese sign closely related to bliss is ‘xi.’ In any case, you can use this ‘xi’ likewise as an image of fertility and happiness.


You might be familiar that people decorate their homes with a wood pattern with the word ‘bliss’ on it. Similarly, there are varieties of the signs’ xi’ that people use to address elation and joy in China. You should also understand that the Chinese characters address varieties of words and expressions by mixing a few strokes to create the written language.

For example, to write joyful events that people connect with love, happiness, and connections, the image of satisfaction 喜喜 or ‘shuāngxǐ’ is usually used two times. You will frequently observe people use this character on wedding occasions. Feng Shui practitioners add this sign to different things that make them excellent wedding gifts. First, people view it as the most fortunate image of joy in the presence of love birds.


Besides wedding occasions, this variety of Chinese characters, which means dual happiness, which people use to engrave on home decors to add more to their wonderful love life. Newlyweds save this sign in their rooms for the same reason. Single people looking for a partner regularly surround themselves with this sign.


Another Chinese character is ‘Fu”, which is deeply connected with bliss and fortune. People generally sew on texture and hold it tight against the walls of Chinese homes all through the world during Chinese New Year festivities.


Japanese Symbol For Love


Love is that one language that everyone desires, and everyone must have experienced it at least once in his/her life. The Asian signs for love or the Chinese characters for affection are excellent and advise us that love can not be quantified.


The Chinese characters have inspired the Japanese language to a great extent. They use to compose (Kanji) by the image 愛 that represents love, trust, and reliability. Its pronunciation is ‘ài,’ as it is in the Chinese language and people speak it as “shi” in Kun’s reading. 13 strokes are used to create the Japanese symbol of love.


However, the English expression “I love you” is frequently used in various contexts, even in the Chinese language. But, in Japan, people like to use 好きです (known as suki desu) which means ‘to like’ a person or thing. Hence, the Japanese refrain from speaking about love but prefer to tattoo themselves with the Kanji symbol. They try to show their feelings by opting for creative and interesting tattoos by adding strokes and variations to these characters.


Chinese Symbols For Hope


Chinese symbol for Hope


The Chinese symbols of hope is ‘希望,’ and its pronunciation is Xī wàng. However, these Chinese characters were created long ago and haven’t changed yet. The Chinese symbols for trust has all the characteristics of being strange and the Chinese people paint it with the help of a paintbrush. Chinese people generally draw this image on white rice paper, following the long-standing trends.


Using a floral silk pattern, the Chinese used calligraphic designs to express their creativity and ideas on blue paper. To put tangibility to hope in Chinese letters people use paper and bamboo as decorating props on several auspicious occasions.


Chinese Symbols For Faith


The mix of characters as 信仰希望与爱 (spoken as Xìnyǎng xīwàng yǔ ài) generally combines the Chinese character for faith, trust, and confidence.


People use the Chinese sign for faith in various mixes with certain varieties in strokes to represent the English word commitment as 信仰. People use this sign also to describe the character of confidence in Chinese letters. This Chinese indication of love and faith is quite popular among the masses, and many people prefer to ink themselves with such a character in inventive styles.


Chinese Symbol For Friendship


友谊, a Chinese symbols for friendship, has a uniqueness of its own and its pronunciation as Yŏuyí. It consists of two main letters, which is generally not the case for others. Both the Chinese and Japanese variants of this symbol are quite a thing for tattoos. When put in paintings and frames, these characters work the best for home decor props. Combining these dual letter words seems like two friends bound together to give beautiful results. It is why you’ll find two friends getting a tattoo with each of the characters of such a symbol.


Other Chinese Symbols for Luck and Wealth


The most widely used Chinese symbols related to fortune and abundance for people in houses and workplaces is the symbol 福 (spoken as fú). This symbol represents favorable luck, and you will see that Feng Shui practitioners paints it on nearly everything in Chinese culture – wind rings, artworks, lights, pots, and banners. If you research how this character originated, you will realize that the Chinese signs and symbols, in reality, do have a firm foundation and life span because of their distinctive culture.


This symbol also signifies the God of Fortune (Fu), known as one of the best of luck divinity – Fu, Lu, and Shou represent karma, flourishing, and long life, respectively. The symbol has held importance for quite a long time in China. It has been used as a sign of beauty for ages. Therefore, Feng Shui believers continues to use it as an ornament that holds importance in society.


If you are eager to learn about the ideology of this character, you will see that it signifies the gift of the farmland. The ‘farm” has four sections and means the four bearings and four components. You will be grateful to know that you have this character in your life.


Other than this symbol, the Chinese also think about numbers as images of abundance, wealth, achievement, and long life. Therefore, people in China are very picky about specific numbers in their telephone numbers, tags, house numbers, etc.


The numeric language in China also has its importance and significance. For example, the luckiest numbers as per Chinese culture are six (particularly significant for business), eight (addresses riches and success), and nine (implies dependability). In any case, people perceive the number four as extremely unfortunate and relates it to death’s concept.


Zodiac signs are yet another symbol of love, luck, fortune and prosperity. Undoubtedly, they are eye-pleasing symbols that have deeper meanings and comprehension in their way. Such signs also stand for eternity, peace, harmony, synchronicity, and elation. Believers generally use it to add to homes, businesses, and temples’ beauty and positivity.


Chinese Symbols For Peace and Love


Feng Shui uses numerous symbols to represent these powerful words that add to the Chinese signs and characters for peace and love. We will discuss some of them in detail in the following points:


  1. The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The phoenix is the most notable legendary bird in human history, and still, it continues to be one of the most iconic mythical creatures of all time. In Chinese culture, people refer to the bird  as Feng Huang and consider it a prestigious fauna species with legitimate power for judging the characteristics of an individual.


The phoenix is a significant symbol of love, peace, luck and fortune. You will mostly notice these sculptures at occasions like weddings. People also know it a symbol of a fresh start. The bird seeks to hide during unpleasant circumstances, and its appearance flags the beginning of a new and prosperous period.


  1. Mandarin Duck Statue

Mandarin Duck Statue

The Chinese accept that mandarin ducks mate for life. The main symbol of elation, commitment and sentiment in Asian culture, the mandarin duck, is the necklace of lovebirds in the West. Auspicious occasions like weddings, festivities, and family ceremonies are incomplete without the reference to the Mandarin Duck Statue, an Asian symbol of love, peace and happiness.


This symbol originated from various legendary events. One such event tells about a man who reconsidered his decision of divorcing his wife when he saw two mandarin ducks, which reminded him of the beautiful moments he spent with his better half. And since then, people calls this Asian symbol of love as the charm of adoration.


  1. Lotus Blossom 

Lotus Blossom

The Lotus Flower grows in the holy mud far away from the sun. But, the Lotus grows up to be the most breathtaking and excellent blossom of all time. Many societies respect the Lotus blossom, particularly in Asian religions, as an image of peace, light, self-recovery and love. Its characteristics set ideal human beings: the Lotus delivers the most lovely blossom even when underlying foundations are in the dirtiest waters.


The Lotus is the supreme of blossoms according to the viewpoint of Chinese culture. The early Chinese men worshiped the sacred flower to symbolize peace, purity and elegance. Hence they personified Lotus with honorable and courteous men.


  1. Pair of Lions

Pair of Chinese Guardian Lions

Pair of Chinese guardian lions are common symbols at the entrances of Chinese hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. Placing or constructing them in the front of the houses symbolizes “warriors” living at the respective place. These statues are associated with wealth and symbolize power, protection, riches, strength and wealth.

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  1. Pair of Magpie

Pair of Magpie

A pair of Magpie holds significant status in Asian societies as an image of bliss and fortune. They are even the national bird of Korea. This bird is also associated with legends and stories regarding favorable beginnings to effective, profound and deep connections. Newlyweds can decorate frames that depict a pair of magpies on the walls. It helps to attract love, affection and mutual trust between two souls.




With the different Chinese symbols for love, peace and happiness, you can create an environment to attract the chi energy. Placing the right symbols in the right place reinforces the positive energy in people’s lives. Besides, it also reveals how wonderfully the designs and objects attract peace and happiness in one’s life.

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