Leverage Good Luck Charms | How to Attract Good Luck In Career

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What Are Good Luck Charms?

What Are Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms are an amulet or other object that is thought to bring good fortune. Good luck charms may be made out of almost any object. Because of the positive connections they create, coins and buttons are examples, as are little things given as presents. Many people have lucky jewelry or artifacts that mean a lot to them. Still, there have always been objects or creatures nearly universally considered to bring good luck throughout many cultures and history. Because we have such a strong attachment to these ancient good luck charms, Lily Charmed has created exquisite jewelry for you to wear on charm necklaces or charm bracelets to bring good luck with you.

How To Use Feng Shui Good Luck Charms For Career Growth?

You can use good luck charms by the following ways:

Make Use Of Lights

First let’s understand how to use lights to boost good luck charms for career. Place a light in the southern portion of your home office or study if your business scenario needs a boost. It will boost your professional reputation. If your lamp is red, it may also assist you in obtaining a promotion.

Be Mindful Of The Entrance

Entrance of your house or office also play an essential role when it comes to enhancing good luck charms for career growth. Keep your house and business entrances clean and clutter-free, and add a black floor mat to activate the water element, which attracts riches.

Avoid Mirror In Ofiice

Mirrors reflect everything in front of them, and putting one in front of your workstation may end up increasing your stress. But, on the other hand, if you work in front of it, it may merely add to your task, and if your desk is a mess, don’t even get us started. 

The Power Of Plants

Plants are entities that keep the air fresh and are thought to generate a lot of chi. Having plants in your office is one of the most frequent Feng Shui advice. The fortunate bamboo, peace lily, Chinese money plant, and jade plant are all wonderful office plants.

Any plant with thorns or an overabundance of blossoms is inappropriate for the office since it might bring negativity. Plastic plants, too, should be avoided.

Feng Shui Rules For Career growth

If your career is always bothering you and you are unable to relax, you have come to the correct spot; we are here to assist you. Whether it’s a job, a promotion, or office politics, anything may be fixed and remedied by using hidden luck to increase possibilities.

Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art and science, has the power to transform bad luck into good luck. To grasp its philosophy, you may read a full guide on Feng Shui rules For Career growth Tips & Tricks.

Here Are Some Methods And Strategies For Bringing Hidden Luck Into Your Career.

Some Methods And Strategies For Bringing Hidden Luck Into Your Career.

Get familiarized with the following methods to bring out the hidden luck in your career:

1. Turn On The North Water Components In A Feng Shui Race Track

The direction of the compass that regulates the races is north. The chi energy that lies here, if engaged, may assist and strengthen your professional endeavors. The water element rules the northern section.

You must activate this element in order to receive treatment and a career enhancer or even to rectify a career that has deviated from the path. Activating the water element will bring you better luck in your work.

2. Water Feature Proper Placement- Fountains, Aquariums

Install an aquarium with Koi fish, Arowana, eight redfish, and a blackfish on the north wall (you can also add other fish). Keep the aquarium clean at all times. Remove and replace any deceased fish as soon as possible.

3. Painting And Drawing By Hanging

On the north wall, hang a picture or a fortunate painting of a waterfall.

Display a photograph or a picture of a twisting and winding stream or a stream that flows towards you, never far away. Photos or paintings depicting stationary bodies of water should not be used since they can become stagnant water.

4. Using The Kua Number, Locate Your Home Office.

If you have a home office and your career is not going well, double-check the compass address where your workplace is located. While the northern sector’s professional luck guidelines do not necessarily imply that you should put your office there.

5. Your Workstation Is Pointing You In The Right Direction.

Determine your Kua number and choose your success address (sheng chi). You should sit at this address when working at your business or home office. If you are unable to sit at this address, choose your personal address (fu Wei). It is an extremely lucky address only for you.

Feng Shui Good Luck Charms For Career

Feng Shui Good Luck Charms For Career

Following are the good luck charms for a career. 

  • Windchimes– The auspicious sound calms and composes the area, allowing for improved study and concentration.
  • Dreamcatcher– Hang a dreamcatcher in front of your desk or your bedroom. It attracts and fulfills wishes.
  • Buddha Laughing– Buddha symbolizes a prosperous, happy, and healthy existence.
  • Money riches bowl– It attracts plenty in our lives and makes the future prosperous.
  • Keep a three-legged frog on your work or study table for good luck.
  • The lucky Money tree– the money tree attracts good fortune.
  • Working compass charm– It was used to properly interpret directions to set all fortunate charms in the appropriate direction.

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Feng Shui Good Luck Charms That Work

These goods represent strength, optimism, and luxury. Keeping them at home, at your desk, or in your business, where your eyes are drawn to them, stimulates energetic feelings in your brain.

Without you even recognizing it, this shifts your thinking in a very good way in all aspects of your life. However, simply keeping these artifacts on your desk without recognizing their capabilities will not provide you with all the advantages. Because in such a situation, your subconscious mind would not detect positivity. So you have to believe in it and make a good luck charm that works. 

How To Cleanse Good Luck Charms

Cleaning is an important step in recharging the amulet. To Clean lucky charms, use fresh water, sage, and incense, and place the charm in sunshine and moonlight. You can refer following suggestions to clean your lucky charms–  

  • Choose a high-energy time of day to energize/activate your feng shui treatment (between 11 AM and 1 PM).
  • During the waxing cycle of the moon, the optimal time to activate a feng shui treatment is (between the new and full moon).

How Can I Bring Good Luck To My Career?

Feng shui may help a stagnant job due to a lack of promotion or office policies. Whether you’re looking for a new job, changing careers, or simply want a small boost in your already successful career. You can benefit from feng shui guidance. Whether it’s gaining a promotion, resolving a business problem, or closing a big sale, a little Feng Shui may make a big difference. There are Feng Shui things for job advancement, as well as recommendations on the ideal colors and locations of objects that might benefit you, like a Feng shui dragon, goldfish, the dragon ship, etc. 

Feng Shui Good Luck Charms For Home

Feng Shui Good Luck Charm For Home

The following are some feng shui symbols of good fortune that bring various forms of luck to your property.

The Bamboo Of Fortune

A bamboo of fortune is one of the good luck charms used in Feng Shui for homes. Depending on the number of stems in your arrangement, this plant has a variety of good luck connotations. Place a lucky bamboo in your home’s southeast or east corner to increase your luck.

Bullion In Gold

Keep gold bullion in the southeast quadrant of your house or business to increase your chances of prosperity. 

A turtle dragon in the northern sector of your house or business attracts prosperity and is a good luck sign.

How Do I Activate My Feng Shui Career Area?

How Do I Activate My Feng Shui Career Area

Water fountains, aquariums, and glass things are all excellent additions to the Career area. The irregular design of the flowers, along with the deep blue background color, make this rug an excellent addition to the Career gua.


What Are The Best Lucky Charms To Wear?

What Are The Best Lucky Charms To Wear

Many lucky items of jewelry, such as feng shui bracelets, necklaces, rings, and evil eyes, can be worn, and you can also use the following things to wear in the following way- 

  • Birthstones: Wear your birthstone as jewelry or a keychain.
  • Chinese zodiac sign: You may utilize your Chinese zodiac sign (animal) in various ways, such as a necklace, wall art, or keychain fob. It can also act as a guardian animal to keep you safe.
  • The Kua number is one of your most potent good luck symbols. Wear or carry your Kua number as a potent good luck sign, display it in your automobile, or set it on your home office desk.

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How Can I Improve My Career In Bagua?

The Bagua Map, a key Feng Shui tool, shows the vital energy, or Ch’i, in nine primary areas of your life. Bagua’s grid, similar to a tic tac toe board, is laid over your home’s floor plan to mark each region. For example, the Career area, or gua, is located in the middle third of the front of your home as you stand at your front entrance facing inside. Create your own Bagua Map to begin harnessing the knowledge of this fantastic resource.


Feng Shui is an old art and science that, when employed properly, can work miracles in many aspects of your life, but your KARMA comes first. Feng Shui does not have a magical stick for enhancing life characteristics, but you must first believe in the art and yourself before using it in your life. Then, you can try these Feng Shui lucky charms and let us know how they work for you.


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