Guide On Lucky And Unlucky Feng Shui House Numbers

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In China, Feng Shui house numbers are often predict whether a person would buy a home. For example, eight and nine are two fortunate Chinese numbers for a house.

In Chinese cultures, numbers play a crucial part. It is often a subconscious reaction like the number 13. It is considered an unlucky number in many cultures, yet in Chinese culture, it sounds like the term for long life. However, if you take numerology a step further for Feng Shui house numbers, 1 + 3 equals 4, you’re back to the unlucky number 4. Now you are able to see that it can either be a game or has the potential to go insane. So take a step back and explore the reasoning behind house numbers.

Significance Of Lucky And Unlucky Feng Shui House Numbers

Feng Shui numerology analyzes a number’s inner energy and its use for optimal harmony. The house’s feng shui numerology notifies us about its vibration and energy load, which isn’t always as excellent as we’d want.

Feng shui, on the other hand, helps us equalize this energy by applying ornamental components, but most importantly, significant colors on walls and varied aspects. Good energy flow may be promoted by mixing home energy with Feng Shui.

Theory Behind Lucky Feng Shui House Numbers

Theory Behind Lucky Feng Shui House Numbers

For example, if you reside in 2542, put them up as follows: 2 + 5 + 4 + 2 = 13.

If the output is a two-digit number, like in this example, repeat the process: 1 + 3 = 4. In this scenario, four is the Feng Shui prime number. Thus that is the one we will use for your home’s feng shui numerology.

As you have received your address numbers, you can open your home to luck, love, and positive energy by employing Housing Numerology. Consider hanging these pieces (in pairs) at your home’s southern entrance.

Let’s look at which ones might be acceptable for your home.

Numerology House Number 1

As per Feng Shui house numbers 1 is often associated with the energy of new beginnings, creativity, and leadership. Decorate with earth tones and red accents in all of their variations. These colors represent fire, passion, and new beginnings. However, they must be combined to balance the energy of Feng Shui number one, which may represent selfishness, loneliness, and a sense of separation from the people who live in this house.

House Number 2 In Feng Shui

As per Feng Shui house numbers 2 is often associated with balance, harmony, and partnership.  Take advantage of the orange hue and its variations for décor (lighter, darker). Orange is a hue that will assist the residents of House #2 in relaxing more and having more enjoyable experiences every day. In addition, the utilization of exposed brick walls will bring the space to life even more.

Feng Shui House Number 3

As per Feng Shui house numbers 3 is often associated with creativity, self-expression, and growth. The home having the number 3 is a home that requires much energy, which generally manifests as money. Use pale beige, gold, and gold hues to produce better financial stability, as well as more wealth and balance.

House Number 4 In Feng Shui

As per Feng Shui house numbers 4 is often associated with negative energy and considered an inauspicious number.  It is stated that home number four has the four cardinal points within it, which is why feng shui suggests incorporating the four elements: we may use red (fire), plants (wood), metallic hues (metal), and a small fountain (water).

Feng Shui House Number 5 Meaning

As per Feng Shui house numbers, 5 is often associated with the element of Earth and the energy of stability and grounding. It is a lucky house number, according to Feng Shui. Therefore, you must incorporate components and colors that symbolize the earth element into the decorating; this will help you unleash the power of the number 5 and provide stronger impulse and reaction to its people.

House Number 6 In Feng Shui

As per Feng Shui house numbers 6 is often associated with harmony, balance, and nurturing energy. Although it is one of the greatest home numerologies, house six may also bring nostalgia and, depending on the residents’ propensity, depression. As a result, using fresh and warm hues, as well as the blue color, will help balance the energies and prevent negative sensations.

Feng Shui House Number 7

As per Feng Shui house numbers  7 is often associated with spiritual growth, introspection, and intellectual pursuits. We must be cautious about the colors we choose and blend judiciously since the energy of the number 7 is incredibly spiritual and powerful. Therefore, limit using the hues like purple, lilac, and indigo; use them sparingly.

Feng Shui House Number 8

As per Feng Shui house numbers 8 is often associated with prosperity, abundance, and success. All the hues that complement the purple color will help balance the spiritual and material energy, allowing us to have the benefit of the finances offered by a house 8 without losing sight of our soul and kindness.

Feng Shui House Number 9 Meaning

As per Feng Shui house numbers 9 is often associated with completion, transformation, and humanitarianism. Light colors such as white, sand, and beige should be used. They are energetic, and the vigorous tones will compensate for the compassion this house exudes. In addition, it will assist you in keeping your mind conscious, so you do not waste your money.

Role Of Numbers In Feng Shui

As per Feng Shui house numbers The Chinese state that some numbers can help you by drawing particular energies. Certain numbers can attract good fortune, while others can bring bad luck. Feng shui is all about balancing the positive and negative energies, so it stands to reason that the philosophy should include both aspects of numbers. Other numbers can have the opposite effect.

Choosing Your New House Numbers For Auspicious Feng Shui

You can go looking for home hunting without fear as you know what you should check for in feng shui house numbers for the house. But remember only one rule: when you get the perfect house, but the numbers aren’t favorable. Then, you can still have your dream house if you use this circle remedy.

According to the number’s sound, the most auspicious numbers are eight and nine. As per feng shui house numbers the number eight is the same as the words rich or wealthy. The number nine represents long life. Many people believe that the number two represents a happy marriage. The number six will draw energies that will assist you in living a smooth life with fewer objections.

Feng Shui Numbers For Selling A House

As per feng shui house numbers, the feng shui lucky number to sell the house at the best price to help speed up the value of your home is “8.” Any combination of $888,888 or $8,888,888 will suffice. Avoid the number 4 and any combination of this digit.

What Are Lucky Numbers For House Addresses?

Feng shui house numbers theory may not be included in ancient feng shui practice. But numerology has always been, especially regarding the homeowner’s birth dates and other residents. 

The home also has a date of birth, an important date in the feng shui map, like reports of flying stars. So, when choosing your house number, keep the numerological aspects of your home in mind. It is considered important as per feng shui house numbers.

What Is The Cure For Inauspicious (unluckiest house number)

You don’t have to be concerned if your company is associated with unlucky numbers because Feng Shui can help. Unfortunately, the facts show that you cannot simply change the amount of work you do. However, you can do two things to reduce the impact of Unlucky numbers.

  • Do not publicly display the city’s business numbers (unlucky numbers for business). Change the quantities in your location from corner to corner. It reduces the negative impact and does not affect the different number’s energy.
  • You can use chalk to draw a round circle around your business number (even if it must be displayed). It will completely stop the flow of negative chi into your business.

The Significance Of Feng Shui In Numerology

Numerologists in Chinese culture believe that numbers contain and attract specific vibes and energy.

While home number theory may not be included in old feng shui practice, numerology has always been, especially regarding the homeowner’s and other residents’ birth dates. Your home has a date of birth. So, while choosing your house number, keep the numerological elements of your property in mind.

Chinese Lucky Numbers Combinations And House Numbers Meaning

Chinese Lucky Numbers Combinations And House Numbers Meaning

In ancient Chinese culture, the unit was given special recognition. It is associated with the starry sky, which was thought to be the Earth’s birthplace of everything. Furthermore, the numbers of feng shui were compared to an outbreak, which develops gradually until it grows beautiful.

Lucky Number Combinations And Their Meaning In Points

In feng shui house numbers, the feng shui unit is regarded as a good omen and the origin of all that exists. It provides a positive charge and offers a positive influence on other numbers. Here’s how to put it:

  • A trustworthy name and a flawless reputation.
  • Unity and people with the world
  • Others regard you as having authority.
  • Every business can achieve success.
  • Increase your luck and luck.

Harmonization is the feng shui number two that offers a balance of yin and yang energies. If the number two emerges before any lucky number combining other numbers, the positive influence on the individual increases.

But if it is close to an unlucky number, the negative impact is amplified. This even figure denotes the following:

  • Ease, laziness, and serenity.
  • Life fulfillment
  • The ability to enjoy the small things.
  • The ability to withstand difficulties and challenges.
  • Obtaining results with ease.
  • Surprisingly, a combination of only two does not carry any charge. It is a meaningless number that does not affect anyone.

The Chinese teachings believe that the troika is responsible for the appearance of various things on the earth. It represents the beginning of the sky, earth, and man. The three elevated spaces symbolize the triple structure of a family (mother, father, son) (sacred, real, and immortal land). Therefore, it is always considered sacred and is believed to carry the light.

Growth is the value of the feng shui numbers. The troika is in charge of life’s rapid development. It has a more positive effect on the person when combined with other numbers, improving their action. Here’s how to describe this figure.

  • The pursuit of new opportunities.
  • Push through the period of stagnation.
  • Rapid professional development.
  • Personal development and self-improvement

There are some feng shui house numbers have a negative value and are associated with death. Therefore, the Chinese try to avoid any number (excluding 44). So here’s how to decipher the significance of this number.

  • The favorable period has ended.
  • Failure in all aspects of life.
  • Depressive emotions
  • Constant issues.
  • Unrivaled impediments to obtaining what you desire.
  • Lesions that cause pain.

As per feng shui house numbers, the Five has several significant associations. The five elements are earth, fire, metal, air, and water. Furthermore, these are the five major planets: Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

In feng shui house numbers, Five is an unusual number that means “nothing” in Feng Shui. When the number is combined, it cancels the positive value of the numbers remaining behind it. However, the effect of negatively charged numbers cannot be restored.

Six (6) and Seven (7) are lucky house numbers (7)

As per feng shui house numbers, Six is one of the perfect of all numbers. It is a money feng shui number. What does this figure represent? The following will be the main features:

  • Financial well-being.
  • Commercial success.
  • Rapid professional development.
  • Investing that pays off.
  • Significant advantage.

The number seven carries a significant meaning and energy load as per feng shui house numbers . It represents the five major planet’s union and two celestial bodies. It also refers to the number of weeks in a year and the number of planetary cycles.

Feng Shui states that the odd number 7 represents trust. The seven, in combination with other lucky feng shui house numbers, ensures a positive influence on the individual. It has the listed meaning on its own:

  • Self-confidence
  • Creative ability
  • Goal accomplishment, valuable opportunities
  • Potential realization;
  • Best wishes with Lucky Number
  • Wisdom, knowledge, and education;
  • Assist you in finding your calling;

Bagua For House Numbers

Chinese Feng Shui practitioners believe that feng shui house numbers are critical factors that can help create a pleasant and healthy environment in the home. It also stimulates the positive flow of energy in and around the home. The favorable environment and balanced house plan draw good luck and wealth in Feng Shui. “Lucky numbers” do, however, play an essential role in good Feng Shui. Lushome provides useful Feng Shui tips that combine a love of numerology with Feng Shui design ideas. For example, calculating your number and rectifying it with Feng Shui cures are good Feng Shui tips.

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How Do I Add House Numbers To Feng Shui?

For feng shui house numbers first, you must determine the address of your residence, apartment, or house. For example, 56 is 5+6=11, which becomes 1+1=2, the Feng Shui number. The sum of house number 56 and apartment number 12 is 5+6+1+2=14, then 1+4=5. After you’ve calculated the number, try to know the meaning and apply good Feng Shui remedies to correct it.

How Do I Find My Lucky House Number?

Calculate your Kua number as shown to determine your lucky feng shui house numbers. But, you must know the element of your birth and number.

Add your DOB’s last two digits to get a single digit. For example, my birth date is 24, and its sum is 2+4=6. Now multiply your single-digit number (6) by 5. When this number is lessened to a single digit, it becomes 5+6 = 11, indicating that the Kua number is 11.

What Does Number 3 Mean In Feng Shui?

The number three (3) is considered a favorable feng shui house numbers in Chinese tradition. However, it could be unlucky in other countries. Therefore, any combination with a sum of three is considered lucky.


It’s important to note that the impact of the feng shui house numbers on the energy of a space is just one aspect and it’s not necessarily a determining factor in the overall energy of a home or building. There are many other factors that can influence the energy of a space, such as the layout, orientation, and decoration of the space, as well as the personal energy of the occupants.

In human life, the Feng Shui house Numbers & Lucky House Numbers combinations of numbers can be found everywhere. With the positive combination of numbers, you can be ensured t will have a house that brings you good luck and wealth by surrounding.


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