Feng Shui Salt Water Cure – How To Use It?

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Do you ever have the impression that there is negative energy in a room in your house? Don’t dismiss your intuition or sentiments. Instead, installing a Salt Water Cure in your house is recommended to clear out the bad energy and enable the positive Chi to flow again. Read carefully to learn everything about Salt Water Cure. You’ll discover everything about it and its proper placement in your house or business.

In Classical Feng Shui, the salt water cure is a remedy for Feng shui. It is a treatment used to balance the energies of the two and five stars, which travel to different sectors yearly. Therefore, you must see a feng shui practitioner yearly to locate these annual stars.

What Is Feng Shui Salt Water Cure?

What Is Feng Shui Salt Water Cure?

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure is a traditional Feng Shui remedy used to cleanse and purify the negative energy in a home or office. It involves the use of a glass container filled with rock salt and water, which is placed in specific areas of the space to absorb and neutralize negative energy.

The salt water cure is believed to work by creating a chemical reaction that produces negative ions, which can counteract the positive ions that are believed to contribute to negative energy. The remedy is said to be particularly effective for countering the effects of the annual Feng Shui afflictions, which are considered to be periods of negative energy that can bring bad luck and misfortune.

A salt water cure, as the name implies, is a strong cure that works to disperse and absorb any bad energy from wherever it is applied. It might be at your house or business or wherever you believe there is negative energy that needs to be removed.

Salt is said to have cleansing effects in many ancient civilizations. It is also thought to keep off negative energies. When you combine it with water, it makes a potent cleanser. But unfortunately, the metal coins contribute to a chemical process that allows negative energy to be spread and absorbed.

How Does Salt Water Cure Works?

Classical feng shui provides time dimension strategies for charting the chi energy movement in your house. All feng shui schools do not use the salt water cure. Instead, the Flying Star School of Feng Shui created it. This school teaches to calculate auspicious and inauspicious star placements at home or at workplaces. 

This Feng Shui treatment combines the purifying properties of salt and water with a chemical interaction between a 6 Chinese metal coin from the Metal element and salt. As a result, this remedy will contain an improved metal element utilized to minimize the negative energy effect of the flying stars #2 and #5. Based on the thorough cycle, these stars belong to the Earth element.

Determine Inauspicious Flying Stars

The nine numbers used in Chinese numerology govern the time dimension in feng shui. The Lo Shu grid arranges these numbers (nine squares). Flying Star Feng Shui numbers revolve in the grid in fixed patterns. These are the numbers that represent the flying stars.

Does Salt Water Cure Solve Everything?

Do you wonder if it cures each ailment? The answer might disappoint you, but No, the Feng Shui salt water cure is not a magical solution that can solve all problems or cure all ills. It is just one of many traditional remedies used in Feng Shui to improve the energy flow and balance in a space. While it can be effective in neutralizing negative energy, it is not a substitute for other important Feng Shui principles, such as proper placement of furniture, lighting, and color schemes.

Following are things to remember while you wish to cure with salt water:

  1. Pure salt water can cure cuts and help remove foreign items from your open wounds. It heals through osmosis.
  2. The salt has chloride and sodium compounds that can help cell water bring out during contact. If the cell is contaminated with infection, it will force it to let out and heal. 
  3. It is not recommended to use this cure since it can only solve some issues.
  4. Though the saltwater in the ocean is saline and its pureness is incomparable, you should always go for the water from hospitals.
  5. It is to remember that the salt water from the ocean does not only contain salt and might worsen the wounds.

Where Should You Put The Feng Shui Salt Water Cure?

Not all rooms in your house require protection from flying stars #2 and #5. The sectors ruled by these two stars for the current year will have an impact on your areas of life. For instance, the star’s negative energies will affect your wealth if the #2 or #5 flying stars are located on the southeast side. Position the cure in the wealth sector to counteract negative influences on your wealth.

  • The location of your Salt Water Cure is critical since bad energy shifts from year to year. It may be determined using the placement of the yearly stars.
  • In 2022, the second star, illness, is in the Southwest, while the fifth star, misfortune, is in the Center. You may also put them towards the north and northeast for greater energy flow. Positioning the Cure in these locations must result in an instant shift as it takes in the negative energy, primarily while used with Metal Remedies.
  • This technique should be repeated yearly when the Classical Feng Shui treatments are updated. The amount of negative energy absorbed by your Salt Water Cure may cause a considerable buildup of salt crystals. As a consequence, if it becomes unmanageable, you may replace it sooner.
  • When you’ve determined your position, the cure is secure, and you cannot knock, move or tamper with it. It helps to keep any collected bad energy at bay. You can also hide it behind a sofa or a big plant, but make sure it’s easy to reach so you can provide water as required. Because the remedy might overflow onto the floor, it’s best to keep it in a dish, earthenware, or ceramic planter. Maintain an open and unprotected container. Do not store it in a cabinet or other confined location.

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Feng Shui Salt Water Cure In Bedroom

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure In Bedroom

An often asked question is if it can be added to the bedroom. Of course, a saltwater treatment is acceptable in a bedroom or other rooms; after all, it’s no different from having a bottle of water near your bed every night. 

The Feng Shui salt water cure can be used in the bedroom to help neutralize negative energy and promote a more restful and peaceful environment. Placing the salt water cure in the bedroom can help to cleanse the space and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

It is known as a “yin” water treatment. A “yang” water remedy, such as an aquarium or water feature with a pump, should not be placed in a bedroom because the water movement causes it to be yang, which is hazardous in a bedroom. As a result, salt water is required in a bedroom for the yearly stars as well as fixed stars, which brings even more difficulties with health and luck.

How To Make Salt Water Cure?

A Salt Water Cure is produced using high-quality Himalayan salt, a glass vessel, six metal I-Ching coins, and water. The coins should originate from a wealthy Dynasty, be cleaned of negative energy, and charged with positive energy for the optimum benefits.

Half-fill the bottom of your glass container with salt. Then, position the coins facing upwards over the top of the salt and mark the sides with the Chinese characters. Finally, refill the container with fresh water. Allow the Salt Water Cure to sit for a year, replacing the water as it evaporates.

You should repeat this technique every year at the beginning of February when the Classical Feng Shui treatments are replenished. The amount of negative energy absorbed by your Salt Water Cure may cause a considerable buildup of salt crystals. As a consequence, if it becomes unmanageable, you may replace it sooner.

How To Remove And Dispose Of The Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure should be accurately disposed of. Never try to reuse any portion of the cure. The negative chi energy attracted by the #2 and #5 flying stars has been absorbed by all of the salt, coins, and materials. Once the flying stars have passed, you should instantly dispose of the cure you’ve been using for that year. You must remove it from your house. 

To discard the spent salt water, place it in plastic and place it in your outside garbage. It should never be buried on your property. It will only embed the bad energy in your land, so be careful to discard any cure-related objects, along with a plate or carpet to cover the floor or tabletop.

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year, which is not to be confused with the Chinese solar calendar. The Solar New Year is the best time to schedule your yearly saltwater therapy. However, you are not limited to merely establishing a cure on that one day. You can start a new cure when you wish, as long as you have the right locations for the #2 and #5 flying stars.

Steps For Creating Feng Shui Salt Water Cure – DIY

  • Fill a glass jar about three-quarters filled with rock salt.
  • Place six coins in a circle over the salt. Ensure that the coins are on the Yang side, which has four characters in the Chinese language. Don’t be concerned if the coins fall into the salt when you pour the water.
  • Fill the jar halfway with tap water. To protect your furniture or floors, lay a pad underneath the jar.
  • Over time, the jar will produce crystals, indicating that it is trying to absorb negative energy.
  • Ensure the water is continuously full.
  • Cover the top.
  • The saltwater treatment should not be kept in a cabinet.
  • Avoid touching or moving the jar too much since it contains a lot of bad energy.
  • You should also lay a large mat under the salt solution jar as a protection for the table since the solution will gather negative energy and crystallize on top of the jar over time. If it has strong energy, it may spread all over the surface. You may clean the table’s surface, but do not touch the jar or bowl’s rim.


How Long Will You Keep Your Salt Water Cure?

The Salt Water Cure should be updated every year or at the start of the Feng Shui Year. It starts in February when we renew the cures in Classical Feng Shui. It may form an overflow of salt crystals from the top in some situations, depending on the negative energy it receives. Keep a watch on the jar; if it appears that it has done much work and has gotten unmanageable in size, restore it with a new one.

Which Crystals Cannot Be Cleansed In Salt Water?

Saltwater cannot be used to clean stones or crystals. Amber, turquoise, imperial topaz, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, opal, all calcite (including blue, green, and orange calcite), Angelite, azurite, kyanite, and kunzite, and any rough or gritty stone


Negative energy may be absorbed and transmitted by salt. It is employed for various feng shui purposes, including space clearing and the traditional salt water treatment. Bathe in salt water cure to cleanse and restore your energy.

  • There are six coins. We prefer actual coins, such as copper US pennies from 1982 or before. We do not endorse low-cost Chinese coin replicas.
  • A container made of non-metal. A glass dish or jar is ideal.
  • Salt. We enjoy sea salt because it represents enormous amounts of water like the ocean.
  • Pure water

Salt is said to have purifying effects in many ancient societies, especially the Chinese, and has been employed by numerous sects and faiths. In addition, salt is said to repel bad spirits and negative energies.

Every year, on the day of the Chinese astrology solar new year, the feng shui salt treatment should be replenished. It is the simplest approach to confirm that the old remedy has been replaced with a new one.

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