Four Celestial Animals Feng Shui – All You Need To Know

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Four Celestial Animals Can Help You Attract Abundance

The proper placement of the four celestial animals can promote positive chi in your environment. Were you familiar with the concept earlier?

Feng Shui is an ancient art of placement. It helps to identify the proper place of the feng shui items, whether bad or good, at home or the workplace.

In this article, you will learn about the four celestial animals and how you can use them to bring abundance to your life.

What Are The Four Celestial Animals Feng Shui?

What Are The Four Celestial Animals Feng Shui

Form School of Feng Shui represents four celestial animals recognized to protect a household. These animals are the portrayal of four different forms of landscapes. According to the Chinese Feng Shui followers, it is crucial to understand the suitable landscape to establish a balanced Feng Shui. These celestial animals are Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix, and Black Tortoise.

The small figures of the four celestial animals help enhance good Feng Shui in the home. In addition, the balance among them creates an atmosphere of achievement, wealth, and wellbeing. The placement of these Feng Shui four celestial animals in their respective places can bring overall good Feng Shui. Let us know about the celestial animals in detail.

Green Dragon: 

The Dragon is one among the four celestial animals and is believed to release “Celestial Breath” or “Sheng Chi,” a unique form of chi believed to bring good fortune. Therefore, the Dragon is considered the most potent symbol among the four celestial animals. Feng Shui animals are believed to capture and create Sheng Chi, and Sheng Chi is believed to attract good luck, wealth, good fortune, abundance, and success.

This potent symbol of Yang and a source of luck creates happiness and abundance in people. Since ancient times, this mythical creature has held an emblem. The Feng Shui followers believed that the dragon symbol transfused heroism and courage to the beholder from ancient times. Therefore, the Dragon remains the most auspicious and revered animal, and it is treated with the highest sense of reverence.

Therefore, the Dragon’s placement on the household premises is regarded as auspicious. Thus, the statue of the Dragon is placed higher in height than the house and set to the left of the house (while facing the house). If you cannot locate the dragon statue outside your house, hanging a painting inside the home is vital for replacing the figure.

White Tiger:

White Tiger is another among the four celestial animals. Feng Shui believers believe that the White Tiger symbolizes repressing negativities. Besides, it also helps balance out the Dragon’s power placed on the left side of the house. Therefore, the Feng Shui Tiger statue placement should essentially be done on the right side of the home but lower than the structure of the Dragon.

These structures placed in the right place will help to subside misfortunes like murders, burglaries, and more. If the statues are not placed outside the home, they must be placed on the inner right wall.

Red Phoenix: 

Feng Shui followers believe that the Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth, success, respect, and never-ending possibilities. It is the one of the four celestial animals. In addition, Feng Shui Bagua Theory describes that the symbol of the Red Phoenix can activate its potent ‘yang’ energy when placed in the southern direction of the home.

Phoenix activated power can create an abundance of opportunities, popularity, and recognition. Recognition means getting credit for their hard work or efforts. As a result, the ideas and plans are listened to and appreciated, and the accomplishments are noticed and appreciated.

It is believed that without its potent energy, the efforts get overlooked, and you are vulnerable to getting picked on for your weaknesses. Besides, this energy is ideal for the one looking for love. Furthermore, couples looking for everlasting love should place it alongside a Dragon to activate its yin energy.

Both the energies (yin and YangYang) can form infinite power between the couples. Therefore, the symbol of the Red Phoenix is crucial to locating the appropriate location in the house. Like other Feng Shui figures that benefit the patriarch of a family, the Red Phoenix serves the matriarch. So, it is an emblem for the females.

Black Tortoise:

The symbol of Black Tortoise is the symbol that holds longevity, stability, and support. The followers of Feng Shui revere it as it creates perseverance, sustenance, and solidity. The crane in Chinese mythology is believed to leave more than a thousand years on the water, whereas the Tortoise is known to live three times longer.

According to this mythology, the black Tortoise is regarded as the symbol of longevity. So, this symbol is demanded by people who wish to live a long and healthy life. In addition, it is also represented as a symbol of protection.

The placement of the Tortoise is done behind the wall of a home to protect, bless the household, and achieve success in all ventures. If the symbol is placed in the North of the house, it is believed to be blessed with the rewards it has to offer.

This symbol can be substituted with the Dragon Tortoise, which is said to possess the power of a dragon. The Tortoise placed at the top of a bed is said to help prevent anxieties and insomnia. For the office goers, keeping the symbol behind the working area is good to avoid the colleagues’ betrayal.

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Feng Shui Animals Placement + Directions

The statues of the four Celestial Animals placed in the respective places help people receive abundant blessings. The Celestial Animals are believed to hold unique powers that help create an atmosphere required for the growth and prosperity of a household.

In addition, the proper placement in the appropriate direction can balance the power and prosper the family in every possible way.The placement of these statues on the house is made by putting less emphasis on the wealth and more on the household atmosphere.

These auspicious four Celestial Animals are placed appropriately to balance the power to maintain a good Feg Shui over the household. The Feng Shui believers create their house, maintaining the right place for the Feng Shui Animals. But if you want to balance out their power and maintain a good Feng Shui, you can use the symbolisms below:

Placement of the Green Dragon:

  • It is important to remember that you are using the Gree Dragon symbol when performing three mystery reinforcements in the item position. The potent energy of the Dragon or the Dragon Chi can only be stimulated by planting a tree or hanging a wooden wind chime in that area. Besides, the Green Dragon should be put on the left side of the house.
  • In today’s time, we live in an area where we have much less room to follow Feng Shui. If you have much less space on the left side of your house, adding something made of wood to the area is essential. Then hang a picture of the Green Dragon on the left wall.

Red Phoenix Placement

  • This Feng Shui animal, Red Phoenix, creates yang chi. To stimulate this yang chi over the house, it is crucial to introduce movement. It can be easily stimulated by a crystal, hanging wooden wind chime, or water featuring movement at the front.
  • The Red Phoenix can also be celebrated at the front of the house by planting red flower plants or erecting a bird table.

White Tiger Placement

  • While Feng Shui Tiger statue placement is done on the ground, it is vital to check the setting. The land must not be sloppy from the house. If this happens in your environment, you can balance it by hanging a metal wind chime or hanging lights in the area.
  • Some Feng Shui believers might not have space outside their house. But you can still balance Feng Shui in your house by hanging a picture of a white tiger. You can turn a metal sculpture or metal cons on the right wall of the home. The symbol of the While Tiger must be put on the right side of the house.

Black Turtle Placement

  • You can enjoy the best protection feeling by keeping your house’s back private while placing a Black Turtle. Add mirrors or water to the area to stimulate this energy at the back of the house.
  • If you stay in a home with open ground, make sure to create privacy. But do not worry if you do not have the required privacy at the back of the house. You can hang a picture of a black turtle or an image depicting a mountain scene on the home wall.

Mention The 12 Celestial Animals

In Chinese mythology, there are 12 Celestial Animals in the following order. Each sign depicts an animal having unique characteristics.

  1. Rat: Rats represent smartness, resilience, and resourcefulness. People with rats as their zodiac sign are thoughtful and curious and can adapt to any type of environment.
  2. Ox: Ox represents trustworthiness, patience, and fair-mindedness. They are industrious and reliable.
  3. Tiger: Tiger represents power, luck, and prosperity.
  4. Rabbit: The rabbit represents modesty and kindness. People with rabbits as their zodiac sign are peace lovers and compassionate.
  5. Dragon: Dragons represent energy, vitality, ambition, and romance.
  6. Snake: The snake represents intellect and good communication. People with snakes as zodiac signs are passionate and are self-aware, but they can sometimes be fickle and jealous.
  7. Horse: Horses represent warm-heartedness, energy, positivity, and quick-thinking ability.
  8. Goat: Goats represent compassionate nature, are loving and caring, and are one of the loved signs.
  9. Monkey: Monkeys have friendly personalities and are creative and intelligent, but they are selfish, suspicious, and sometimes jealous.
  10. Rooster: Roosters have a warm and friendly personality. They always keep themselves busy. Hence they are bright.
  11. Dog: Dogs represent trustworthiness, honesty, and courage. They are also loyal, have an unpretentious personality, and are friendly.
  12. Pig: Pigs are optimistic, loyal, kind, and chivalrous and have high intellect.

What Are 12 Elements Of Nature?

What are 12 elements of nature

There are twelve elements of nature in Chinese Feng Shui. But five elements among them are considered powerful. The 12 elements of nature are Fire, Thunder, Ice, Water, Earth, Wind, Force, Flower, Time, Moon, Shadow, and Light.

In Feng Shui, balancing these elements will make life comfortable. In addition, these elements help to invoke mood, creating an atmosphere advantageous to one’s goal and personality. Let us discuss the five most powerful elements of nature and how their incorporation in the home or office can improve Feng Shui:

  1. Wood

Wood represents powerful traits like intuition, flexibility, strength, birth, and growth. It harnesses expansion and creativity. However, anything used too extreme can cause damage. It happens in the case of Wood too. Too much Wood might make one inflexible, stubborn, overwhelmed, and rigid, while too little might make you depressed, stagnant, ambivalent, and leave you a lack of creativity.

The colors of wood are represented by green and blue. When designing the room with this element, it is vital to use shapes representing the vertical, column-like shape of trunks, leaves, and flowers. You can incorporate the following objects:

  • Wood furniture
  • Cotton or other fabrics
  • Fresh and silk flowers
  • Trees and plants
  1. Fire

The fire element can maximize leadership skills and enthusiasm. In addition, this element can be used to design the room to encourage inspiration, boldness, and expressive quality. When you have a lack of fire element, you might suffer from a lack of vision, inexpressiveness, low self-esteem, and emotional coldness. On the other hand, too much fire element can make you irritable, furious, aggressive, and bring out impulsive behavior in you.

Incorporate these elements of fire in your room:

  • Animal prints
  • Electronic equipment
  • The shade of pink, red, or purple
  • Allow sunlight to enter. Use candles or incandescent light
  1. Earth

The earth element generates balance, stability, and grounding besides affecting physical strength. People can experience sluggishness, boredom, seriousness, and heavy sensation when there is an overabundance of this element in a room. While you may create a feeling of chaos, unfocused, and disorganized state of mind, there is too little of the earth element.

You can incorporate the following to bring in the element:

  • Pictures of landscapes
  • Low and flat surfaces
  • Rectangular and square shapes
  • Earth tones like sand, green and brown
  1. Metal

Incorporating the metal element in a space can affect logic and mental clarity. It can develop your analytical abilities, righteousness, organization, and focus. It is believed that if you are surrounded by too much of this element, you can become overly critical, chatty, and speak without much thought. Besides, too low of this element can make you quite cautious and cause a lack of focus.

You can enhance your space by adding:

  • Stones and rocks
  • Shapes having round or oval representations
  • Things made of iron, gold, aluminum, or silver
  • Colors like gray, silver, white, or light pastel colors

5. Water

Water encompasses emotions and spirituality. Balancing the water element can bring you insightfulness, inspiration, and wisdom. While too much water can create an unbalanced transition and the feeling of drowning emotionally, too little can make you experience pettiness, isolation, sympathy, loneliness, and stress.

To incorporate the exact proportion of this element, you can add the following:

  • Water features like fountains and aquariums
  • Asymmetrical or wavy shapes
  • Reflective surfaces like mirrors
  • Dark-tones colors

Mention 12 elements of nature

Following are the twelve elements of nature:

Fire: Fire is the representation of flames and heat.

Thunder: Thunder is the representation of electricity.

Ice: Ice is the representation of the cold and snow.

Water: Water is the representation of the ocean and the water

Earth: Earth is the representation of rocks and soil.

Wind: Wind is the representation of the sky and air.

Force: Force is the representation of spirit and combat.

Flower: A flower is the representation of nature and plants.

Time: Time is the representation of eon and time.

Moon: Moon is the representation of the paranormal and space.

Shadow: Shadow is the representation of darkness and negativity.

Light: Light is the representation of purity and divinity.

Basics Of Feng Shui Landscape

The ancient Feng Shui followers looked at some basic Feng Shui landscape designs while practicing Feng Shui. To understand the landscape, let us take an example of a chair. Take a chair and sit on it. You feel protected at the back, have support on both sides, and have an open space at the front. Similarly, your home must sit in a protected position on both sides, on the back, with an unobstructed view on the front.

You can organize your home in a similar position with the following steps:

  • Support the edges of your house by another house, a garden wall, a fence, another house, a hedge, or a row of trees. These edges with protection provide the home from the front.
  • Create similar security from behind the house to feel the maximum protection. If you do not have a hill or mountain to protect behind your home, you can take the support of a hedge, a wall, or a fence.
  • Thirdly, the open area on the form should be slightly downstream. Create a chi line in the form of a river or road. It should be visible if you have a barrier between the door and the road.



What Are Heavenly Beasts?

What Are Heavenly Beasts

The heavenly beasts represent five elements and five cardinal directions in Taoist cosmology. This ‘fivefold conceptual scheme’ is known as ‘Wu Xing.’ It is used by many Asian traditions like TCM or Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tiger Statue Placement Guide

White Tiger is the symbol that represses negativities. Therefore, Feng Shui Tiger statue placement should be done outside the house. It must be put on the right side, lower than the Dragon. The order of the Dragon statue on the left helps balance the White Tiger’s energy.

While placing the White Tiger on the ground, it is essential to check if the area is sloppy from the house. If you have this issue, you can balance it by hanging a metal wind chime or lights in the area. If you lack space on the site, you can also use metal sculpture on the right wall on the inside.


The belief in Feng Shui is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. They believe that if a space, home, or office is arranged in accordance with Feng Shui, it remains harmonious, peaceful, and prosperous.

The insightful knowledge of the elements and their usage of their proper representation can bring abundant blessings besides maintaining a prosperous life. The placement of the celestial elements and the appropriate use of the element’s representation can balance out the powerful positive energy in the household.

Besides, placing the elements and the four celestial animals without the proper knowledge can bring negative energy and disrupt the balance of the home. Therefore, it is crucial to gather appropriate information before opting for a good Feng Shui home.

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