How To Use Feng Shui For Office-Best Success Tips

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Enterprises and businesses have a workstation, sometimes known as “the office.” Today, in this post, we will learn how to apply Good  Feng Shui for Office and Great Career Success, along with a thorough Feng Shui tip for the office.

Feng Shui For Office – Quick Tips

Quick tips you can follow to feng shui your office:

  • We labor an average of nine hours every day. It’s like the office is our home office’s second feng shui.
  • That is why, to the greatest extent feasible, we must design an office or area with a pleasant ambiance that promotes focus. In this way, Feng Shui is the ideal ally for designing a workspace that promotes excellent feng shui for work rhythm, increases productivity, and achieves job success.
  • Feng Shui is an ancient technique whose goal is to harmonize energy in the workplace via the use of colors, furniture, direction, and organization.
  • It is centered on the Yin and Yang concept (opposites). Besides, it is also based on I Ching and Wu Xing, also known as the five-element principle (fire, wood, water, earth, and metal).
  • Paying attention to the orientation of the office at the level of the location, the decoration item’s color, and the paint of the office is important for good feng shui for office.
  • The important factor is the work of the workplace. If you work for a corporation and your workspace is created ‘by default,’ you can always ‘customize’ it on your own.

How To Use Feng Shui For Success

There are various ways through which you might get Feng shui for success.

  • Redbird crystals should be kept on your right side desk.
  • Keep Feng Shui plants at your office to improve your Chi.
  • Place your electronics on the left side of the workplace.
  • Listen to nice music to help you eliminate the bad energy that causes tension.
  • Place your workplace workstation away from any sharp corners or edges.

Benefits Of Office Feng Shui

You undoubtedly spend a lot of time at your workplace, whether from home or in an office workspace.

  • Proponents of Feng shui think using its principles in the workplace may increase productivity and success.
  • An attractive, well-organized, and visually pleasing office may make work more pleasurable. While there are anecdotal examples of success from adopting feng shui, the practice’s effects have not been objectively validated.

Moving Into New Office Feng Shui Rules

Moving Into New Office Feng Shui Rules

Here are some short feng shui rules to keep in mind while relocating into a new office.

1. Create a floor layout.

Plan for a floor and what to keep where as soon as you’ve gotten to know your new office. One more thing that one should keep in mind while creating a floor layout is this all the things should be according to the Feng Shui, like the Entry of the office, the placement of the goods, etc.

2. Make use of a Bagua map in your office.

Bagua map may assist you in establishing new items, such as where the computers are located, how to create a fame area wall, and so on.

3. Energy cleansing rituals in the workplace

Cleansing is a critical step in detoxing one’s life. Burn incense and smudge the sage once you move into your new workspace. This procedure will remove any bad energy from the office.

4. Activating the New Office’s Entrance

The most significant aspect of every workplace is the entrance. So strive to brighten and make the doorway appealing. It’s a suggestion if there’s a clear way from the street to the front door. The entrance door and entry foyer are open and airy. You can attract the greatest possibilities this way, and they will have a location to assemble and collect.

5. Getting Ready to Move to a New Office

When you move into a new office space, attempt to plan ahead of time for things like furniture, internet, gadgets, and other key sorts of equipment. These are vital for any office, so get them as soon as possible.

6. Cleaning Up Clutter

Nobody likes having clutter around them. Decluttering is a critical step in removing negativity from an area. Remove any unneeded items left behind by former inhabitants in order to free up their energy.

7. New Feng Shui Plants

The plants are the first thing you see in any office. They are unquestionably a terrific addition to an office’s design, as well as a source of freshness. Find a list of all feng shui plants here.

8. New Feng Shui-Friendly Colours

Try using feng shui colors in your office theme to include all aspects. Colors may be deliberately employed in our environments to promote transformation and regeneration. Colour is a key tool in feng shui for making easy and effective changes to your office’s energy. The wonderful thing about color is that a fresh coat of paint can radically alter the spirit of a place. Even fresh art or accessories (such as cushions) may change the vibe of a place without requiring a large investment.

Top Feng Shui Plants For Office

When searching for precise feng shui for office plants to bring the energy of creativity to your workplace, start with traditional feng shui energy treatments.

Air purifying plants are a must-have in any workstation to maximize the impact of a beautiful bright plant with an outstanding pot; for example, pick a beautiful vibrant plant with an attractive pot.

Plants represent the wood element, promoting growth, activity, and life energies. For example, plants placed on an office desk provide this energy only when put in the Bagua map area.

You will find the greatest plants for business in feng shui. Following are the plants for the office:

Lucky Bamboo 

Lucky bamboo isn’t truly bamboo (it’s a dracaena) and doesn’t indicate deception. Instead, it’s regarded as the auspicious plant in the world of feng shui. So you can use it as a feng shui for office use.

Jade Plant 

A jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a species of succulents popular in feng shui for office décor because of its attractive, green leaf segments that resemble coins. It must be placed in the wealth area for prosperity and in the relationship zone for marital bliss.


Orchids work well in the wealth and relationship corners of a desk. They promote unity and peace by dressing in white. They represent fertility and love in violet and pink. It should be placed on your desk’s right or left corner in the far.

Peace Lilies 

With its rich, green foliage and flowers resembling white peace flags, peace lilies are a sight. Place on your desk’s relationship corner to promote peace and harmony in your relationships. Peace lilies can handle low light levels, making them an excellent choice for gloomy office environments.

Good Feng Shui Office Colors For Success

Good Feng Shui Office Colors For Success

Ideal colors must attain a Ying Yang equilibrium; in other words, they should not elicit indifference or anxiousness. Feng Shui believes certain behaviors are enhanced or inhibited by Feng Shui Office colors. In general, it refers to bright hues as bearers of peace and quiet.

On the other hand, dark hues have the opposite effect and reduce performance and inventiveness. Furthermore, each hue is associated with one of the five elements (fire, wood, metal, earth, or water).

Orange and red are both fierce hues.

They are connected with vigor and enthusiasm; they are also highly creative, yet, they are unsuitable for employment since they are too aggressive and make focus difficult.

Metal hues include white and grey.

White is a highly brilliant hue that represents purity, confidence, and serenity. Produces tidy, clean, and visually appealing settings. It improves objectivity, focus, and mental work. It has a lot of outstanding attributes; the only flaw is the lack of warmth. Therefore, if we use this hue in the office, we must pair it with other soft colors.


White is a metal element color regarded as one of the greatest colors in the ancient yogi tradition. White has a high vibratory frequency and indicates purity, fresh possibilities, attention, and cleanliness. However, making a workplace all white is frequently overpowering, prompting occupants to become uneasy, hyper-focused, and worried. That is why it works best as an accent color.


It is a wood hue that represents growth. It is highly pleasant in rooms with good natural light since it recalls nature and growth and minimizes eyestrain in light tones. Adding color to your home office highlights the meaning of feng shui. Green, for example, inspires development, fresh beginnings, and a connection to nature.


It induces feelings of healing and tranquillity. Purple colors are related to the fire element in feng shui. This powerful color indicates strength and intrigue, whereas gentler lavender colors inspire tranquility, imagination, and clarity.


It is the primary hue of the water, and its low, smooth vibrations always create sensations of comfort and protection. Lighter blues promote healing, development, and harmony, but deeper, richer blues create profound depths of peace, quiet, and tranquility. To reap all of these advantages, paint one wall dark blue and the others bright blue.

Earth tones

Natural and earthy colors evoke a sense of containment and stability, aiding in the management of future anxieties and worries. Finally, the office’s color and color palette will impact employee well-being and productivity.

How To Bring Feng Shui To Your Office?

Follow the following steps to bring feng shui to your office:

  • Put your desk in the command position.
  • Make a solid foundation.
  • Choose the appropriate chair
  • Include water and plant features.
  • Display artwork.
  • Choose the appropriate colors
  • Choose natural lighting.
  • Hire a professional.

Feng Shui Office Desk Position For Growth

The right corner diagonally to the entrance is the finest spot in the workplace to arrange the table. However, sitting at the office desk opposite the door isn’t good.

Here are a few Feng Shui office layout locations to reinforce and pay attention to on your workstation.

If you choose the upper left corner, they are considered Wealth and money zones, and if you place it in the top right, it is considered as Area of love and marriage, Area of Health and Family on the left-hand side of the screen, and Creativity zone is located in the upper right corner.

How To Feng Shui Office Desk Facing Door

If you’ve been studying feng shui for a while, you’re well aware of how critical it is to set your office workstation for the best energy flow. Each area has its own power centers, so why not harness their potent vibrations? It is especially vital only if you spend a lot of time in the office.

The right corner diagonally to the entrance is the finest spot in the workplace to arrange the table. However, sitting at the office desk opposite the door isn’t good. This position provides the greatest amount of defensive energy, in addition to the potent one that will boost your own energy and your health and well-being.

The following are the two most significant feng shui aspects to consider while situating your office workstation for excellent feng shui for office:

  • In one of your favorable feng shui directions.
  • In your office’s dominant position/PowerPoint.

Sometimes you’re so lucky that you can effortlessly integrate both elements! And in other cases, none of these are possible in your particular workplace.

However, you may still make modest changes to boost the vibe around your workplace. Here are the three feng shui recommendations to follow as a general rule when deciding on the ideal setting for your feng shui office desk.

  • Take a look at the door (the so-called command position)
  • You should have a sturdy wall behind you (for protection and stability)
  • From your workstation, take advantage of wide areas and a fantastic view (good Chi).

Feng Shui For Office Layout With Window

To avoid the vulnerability that comes with having your back to the door. You may mirror it with an object, such as a well-polished copper vase, and see what comes your way.

If there is a window at your back, or you want to have feng shui office layout with a window, hang curtains, or else you might not be able to view the computer. Also, pick a chair with a high and broad backrest.

If you must gaze at the wall, fill it with things that excite you and stimulate your creativity. You can add photographs you admire and vivid art to fill you with energy and a sense of humor. The goal is to remove the impediment to the passage of energy.

How To Bring Feng Shui To Your Cubicle

Feng Shui for office may help you balance your office cubicle. Much has been written about the benefits of Feng Shui for families, such as bringing serenity, money, and love. According to Chinese feng shui art, the location of items positively affects the flow of chi energy in a room. Thus you must organize your surroundings such that it influences you successfully.

But, have you ever questioned what it would be like to follow the feng shui strategy to your office cubicle to make it a Feng Shui cubicle where you spend most of your time?

Your job is the setting for your professional life and the location of critical financial decisions. As a result, Feng Shui for office might assist you in directing good energy. Take notice of these useful tips.

Clutter is the number one opponent of positive energy in the office. Organize your papers by priority and discard those that you do not require. It will not only help with Feng Shui but also help you focus and work more comfortably. If you still have cords, attempt to organize them because they indicate confusion. Find a feng shui office desk layout. It includes facing a window with a street view, helping you expand your horizons energetically. If you work in a cubicle or are unable to alter your address, choose a photo of an open place or scenery that you appreciate.

What To Avoid For Good Office Feng Shui?

What To Avoid For Good Office Feng Shui

Some typical blunders might derail your feng shui office mood. So here are some suggestions about what not to do.

There is no clutter.

Remove clutter from all parts of your workspace. It includes the area around your desk, the floor, and any bookcases. According to experts, a tidy office may boost efficiency and production while also giving mental clarity.

Don’t sit next to each other or face to face.

If you must share an office with someone else, prevent yourself from facing your colleague or sitting back to back, as these positions might lead to tension. Instead, try staggering your workstations or erecting a tiny barrier with an object to break up the area.

Remove any sharp angles.

Avoid using furniture or things with sharp angles. If you have these objects in your office, relocate them, so they don’t face you while you’re working.

Don’t overdo it with the color.

Overly bright and vibrant colors might be too much for an office. Colors that are appealing rather than overpowering are preferred.


We should constantly remember that applying the art of feng shui to our workplaces and companies can boost the good impacts of energy in a timely manner.

And drive away negative energy. Thus it is critical to feng shui the entire structure promote the well-being of our workplaces. In addition, the Feng Shui for office provides several career, growth, and general development advantages.


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