Feng Shui Tips To Attract Money And Good Luck

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Wealth is an essential aspect of a comfortable lifestyle. Money can be attained through many sources. In this article, we’ll bring forth ways to use feng shui for luck and money. Then, you can follow some feng shui tips to achieve the best results in your life.

Feng Shui is an ancient method of maintaining a balance of energy. Using Feng Shui secrets while designing your home, you can reap benefits in your bank account and love life. It promotes blending materialistic things into the natural environment to bring prosperity. When our workspace and home environment are designed in balance with nature, it brings luck and well-being to people. It provides an idea to build an environment more likely to bring success and prosperity. Using Feng Shui methods promises to bring abundance and make the most out of your living environment.

How Do You Use Feng Shui For Money And Luck

One of the Feng Shui tips includes keeping a clean kitchen. It is said that a kitchen is directly related to the money you attract. It is advised to keep your pantry and refrigerator with fresh food that would be in use. The kitchen should be clutter-free and kept clean. All the stoves and burners should be working and kept neat.

For inviting money into your house, it is also advised to keep an attractive doorframe. If your front door is hard to locate or too confusing to use, it’s uninviting for opportunities to enter your household. One should ensure that the doorbell works and that the front door is easy to locate. There should be a welcome mat to greet those who are entering, and it is suggested to keep a potted plant sideways.

Feng Shui Money Corner Ideas

Feng Shui techniques are a fun way to harness the energy that brings abundance and luck. The Feng Shui Money Corner is an area in a house or any building that belongs to harnessing the energy of prosperity. Feng Shui tips state that placing feng shui objects in the corner can assist the flow of energy that brings success to the household. From the location of your front door, the Feng shui corner should be at the back left corner of the room. For some people, this corner can be outside their house for people who have a patio in the backyard or an extended area near the back door.

The Feng Shui money corner can be decorated in many ways. It is said that wood brings in a lot of success if placed in the Feng Shui money corner. The wood element indicates growth, life, and new beginnings. Wood is strong but also flexible. We want our finances to be the same way. Wood materials that can be incorporated in your Feng Shui money corner are- healthy plants, bamboo, and art depicting wood or plants. You can also use certain astrology elements that depict wood, such as green dragon, numbers 4 and 3, and the planet Jupiter.

Water is also known as an important element to bring prosperity when added to the feng shui corner. Water strengthens wood. Water is easy to flow and has the ability to find its way around obstacles. These qualities are always wanted in our financial lives. Water fountains where water runs in a continuous loop, fish tanks, glass, water art, curved lines, and marine creatures can be used to add it to your feng shui corner. Astrologically elements depicting water such as black turtle, mercury, moon, and numbers 2 and 7 can also be used.

Light exhibits growth and energy. Adding the light element to your money corner will improve the qualities of wood and bring prosperity and abundance. In order to attract maximum wealth, ensure that your feng shui corner is well lit. A wooden base lamp can also be added.

Feng Shui Tips For Attracting Money and Good Luck 


Feng Shui Tips For Attracting Money and Good Luck

Following are the feng shui tips for attracting money and good luck:

  • Addition of more plants and water: To bring more success into your house, it is important to keep it clutter-free and clean. There should be fresh air circulating, and the placement of plants and water facilitates the flow of abundant energies. Fountains as a part of feng shui tips represent auspiciousness.
  • Declutter: Giving up space that is not needed or giving up items that aren’t in use also brings in new opportunities.
  • Keeping furniture on rugs: The living room furniture is suggested to be kept on rugs for comfortable seating and clear conversation.
  • Feng shui money plant: Feng shui plants attract money by having coin-like leaves resembling the jade stone that can also be added to your collection to attract wealth.
  • Welcoming entrance: The entrance to your house must be warm and welcoming. A few mats, rugs, or plants can be added to make it inviting.
  • Remove broken items: Broken items at your place represent negative energy. Any broken items at your place can lead to financial blockage.
  • Addition of Laughing Buddha: Addition of Laughing Buddha to your home decor brings in positive energy. A laughing Buddha placed in the east direction or facing the entrance door is known to bring good fortune and wealth.

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Feng Shui Symbols To Attract Money And Good Luck

Feng Shui Symbols To Attract Money And Good Luck

Listed are the feng shui symbols to attract money and good luck:

  1. Money Frog: the feng shui money frog is a Chinese symbol that invites success and abundance. It also represents long life and knowledge. This symbol is significant in Chinese Folklore, which states that the money frog was said to produce coins from its mouth. If you wish to use it, ensure it is made of jade stone or other stone. In addition, keep it on a low surface and keep it clean. Setting an intention while bringing a money frog to your household is important.
  2. A Bowl Full of oranges: In Chinese custom, oranges represent wealth and good luck. They attract active energy. The aroma and color of oranges can energize a living space to attract wealth and prosperity.
  3. Chinese coins: Chinese coins symbolizes positivity and success. They were utilized as Chinese currency. Hence they symbolize wealth and abundance. A collection of coins is held together by red or yellow ribbon to hang on the walls. Antique copper coins or coins made from gold or jade can also be used.

Feng Shui Items For Good Luck 

Feng Shui Items For Good Luck

You can choose the following feng shui items for good luck:

  • Lucky bamboo: Lucky bamboo plants can be found in 2, 3, or 4 layers. Lucky bamboo is one of the well-known feng shui items for good luck. The plant is known for inviting positive energy to your house. This plant can also survive in any light.
  • Feng shui tortoise: Chinese feng shui tortoise represents longevity. The tortoise can be made of resins, mud, wood, or any metal. Placing the tortoise in the right places in your household can ensure abundance and prosperity.
  • Evil eye: Evil eye is one of the Feng Shui money luck symbols known to bring good luck. It keeps the negative energies away and protects you from evil.
  • Three-legged frog: Three-legged money frog is also a feng shui symbol that attracts wealth. It is known to protect and safeguard your fortunes.
  • Windchime: A Chinese feng shui wind chime acts not only as home decor but also has the qualities to act as a financial cure. Chinese feng shui chime made with metal or wood is known to create wealth for people suffering from financial losses.
  • Crystal Lotus: A crystal Lotus is known to have qualities for attracting romance. It also strengthens your Vastu for bringing in wealth.

Feng Shui Secrets To Attract Wealth

Feng Shui Secrets To Attract Wealth

Listed are the feng shui secrets that can attract wealth:

  • Adding a fish aquarium: Fishes are active and carriers of positive energy. Placing a fish aquarium on the north side of your house attracts career opportunities, and placing it on the south-eastside attracts financial abundance.
  • Wealth crystals: Citrine crystals are known to bring wealth to your household. Crystal Mountain, glass tortoise, and the pixiu bracelet are known to bring wealth and abundance to your household.
  • Evil Eye Tree: Evil Eye Fish or Evil Eye Tree can be used as a part of your home decor to drive away negative energies. The blue color of Evil Eye is significant to attract wealth.
  • Decorating the South East area of your house: Use the southeast area of your house to decorate it with feng shui money luck symbols such as a three-legged frog with coins in its mouth or jade plants and water fountains to attract wealth.
  • Water your plants every day: The plants outside your house should be vibrant and well kept. They should be watered every day, and the pathway to your house must always be kept neat and clean.
  • Water fountain: Water element in Chinese feng shui represents wealth. The fountain should be situated outside your house in the east or southwest direction. It should be clean, and you can also put 27 coins in it to allow energy flow.

What Are Feng Shui Colors To Attract Money

Following are the Feng Shui colors that attract money:

  • Purple: The color purple symbolizes wealth and spirituality. This color can be added to the money corner and in the southeast or north to attract wealth.
  • Green: Shades of green indicate balance, growth, and prosperity. Choosing this color for your interiors would attract nature’s freshness and wealth into your household. There are various green color shades that you can select to add to your house.
  • Gold: Gold resembles luxury, wealth, and power. Adding elements of gold furniture or accessories to your house can attract success. This color can be added in the southeast, north, or west direction areas.
  • Metallic: Shades of whites and greys can be used for a west-facing door or a window facing north.
  • Yellow: This shade can be used as a softer tone for gold. Pinkish yellow could be used to decorate the kids’ room or where you want a lighter tone for items.
  • Red: Fiery colors like reds bring in high energies and optimize the luck factor. This color can be incorporated into your household by rugs or curtains for the living room.
  • Black and blue: These shades represent the career aspect of feng shui. Using these colors in the north area of your house can bring you many career opportunities.

Best Feng Shui Money Tree Placement

Your money area is ideally the best location for feng shui money tree placement. It’s in the southeast direction and is known to bring the most prosperity to your house or office.

The east side of your house represents your health and family area. It works more strongly when it has wood elements. Planting a feng shui money tree here can invite health and wealth.

Feng shui money trees can also be located where there is indirect sunlight. However, placing it in direct sunlight can harm the plant’s growth and reduce its wealth benefits.

It can also be placed in your home office to increase your income. Placing it in the southeast direction of your house can boost your career opportunities.

The north direction of your house is perfect for placing the feng shui plants to attract money. It is known to bring new opportunities and success to your house. But, do not place the plants near red objects. Placing them near red objects may weaken their power to harness wealth and prosperity.

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Feng Shui Money Tree At Front Door Of House

Placing a feng shui plant at the front door of your houses, such as a Malabar nut tree or a tulip plant, can be a barrier to keeping away the negative energies and bringing wealth and success. Trees with soft, rounded, or heart-shaped leaves are the best kinds of feng shui money trees at the front door that attract positive energies.

The front entrance is the mouth of the house in feng shui. For the outside world, it’s the face of the house and how you look towards things. And for inwards, it’s what flows into the house and is invited. The front door also determines what kinds of opportunities are welcomed to your house. How a front door is decorated can determine the kind of energy you invite to your home.

How To Find A Feng Shui Money Corner Of Home ?

When you stand at the front door, the Chinese feng shui money corner is located in the back left corner or room. It can also be located with the help of a Bagua map. Furthermore, you can use a compass to locate your home’s southeast corner.


How To Use A Feng Shui Money Frog?

The feng shui money frog is used to bring prosperity. The feng shui money frog placement attracts wealth and success. It is known to increase the financial abundance of a family. The frog can be made of metal or any stone, such as jade. The symbols of frogs can also be in the form of a toad with coins in its mouth or placed above a gold base. In Chinese culture, the three-legged toad is known to produce coins of gold and silver from its mouth. Besides wealth, the frog is also significant for providing long life and imparting wisdom to the house members. The frog should be placed above the floor, on any metal base or table.

It is suggested to place it on a low surface so that it harnesses more energy. You can place it anywhere, at your home or office building. You can also use more than one toad. One must ensure that the frog is always kept neat and clean and that it doesn’t get accumulated with dust. It can also be used to meditate where a person can set an intention to keep it.

It should be placed inwards facing the entry door to invite opportunity inside the house. In addition, you can also place it diagonally to the entrance door or in the money corner.

The frog can attract financial abundance if placed at your workplace or home office desk. It can also be used in your meditation area to give you more spiritual strength. The symbolism of a three-legged frog, when placed in your feng shui money bag, can attract extra wealth.

What Should I Keep In My Wallet To Attract Money?

A Red ribbon with three coins is a symbol that can be used as feng shui money luck for your wallet. Crystals also represent abundance. You can use prosperity crystals made of citrine to attract wealth. It increases your savings and gives you more financial opportunities. There should be more currency notes than credit cards in your wallet to attract wealth.

Gemstones like jade, emerald, Calcite, and malachite in Chinese feng shui money bags can increase the possibility of gaining wealth. Placing identity documents in your wallet can also maximize your wealth.


July 2022 marks the feng shui money bags month, with five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays. It only happens once in 823 years. There are several ways in which feng shui for money luck items are used at home or any building to attract prosperity. There are a bunch of ways in which plants and decorative items can be used as a part of feng shui tips for money flow. This method of attracting wealth to your house and office has been in practice for 3000 years, and its effects bring luck, health, love, and prosperity in abundance. But keep your house and workspace clean for these tips to work. Feng shui is not only about bringing in wealth and success but promotes a simpler lifestyle to live a life full of harmony.


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