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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method of harnessing qi in your life by employing directions and some parts of nature. Feng shui directions aim to maximize an individual’s energy potential by directing it in the direction of their surroundings. This notion is rooted in old folk stories that discuss how human existence is in tune with its surroundings and flows around it. The Tao, which means “the path,” is the name given to this philosophy. Taoism is recognized as the way of nature or the environment, and Feng Shui likewise discusses nature in all of its facets.

How To Find Out Lucky Feng Shui Directions?

The idea of fortunate routes is sometimes perplexing and misinterpreted. It is because every book on Feng Shui directions discusses how to find auspicious (fortunate) directions for the house that would bring serenity. And success in our life and how bad luck will affect you in the worst way conceivable. However, that is not correct. On the contrary, using lucky Feng Shui direction’s strategies only increases your potential. While not utilizing them does not cause you any notable damage. As a result, it is critical to comprehend the significance of Bagua’s Feng Shui directions.One Feng Shui remedy for unfortunate direction is diminishing the unlucky element and replacing it with the proper element.For example, if your front entrance faces North, and you are aware that North is a feng shui favorable direction for your property. To rectify this, replace the feng shui Earth element décor with the Water feng shui element directly to the North.

Importance Of Feng Shui Directions

Importance Of Feng Shui Directions

The basic meaning of directions is that facing your fortunate feng shui directions allows you to have a better energy flow. And being in unlucky directions causes a reduction in the flow of energy. But, as previously said, this is neither a magical cure nor will it have disastrous outcomes if you do not follow it.

What Is The Relationship Between The Feng Shui Directions And The Elements?

What Is The Relationship Between The Feng Shui Directions And The Elements?

The five-element theory, proposed by ancient Chinese philosophy, outlines the interplay of everything in our environment.  According to the Five Element hypothesis, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood are the basic essential building blocks of everything on our planet. These five components are essential in feng shui, and they must be adequately balanced to establish absolute harmony. The directions of Feng Shui elements must be addressed. While arranging various home goods, keep in mind that they play a vital part in channeling energy flow throughout the house.

Fire Element

The Fire element is the most potent of these five elements. It symbolizes power, change, passion, desire, and anger. Fire components can be employed in the home in the form of a fireplace, candle, or red lampshade. Red, yellow, and orange are the colors associated with fire components. Summer is here, and the Feng shui element’s direction is south.

Wood Element

It is the element connected with creative traits such as creativity, inspiration, motivation, etc. It signifies an individual’s development and is necessary for the replenishment and purification of Chi. Plants, trees, grass, and other green items indicate the wood element. Green and purple are colors linked with wood components. Spring has arrived, and the Feng shui element directions are East and South-East.

Water Element

The water element symbolizes the movement of life symbolically. But, more realistically, it is related to the flow of money and the advancement of one’s profession. The water that runs away indicates items you no longer require in your life. Still, water indicates the tranquillity and rejuvenation of your surroundings; it evokes the sensation of a fresh start. Water elements can be represented in everyday life via ponds, aquariums, crystals, etc. The corresponding color is blue, and the season is winter.

Earth Element

The earth element represents stability that includes a sense of security and permanency in one’s house. The Earth element, as the name implies, represents security and strength. The earth element may be represented in a home through rocks, rugs, and books. Brown, beige, sierra, and muddy hues are connected with earth elements. The season is late summer.

Metal Element

It is one of the most crucial parts since it connects all of them. They serve as mediators and conductors, allowing energy to be transferred to various places. Metal boosts a person’s mental and intellectual strength; therefore, an excess of metal components can help you focus on your work and help you think more clearly and efficiently. The colors linked with metal elements include white, silver, grey, and black, and the season is autumn. Metal is the element of the cosmos through which all interactions in the world occur.

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How Can I Find My Lucky Directions?

You must first calculate your Kua number in order to identify your fortunate feng shui directions. Check out the next section to find your Kua number.

How To Calculate Feng Shui Kua Number?

How To Calculate Feng Shui Kua Number?

Kua number is a number system in which everyone is issued a number based on their gender. Then, based on the date of birth, it recommends lucky Feng shui directions. It is crucial in the feng shui system since many things are drawn from it. It is used to assess a person’s fortunate and unlucky direction in the workplace to distribute various aspects. It helps to find the ideal placement of various household/workplace goods at home or at workplace. It also provides information on a person’s energy compatibility with others.

Calculating Kua Number For Male

The first step is to add your birth year’s last two digits. In the event that it is zero, use a value of ten. Subtract one from the resulting number if your birth date falls before the Chinese Lunar New Year. This stage is skipped if you were born after it. We require a single-digit number; if you have two digits, add them; otherwise, proceed to the next stage. If you were born before 2000, subtract that number from 10; if you were born after 2000, subtract it from 9. If you still obtain a double-digit number, put them together to get your Kua number. If it’s a single digit, it’s your Kua number, which determines your fortunate Feng Shui directions depending on your date of birth.

Calculating Kua Number For Female 

The first step is to add your birth year’s last two digits. In the event that it is zero, use a value of ten. Subtract one from the resulting number if your birth date falls before the Chinese Lunar New Year. However, you may skip this step if you were born after it. We need a single-digit value for the computation. Add them if you have two digits; otherwise, proceed to the next step. Subtract that amount from 5 if you were born before 2000 and 6 if you were born after 2000. If you still receive a double-digit number, add them together. If it’s a single digit, it’s your Kua number, which provides you lucky directions depending on your birthday.

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What Is The Relationship Between The Eight Feng Shui Directions And Kua Number?

What Is The Relationship Between The Eight Directions And Kua Number?

After determining your Kua number, utilize the Feng Shui directions chart or directions diagram to find your feng shui success direction. It may be used to analyze the location of things, rather than computing the Kua number and utilizing a table to determine lucky spots. You may use any Feng Shui fortunate directions calculator online. The lucky feng shui directions chart is shown in the table below:

What Are My Success Feng Shui Directions?
What Is My Success Direction Feng Shui?


The Feng Shui of the office and house (work directions) should be based on the individual’s success goals. Images representing your financial and success objectives should be displayed in strategic locations in the direction of your vision. Like the office wall, living room, or bedroom, or (where you spend at least 5 hours each day), since these items will aid in delivering positive feelings. Personal accomplishments or a professional degree might also be included. In addition, photographs of individuals you like in the working world may offer a lot of value to your career. To enhance your production, arrange things according to Feng Shui success guidelines. This section, for example, must be occupied with representations for new initiatives you are working on and profit targets. Success periodicals pertaining to your professional field are another near-perfect addition to this sector. Awards, degrees, and certifications can all be used to advance your career in this profession.

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How To Find Feng Shui Unlucky Directions?

You do not need specific Feng Shui direction chart instructions for your unfortunate feng shui directions. The directions that are not mentioned as lucky directions for your Kua number are said to be unlucky. These unfortunate directions are frequently associated with bad luck, six murders, five ghosts, and total loss.

What Is The Feng Shui Cure For Unlucky Directions?

If you follow every direction guideline that has been presented to you thus far, you will undoubtedly be able to correct your unfortunate feng shui directions. Also, learn how to use mirrors to clear blocked Chi in your house.

How To Figure Out What My Child’s Compass Direction For Feng Shui?

Children are an inexhaustible source of joy in families. And the ancient technique of Feng Shui may promote happiness by encouraging fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. If you need to buy a Feng Shui Compass, here is my best choice. According to Feng Shui, the arrangement of your children’s room can also assist in establishing a way for your children to escape from the world’s turmoil. Install a Feng Shui bedroom chart to allow positive energy to circulate. Young children’s energies are always high, and their rooms should be designed to maximize their good energy. But, of course, the most important aspect of this is cleanliness.

In addition, the children’s room should constantly be neat since an untidy room accumulates a lot of bad energy. It will also influence the children’s studies by affecting their focus. The clean and tidy space will boost the children’s good energy, resulting in better concentration while learning. After you’ve cleared your child’s room, you should concentrate on the instructions of Feng Shui directions. Feng Shui practitioners think that the directions East, North, and North East are rich with vitality. East is said to be the most steady direction for a child’s study room.

What Is The Best Direction To Sleep In Feng Shui?

Sleeping Directions Feng Shui is an essential component of a person’s life. The sleeping orientation in which a person maintains his head has a vital influence as well. If you’re wondering which direction is ideal for sleeping or which direction is greatest for feng shui, look no further. Then you must assess what you most desire in terms of prosperity, love, personal development, and health. For example, according to Feng Shui, you want to discover your snow-white or prince charming. It denotes that you are looking for love. You must sleep towards the Nine Yen direction, often known as the Love direction. Now, let’s look at how to find the optimum Feng Shui sleeping orientation or the way to face when sleeping. It’s described further down. If your Kua Number is 1, 3, 4, or 9, the best routes for you are East, North, South, and South East. Persons with Kua numbers 2, 6, 7, or 8 should have ideal West, South West, North East, and North West directions. Kua number 5 is the same for males with Kua number 2 and females with Kua number 8.

What Directions Travel Good For New Year Feng Shui?

The most acceptable travel directions in Feng Shui for the new year 2022 are West, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast. At the same time, the Northwest is the most popular travel direction this year.

Lucky Feng Shui Directions For House


Lucky Feng Shui Direction For House


A compass is required to discover your home’s lucky front-facing feng shui orientation. There are two major directions that must be followed in order to undertake numerous evaluations on your home.

Taking a Compass Reading

First, establish your compass’s magnetic North Pole. Then, take the following precautions to guarantee accurate measurement, feng shui compass directions degrees:

  • Check that there is no car in the area.
  • Place yourself at least 4 to 5 feet away from your house.
  • Make sure you’re not wearing anything metallic, such as jewelry.
  • Perform the analyses once you’ve taken the reading. You may also use an online Feng shui home directions calculator.



Feng Shui employs the Flying Star analysis, which is based on information about your home’s facing directions and the year it was built. Both of these aspects contribute to mapping the flow of energies in your home, which is essential because the placement of various things is dependent on it. Priority should always be given to house facing depending on birthday.

Surrounding Matters The Most

It is stated that the most crucial component is what surrounds your home. Therefore, if unfavorable spirits surround your property, no amount of treatment or remedy can help you completely employ feng shui.

The Front Door Is Not Always The Front Direction Of Your House

According to Feng Shui practitioners, people frequently mistake the direction of the front entrance with the facing orientation of the home. However, this is not always the case. The structure and geometric position of the actual front direction might vary.

What Is The True Front-Facing Feng Shui Direction Of Your House?

The front-facing orientation of your residence should be the one that receives the greatest Yang (good) energy. It makes no difference the direction you have selected to be the front of your house.

Lucky Feng Shui Directions For Office Directions 

When you’re working, which way should you be looking? It is the science that has advanced due to breakthroughs in the realm of neurology. The cells in our nervous system can sense changes in bodily posture. So when you stare in one direction, a specific collection of neurons in your body is triggered. When you alter your course, the opposite group of neurons is triggered. It has been scientifically proven that particular instructions aid in the integrated functioning of the brain and result in optimal brain performance.

East is the ideal Feng Shui direction for working, resulting in excellent brain efficiency. North follows east, which is the finest-looking direction. While operating, the south and west directions should be avoided because they are regarded as bad orientations for the placement of the office workstation.


Feng Shui is not a miracle that grants you magical abilities that guarantee your success in life. Instead, it is a method of maximizing your potential through attaining harmony with your environment. Nature is the most acceptable gift the universe has given us, and Feng Shui shows us how to become one with it. You may have a happy and wealthy life by following good Feng Shui directions recommendations.


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