11+ Feng Shui Lucky Charms | Restaurant Charms For Wealth

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Restaurants can utilize feng shui lucky charms to make their restaurant lucky charm restaurant in order to encourage good fortune and enhance business. Once you’ve figured out where to put feng shui good luck charms, you can start reaping the benefits of these ancient symbols.

How Does Feng Shui Lucky Charms Work?

The idea of fortunate or good luck charms derives from a human belief in the law of attraction. The charm that one wears or exhibits attracts romance, business, good health, and overall protection from calamities or mishaps. If you asked me,  do good luck charm work? I will answer, it will work if you believe it will work. 

Top 11 Good Luck Restaurant Charms For Prosperity In Feng Shui

Good Luck Restaurant Charms For Prosperity In Feng Shui

  • Three Chinese Dollars

Three Chinese coins are used as ancient feng shui lucky charms for money in China. Three Chinese coins (one with a central square hole) can be purchased or tied together with a crimson ribbon. Place them with the yang side up at all times (side with four characters). These coins are said to attract fortune. Choose one or two locations. Don’t go too far. Excessive use of symbols is considered greedy and might backfire.

These coins may be placed on top of your cash register. It is simple to place these coins in your cash register drawer. This emblem of enormous riches may also be placed in your safe. In addition, you might put the pennies in your phone cradle/charger.

  • Charm Of The Dragon And Water

The dragon and water are also excellent feng shui lucky charms for a restaurant. When these two feng shui symbols are put next to each other, they work well. The dragon will trigger the favorable cosmic chi force to bring good fortune.

  • Don’t Go Overboard

Maintain a balance between the dragon and the water fountain in relation to the size of your restaurant. Do not oversize the water fountain or dragon since this creates chi energy imbalance and attracts unlucky energy to your business. Feng shui constantly recommends maintaining an energy balance, which is especially important when employing feng shui symbols.

  • Optimal Positioning

You may put a dragon next to the water fountain. Ensure that the water flow is directed toward the inside of your restaurant. It should never be directed out of a door or window. The dragon should be positioned such that it overlooks the fountain while still looking within. This way you can ulitize your feng shui lucky charms.

  • Bells Made Of Metal

Metal bells are another excellent feng shui sign of good prosperity. Many establishments hang miniature bells above entry doors to alert clients when the door opens and closes. However, the origins of this practice may be traced back to positive feng shui traditions of ringing in wealth. Each time the door opens and shuts, the sound of tinkling bells creates favorable yang energy.

  • Yang Energy And Customers Are Drawn To Bells

Tie six or seven bells together with a crimson ribbon or thread to make this good luck sign for business. You might buy an old-fashioned shopkeeper’s bell and replace the solitary bell with your smaller ones.

  • The Mystic Knot

Chinese money, amulets, and different feng shui lucky charms are frequently hanged from a crimson mystic knot. The knot is made up of six infinity knots and represents an infinity of good fortune. Above or alongside your cash register or reception/hostess stand, hang an infinity knot or one that supports an auspicious good luck sign.

  • Turtle Dragon

The dragon turtle is thought to attract money and success. This emblem can be placed in the southeast corner of your eatery. You can also place one in the restaurant’s north section. Always keep the dragon turtle pointed into the room, never out a door or window.

  • Yi Ru

The Ru Yi is one of the potent good luck feng shui lucky charms. This traditional sign of leadership, wealth, and good fortune is the scepter of authority. “It is as you desire,” says the Ru Yi. Moreover, this symbol generates yang chi energy to assist your goals and ambitions for your business, career, and reputation.

  • Aquarium

For their feng shui water feature, several restaurants choose an aquarium rather than a water fountain. This sign may be placed at the restaurant’s entrance or in a waiting room. The finest compass directions for this good luck business sign are southeast (wealth) or north (career).

  • Ship On The Water

The sailing ship filled with gold ingots is a feng shui metaphor for tremendous fortune to come your way. Restaurants may employ this overwhelming allure to attract new customers and large sums of money.

  • Ox

In feng shui, the ox is an old and revered emblem. The ox is thought to grant wishes. It is utilized in business to bring good fortune and prosperity. You may install an ox sign in your restaurant’s north or southeast area. Your request may be answered if you keep your innermost desire for your restaurant business in mind when you place the ox in its particular position.

  • Cat Of Fortune

Maneki Neko is another name for Lucky Cat; a Japanese emblem embraced by feng shui (beckoning cat). Many company owners happily embrace this adorable good luck charm. This good luck charm can be put near your restaurant’s entrance or the cash register.

  • The Buddha Of Laughter

The Laughing Buddha is a potent emblem of riches, good fortune, and success. Respect it and set it at eye level or higher, as with any Buddha statue. You may place this feng shui symbol near the front door of your restaurant, viewing your clients while they eat. In feng shui, the Laughing Buddha is frequently utilized to defeat competitors and defend you from anyone seeking to ruin your business.

How Do You Do Feng Shui Restaurants?

Restaurants, in particular, might benefit from including a few Feng Shui lucky charms suggestions while decorating and constructing the interior due to their high customer traffic.

The following suggestions are a list of items to consider when attempting to adopt Feng Shui principles in your restaurant. We will attempt to delve into further detail regarding a number of the principles.

  • Hues:  

Each rainbow’s color has a different significance. When certain colors are perceived, they elicit distinct feelings or ideas. For example, red is a hue that arouses desire and love, as well as enhances hunger. It evokes sentiments of romanticism and, at times, passion. On the other hand, pink is a pleasant and calming hue that is also connected with love. 

  • Seating Plan At A Restaurant:

When rearranging your restaurant seats, consider the motions your guests and employees will make. They’ll need unobstructed access to the front door, restrooms, kitchen, and cashier. Good energy flow will be hampered if chairs and tables obstruct any of these paths. You should also consider the distance between chairs and tables to ensure that consumers have adequate room to go in and out and stroll through without colliding with another person or a neighboring table.

  • Space:

 When considering spacing, you should also consider how the restaurant will be separated. For example, too many walls will stifle energy movement, yet too open space, such as windows with a panoramic view, will not hold energy.

  • Levels Of Noise:

Another thing to think about is how you will keep noise levels down. Customers cannot be asked to keep quiet, but the restaurant can be padded to absorb reverberations. In addition, carpet on the floors, acoustic paneling on the walls and ceilings, and fabric-upholstered restaurant furniture will assist absorb sounds and make the ambiance warm and welcoming rather than aggravating.

What Are The Lucky Things To Wear?

What Are The Lucky Things To Wear

While feng shui lucky charms have been used throughout countries and ages, there is little question that they still play a role today. Shoppers continue to seek the conveniences and confidence that imitations provide. There are plenty of charming alternatives to present yourself or someone you care about, whether to bring good luck or fend off evil. Here are our top recommendations for the lucky things to wear– 

Earrings With Wishbones

These delicate wishbone studs not only soothe the fates with good luck but also make an excellent stacking stud. 

Charm Of The Chinese Zodiac

You may add this charming tiny charm to your collection to commemorate your Chinese zodiac: Pandora, Chinese zodiac rabbit, shine charm with clear cubic zirconia.

White Gold Diamond Ring With A Lucky Eye

Messika’s understated-yet-elegant white gold diamond Lucky Eye ring is a modern talisman and ideal for your adult ring collection. The ring is available in rose and yellow gold, and the Lucky Eye is also available as a bracelet, anklet, necklace, and earrings. The opulent label is well-known among celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Beyonce, and it was launched in Paris in 2005 by Valérie Messika.

Messika White Gold Diamond Ring Lucky Eye, 

The Necklace That Has Everything. Every classic fair fortune theme will bring you good fortune—designer Rose Gold Good Luck Necklace by Jennifer Meyer, YLang 23, $3,950.

Elephant Studs In Gold

We adore this lighthearted spin on an ancient symbol. Kate Spade Golden Elephant Studs will give you a unique look and also bring a good luck charm for you. 

Good Luck Charms To Sell Your House

Good Luck Charms To Sell Your House

Is Feng Shui lucky charms fortunate for you? Buyers want a sense of balance and peace while viewing properties, and Feng Shui is an excellent method to open up energy and add a little luck to your house showings. Clearing clutter and keeping seven lemons in a bowl for luck to sweep off negative juju are common strategies to help you sell your property with luck.

Perhaps Psychic aid is the path to good fortune for you! According to Lew Sichelman’s piece, “sticky emotions and anti-sale energy” might make it difficult to sell your property. But don’t worry; simply contact a local psychic or witch to perform a spell on your property to help it sell quickly and for a good price!

Smudging your home with sage. Smudging is an old method in which you can walk around your home. You can say an Indian prayer by keeping one window open to allow negative energy to fly out the window. Thus, it can clean the house of all old or negative energy. It can open your home to positive energy. You can try these good luck charms to sell your house. 

Baking a plate of chocolate chip cookies is old-fashioned yet still considered a fortunate charm by many. The scent may persuade a buyer to take a fancy to your property. But wait. what if someone dislikes the delicious aroma of baked goods?



What Are Prosperity And Good Luck Charms?

Listed are the prosperity and good luck charms if you wish to use feng shui lucky charms for prosperity and good luck:

  • Statue of an Ox.
  • The Money Tree.
  • The Buddha of Laughter.
  • Coins from the I-Ching.
  • Pi Yao/Pixiu Wealth Prosperity Figurine and Red Agate Money Tree
  • Frog of Money
  • Bagua.

What Is A Good Luck Logo For Business?

 What Is A Good Luck Logo For Business

The Maneki Neko cat, often known as the ‘waving cat,’ is used as a good luck logo for business in many Asian companies. The cat is thought to wave good business and nice clients in stores and restaurants.

What Are The Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Love?

Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Love

Clovers with four leaves, and four-leaf clovers, one of the most well-known emblems of good fortune in the Western world, were long viewed as an auspicious sign by the Celts. The four leaves represent love, faith, hope, and luck. It is regarded as a good luck charm for love. 


The most significant aspect of Feng Shui lucky charms is the utilization of space and the movement of energy. Traditionally, the northern and southern sections or corners of a room constitute the “wealth area,” indicating career and money. Keep this in mind when you place your chosen charms, and also ensure that the idea of fortunate or good luck charms derives from a human belief in the law of attraction. The charm that one wears or exhibits attracts romance, business, good health, and overall protection from calamities or mishaps. So, this will only work if you believe in the law of attractions as in this way, you will attract positive things in your life. 


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