Feng Shui Jewelry For Love, Wealth, And Good Health

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Feng shui practitioners believe that feng shui jewelry imbues the wearer with the jewelry’s energies. A feng shui jewelry generates or represents luck, love, health, and wealth. You can recognize it by the style, like it may have semi-precious gemstones, Chinese characters, or symbolic charms.

What Is The Role Of Feng Shui Jewelry?

Role Of Feng Shui Jewelry

Feng shui jewelry has been used by all cultures throughout human history.

It contributes to our civilization’s cultural heritage and plays a role in significant events. Such as many types of celebrations, including religious cults, holidays, political events, sports, and everyday celebrations; Jewelry, the art of automobile adornment, has a long history.

 Feng Shui jewelry dates back over thirty thousand years, demonstrating that the history of jewelry is as old as people themselves. When a decorative thing becomes, art is determined by the enigmatic meaning of the term art. Feng shui jewelry has grown as multifaceted as art itself.

Feng Shui Jewelry Types

Feng Shui Jewelry Types

Following are the different feng shui jewelry types:

  • Feng Shui Bracelets–  Wearing bracelets can aid in decision-making and the generation of new ideas. Wear it in your left hand to attract your intellect and potential.
  • Feng Shui Earrings- Feng Shui reflects the profession, remuneration, and business. Adding accentuation to your ears with Earrings is a fantastic way to open new doors in company and profession while also altering your wage.
  • Feng Shui Necklace Meaning- The meaning of a Feng Shui necklace is that it specifies your face, throat, and head. The lovely jewelry around your neck gives beauty and significance. 
  • Feng Shui Protective– Wearing real stones, genuine gold, and genuine silver may provide an added benefit of upgrading and draw in helpful energy, as well as shielding us from any type of negativity. But can wear gold and silver combined bring ill luck? You can wear them together. Thus, the answer is no.
  •  Feng Shui Rings– Rings are the most frequent jewelry worn by people. Wearing rings might reveal aspects of your personality and ideas. And this is the finest method to express yourself with this little but really powerful diamond.

What Is Authentic Feng Shui Jewelry Significance?

Humans have long understood the impact of jewelry’s distinctive benign aura on individuals. This subconscious entity existed before religion and was hidden inside the human psyche. It is the Tao that nature and strange things share.

  • Tao is indescribable, and it is possible to say that it is the same voice, seeking in the same phase. As with the conventional approach of caring for jade.
  • People are supposed to grow jade and jade to elevate people. The cultivation law includes a type of purpose cultivation that perfectly exemplifies the process of symbiosis and the flourishing of people and jewels.
  • Feng shui jewelry has two yin and yang qualities. Type and texture are two of their own texture gas fields. Different gas fields serve different purposes.
  • The second is the created extensive exterior gas field. It might be defined by the period of manufacture or by the history of the jewelry and previous owners, or if the former owner of a piece of special jewelry has a history of terrible killings.
  • It is safe to say that this item has a ferocious information field, and it is critical to pay attention to the preservation strategy.

Symbols And Feng Shui Jewelry For Wealth

Symbols And Feng Shui Jewelry For Wealth

There are several types of feng shui jewelry for wealth. In addition, according to feng shui philosophy, all humanities and objects in the universe may be turned into feng shui jewelry.

Feng Shui may cover everything that has the potential to affect you. In reality, because the humanities are among the five components, they will have an impact on you. People just select imagined goods or valuable cultural artifacts, hand decorations, and so on, and insert some influential information.

The majority of the applications correspond to the five aspects of Huasha, Wangyun, and encouraging riches. Such as the dragon turtle, cricket, copper elephant, fortunate sheep, unicorn, and golden toad.

  • Tortoise, Dragon

It is a type of Swiss beast. When presented with a financial situation, dragon turtles might push money. It works best when positioned in a three-sharp position or a region with a lot of water and gas.

“Hurry up, combat three evils,” Feng Shui learns. The level of feng shui is high, and the tongue is in the correct position. The dragon turtle has the ability to not only resolve the tongue but also increase its appeal.

  • Elephant In Bronze

Elephants are excellent at absorbing water, as seen by the bronze elephant. Water is a valuable resource. When a huge window overlooks the sea or a pool, it’s known as “Mingtang collects water.” Inaugurated. The elephant’s nature has been tamed and is fortunate in the home.

  • Sheep Good Fortune

Lucky Sheep cures diseases, minimizes calamities, and raises partial prosperity. Because the sheep-like “win.” It is suitable for gambling. If you have an ill patient, you can place it on each side of the bed to ease discomfort.

  • Mr. Jin Chan

Jin Chan is the finest weapon. It stands on three feet and has seven dippers on its back. It also has two copper money on his lips and the Taiji ritual on the top of his head.

Taboo: Due to its capacity to spew money, it has become a source of riches. Jin Chan can be placed on the financial position, the window, or the porch. Jin Chan, flush with cash, rushes into the house when it is placed. 

  • Kirin 

It is a really old beast. It has the dragon head, lion eyes, antlers, tiger back, snake scales, bear waist, horseshoe, and pigtail all rolled into one. It is a fortunate gem.

Encourage the spread of prosperity. You can put one for the financial party and three for the third party, and remember to put it on the outside of the door or window.

Feng Shui Jewelry For Good Health

Despite the fact that the jewelry is constructed of certain metals. Or that they include certain stones and crystals, but another component is even more essential since they think they also have medical capabilities.

There is no question that many individuals do not believe in the healing potential of metals and feng shui hanging crystals, and these views have been around for ages.

Science does not always elucidate everything, and it frequently takes time for science to get to with our forefathers’ ideas. So it couldn’t be anything more than the imagined health benefits of wearing jewelry that we still comprehend. So here is a list of Feng shui gems that you may wear to gain health advantages in the long run.

Connection Between Feng Shui Elements And Jewelry

The five components of Chinese Traditional Feng Shui Jewelry culture are gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Therefore, everything belongs to the five elements, and the “five-element energy guardian field” is provided by the four-element balanced five-element energy level.

That is to ensure humanity’s safety. With the aid of foreign things, we must balance the five energy elements. It does not only repel and prevent evil but also helps physical energy and magnetic fields.

Increase wisdom, build a bright future, and help people’s lives run smoothly toward prosperity and pleasant family life. Don’t think I’m not credible; you’re not a failure in your love life, and your life isn’t in shambles. But, it may need a modification with a piece.

The golden successful person’s five components should be cremated with water, and they can wear blue field jade feng shui decorations. The five elements are affluent, civilized, and can be represented by turquoise, jade, or sapphire.

It is best to utilize gold, water, and wood jewelry for affluent people in the five elements, and you may pick gold, platinum, or jade jewelry. 

Best Feng Shui Jewelry Colors For Wealth

Best Feng Shui Jewelry Colors For Wealth

We’re focused on jewelry colors you should wear based on your emotions. We’ll also look at gemstone feng shui beliefs so you can pick the ideal jewelry for 2022.

  • Red Gemstone

Red ruby gemstones are wonderful; however, choose vivid red rubellite if you want less expensive choices. This gemstone is becoming increasingly popular because it is bright red or pink and extremely sparkling. Carnelian is another possibility. This gemstone has the appearance of red marble and can range in color from dark ochre red to vivid blood red.

  • Orange Jewelry

Orange is the color of innovation and rapid thinking, and it’s also a terrific feng shui color for anyone born in the Year of the Tiger in 2022. Wear orange jewelry to enhance your energy and concentrate throughout the day if you feel bored or unproductive. Isn’t it great for an all-day meeting?

Tiger’s Eye gemstone is an excellent choice if you want to wear orange jewelry since it includes bands of orange and yellow.

  • Yellow Jewelry

Although yellow is often associated with happiness, some research shows that it might activate the anxiety response in your brain.

Pale yellow, on the other hand, conveys warmth and youth, which is excellent if you want to improve the mood or create a joyful atmosphere at your workplace or home.

While yellow “Canary” diamonds are magnificent, you may also select yellow Citrine or Lemon Quartz, which are lovely light yellow and relatively reasonable. In addition, color theory enthusiasts claim that these pale yellow gemstones might improve problematic professional encounters.

  • Green Gemstone

Although gold and orange are also connected with wealth in Asian cultures, green is typically associated with money and financial progress. In addition, green and blue in color psychology signify stability and dependability, which may explain why many banks choose these colors in their color schemes.

Green might assist in creating peace and center your sentiments if you’re feeling unstable or emotionally volatile, especially during times of mourning and uncertainty. When it comes to green gemstones, Jade is the obvious choice, but you may also consider wearing apple green Chalcedony or brilliant green and dazzling Peridot.

  • Blue Gemstone

Blue is associated with tranquility, peace, and trust, which is why many firms employ it in their official logos. In addition, blue is an excellent color for calming anxiety and making you feel at ease if you’re in an unpleasant circumstance.

That’s wonderful news whether you’re looking for a deep blue Lapis Lazuli ring or a necklace studded with Blue Sapphire, Topaz, or Aquamarines. Zircon is a less well-known (but relatively economical) blue gemstone. People are perplexed by the term because they believe it is man-made, similar to cubic zirconia. However, zircons are entirely natural and come in the most energizing sky blue color.

Best Feng Shui Stones For Wealth

Crystals are a great place to start if you want to improve your feng shui and manifest talents. While crystals aren’t the be-all and end-all of manifesting, you cannot hold them, imagine your wants, and get them magically. However, you can get feng shui crystals for prosperity to place in your house to make manifesting more efficient.

Everything in the Universe is charged with energy and vibrates at various frequencies. Thoughts, too, contain vibrational frequencies.

Whatever sensations and ideas you have at any one time attract things with the same frequency into your life. 

As a result, if you vibrate at a high frequency, you will draw great things in your life. But, conversely, if you have low vibration, bad things might be attracted to your life. Or, at the very least, you’ll see the things you generate as good or bad depending on how you vibrate then!

Crystals contain their own vibrational energy. As a result, they have a high frequency, and some of them have become “renowned” for their vibrational features through time.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Jewelry?

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Jewelry

You’ll want to keep it clean on a frequent basis. It will maintain its positive energy flowing and keep it from losing efficacy. If you’ve picked the ‘lucky’ side of the feng shui spectrum, set the bracelet on the windowsill at a location where the Moon can be seen, but remove it first thing in the morning to avoid solar damage.

You should cleanse your feng shui bracelet on a regular basis if you want it to perform properly. In addition, you should clean your bracelet on a regular basis.

  • Burn sage. Allow the smoke to wrap around your bracelet for about five minutes, and the ensuing vapors should be pleasant and calming. You should then wait for the smoke to dissipate. Wear the feng shui bracelet for a few days to get the advantages of a good feng shui to cleanse.
  • The first step in making feng shui bracelets with crystals is to burn sage-  This is one of the most effective methods for cleaning feng shui jewelry. It is better to burn it at night and let the smoke encompass the bracelet for a few minutes. It will enable smoke inside your home. Take care to leave the sage behind once you’ve burnt it. It will shield the feng shui bracelet from negative energy.

Finally, sage or palo santo can be used to cleanse feng shui bracelets. The feng shui bracelet may be cleared by letting it through the smoke.

Feng Shui Jewelry Usage And Placement Tips

Actually, there is a type of feng shui sacred jewelry known as Pi Xiu. This jewelry cannot be worn in any way;

There are certain methods and directions in which they must be placed.

Feng shui holy jewelry, as an auspicious creature, is capable of attracting money and is best suited for those who wish to increase their monetary fortune.

As a result, it’s ideal for business people who want to retain their riches and create more money by utilizing the money-drawing capacity of Feng shui sacred jewelry.

Furthermore, Feng shui holy jewelry is appropriate for college students since it may bless them with a healthy aging process. It’s also appropriate to wear if you have a conflict with Tai Sui during a certain year.

Difference Between Real And Fake Feng Shui Jewelry

You can differentiate between real and fake feng shui jewelry by following the listed steps:

  • Look for hallmarks to ensure the purity of bracelets, necklaces, and rings.
  • Examine the Jewelry statistics.
  • Dip your jewelry in nitric acid.
  • To locate the stain, use cosmetics.
  • To collect iron particles, use a magnet.

Feng Shui Jewelry Storage Tips

It is a crucial topic for those who enjoy wearing feng shui jewelry.

So, we will offer you some sound advice about it here. It may not be evident, but the gems are delicate. They also tend to wear and scrape, especially when in touch with one another. So, to begin, our first piece of advice is to keep each diamond in its own case.

And for this reason, the original packaging in which you purchased it, as well as the jeweler’s bags or containers, are ideal. We also advise being cautious while applying beauty cosmetics. For example, before putting on the diamond, apply makeup and perfume.

Ideally, you should dress, comb, apply makeup, and apply perfume before selecting the feng shui gems that you will wear.

A cloth lining is required for the ideal box, perfect jewelry box, or perfect jewelry bag. To avoid chafing and to prevent damage. It is advisable to wrap them in linen and then keep them separately in the jewelry box.

It is preferable to maintain the chains locked and stretched flat, so they do not roll or develop knots. Additional care must be taken if the jewelry contains valuable stones, jewels, or pearls.

Feng Shui Jewelry For Love And Romance

A feng shui item of jewelry should neither be excessively pricey nor too inexpensive. 

Keep an eye out for allergies!

Choose a GOLD, STONES, or SILVER gem.

At least the message is obvious when it comes to jewelry with a heart or love motif. Declare your love for a lady, which is easy in theory but tough to execute in practice.

Giving a gem as a present might be a suitable answer, but not just any diamond; it must be modest enough not to startle but not innocent. If it is a proclamation of love, it should be a high-quality feng shui gem that she can wear longer.

And keep solid feng shui silver jewelry to a minimum; they may be inexpensive, but they will never cause allergies and wear out slowly, whereas the “silver metal” will be ruined very rapidly.

When you give a lady a feng shui diamond in the shape of a heart, there’s no need to talk about love. The message is more than plain, and it is frequently better articulated than one could do it. 


Jewelry is a little thing that may hold a lot of significance for a person. People and jewelry are inextricably linked; jewelry has a human scale, and people give significance to jewelry.

It symbolizes hierarchy, love, power, and protection. People use it to communicate with people. Therefore we need to understand the significance of feng shui jewelry, how to utilize it efficiently, and how to make it work for us sufficiently.


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