Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart: A Comprehensive Guide 

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Understanding Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Chinese Zodiac Compatibility offers to check or guide any relationship: love, marriage, or friendship. The Chinese calendar has twelve animal zodiac signs, and each zodiac sign determines a unique characteristic and personality for each individual. These animal signs determine how compatible a relationship can be. Therefore when it comes to marriage, friendship, and love relationships, it becomes crucial to get better guidance to maintain tranquility, be compatible, and peacefully progress further. Before starting a new relationship, you can check the compatibility of the respective signs for a better future ahead.


Correct way to use Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart.


Chinese Zodiac Compatibility offers proper guidance for a relationship. However, an appropriate process has to be followed to check the compatibility. So, let us guide you through the following chart and help you understand which animal sign aligns with the other.


Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart:



Rat Dragon, Monkey, Ox Tiger, Rat Rooster, Horse
Ox Rooster, Snake, Rat Monkey, Ox Sheep, Tiger, Horse, Dragon
Tiger Horse, Pig, Dragon Rabbit, Rat Monkey, Tiger, Snake, Ox
Rabbit Dog, Sheep, Pig, Monkey Horse, Tiger, Dragon,  Rabbit Rooster, Snake
Dragon Monkey, Rat, Rooster Horse, Rabbit Dog, Ox, Sheep
Snake Rooster, Dragon Dog Sheep, Snake, Rabbit, Pig, Tiger
Horse Rabbit,

Sheep, Tiger

Dog, Rabbit, Monkey,  Dragon Horse, Rat, Rooster, Ox
Sheep Pig, Rabbit, Horse Rooster Tiger, Dog, Ox
Monkey Rabbit, Ox Rooster, Horse Pig, Tiger
Rooster Snake, Ox Pig, Monkey, Sheep Rabbit, Dog, Horse, Rat, Rooster
Dog Rabbit Horse, Ox, Dog, Snake Sheep, Rooster, Dragon
Pig Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep Rooster Monkey, Snake



Chinese Zodiac Compatibility 2022 For Friendship


Friendship is a man’s one among his crucial needs. Human beings being social, need people at every step in their life. So while familial relationships are significant, we cannot keep a blind eye to making friends. But you can check which Chinese Zodiac Sign can match your friendship with the following chart.


Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart:


Rat Ox, Dragon, Rabbit Horse
Ox Monkey, Rat, Rooster Goat
Tiger Pig, Horse, Dragon Monkey
Rabbit Dog, Pig, Rat, Goat, Monkey Rooster
Dragon Snake, Rat, Tiger Dog
Snake Rooster, Dragon Pig
Horse Tiger, Goat Rat
Sheep Pig, Horse, Rabbit Ox
Monkey Rabbit, Ox Tiger
Rooster Snake, Ox Rabbit
Dog Rabbit Dragon
Pig Rabbit, Tiger, Goat Snake


Zodiac Compatibility calculator for marriage


Zodiac signs’ compatibility for marriage can be calculated to find out the perfect match.


Chinese Zodiac signs compatibility and their meaning


The Chinese Zodiac Sign has twelve zodiac signs to check the compatibility to match horoscopes for marriage or to know their zodiac sign. You can check what year of this zodiac sign you are born in and what it says about your compatibility. Each sign has different meanings and brings personality traits that can define a person. Let us examine and understand what each zodiac sign’s personality traits bring to the person born in their year:


Understanding Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign is associated with several traits. People having a Rabbit Zodiac sign are modest, compassionate, amicable, sensitive, and gentle. They have a humorous personality trait that likes to add spice to life. The Rabbit is a tender and tame animal known for its swift movement. People having the Zodiac Sign Rabbit have the most tender and soft personalities.


This pleasant personality trait helps keep a modest attitude toward people around them. They are known to resist and avoid quarrels and are not irritated easily. They are cautious, responsible, polite, and skilled when it comes down to handling relationships, be it romantic relationships or friendships. People born in the Rabbit year are responsible, patient, and kind while being honest in their relationships. They are known to keep and follow their promise.


Marriage: People born in the year of Rabbit tend to be sensitive and mysterious while being in love. They tend to possess rational thinking and are fond of dating in decent and romantic places. Being in a romantic relationship, they are inclined to love, relying upon their emotional needs in the relationship. Therefore, they deeply get hurt when they are broken out of love.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Rabbit Zodiac Sign: Rabbits known for their generous, considerate, humorous, and tender nature attracts and are popular among girls. For the sake of freedom, Rabbits keep themselves away from a serious relationships. Conversely, they become a good husband and a father when they are married, positioning their family on the top of the list.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Rabbit Zodiac Sign: Women having the Rabbit Zodiac sign are tender, calm, and innocent in love. They are affectionate towards people who possess an understanding nature, wealthy and considerate. They become responsible, caring, and loving mothers and wives after marriage.


Understanding Water-Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Water-Pig Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


People born in the Pig year have accommodating personality traits and are gentle. They are honest and hold a unique standpoint among tiger friends. Besides, they possess chivalrous and gallant manners. They are tolerant and face difficulties and sort them out in gradual steps. Their actionable thoughts of facing challenges always bring out their optimistic trait. They are just and kind to the ones they are close with. They make friends quickly and respect them, and are sincere towards them.


However, they are short-tempered but live to avoid arguments and quarrels at any cost. Their friendly nature and extreme belief in their friendship might work as a trap. They might be sincere friends, but they are not always returned with the same friendship. They lack communication skills and are impulsive. When the prank their friends and people, they don’t know when and how to stop.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Pig Zodiac Sign: They desire a romantic marriage. But they cannot express their feelings which might create misunderstanding between their wives and children. But, they prove themselves as loyal husbands and good fathers.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Pig Zodiac Sign: Females having Pig as their Zodiac sign are kind, gentle, and pretty, which arouses men’s drive for protection. After marriage, they tend to draw toward their family members, creating a relaxed atmosphere.


Understanding Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


The Horse symbolizes passion and zeal. They are enthusiastic, positive, quick-witted, and cheerful. A horse also stands for freedom and independence, always active and running in broad areas. They are friendly, so they have a lot of friends. With their command of communication and humorous personality, they can entertain their environment. With an independent and free mindset, they overcome every obstacle. They can be a good influence on people around them. They are always positive and can come up with a proper response to others.


However, they have specific weaknesses that lag them behind in certain areas. They have a hard time saving money as they love over-spending. They might often offend the listeners’ feelings and cannot keep a secret and hence not trustworthy people to keep secrets with. They cannot accept others’ advice and stick with their thoughts, leading them to wrongly interpret or judge any circumstances or essential affairs.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Horse Zodiac sign: They like to appear attractive in their dress and skills. They try to pursue girls, but it is pretty challenging for them as they are unskilled and dull when approaching ladies. They lack patience and romantic ideas, which leads them to misbehave toward the women they love. While in a romantic relationship, they swing in the motive of sexual impulse and spirits. However, they are loyal, devoted, and faithful to their wives after marriage.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Horse Zodiac sign: Females born in the year of Horse are practical and realistic in maintaining a relationship. They are lonely at heart, and when their partner approaches them with sincere affection, it appeals to them without a second thought. Most Zodiac Sign Horse females tend to play with relationships when young and delay their marriage. After their marriage, they become loyal, devoted, and tender. They are intolerant of extra-marital affairs. When they know of their husband’s affair, they would determinedly divorce.


Understanding Snake Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Snake Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Snake is symbolic of sly, ruthless, dark, and insidious. It is also depicted as a dark being. They are intelligent, decent, well educated, and humorous. The animal represents a sense of wisdom. They are enthusiastic and nonchalant. They possess good communication skills, and people feel comfortable conversing with them. They do not use their energy to get angry because anger can deteriorate their peace of mind. They are gifted thinkers and creative. They have their clear goal in mind and accomplish it in small steps. However, they have some weaknesses too. They are sometimes suspicious, curious to know others’ personal matters, and quickly get jealous. This behaviour tends to make them distant from people. But they easily do not show their weaknesses.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Snake Zodiac sign: Male born in the year of snakes try to adopt an attractive outlook on any occasion to create the chances to acquaint themselves with girls. In a romantic relationship, they tend to behave aggressively and do not speak their hearts out. Therefore, it is difficult to find a soulmate to understand his actions and feelings. However, after marriage, they will stay loyal and desire to be respected by their wife and children. But this does not satisfy him.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Snake Zodiac sign: Females born in the year of Snakes have a lot of pursuers around them, but this does not make them disloyal. They are straightforward, frank, and loyal to their partners. They always focus on giving rather than gaining. They have a weakness of possessiveness and jealousy when they have a stable relationship. After their marriage, they can be good housewives, loyal and devoted wives, and good mothers.


Understanding Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


A dragon is a mythical creature among the zodiac signs. This animal combines other animalistic features and is regarded as the most auspicious sign in the Chinese Zodiac Sign. People who have Dragon as their Chinese Zodiac sign possess personality traits such as imagination, creativity, nobleness, and mystery. They are intellectual, excitable, romantics, bright and energetic. They have good leadership skills and thrive on perfection.


They possess authoritative speech eloquence, making them the best leader. People tend to take their advice because they are confident, energetic, and knowledgeable in various aspects. They can be successful and are passionate about pursuing their dream. However, they have specific weaknesses, such as arrogance, elusiveness, and relentlessness. Their passion, success, and eloquence in many aspects make them arrogant and overconfident. They tend to leave anything mid-way as they are impatient and desire to complete anything as soon as possible. Their unforgiving nature makes them failures, and people tend to keep themselves away.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Dragon Zodiac sign: Male having Dragon as their zodiac Sign remains anxious and nervous in a relationship, fearing their misbehaviour. They sometimes become very sensitive even though they are considerate and caring. They might sometimes face difficulty with their affection towards their mother and lover. After being married, they become an irresponsible husband who might leave their wives isolated in the relationship for their insecurity of misbehaving or emotional reactions.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Dragon Zodiac sign: They can ardently showcase their feelings in a romantic relationship. They maintain their get-up to please their partners. They are devoted to their partners and reward them with more love in the relationship. Their relationship always tends to go far because of their careful selection. After marriage, they are devoted and hardworking wives, maintaining their romantic relationship. Hence, they are faithful to their husbands.


Understanding Ox Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Ox Zodiac Sign Compatibility


The Chinese Zodiac sign Ox symbolizes self-confidence, intelligence, and naturally possessing leadership. As the cow is a symbol of devotion and hard work, human beings born in the year of Ox maintain a strong devotion to their work. People having Ox on their Zodiac sign are diligent, honest, steady, patient, and challenging. The personality of Ox is persistent. They tend to work on their decision till they arrive at their result. The quality of cautiousness is inherent in them. Subsequently, that leads them to be more considerate before taking any action.


They maintain a strong sense of judgment and stability which makes them unaffected by the condition of the environment. They prioritize their goals while possessing the personality of willpower and faith. They are industrious and have indecent thoughts, making them achieve anything they desire. They are the most reliable and friendly to keep their companionship and friendship. They are inclined and devoted to their family, keeping an equal eye on each family member.


Relationship Compatibility for the male Ox Zodiac sign: They minutely observe details and possess a caring personality equally. They thrive on a long-lasting relationship. But they have two shortcomings. Though they are in a romantic relationship, they seem to incline toward other women. But they scrutinize and interrogate their girlfriend at the slightest suspicion. Their habits make them less appealing to their partners. However, they become ideal husbands after marriage and enjoy their family life.


Relation Compatibility for the female Ox Zodiac sign: Females having the Chinese Zodiac sign Ox are devoted, faithful, and loyal. They have a strong sense of devotion when they determine their goals. However, there is a shortcoming in the Zodiac Sign for females. Even if they are deeply in love, they are possessive and jealous even to the slightest fault, But they adjust well in their married life.


Understanding Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Rooster Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


The Rooster represents confidence and intelligence, according to Chinese Zodiac Analysis. You will find strictness in them as their most vital characteristic. They are usually distinctive, earnest, responsive, and intelligent.


Their strength is being a deep thinker, honest, bright, warm-hearted, and communicative. They do not depend on others as their most potent character trait is being strict with themselves. But they are hot-tempered. They do not like to fall behind others, so they are consistent and hardworking to achieve their places. They are efficient in everything with well-organized thoughts. They always put forward their ideas and solutions and look forward to developing their career with the proper goal set up and planned ideas.


However, they have specific weaknesses as well. They can be enthusiastic about something, but soon enthusiasm might wear off. They perceive themselves as suitable and have a critical perspective, making them fall on deaf ears to others’ suggestions. Despite being positive, they can sometimes show signs of selfishness, caustic, outspokenness, and narrow-mindedness. They might have tough lives if they try to control such emotions that hamper their process of development.


Relationship Compatibility for Male Roosters in Love: They possess the characteristics to win the heart of the opposite sex. They are romantic and seek freedom in a romantic relationship. Their belief in stability and respect helps them maintain a stable relationship. They make an effort to solve any conflict in a peaceful means. They are dreamy in relationships. They consider having a helping hand with the housework. Besides, they are mature and give their partners enough sense of security.


Relationship compatibility for female Rooster in Love: They are bold to express their genuine feelings. They have a great personality to make friendships in their life. Females tend to show and play an active part in their relationships. They have curious and adventurous characters that might hamper their stable jobs. Therefore, it is advised to have men in their life that promise a strong economic foundation. But, they become family-centric people after marriage.


Understanding Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


The animal, the tiger, is symbolic of power, value, and energy. People born in the Tiger year are persistent and determined and possess the strength of a leader. They are good at expressing themselves, and good communication skills make them good leaders. They have a strong will, confidence, tolerance, and considerate personality trait. In the zodiac sign, Tiger makes an image of authority and power. They are trustworthy, and they open up and express their feelings and gain others’ trust quickly, which portrays their confidence, energy, and quality of leadership.

However, tigers cannot accept failure. They sometimes become overconfident too, talkative, and too blunt. They are pessimistic about winning and success. So failure frustrates them, becoming aggressive although they are confident. Overconfidence tends to make them act aggressively and creates difficulty working with a team.


Relationship Compatibility of the Male Tiger Zodiac Sign: Male people with a tiger as their zodiac sign are passionate about their relationship. They tend to take control of the relationship and like the notion of their other half being dependent on them. Therefore, they feel secure when they take and maintain their relationship. They express their feelings directly but do not like to explain them. Consequently, they tend to avoid understanding in their relationship. However, they know how to express their feelings and please people as they are popular among girls. After their marriage, they want a wife to act in their ways and maintain dominance in their household.


Relationship Compatibility of the Female Tiger Zodiac Sign: Females born in the tiger year like romantic relationships, looking out for a relationship that depicts a novel or film. They do not dominate the husbands like the male having Tiger zodiac signs. They are independent, both in terms of financial and psychological aspects. They maintain their leadership in their household and can manage money perfectly, but cannot stand betrayal and tend to take serious revenge when abandoned or betrayed.


Understanding Rat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Rat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Rats are the animals that live with human wings and eat what humans eat. People with this Zodiac Sign also have the quality that expresses their survival around people. They tend to have strong adaptability to their environment. They can adapt themselves to different circumstances and quickly understand their surroundings. The Chinese Zodiac sign, Rat, is associated with several traits such as vitality, delicacy, spirit, flexibility, and wit. The people born in the Rat year are ambitious, pleasant, and bright, which is the sole reason that makes them wealthy and successful.


People having Chinese Zodiac signs as Rat have a friendly, cheerful, and outgoing character yet observable. Their quick adaptability makes them more successful as they respond and adapt to outside changes. They always strive hard to work for those living a thrifty life. Any disaster in their life may make their character more outstanding.


Though they have a positive outlook on the world around them, the people having Zodiac Signs as Rat lack persistence, stability, and stubbornness. They also lack the quality to fit most of the leadership positions. This lack of concentration drives them from one job to another, making them less stable.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Rat Zodiac Sign: The male Rat Zodiac Sign is easygoing and tender, possesses a graceful character, and is thoughtful and noble. They tend to take relationships seriously, but they lose interest over time. They also tend to easily fall into the trap of beauties around them when teased, revealing their true nature. Conversely, they try to be a good father and a good husband while married.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Rat Zodiac Sign: Females with Rats as the Chinese Zodiac Sign tend to indulge in fantasy. They hanker after materials yet seek spiritual love. In terms of wisdom and beauty, the females of the Rat Zodiac sign desire to be the most charming lovers for their lovers. Sometimes, they act naive and admire their lover. However, if they find their lovers, not to their level of expectancy, they will lose their hearts.


Understanding Dog Chinese Zodiac Compatibility



The Dog Zodiac sign symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, frankness, honesty, responsibility, warmth, and realistic. They are diligent, righteous, and genuine. When we talk about their strength, people born in the year of the Dog have specific personality traits. They are faithful and courageous when pursuing their careers and even when they are in a romantic relationship. They are known to keep secrets and lend a helping hand to boost others’ confidence. They are good leaders with good communication.

However, there are specific weaknesses in them apart from brilliant characteristics. They lack stability, and they have sharp tongues. They are irritated and bothered with unwanted anxiety. Sometimes, they can be emotionally cold. Besides, they also can flaunt and be brave.


Relationship compatibility for Male Dog Zodiac Sign: Male having a Dog as their Zodiac sign can create a cordial family with their soul mates. They try to express their desires and emotions to let their partners know more about them but sometimes, they prefer to remain silent. Sometimes they can be extremely stubborn, and their wives must be patient and take more time to know and handle them well. However, the males of their zodiac sign respect their partner and provide enough space and privacy.


Relationship compatibility for Female Dog Zodiac Sign: Females in this zodiac sign are quiet and have a personality that might lead to an unromantic marriage. They sometimes remain extremely silent and do not express their emotions and affections, confusing their partner.


However, they are loyal, devoted and honest, and full of feminine charms. They are motivated to pursue their career, take care of their family, try to tolerate most things that come their way, and show better understanding. After marriage, they manage their loyalty, honesty, and gentleness.


Understanding Goat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Goat Zodiac Sign


Chinese Astrology considers Goats and Sheep the same depending on the individual calendar. Therefore, to determine the personality of the Goat, the Zodiac animal Sheep will be used.


The personality of a sheep is being shy, compassionate, charming, and agreeable. The animal sign Sheep tend to keep themselves away from quarrels and conflict. They take criticism to their heart which might affect their psyche. If they do not avoid it, it might lead them to several issues related to emotional stability. Issues like Borderline Disorder and Paranoia might be visible if they keep on taking criticism to their heart.


The personality trait of a Sheep is also being a daydreamer yet social. Less interaction might leave them discontent, so they need a daily dose of social interaction to keep themselves satisfied. Therefore, they cannot keep themselves away from people for long. The indigestion of criticism from people tends to affect their social interaction, which is insecurity to the people born in the Sheep year. Therefore, they would instead opt out of a social event than stand criticism.


Sheep are known to be highly creative, and their fondness for social interaction makes them able to express feelings. They can make use of this nature to opt for their career options. According to their personality traits, the career options they can opt for are arts, acting, nursing, teaching, etc. However, Sheep must be cautious when dealing with money since they are exposed to frivolous items and do not save for emergencies.


Relationship Compatibility for the Male Sheep Zodiac Sign: People born in the Year of Sheep are sincere and honest with their lovers. They are romantic yet sometimes act childlike. They are true gentlemen, but when it comes to sharing their feelings, they do not express themselves in a frank manner to their beloved. And this is something of a negative side that might ruin their relationship. However, they are loyal, honest, and devoted to the family after marriage. They are a good father and husband.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Sheep Zodiac Sign: Females born in the year of Sheep are kind. They are endowed with beauty both in terms of figure and face. They tend to be shy, but their considerate personality appeals to men. They do not refuse directly when they are chased by the one they do not love. Once they get married, they are dutiful and virtuous wives.


Understanding Monkey Chinese Zodiac Compatibility


Monkey Zodiac Compatibility


Monkey, the Chinese Zodiac Sign is Metal (Jin), symbolizes perseverance and brilliance. People born in the Monkey year have agile, intelligent, and active personality traits. They are required to adapt to their surroundings in different complicated living environments. They are quick-witted, flexible, clever, lively, and talented problem solvers. These unique traits are quite observable right from a young age. Developing them in every aspect becomes possible, for they have a unique perspective and sharp foresight. People admire them for their predictive powers and acute intuition.

They are persistent towards their goal and have a pretty intense action to achieve it. They are curious about their wants, and these traits let them explore and try everything around them. They are kind and amiable towards people, and this attitude influences people and promotes positivity around them.


Conversely, they have specific weaknesses that affect their behavior. They have a stubborn personality that clouds their judgment and decisions. In addition, they do not listen to others’ advice. Monkeys tend to be lively and energetic, letting them behave impatiently. This impatient nature makes them upset in an instant.


Relationship compatibility for the male Monkey Zodiac Sign: People born in the year Monkey have a charming personality that makes them popular among the opposite sex. They can do anything for their love, like giving up their jobs, status, and money. They treasure their beloved.


Their quick-wittedness makes them exciting and fun. People falling in love with them are satisfied as they have pleasant nature and behaviour. They respect their partners and are more understanding. In case of quarrels or conflict, they tend to behave calmly to make up for their relationship.


After the marriage, they are loyal and devoted to the family. In addition, their problem-solving abilities make them an expert in dealing with the trivial things in marriage.


Relationship Compatibility for the Female Monkey Zodiac Sign: Females with this zodiac sign tend to be conservative about their feelings, marriage, and relationships. They are observant of their partners’ feelings when expressing love toward her. This personality makes them lose the right person. But they are great listeners and enjoy admiration and praise. However, they are stubborn at times.


Ways Chinese Zodiac Determine Compatibility


To determine the compatibility of the Zodiac Signs, the signs can be divided into groups with these signs each. The groups determine the similarity of the three animals in ways of temperament or thoughts because of the similarity in style of ideas and the level of understanding and perception.


  • According To The Groups:


You can determine Zodiac compatibility following the groups:


Group One: Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

Rat, Dragon, Monkey

This group has the personality trait of intelligence and action. They are compatible in intellect, which makes them compatible with each other.


Group Two: Ox, Snake, Rooster.

Ox, Snake, Rooster

They are focused on achieving their goals and are deep thinkers. They complement each other in their similar traits of intellectuality and habits.


Group Three: Tiger, Horse, Dog.

Tiger, Horse, Dog

They have a strong personal ego and long for freedom. They understand better but are egoistical.


Group Four: Rabbit, Sheep, Pig

Rabbit, Sheep, Pig

They are peace-lovers, and cooperation is their objective. They are sympathetic and can be great pairs.


  • Zodiac-Yin Yang And Wu Xing:


According to Chinese Astrology, the animal zodiac signs are also related to the theories of Ying Yang and Wu Xing. So it is because it refers to the five elements. Therefore, the compatibility of the zodiac signs is determined through the use of these three elements:


  1. Compatibility Signs: You need to use the calculator’s sign as number one to find the compatible signs. The fifth sign from one’s sign as number one, either counted clockwise or anticlockwise, is the most compatible. For example, if you were born in the Rat year, you are compatible with Monkey and Dragon. Therefore, four years of difference in a relationship is believed to be compatible.


  1. Either compatible or incompatible: The signs directly opposite each other can be regarded as incompatible, but it can be fine if they work out their relationship. It also means that a relationship can either be incompatible or can be made compatible with a gap of 6 years.


  1. Incompatibility: If you can determine your incompatibility with the zodiac sign when you start from your sign as number one, the fourth sign or the gap of three years either counted anticlockwise or clockwise is regarded as non-compatible. If you are a Dog, your relationship with Ox and Goat is likely non-compatible.


What Is My Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility?


The signs of an animal determine Chinese Zodiac Signs. They analyze an individual’s personality and marriage compatibility. Zodiac Signs in Chinese Astrology are defined by a 12-year cycle, unlike Western astrology, which is defined by a 12 months cycle by the Gregorian calendar.


To check your Chinese Zodiac Sign, select the Gregorian date of birth, and you will know your date of birth based on the lunar calendar and the Chinese Zodiac years.


  • Signs Based On The Chinese Lunar Calendar: 


According to Chinese Astrology, Chinese animal signs follow the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year is represented by one animal. The year in which an individual is born determines their Zodiac Sign. In Chinese Astrology, the 12-year cycle repeats in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. For instance, 2020 is the year of Rat, while 2021 is the year of Ox. Following the years of birth and the Zodiac Signs:


Rat: Years of Birth:1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Ox: Years of Birth:1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Tiger: Years of Birth:1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Rabbit: Years of Birth:1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

Dragon: Years of Birth:1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Snake: Years of Birth:1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Horse: Years of Birth:1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

Sheep: Years of Birth:1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Monkey: Years of Birth:1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

Rooster: Years of Birth:1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

Dog: Years of Birth:1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Pig: Years of Birth:1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031


  • Calculate Mathematically:


You can calculate your Chinese Zodiac Sign with a simple mathematical calculation. Divide your birth year by 12 and check the remainder. If the result shows no remainder, take it for a zero. The remainder of your birth year corresponds to an animal sign.


The table below can find the Zodiac sign based on the remainders of your birth year:


Rat 4 Horse 10
Ox 5 Sheep 11
Tiger 6 Monkey 0
Rabbit 7 Rooster 1
Dragon 8 Dog 2
Snake 9 Pig 3


Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility Chart


Rat Rat, Ox, Dragon, Monkey Rabbit, Horse, Rooster
Ox Rat, Snake, Rooster Tiger, Horse, Goat, Monkey
Tiger Horse, Dog, Pig Ox, Snake, Goat, Monkey
Rabbit Goat, Dog, Pig Rat, Rooster
Dragon Rat, Monkey, Rooster Dog
Snake Ox, Rooster Tiger, Horse, Pig
Horse Tiger, Goat, Dog Rat, Ox, Snake
Goat Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Pig Ox, Tiger, Dog
Monkey Rat, Dragon, Dog Ox, Tiger
Rooster Ox, Dragon, Snake Rat, Rabbit
Dog Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Monkey Dragon, Goat
Pig Tiger, Rabbit, Goat Snake


Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Percentage


You can calculate the compatibility percentage in the Chinese Zodiac Calculator. However, you can find the percentage of the Chinese Zodiac compatibility in the following list below:


Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Rat 90 100 70 30 100 70 30 50 100 30 80 80
Ox 100 80 30 60 40 100 30 20 30 100 40 70
Tiger 70 30 50 50 60 30 90 30 20 40 90 90
Rabbit 30 60 50 70 70 70 50 90 40 20 90 90
Dragon 100 40 60 70 80 60 70 60 100 90 20 80
Snake 70 100 30 70 60 80 30 70 40 90 60 30
Horse 30 30 90 50 70 30 60 90 50 60 90 60
Goat 50 20 30 90 60 70 90 90 50 50 30 90
Monkey 100 30 20 40 100 40 50 50 80 40 90 70
Rooster 30 100 40 20 90 90 60 50 40 40 50 50
Dog 80 40 90 90 20 60 90 30 90 50 70 70
Pig 80 70 90 90 80 30 60 90 70 50 70 80


The meaning of the percentage are the given in the list below:


Perfect: 100               Awesome: 90              Very Good: 80             Good: 70        


Workable: 60             Average: 50                  Toleterable: 40          Tricky: 30        


Unsuitable: 20


Best Chinese Zodiac Matches: Pig Rat Compatibility


Chinese Zodiac Matches


Analysis: The Chinese Zodiac Signs Pig can better understand all aspects of life. They balance each other for the stars to give them the ability. They rely on each other’s strengths through mutual intelligence and intuition. The personality trait of the Rats’ caution and determination are on excellent watch to Pig’s thoroughness and discretion. However, character differences might occur during the early dating stage, but it can be a cure for a good relationship if they deserve to solve it.


Zodiac compatibility Traits of Pig: Pig Zodiac Signs are friendly and maintain calmness in difficult situations. They would not act thoughtlessly in a hurry; instead, they opt to deeply analyze the situation and take time and effort to solve it.


They have the zeal to achieve their desired goal. It makes Pigs compatible with the Rats. They are the ones to provide help to others but know the limitations, or else people might take advantage of the kindness.


Rat Compatibility Traits: People born in the year of Rat will find parallels in personality similar to Rats. They use their resources to adjust to their surroundings. They are curious and continuously search to know more. They can take risks and find relationships.


Positive Traits in the compatibility of Pig and Rat: Rat and Pig Zodiac signs are family-oriented. They can prioritize family above everything. They are likely to prioritize each other and desire their attention and assistance. Both of the signs have the exact nature of being outgoing and loving to spend time with mates and invite them over. This similarity in nature makes them compatible with each other.


Negative Traits in the compatibility of Pig & Rat: The rat is a creature that moves swiftly and has a lot of plans but lacks time to accomplish its objectives and goals, while the Pig is more relaxed, which is the opposite of the Rat. They are hardworking and responsible but never in a hurry. This negative trait might hamper their relationship.


Love Compatibility of PIg & Rat: The love compatibility of Pig & Rat is excellent. They assist each other in all aspects of life. They have the same emotions and interests. They can compromise and set life goals based on each other’s understanding. However, it does not emerge right in the beginning. Understanding each other’s opinions and views becomes crucial to perfecting their relationship. Late in the marriage, they can improve their marriage life by hearing to value each other.


Summary: Pigs and Rats have the best compatibility in Chinese Horoscopes. It takes time to improve their relationship. But their nature and personality traits are such that they can compromise with each other and build a successful marriage. For them, conflicts and quarrels are simple to overcome. The compatible personalities promise a high understanding level.


Chinese Zodiac Sexuality Compatibility


In Chinese Astrology, you can check your sexuality compatibility and the compatibility of love, marriage and friendship. This selection and guidance over the relationship before its start can help make the relationship and the marriage happier and better understood. You can determine your sexual compatibility with the help of the following lists of Chinese Zodiac Compatibility:


The Rat: The Rat is most sexually compatible with Rat, Ox, Dragon or Monkey. Conversely, the Rat is least compatible with Rabbits, Horses or Roosters.


The Ox: The Ox is most sexually compatible with Rat, Snakes, or Rooster. The Ox is less compatible with Tiger, Horse, Goat or Monkey.


Tiger: The Tiger is most sexually compatible with Horses, Dragons, and Pigs. The Tiger is less compatible with Ox, Snake, Goat or Monkey.


Rabbit: The Rabbit is most sexually compatible with Goat, Dog or Pig. The Rabbit is not compatible with Rat or Rooster.


Dragon: The Dragon is most sexually compatible with Rat, Money or Rooster. The Dragon is not compatible with Dog.


Snake: The Snake is most sexually compatible with Ox or Rooster. The Snake is not compatible with Tiger, Horse or Pig.


Horse: The Horse is most sexually compatible with Tiger, Goat or Pig. The Horse is not compatible with Rats, Ox or Snakes.


Goat: The Goat is most sexually compatible with Rabbit, Pig, Goat, and Horse. The Goat is least sexual compatible with Ox, Tiger or Dog.


Monkey: The Monkey is most sexually compatible with Rat, Dragon or Dog. The Monkey is least sexual compatible with Ox or Tiger.


Rooster: The Rooster is most sexually compatible with Ox, Dragon or Snake. The Rooster is not compatible with Rats or Rabbits.


Dog: The Dog is sexually compatible with Tiger, Rabbit, Horse or Monkey. The least compatible is Dragon or Goat.


Pig: The Pig is most sexually compatible with Tiger, Rabbit or Goat. The least compatible with Snake.




Chinese Zodiac Compatibility brings to the forefront an excellent opportunity to check your Chinese Horoscope Compatibility. You can make the appropriate Chinese matches with the comprehensive Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart quickly and appropriately either for your marriage or for friendship. For more Feng Shui Tips keep reading

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