Place Your Feng Shui Money Frog The Right Way: The Best Placement Guide

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The ancient Chinese art of arranging physical items to attract positive energy is called feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”). It is founded on the premise that everything in a person’s immediate surroundings influences their inner existence. According to feng shui practitioners, the arrangement of things in a room, building, or other area affects the flow of chi ( fundamental energy or life force) inside the space. And one of the thing that influence surroundings is Feng Shui money frog. If there is excellent chi circulating, everyone in the area will feel a surge of pleasant energy. Isn’t it awesome?

Well, did you know there that the Money Frog is associated with prosperity and fortune? The three-legged Money frog Statue, also known as the feng shui money frog, is a prominent Chinese symbol employed as a feng shui adjustment to bring riches and success. In addition, the three-legged toad is linked with long life and good luck. The three-legged toad is one of the most classic feng shui treatments, and it is most commonly employed to bring in more incredible financial wealth.


What Does The Money Frog Statue Represent?

Three-legged Frog

The three-legged toad is also associated with good luck and long life. It is one of the classic feng shui treatments and is most commonly employed to bring in more incredible financial wealth.

The statue of the three-legged frog is a popular motif in Chinese decorative art. It is most commonly found as a metal figure or a semi-precious stone-like jade. The toad and frog are frequently used interchangeably in ancient Chinese imagery. At times, the toad may have diverse images on its back or top of its head, such as the yin and yang sign.

Using Feng Shui To Attract Wealth And Abundance


The feng shui frog is also said to attract knowledge. Therefore, you should place the feng shui Money frogs adequately near your study space. The frog will gather knowledge energy and channel it through the dwelling. It will result in an increase in wisdom and well-being in the home.


According to mythology, a frog will emerge in front of a house door carrying a penny in its jaws on every full moon day. The frog will enter the homes of individuals who have good fortune. In a house, the feng shui frog attracts the mythological frog, which leaps in and enhances the family fortune.


The Best Placement For Your Feng Shui Money Frog

Feng Shui Money Frog Placement

The proper Money Frog Placement is essential to provide the household with benefits. Therefore, you should place The feng shui Money frog on a high pedestal in the house. It will allow the frogs to amass a large amount of positive energy channelled toward the family. The importance of frogs in Feng Shui is also linked to wealth accumulation. Therefore, the frog’s positioning will also absorb positive money energy.


Feng Shui’s importance of frogs indicates that the Money frogs Statue can be put in groups to direct more energy. For example, the Feng Shui frog can be placed in a group of three, five, or nine lucky numbers. As a result, wealth energy absorption will grow.


Here are some suggestions for the placement of Three legged money frog- 




Position the three-legged toad diagonally across your home or company entrance to attract money and success. It is often advised to position it facing inward from the front entrance so that the energy flows in rather than out.

Bagua Area of Wealth (Xun)


Your home’s wealth zone is associated with riches and prosperity. You may find this location by standing in front of your front door and peering in. The wealth of the feng shui Bagua map is located in the southeast corner of your home. You might carefully position a three-legged toad here to attract money luck.


What Does A Money Frog With A Red Coin In Mouth Signify?

What Does A Money Frog With A Red Coin In Mouth Signify

A frog holding a coin in its mouth represents riches and success, and when placed in your house or business, it will bring you money and good fortune. However, the art of feng shui specifies where you should put a fortune frog in your home. Therefore, installing one in the wrong spot might be devastating.


Does Money Frog Work For Luck And Wealth?


Placing a Feng Shui Money Frog towards the far-left corners of your home can bring riches and success. These are the corners of your home that generate prosperity, according to feng shui maps. So place the frog there and reap the benefits of riches and good fortune.


Placing the frog near the area where you store your money in the house will boost your riches. The feng shui money frog will catch prosperity energy and direct it to those who earn. This good energy will drive them to earn more and open doors. It makes it easier to create abundance in riches. So, sure, it works for luck and money only if you place them correctly.


The Best Placement For Money Frog To Attract Wealth And Luck


As previously explained, placing a three-legged money frog statue near a safe where you store your money to attract riches or at the door of your house to bring luck into the house is similar to placing a Money Frog Statue near a safe where you keep your money to attract prosperity.


Different Types Of Feng Shui Money Frogs And Their Significance

Different Types Of Money Frogs And Their Significance

The Feng Shui Money Frog, also known as ‘Jin Chan’ or ‘Chan Chu’, is a three-legged toad holding a coin. According to Feng Shui, this lucky frog possesses outstanding abilities to fight off evil spirits and bring riches and abundance. As a result, keeping the money frog near cash registers and residences is a typical eastern habit.


According to the Symbol Dictionary, the Chinese jade money frog is also called Ch’an Chu, money frog, and money toad. This image of a little, three-legged frog or toad was traditionally carved from jade of green or white colour. The frog is thought to be a good luck charm.


It is pretty customary for people to carry a little Japanese Money frog figurine in their currency bag in Japan. It represents that money will be spent carefully and will return shortly. So, if you want to build a little frog to slip inside your wallet, you’ll need to practise folding on tiny origami paper.


Guide On How To Cleanse Your Feng Shui Money Frog


Before you place a Feng Shui money frog in the house, you should always cleanse it. You will have to follow the below-mentioned ways to cleanse the money frog:


  • First, mix sea salt and water. Then clean the statue with a soft cloth.
  • Check if the statue has a ribbon tied to it. If not, tie around the statue a red ribbon.
  • Anoint the statue with mandarin or orange incense visualizing money flowing in your area.
  • Lastly, place it in the right place.


Meaning Of Three-legged Money Frog In Feng Shui


Like all Feng Shui artefacts, money frogs are symbols of attracting riches and success. Maintaining them in a proper spot may draw positive energy from outside the house. One can place them near the house entrance to provide knowledge, and so on.


Money Origami Frog: Meaning And Origin


In Japan, it is customary for people to carry a little frog figurine in their currency bag; it represents that money will be spent carefully and returned shortly. So, if you want to build a little frog to slip inside your wallet, you’ll need to practise folding on tiny origami paper.


If you have children who are gone into the world, giving them a brilliantly coloured origami frog will help to remind them that they should return home to visit from time to time. You might even provide similar frogs to other loved ones who reside far away.


Unlike quilling, which requires a variety of supplies, you just need a square piece of paper – and, of course, you must know how to build an origami frog, or you can call it a Japanese Money Frog. 


Using Jade Feng Shui Money Frog


The three-legged money frogs attract wealth and prosperity to those who own them. It is also known to ward off evil spirits. Therefore, it is of great significance in Feng Shui Chinese art.


The money frog is generally carved out from jade. It encourages spiritual and financial growth by providing strength, renewal and endurance. But, it must be placed in the proper position. Therefore, it is recommended to place in a space that is wealthy enough to replicate and bring you good fortune and success in your field of work.


Feng Shui Money Frog Tattoo: Meaning And Significance


Money frog is the prosperity Feng Shui charm. And therefore, people use the symbol as a tattoo. It symbolizes fortune, and it is also believed to protect wealth and keep away bad luck. The tattoo is designed for a bullfrog with red eyes and three legs sitting on a pile of money. People generally flaunt the tattoo on their bodies worldwide due to their great significance, bold design, and oriental style.




You should place the three-legged money in the home or office only if you believe it brings good fortune and money. However, Feng Shui practitioners do not recommend to place heavy statues since it can make your guests uncomfortable. It might become an obstacle in the flow of wealth and good fortune. It is to remember that the placement of the money frogs livens your space. Therefore, the right placement for a money frog is in the right corner of the house. But you should always place it with a red ribbon tied on it or keep it on top of a red paper to bring good fortune and prosperity.

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