How To Use Chinese Dragon Turtle Symbol In Feng Shui

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China has an ancient tradition of depicting animals for their symbolic strength and characteristics. One is the mythological dragon turtle, a cross between a dragon and a turtle. It features a dragon head on a turtle body sitting on a coins bed. You can find this animal with a Chinese coin in its jaws, similar to the money frog that depicts a sign of success. You can often locate the dragon turtle with a baby turtle, which increases fruition chances, successful progeny, and everlasting riches for your family and the upcoming generations. The dragon turtle is thought to bring prosperity and success.

The inclusion of Chinese coins or gold ingot motifs may enhance the money and plenty of connotations. Keep your dragon turtle clean and clear of dirt to effectively function as a good luck charm.


What Is Turtle Dragon?


A turtle dragon is a legendary beast from China. It combines the dragon’s head and turtle’s body and has a great significance in Chinese mythology. The animal is sometimes depicted in feng shui, an Oriental design theory. It’s also been seen in video games and other forms of popular entertainment worldwide.


What Are The Different Types Of Dragon Turtles?


Following are the different types of Dragon Turtles:

  1. Dragon Sitting On A Bed Of Gold Ingots: 

Dragon turtle sitting on bed of gold ignots

This design of the feng shui dragon is a well-known design worldwide. This artwork sometimes depicts the monster as either sitting on a bed of gold ingots or as a dragon clutching a coin. It denotes ever-increasing income and good fortune.


  1. Turtle Statue with Baby Turtles on Their Shell: 


This turtle statue is similar to the design mentioned above. This Dragon is depicted holding one or two baby turtles behind its back. It is said to bring “turtle good luck.” It produces obedient and modest offspring who lead the family to greatness and contribute to its prosperity. It is an excellent means to trigger ancestor luck.


  1. Turtle Carrying the Wen Chang Pagoda:


In this image, the turtle is shown carrying the Wen Chang Pagoda on its back. The Wen Chang Pagoda is a historic architectural landmark in Guangxi, China. “Web Chang Pagoda” is comprised of two terms, “Chang” and “Wen,” which signify prosperity and knowledge, respectively. This classic figure is said to bring good luck and turtle money. They are commonly seen in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and the entryway.


Tortoise Dragon Sitting On A Bed Of Gold Ingots


This legendary emblem combines the dragon’s and tortoise’s unique abilities and traits. These are two of Chinese symbolism’s most spiritually gifted beasts. The artwork depicts a creature with a tortoise’s body and a dragon’s head resting on a bed of cash and gold ingots. The coins in its mouth represent a rise in money flow. The tortoise represents longevity. The Dragon represents triumph, bravery, and determination. The transformation of the tortoise into a dragon foretells imminent success in one’s professional and commercial activities. The creature’s foundation of gold ingots represents enormous riches and success.

Dragon Turtle Statue With Some Baby Turtles On Their Shell


Dragon Turtle statue with baby turtles on their shell represents good luck, and the Chinese believe that this turtle will supply you with offspring who will continue on your legacy and provide you all the comfort in the world.


Dragon Turtle Having Wen Chang Pagoda On Its Back


The Wen Chang Pagoda is a historic architectural landmark in Guangxi, China. This classic figure is said to bring good luck and turtle money. They are commonly seen in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and the entryway. Hence if one wants to attract good luck and money, they should place this turtle inside the house at the above-specified place.


What Is The Meaning Of The Dragon Turtle Tattoo?


Tattoos are popular worldwide. Tattoos are frequently used to represent many things that affect a person’s life. Japan has a history of tattoos, and they often have profound and meaningful significance. Japanese tattoos were used to signify social standing in ancient times. In addition, special spiritual symbols were utilised as a beneficial protection charm and a show of devotion.


Dragon Turtle Tattoo, from the edges, is one of the most prominent tattoos in Japanese culture. Because of their enormous size and power, dragons are associated with fury, strength, and prosperity in Western culture.


Despite their powerful destructive abilities, they are regarded as protectors of truth, peace, and harmony. Besides, turtles signify longevity, protection, and stability. They are sometimes seen as old creatures that embody time. As a result, a Turtle tattoo represents both these species and their energy. There are now several Tattoos that are popular throughout the world. Tattoos are frequently used to represent many things that affect an individual’s life. Tattoos have a long history in Japan, and they often have specific and profound significance.


Specific Use Of Dragon Turtle In Feng Shui

Specific use of Dragon turtle


A dragon turtle (Lónggu) is a legendary Chinese creature that combines two among the four celestial animals. The turtle’s body with a dragon’s head is said to be a positive ornament in Feng Shui. It symbolises fearlessness, determination, fertility, longevity, potentiality, and accomplishment. Decorative carvings or figurines of the creature are typically put in front of the window. It is also used for the following purposes-


 Wealth Increment 


Placing the Turtle Dragon in your house’s money area or fortunate direction is said to attract fortune. Therefore, a golden-coloured Dragon surrounded by gold ingots or a turtle with money is commonly used.


Career Advancement


Using the tortoise dragon in your work life may be really beneficial. You can gain success and advancement in your career by choosing it with a Ru Yi on the Dragon’s back. It is best to position the turtle in the Northwest corner of your workplace or your fortunate direction.


Are Turtles Considered To Be Good Luck?


Tortoises are regarded as a symbol of wisdom and luck in China if they are positioned in a specific position; thus, it is critical to arrange them correctly if one wants them to offer optimism and good luck.


Which Way Should A Turtle Face For Good Luck?


The back of your house is an ideal location for a tortoise. It may, however, be positioned in various ways. Here are some general guidelines for tortoise placement:


Placing a tortoise at the entrance to your home gives protection and safety from evil energy. Placing the tortoise near a fish tank or waterfall amplifies its power by synchronizing and doubling it. Putting money toward health will protect you against various ailments and illnesses.


You can calculate your Kua number, and then use the Feng Shui direction chart to find your health direction. Placing the tortoise over your head in your bed will aid in the removal of any anxiety and tension. It also helps treat insomnia. Place it near your child’s bed if they are terrified of sleeping alone or have nightmares. If you put it in your fortunate office direction, it will help your career and business. If you are placing it at the northwest corner of your home, it will boost the luck of your Patriarch. Finally, putting the tortoise statue in the east direction will help you encourage a committed attitude.


Where Do You Place A Dragon Turtle At Your Home?


There is a specific location for each item, such as if you want your turtle to bring you luck, or if you want your children’s academic success or good health, and so on. Such scenarios are detailed more below-


Put the Turtle Dragon on the east side of your house to increase good luck, health, and longevity for your entire family. Those who adhere to the Flying Star ideology and consider it when building a home can install a dragon head turtle in the southern and eastern directions.


It aids in neutralising the negative effects of stars and protects you from major diseases and accidents. Moreover, placing the statue on the south-eastern workplace side is exceptionally advantageous to your profession and helps bring success, good fortune, and money. They are therefore known as “good luck turtles.”


If the statue is put in the northeast corner of the house, it improves focus and attention to studies. It may benefit your child’s academic performance. Placing it at the northwest corner of your home can positively impact the Patriarch of the family and increase their overall focus on achieving their objective.


Facing Position Of The Dragon.


The dragon-headed tortoise should be facing the front entrance because it brings calm and tranquillity into your home. It also provides protection, allowing it to be positioned in front of a vulnerable window. The Dragon must not be positioned in a sitting position to face you directly. It is recommended that you guide it in any other general direction. It is usually advised that you keep the turtle outside of your bedroom and in more busy locations that require more security.


What Do Dragon Turtles Cure?

What Does Dragon Turtle Cure?

  1. Financial Stability 


A dragon turtle sculpture can be used to heal prosperity. The impact of the Dragon and Turtle might cause dramatic adjustments in your home’s poor financial situation. It is supposed to attract riches when put in the home’s money location. In this situation, a dragon with golden ingots in its jaws is highly beneficial.


  1. Career Management 

Because your job demands your undivided attention, the energy flow surrounding it is critical. Furthermore, you will only be successful if you are entirely devoted to your job. To achieve the most outstanding results, use the north or northwest direction. For the most significant effects, keep a dragon-headed turtle on your workstation.




The Dragon Turtle emblem is a prominent and strong Feng shui relic. So, if you truly believe in Feng Shui techniques and follow their advice in your life. Then the Dragon’s fierce and aggressive character, along with the turtle’s wisdom and longevity, may perform wonders for you. The only thing you need to think about is their positioning and building material since these factors are essential in Feng Shui and can modify the overall effect of this sign.


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