How To Feng Shui Front Door Color For House And Office

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According to feng shui, your front entrance is one of the most crucial parts of your house as it represents the image you present to the outside world. The color of a front door can have utilitarian, aesthetically pleasing, and even energetic consequences. Practically speaking, it refers to how you enter and leave your house. As visitors enter your home, they first notice your front door. In the end, you view before you enter the outside world after leaving your home.

In this article, we will discuss feng shui front door color, its significance and what color to use at the front door according to feng shui practices.

What Does The Feng Shui Front Door Symbolize?

Your entrance symbolizes the energy that enter your life. Your front door will also appear to be judgy, which means what people will think about the kind of positive or negative aura you are connected to or carrying, your nature, behavior, and thinking. Besides cleaning and using the correct material, one should also select an appropriate color using feng shui, which will help make their fortune more steady.

Top 11 Front Door Color Meanings In Feng Shui

Front Door Color Meanings In Feng Shui

Colors can be appealing to visitors to one’s house. However, color also speaks, like how red is for the fire, which symbolizes passion. Green is for nature; blue is for water; brown is for the earth, and grey is for metal. With such colors or color combinations, you are also carrying the energy of that color, and your front entrance defines what energy you are carrying.

Orange Front Door Meaning

An orange entrance door exudes happiness and vitality. It gives forth a positive, energetic vibe. This color, which combines yellow joy and red passion, makes a strong statement to attract customers and make them feel welcome.

Purple Front Door Meaning

Your adventurous or open-minded nature is indicated by your front door’s connotation of purple, which is connected to spirituality. Additionally, it exudes wealth and riches and has a noble air. Although it is not a common color for front doors, it is suitable for those that face east.

Black Front Door Meaning

Black is a fantastic color choice for a front entrance because it absorbs, pulls, and attracts positive energy. Water is a symbol of depth and understanding and is related to it. This component has a connection to the north compass direction. Black might be useful for making friends and collaborating because water is associated with your social connections and network.

Blue Front Door Meaning

The wood element, which encourages growth and new beginnings, is represented by blue, just like green. Additionally, darker blues are related to the “gen” area of the Bagua map. Because Gen represents wisdom and self-cultivation, dark blue might help stimulate a desire to improve your talent.

Pink Front Door Meaning

Pink is associated with feelings of love. The color pink symbolizes charity and thoughtfulness. It has the feng shui element of fire, representing vivacity and youth.

Turquoise Front Door

The turquoise front door’s symbolic meaning is one of peace and trust. It is a vibrant and fresh color for a North-facing door with good Feng Shui energy. Use the Fire Feng Shui element or the diamond design to activate power to your door.

Yellow Front Door Meaning

In addition to being a cheery and welcoming front door color, yellow attracts good chi to front doors facing northeast and southwest. Yellow is the color of the earth element, and when used in muted tones, it can help calm the agitated chi energy surrounding the entrance. Choosing neutral colors with a golden undertone, like sandy beige and light brown, could be best.

Burgundy Front Door

For a grey property, a burgundy front door color indicates it looks good with front external door paint colors. The contrast between the grey house and the red door will project a historical image. The glossy black door complements the blue-gray house beautifully. For a blue-gray house, navy blue front door colors are equally suitable.

Red Front Door Meaning

Feng Shui considers red the color of fortune and a potent color for protection and transforming negative energy. Additionally, the color red is linked to the fire element, which stands for ardor, inspiration, and warmth. Making your front door stand out from the street with a coat of red paint may be a great way to attract energy and opportunities. In the energy map, the recognition area is associated with the color red. If you want to stand out, red is a great color because it creates a powerful statement.

Brown Front Door

According to Feng Shui, the earth element is represented by brown and other earthy neutral colors used in homes to nourish and balance their occupants. So the best way to connect your family to Mother Earth’s stability is with a brown door.

Green Front Door

Green is related to the wood element and links to new beginnings and growth. Therefore, you should paint your door green if you want to draw in new opportunities that will aid your growth and expansion.

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How To Choose The Front Door Color?

Front door color and designs should both be attractive and must appear to be welcoming to your guests. One must select a door’s color appropriately, which seems appealing to others.

Door color can explain or even show one’s nature and positivity around the house and what energy you attract the most, according to Feng Shui.

Tips For Choosing Feng Shui Front Door Color

Selecting any doors color can be hard; matching the exact hues, shades, or tints of your house and preparing it orderly is a big mess inside our heads so, Here are some tips to follow while selecting a color for your front door based on the layout of your property, decide on the color of your entrance door.

  • Rich, deep-hued front doors can be found in traditional homes, while brightly colored front doors can be found in contemporary homes.
  • Your property will have a superb style if the ideal hue is chosen based on its surroundings and exterior factors.
  • Instead of using medium-toned tones, choose eye-catching, vivid, and vibrant hues. Dark-colored exteriors look best with front doors that are light in color.
  • A room can appear warm and inviting using effective contrasts, such as navy blue with black, grey, or blue, or burgundy with green or grey.

Lucky Front Door Colors Based On Directions In Feng Shui?

The colors and facing of your home are examined by a feng shui expert to ascertain how the qi (life force energy) enters your property. These components reveal details about the way the qi enters the building.

  • North-facing – Enhancing the water or metal features in your home’s north sector can help you ignite the vitality of a north-facing home. Dark charcoal, grey and black are colors that are related to water. White, grey, and metallic hues like copper and bronze are some colors that metal elements can have.
  • West-facing– To draw attention to a west-facing property, utilize metal or earthy colors. Yellow, brown, and earthy tones are all representations of the earth, whereas white, grey, and metallics are colors associated with the metal element.
  • South-facing– Fire, the summertime, reputation, passion, light, and a south-facing home.
  • East-facing – The colors and faces of your home are examined by a feng shui expert to ascertain how the qi (life force energy) enters your property. These components reveal how the qi is receptive to the East orientation. Teal, green, and mid-tone blues are all hues connected to the wood. Black, charcoal grey, and navy blue are colors that are related to water.

Best Feng Shui Front Door Color For Gray House

Best Feng Shui Front Door Color For Gray House

Grey is a neutral but one of the classic colors with which everybody connects to add some standards to their home. You can use either the whole color or in contrast with different colors; mostly, the contrast looks better.

While designing a home, one can add the grey color either on the rooftop, the driveways, the retaining wall, etc. or to contrast with that, one can select a door color like

Red Color Front Door 

According to feng shui, a red-colored door means “welcome.” The entrance is regarded as the mouth of chi, which means positive energy always flows to that house. It beautifies the entrance of your house, making it attractive, passionate, and even expressive to some people.

Purple Color Front Door

Purple-colored doors are a favorite of some interior designers. The color speaks of luxuries, happiness, class, and even power. It is an easy-to-match color with your gray house.

Canary Yellow Front Door

Canary yellow can better fit with gray houses for those who feel almost stressed and worried about something. It is a vibrant color vibing a carefree and happy mood. It soothes eyes and even lefts positivity behind. Just be cautious about its cleanliness which should be done twice a week with this color.

Black Front Door

The black front door with the combination of grey and white is an all-time favorite, plus classy plus sophisticated. There are no words regarding a black door, which is classic for everyone.

White Front Door

White is the most considered feng shui front door color, contrasting with any color of your room’s wall or your whole house, and does no matter its placement. It gives a classy and clean look. The color also symbolizes sophistication. Just be cautious about its cleanliness which should be done three to four times a week with this color.

Orange Front Door 

Orange is a sharp color, especially burnt orange. The door with this color is going to give your house a sharp but attractive look. It is most likely to appear beautiful and classy with the colors of grey.

Dark Brown Front Door

It will give a rich look to one’s house. It is a traditional color with a modern look that will blow your mind; it is worth considering a dark brown door as it gives a natural look to one’s house.

Feng Shui Front Door Color For Tan House

There are plenty of suggestions for selecting a feng shui front door color for tan houses. The list is pretty long, so make your own choice to color your house door. You can select from vibrant to soothing colors to make your house beautiful.

Tan house door colors to select with blue

  • Navy – it is a pairing color with trim colors and an excellent way to add sophistication and luxury to your house.
  • Bright blue – it is the most cheerful color complementing one’s house by giving it almost the aqua look to your door.
  • Deep blue – it is a bold color with not too bright a shade leaving your house in a subtlety.
  • Teal – it is the most lovely, rich, energetic color, vibing, friendly, and welcoming to one’s guests. It includes a lot of greenery for your tan houses.

Tan house door colors to select with earthy and vibrant greens

  • Sage – a perfect color for your front door, complementing tan houses. It will make your house more attractive by adding more greenery to one’s house.
  • Lime – is one of the most unexpected and unusual color choices for your front door. It is a mediocre-looking color, neither too bright nor too pastel, just perfect for one tan house.
  • Hunter green – is one of the most deeply refined and elegant colors for one’s tan house doors. This color will add unforgettable nature to your house, which you will love.

Tan house door colors to select with Classic neutrals

  • Black–black is an all-time classic with every shade of your house.
  • While – it is one of the warmest and bright colors, but not overdo it. It will give you a clean and fresh look at your house.
  • Gray – it is a color that complements your tan house perfectly.
  • Brown – if one wants to add some depth to their house, then brown is the color. The rich earthy brown will give your house a perfect look.

Tan house door colors to select with Bright and bold

  • Red – red has been the favorite color of all time. It is considered the ancient color in feng shui to attract good luck.
  • Orange – It is a vibrant color that is warm and welcoming to people.
  • Purple – purple in pastel is an excellent choice for tan house doors, which look luxurious and beautiful.
  • Yellow – natural bright light-looking doors can be more attractive to your tan houses. It will give you the most friendly and inviting look.

With this, we end this color code and let you decide what color you would like to add to your tan hose doors with such an enormous color theory.

Feng Shui Front Door Color For White House

If you are planning to add some colors to your white house, you must go for colorful doors. White houses with colorful doors would definitely go well with your exteriors.

Here are some examples for your feng shui front door colors for your white house.

  • Almost black – it is almost breathtaking. The color itself is very nostalgic, complementing your white house and making it attractive for your guests.
  • Light blue – it carries both warm and cool depths that might make the look of your house very atmospheric, which is considered unique.
  • Odessa pink –a very warm and soothing color complementing your white house. Although it is pink, it carries the energy of love.
  • Woodlawn blue –it is the most sophisticated shade of blue, far from traditional dark shade doors and complementing beautiful warm whites in contrast.
  • Porpoise –a subtle and welcoming shade of grey complimenting your warmer white house. It is a great choice.
  • Studio green –as green adds greenery to one’s house. It is also very welcoming and soothing to your guests who are also appealing to them.
  • Black –black is a classic color giving your white house a glossy finish that is more sophisticated, elegant, and classy.
  • Red –it will add traditional quality to your house. A white house with a bright red color door is more attractive.
  • Lime – adding a touch of greenery to your house is a subtle selection to your white house doors.


Which Color Is Best For The Main Door?

According to feng shui, red practitioners are considered the most fortunate of all, so selecting a red door or coloring your door red is a great option.

What Do Feng Shui Front Door Color Symbolize?

Your front door color symbolizes positivity, great fortune, passion, willingness, dependability, and nature.

What Is A Lucky Feng Shui Front Door Color?

Red is the color one must use for the front door entrance as it is the most fortunate color of all, bringing good luck, protection, good health, wealth, and even inspiration sometimes.

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Feng shui practice is amazing regarding fortune. Appropriate feng shui front door color practice is everything we need initially. Best feng shui front door colors can help anyone to attract good health, wealth, prosperity, luck, and positivity to life.

As per feng shui, red is one of the most auspicious feng shui front door color, which brings you a positive aura. Therefore, choosing the perfect color for your house and your front door in contrast according to feng shui practice can be an excellent option. You can choose according to your style, which reflects your style.

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