How To Use Feng Shui Red Envelope To Attract Money?

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We all know that red envelopes are good money attractors in feng shui. But did you know you may put a red envelope with a few high-value coins in your money area to increase your wealth?

We will cover how to use a feng shui red envelope to draw money in our blog.

Feng Shui Red Envelope Meaning

Now, the question arises. What exactly is a feng shui red envelope?

It is customary to offer a bright, gorgeous red envelope to friends and family during Lunar New Year. But not just an ordinary envelope. These are packed with money and represent good luck and wishes for the year.

How To Use A Feng Shui Red Envelope Under A Pillow?

According to folklore, parents in ancient China would wrap money in red envelopes and deposit it beneath their child’s pillows.

The money within the envelopes is said to have been bribed by ghosts who may visit their offspring and harm them.

Instead of causing harm to the youngsters, the evil spirits will accept the money and leave them alone.

What To Put In The Red Envelope Besides Money

Red envelopes are all about showing love. You may put postcards, coupons, and gift cards in your red envelope.

Pet food or fresh vegetables are other excellent choices for expressing your sentiments in an envelope.

What do the little red envelopes filled with money symbolize?

Feng shui red envelopes are loaded with money and symbolize excellent luck and wishes for the coming year. However, the significance lies not in the money contained within the red envelope but in the red envelope itself. The red color symbolizes good fortune and wealth in Chinese culture.

How Much Money Do You Put In The Feng Shui Red Envelope?

$10 is the most appropriate amount to put in the red envelope. Giving your parents a red envelope signifies respect, harkening back to long-held beliefs of filial piety.

Expect a scarlet envelope in response, symbolizing your parents’ well wishes for you.

What Is The Tradition Of The Red Envelope?

The practice of red envelopes began in China, most likely during the Song Dynasty, as a technique to keep evil spirits away from newborn infants. Today, it is an art form in Asian communication and a meaningful tradition for about 2 billion people.

Ravishing Traditional red envelopes are embellished with Chinese calligraphy. The red paper inside the red envelope is more significant than the money within.

It’s believed that putting money in red envelopes can increase happiness and advantages for the receivers.

Feng Shui Red Envelope Placement Tips?

You can follow these tips:

  • Set a Chinese currency from a prosperous, honorable dynasty.
  • Exchange money with a wealthy individual or a successful firm and place it inside your red envelope to attract good luck!
  • Place the red envelope next to any cash you’re holding.

Red Envelope In Wallet Feng Shui

You want to look at your wallet objectively. Check out some of the questions below. If you answer any questions with yes, it’s time to get a new wallet.

  • Is your wallet starting to show signs of age?
  • Is it difficult to open or shut the zipper?
  • Do the clasps and jars not shut properly?
  • Is it any longer possible to attach the snap?
  • Is there anything missing from your wallet?
  • Is the edge frayed?

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Purge Your Wallet

Start by looking through your wallet. Your wallet reflects goods that are preventing or reducing your financial problems. You have to take the same precautions with your pocketbook as you would with the feng shui in your house.

Delete Old Receipts

Clutter is reflected in your wallet by outdated receipts. They merely gather and serve no purpose. It’s time to get them all out and organized. Anything else that shouldn’t be in your wallet should be removed.

Get Your Finances in Order

The order in which your money appears in your wallet might reveal a lot about your present financial situation. Carelessness with money is demonstrated by folded, crumpled, or clumsily packed paper money into your wallet. Open those pieces of legislation and give them the attention they deserve.

Organize Your Money in Your Red Envelope Wallet

Arrange your paper money such that all banknotes face the same direction for easy identification while paying for products. Divide the paper money into denominations. Put them in your wallet in increasing denominations, such as one, five, ten, and twenty dollars, so you can easily give them out.

Material Type

While leather is the most common material for a wallet, not everyone loves or approves of its use. However, if you prefer nylon wallets, this material will suit you.

Wallet shapes represent elements

  • The majority of wallets are rectangular or square. Many coin purses are circular. Each form has a different feng shui connotation.
  • Because it symbolizes the wood element, the rectangle is an appropriate symbol for a wallet. Wood represents expansion.
  • The square represents the earth element. This wallet form provides financial security and balance.
  • A spherical currency purse is believed lucky since it represents the metal element.

How Do You Use Chinese Red Envelopes?

Young children and grandkids usually send their best wishes to their elders on Chinese New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. In exchange, the elders give their children and grandkids red envelopes filled with money to wish them luck.

Their grown-up children/grandchildren also present red envelopes to the elders to wish them health, happiness, and good luck.

Feng shui red envelopes are also presented to parents and grandparents by their grown-up children/grandchildren to represent good luck, happiness, and health.

Always take the feng shui red envelope with both hands. Accepting a red package with only one hand is considered disrespectful.

When you get a red envelope, show gratitude and welcome the sender with a charming phrase.

Avoid opening a feng shui red envelope near the person who handed it to you. Instead, do it at your home.

Recently, it has been fashionable to send electronic “red envelopes” as greetings using WeChat. Sending digital red envelopes is now a new method to greet friends and family who cannot be reached physically over the Chinese New Year holiday. It has enabled the exchange of more red envelopes than ever before.

What Do You Do With Empty Red Envelopes?

  • Red envelopes aren’t just for décor throughout the holiday season. It is possible to transform them into beautiful, inspired items you may display all year.
  • You can also create a Plum Blossom arrangement fashioned from red packages.

Can You Throw Away Red Envelopes?

Instead of throwing Feng shui red envelopes, you can recycle them.

Who Gives Chinese Red Envelopes?

While the tradition focuses on children, red envelopes are also presented to friends, family, coworkers, and many other relatives – with varying sums of money customarily given to each relationship. Parents and grandparents, for example, receive the most, but employees and even casual acquaintances might anticipate a red envelope.

Can You Spend Feng Shui Red Envelope Money?

Yes! Here are a few areas where you can use your red envelope money:-

Increase Your Savings

If you have always wanted to start saving money, the Chinese New Year is a fantastic opportunity. After all, you will receive substantial money to kickstart your financial reserves whenever the occasion arrives. You can put the red envelope money into a savings account or consider opening one if you don’t already have one. Aside from that, you can use your Ang Pow money to supplement your funds for your next desire list, trip bucket list, and so on. In addition, you may start saving early so you can make significant purchases anytime you want without going into debt.

This will result in improved financial planning that will take you closer to your economic goals.

Include It In Your Emergency Fund

The worldwide epidemic taught us one thing: catastrophes are unexpected. So, when you receive your bundle of red packets this Chinese New Year, put some money aside in your savings account. Because life is unpredictable, it is critical to maintaining sufficient funds that may be utilized as an emergency fund because you never know when you will require access to cash. As a result, it is critical to be financially prepared at all times. So, begin developing the habit as soon as possible until you have enough emergency cash to last at least six months.

Give To Yourself

Although it is a good idea to set aside part of your Ang Pow for essentials, it is also OK to treat yourself occasionally. Investing in yourself is equally as important as investing in your future. With the money you save, you may treat yourself to great dining, new clothes, and books or sign up for workout courses. In addition, if you spend some money on yourself, your happiness and attitude will improve!

Put Your Ang Pow Money To Work

  • When you have enough money saved up for your emergency fund, think about investing it in a fund that will help your Ang Pow money grow. Even though you wouldn’t be able to use your money immediately away, investing it may help it develop into a bigger pot. You might begin modestly and make regular, tiny investments to reduce your exposure to market gyrations.
  • Today’s market offers a variety of investment opportunities, including Funding Societies.

Why Are Feng Shui Red Envelopes Given?

The hóngbo is more significant than the money it contains because of the envelope itself. In Chinese (and other East Asian) traditions, red symbolizes luck and wealth.

How Do You Make A Feng Shui Red Envelope?

Required items:

  • Red scrapbooking or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Soft tapered paintbrush

How To Make A Red Envelope

  • Fold, Cut, And Glue The Paper Into Envelopes.
  • To create envelopes, fold, cut, and glue the paper.
  • If you’re using scrapbook paper to begin, fold it in thirds and use a bone folder or your fingernails to push down along each crease.

Next, remove the paper from the top and bottom edges with scissors, leaving flaps in the center fold for sealing the envelope.

Decorate Your Red Envelopes

Several Chinese characters might be appropriate to represent this holiday:

  • fú (福): luck and prosperity
  • xīn nián kuài lè (新年快乐): Happy New Year
  • gōng xǐ fā cái (恭喜发财): Best wishes, wealth, and success

You can always write personal messages on your red envelopes for a more personalized touch. Your loved ones will appreciate it, nevertheless. That is our guarantee.


Chinese people like red; they associate it with vitality, pleasure, and good fortune. So sending red envelopes is a method to send good luck and wishes (as well as money).

Hence, feng shui red envelope is a great way to convey your good luck and wish for the year to someone you care about. Just handing and receiving the red envelope has ceremonial importance. You can utilize it in whatever you’d like after it’s been provided. Only married couples are often the recipients of red envelopes. Giving a red package as a method to offer well wishes is not an issue. The recipient will remain content.

Stay tuned to our blog for more feng shui red envelope-related content!

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