How To Keep Feng Shui Coins In Wallet For Wealth?

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Feng Shui is a Chinese practice renowned for bringing peace, positive energy, and prosperity to one’s life. People can achieve great things, whether in relationships or professional life, by using the feng shui tools and practices. One of the essential tools to draw abundance and good fortune is the Feng Shui coins. These coins can easily be spotted and often come together with a red string. They are generally hung near the front door of a home or other areas to activate the spaces.

Let us find out more about Feng Shui coins, their importance in one’s life, and the ways you can activate their energy to receive maximum prosperity and good luck in your life.

Significance Of Feng Shui Coins In The Wallet

A wallet is a powerful tool to elaborate money, wealth, and prosperity in people’s life. So, it means that your wallet is more than just keeping your credit cards, cash, and coins.

Feng Shui seeks to balance and order everything around you. And your wallet is no exception. It also suggests that it isn’t appropriate to scatter the coins in your wallet. To maintain order and balance, it is convenient to tie them in strings with a red bow, according to Feng Shui practitioners. Furthermore, red is associated with prosperity and good luck in Chinese tradition. So, the coins should be tied with a red-colored bow.

In addition, ensure to keep the wallet in a place that you remember since luxury and wealth are drawn to areas where there is a feeling of safety. The excellent treatment of your wallet also positively impacts your financial condition.

Moreover, your wallet needs to be in good condition since it is the item where all your coins, credit cards, and bills go into. Besides, when you purchase a wallet, buy one that can hold all your tickets without getting it folded. It is because money doesn’t like to be folded or wrinkled.

Feng Shui Coins Meaning

The Feng Shui coins are ancient China’s currency, symbolizing abundance and wealth. This symbol is believed to bring good fortune to the person carrying it since coins increase the positive energy around the person to have a happy and fulfilled life.

The feng shui coins can be placed in different home parts, including your wallet. You can put it in the wealth area to activate the space. When you enter your home and check the far left corner, it is your wealth area or the South-East direction. The front door also can be used to draw in energy flow into the home. The feng shui coins can also be placed near the front door to attract good luck and abundance in your home and life.

Furthermore, placing the coins in your career zone is also considered auspicious. Therefore, to draw prosperity and good luck in this sector of your life, you can place feng shui coins. For example, you can tie a set of 10 coins in red or yellow string to draw career fulfillment and abundance.

You will be glad to know that different feng shui coins were created during different eras of Chinese history. However, all these coins are tied with red colored strings. It is because the color red is considered auspicious according to Chinese coins Feng Shui, symbolizing life energy, protection, and vitality.

The Feng Shui experts advise purchasing authentic copper Feng Shui coins. But these coins are costly. So, you can also get a replica made of other metals. And to think coins made of different metals might not be effective is far from the truth. When you have Feng Shui coins made of gold or jade, you can also draw good energy in your life.

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Lucky Things To Keep In Feng Shui Wallet

Apart from feng shui coins, you can add other lucky things to your wallets, such as specific stones and lucky crystals. These stones or crystals are also helpful in bringing good luck and attracting wealth. Feng Shui experts advise keeping gemstones in your wallet to increase your money, luck, and fortune and increase wealth and prosperity.

You can use the listed gemstones:

  • Aventurine
  • Malachite
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Calcite
  • Jade
  • Peridot
  • Emerald

In addition, when you periodically change these gemstones from time to time, you can significantly expand the possibility of extra fortune.

How to Feng Shui Your Wallet?

How to feng shui your wallet?

You can feng shui your wallet, considering it an essential financial influencer. However, neglecting your wallet when it comes to improving your finances is inappropriate. Few are the simple steps to attract wealth through your wallet.

Replace Worn Out Or Tattered Wallet

Examine the condition of your wallet. For example, check if it shows any wear-out or if you find it difficult to open and close the zipper. Also, check whether the wallet has holes or if it is frayed around the edges. If you find any issue like the conditions mentioned above, it is time that you should replace it with a new one.

Clean Your Wallet Periodically

The items in your wallet might take up much space. These items can easily block the financial luck attracted by feng shui. So, you should treat your wallet with the same respect as you respect the feng shui of your house.

Therefore, remove all your old receipts or other unnecessary bills from your wallet. All unnecessary items represent clutter, and they are accumulating space without serving you any vital purpose. Take time to throw them out and declutter your wallet.

Organize Money In Your Wallet

The way you organize your money in the wallet tells more about your present financial condition. A folded or crumpled cash inside your wallet represents carelessness. Unfolding money and properly organizing it needs to be done in your wallet since they deserve proper attention.

You can arrange money appropriately by separating the coins from the paper money. Do not toss the coins in your wallet that are made especially to keep paper money. Instead, get a wallet that has a separate section to hold coins if you do not have such a wallet. When you lose your coins, it represents lost wealth. In addition, place all your bills on the same side to help you recognize them easily while paying for any items. Besides, you can also place your bills in ascending order, such as one, five, ten, and twenty-dollar. This way, you can easily pay for everything without difficulty.

Place A Red Envelope In Your Wallet

When you have a red envelope having money in it is said to be auspicious. This way, you can double up your money luck. So just carry money that is of an auspicious number—for example, eight, nine, or twenty-one-dollar bills, five and two-one-dollar bills, and likewise.

You can also do the following:

  • You can get a successful good dynasty Chinese coin.
  • Get your money exchanged with a wealthy person. You can also exchange from a successful company as well. Then place it inside the red envelope to draw in good fortune.
  • You can now place the red envelope beside the paper money in your wallet.

Make Your Wallet Auspicious

You can make your wallet auspicious by carrying a talisman or charm inside the wallet—for example, a three-legged money frog or other sign. Besides, you can also leave a part of your wallet empty to provide room for financial growth.

Identity Documents

The identity cards are important documents when it comes to your wealth. You would definitely want to keep your passport, driver’s license, photos, and other documents in an accessible part of your wallet but not on the part where it may have the chance to fall off easily. Therefore, never toss your essential documents with your paper money or credit cards.

According To Feng Shui, What Is The Best Wallet Color To Attract Money

What Is The Best Wallet Color To Attract Money

Selecting a wallet with a color that aligns with Feng Shui is good for attracting good luck and wealth. So we have the common color listed in this section and know if they align with Feng Shui practice:

  • Brown: The brown color symbolizes the earth and helps to promote saving. Brown can be your ideal choice for your wallet when you have a new savings regime in mind.
  • Yellow: The yellow color is also directly connected with savings. When you have increased wealth in mind, you can choose a pastel yellow-colored wallet.
  • Black: Black wallets are one of the popular colors in the wallet. The black-colored wallet is considered lucky and symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Therefore, a black wallet can be ideal if you wish to increase your fortune linked with your business or career.
  • Green: A green-colored wallet is thought to promote income opportunities. So, Feng Shui experts recommend using a green-colored wallet for entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and growth opportunities.

Following are the colors that the Feng Shui experts do not advise:

  • Pink: Pink is the color that attracts new lovers. So Feng Shui experts do not recommend it for attracting wealth.
  • Blue: Blue is the color that represents the idea that water flows away and does not have the ability to retain. It indicates that it might impact your finances and flow away your money luck. So, Feng Shui experts advise you to keep yourself away from a blue-colored wallet.
  • Red: The Chinese philosophy represents the color red as fire. It means having a wallet in red may set fire to your wealth. Therefore, Feng Shui practitioners do not recommend using a red wallet to increase your wealth prospects.
  • Purple: Purple, like pink, is a color that is not considered suitable for your wallet since it is not linked to attracting wealth, according to the ancient Chinese belief system.

How To Cleanse Feng Shui Coins?

Feng shui coins should be cleaned before use. First, you can clean them up by keeping them in the moonlight or sunlight for a whole night or day. Secondly, they can be cleaned by washing them with crystal-soaked water. Thirdly, you can also clean them using saltwater. Remember that cleaning the coins keeps their attracting power of positive energy strong.


What To Put In Wallet For Good Luck?

Various items with powerful Feng Shui energy can be placed in your wallet to attract wealth. When you put these items in your wallet, it says to the Universe that your wallet is a place to attract wealth.

  • Red Envelope: A red envelope with money is considered an auspicious sign in your wallet. The amount of money kept in the wallet should be added up to 9 and 27. These are considered lucky. Besides, you can also exchange money with successful people to place in the red envelope. Therefore, it will ensure you can attract more wealth.
  • Gems: Feng shui experts believe that crystals attract prosperity. Therefore, you can collect numbers of crystals and periodically change them in your wallet to convey the respective message to the Universe.
    For instance, the crystal Malachite tells the Universe that it draws growth and helps you save wealth. On the other hand, Amethyst conveys that the crystal owner is dependable enough to maintain their wealth. In contrast, Citrine is a gem that can attract financial opportunities. Other crystals that can be placed in the wallet are the following:
    1. Green Tourmaline
    2. Aventurine
    3. Peridot
    4. Emerald
    5. Calcite
  • Three Coins And A Red Ribbon: The three coins and a red ribbon symbolize more money luck. You can buy Chinese Feng Shui coins from a good dynasty to represent the hunger for prosperity and wealth. This way, you can draw more money in your wallet, and your finances will surely increase.

Where Should Feng Shui Coins Be Placed?

Feng shui experts believe that the feng shui coins should be placed in the space directly connected to your income. Therefore, remember to set the coins in the area where it helps the “inflow” of money and not the room where money is stored. For instance, if you are a painter, your business involves your painting board/canvas. So, you must get a feng shui coin placed near your canvas or board. Listed are the areas based on this principle you should put the feng shui coins:

  • Investment Records: Place the feng shui coins near the papers to get better returns from your investments. You can place it near your laptop if you are a digital trader.
  • Chair: You can place the coins under your chair to provide energy to your space.
  • In Your Wallet: When you place coins in your wallet, it helps to attract more than what you have in it.
  • Water Fountain: You can put a 6-coin configuration in the water fountain for prosperity.
  • Near The Phone: If you are involved in a direct selling business, you can put feng shui coins near your phone.
  • Cash Register: You can place the coins near the cash register in businesses like restaurants.

How To Dispose Of Old Wallets?

You can dispose of your wallet by burning it after clearing off all your stuff. You can also bury it if you cannot burn it. However, Feng Shui experts do not recommend throwing away the purse.

How Can I Attract More Wealth To My Wallet?

To attract more wealth to your wallet, you can follow the listed steps:

  1. Color: The color of your wallet matters when it comes to feng shui attracting wealth. So, choose colors that bring wealth and prosperity, such as black, brown, green and mustard yellow.
  2. Shape: When selecting a perfect feng shui wallet, make sure to examine its shape as well. Feng Shui experts advise people to purchase wallets that make it possible to keep paper money without having to fold them. Besides, make sure that the wallet can carry coins too. When cash is kept unfolded, the owner promotes the chance to acquire more wealth.
  3. Decluttering: Decluttering the wallet means removing the unnecessary items from it and creating enough space for more cash. Feng shui believers believe that the more space, the more the chances to create more wealth.
  4. Proper Storage: It is equally essential to keep the wallet in a proper space to serve them well, to make them feel treasured. This way, you can attract more money.
  5. Carrying Crystals: Carrying crystals that help to attract wealth is important such as peridot, staurolite, ade, malachite, aventurine, and tourmaline. However, remember to change them periodically to attract the desired wealth.
  6. Organization: It is vital to organize the money in your wealth. Disorganization of the money means decluttering it. Make sure to use the compartments and organize the money keeping it tidy and clean all the time.

The feng shui coins are a special item that helps attract wealth when kept in the wallet. They generally come with a red ribbon representing the energy of fire. They can easily be found in many stores. However, remember to use them according to the number of Feng Shui wallet coins.

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