How To Use Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui – Do’s & Don’ts

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Lucky bamboo Feng Shui has a rich significance and symbolism. If you wish to bring positive energy into the places where you work, live, and play (or give them to someone else), caring for or providing at least one lucky bamboo plant can help. So, even if you wish to give lucky bamboo as a present, get one from your close ones, or have it into your house or business, getting familiar with the significance of the stalks of bamboo plants and picking just the correct stalk will be more favorable.

Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Placement Tips

Do you want an easy technique to bring pleasant energy into your home? Adding lucky bamboo feng shui to practically any room in your home attracts the favorable energy you seek but don’t second-guess where to place lucky bamboo in the home. Instead, utilize a feng shui sector diagram and room-by-room layout guidelines to promote happiness in your living areas.

What Does Bamboo Represent?

Bamboo plants are said to be highly auspicious and lucky. According to the laws of bamboo Feng Shui, this plant gives good luck when put in the proper location in the house. Moreover, bamboo plants are said to bring money, fortune, and good luck.

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How To Use Lucky Bamboo For Good Feng Shui

Placing a lucky bamboo feng shui on your living room table can draw positive energy while also giving the space a modest yet unique appeal. Position the plant in the east or south corner to achieve the greatest results. This type of interior décor might entice many property buyers.

You may experience nature’s presence and affection in your home by transforming it into a garden of lucky bamboo plants. According to bamboo Feng Shui, this might provide you with a calming and serene sensation, removing all of your mental tensions. It is a terrific design and decor concept for your living room.

A Feng Shui bamboo plant in a vase can be used to beautify your living area. It is a beneficial plant while contemplating money and abundance. You may also utilize this choice to adorn commercial, office, and retail environments. This bamboo plant can also improve your relationships and ensure you are happy.

Why Lucky Bamboo Considered So Auspicious?

Feng Shui considers bamboo plants to be lucky plants. Feng Shui experts believe that the plant’s hollow structure aids the passage of Chi energy. The bamboo plant is said to aid in the passage of good energy, resulting in more plenty and success. Aside from that, the plant’s pipe-like construction represents the knowledge of allowing energy to flow from inside to the outer world, therefore relaxing your mind and spirit.

How Many Bamboo Stalks Are Lucky?

According to Chinese legend, the number of stalks you have determines the significance of lucky bamboo. There are several meanings linked with different lucky bamboo configurations. As an example:

  • Two stalks represent love.
  • Three stalks indicate Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (sufficiency) (long life).
  • The five stalks reflect the aspects of life that influence prosperity.
  • Six stalks signify prosperity and good fortune.
  • Seven stalks symbolize excellent health.
  • Eight stalks signify development.
  • Nine stalks signify good fortune.
  • The number ten represents perfection.
  • Twenty-one stalks represent a great benediction.

Where To Put Lucky Bamboo At Home?

Where To Put Lucky Bamboo At Home

Healthy bamboo is green and luxuriant. A glance at the lucky green bamboo is sure to brighten your day. Bamboo promotes good energy and luck. Placing the lucky bamboo at the house entrance is certain to draw in good fortune.

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How To Place Lucky Bamboo In The Living Room?

Lucky bamboo feng shui may serve several functions in your living room. First, it prevents energy from stagnating by keeping chi flowing throughout your furniture layouts. For example, square tables are a typical design element in living rooms, and their form and location frequently impede or hinder energy flow. Placing a fortunate bamboo plant on these tables, on the other hand, pulls the chi above the table’s surface and allows it to roam freely about the room.

Planting lucky bamboo in your living room’s wealth as well as prosperity sector brings affluence since it is the representation of the wood element. Similarly, lucky bamboo placed in the reputation sector supplies a wood element to the fire as it will attract luck.

Where To Place Lucky Bamboo In Office

Because your office is where you make and spend money, attracting wealth and success energy there is critical. To attract money luck, the room should ideally be positioned in your home’s wealth and prosperity sector, although this is not always possible.

But don’t worry; a well-placed lucky bamboo arrangement at your office will bring success regardless of the room’s location. Consider one of the sites listed below.

Place the lucky bamboo feng shui in the wealth and health area. There are two important areas for the placement of the plant:

East: When you place lucky bamboo feng shui plant in the East direction, it helps to invite good health for the family.

South-East: It is the zone for wealth. When you place a lucky bamboo in this zone, you ensure to enjoy a good financial status and more money for the family.

How To Count Stalks Of Lucky Bamboo?

Keeping a lucky bamboo plant in your house or business may bring you good fortune and wealth in all aspects of your life. However, in order to get greater outcomes, you must understand the secret meanings underlying the number of stalks in a fortunate bamboo plant. You can easily count the number of stacks as they are quite visible in the plant. You can check different layers to count the stalks. Different stacks represent different meanings, so choose wisely which plant you purchase.

Can We Place A Lucky Bamboo Plant In The Kitchen?

The kitchen in our homes is an important area to store lucky bamboo. So place lucky bamboo feng shui (Dracaena sanderiana) in the following spots to make your kitchen a happy magnet.

  • Place the plant in the kitchen in the family sector.
  • Place lucky bamboo in the kitchen’s wealth and prosperity sector.
  • Place the lucky bamboo as a centerpiece on a dining table in your kitchen region.

Can Bamboo Plants Be Kept In The Bedroom?

A feng shui bedroom should encourage a sense of calm, relaxation, and slumber. So, if you want an energy flow in the bedroom, the energy should be soft and tranquil. Again, lucky bamboo is an extremely effective energy mover.

However, remember that lucky bamboo can cause violent chi movement in this quiet place, and robust energy is the last thing you would wish for while relaxing. So, avoid putting lucky bamboo in this area.

However, you can add this lucky bamboo feng shui plant in the proper direction to invite good luck and prosperity. The proper direction for its placement is the southeast zone of the bedroom. You can place ten, nine, eight, seven, or six stalks in this area.

How To Take Care Of A Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Plant?

Taking Care Of A Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Plant

Check out these lucky bamboo feng shui plant care techniques to keep your plant alive:

  1. Decontaminate the growth container- You can prevent the growth of algae. To do so, you should clean the container every alternate month and offer new water once a week.
  2. Provide enough light-  Because it can endure mild shade and indirect sunshine, lucky bamboo makes an excellent indoor plant. When exposed to bright light, your bamboo will have enough sunlight to grow into a larger plant. Keeping it in a bright environment can help it live longer.
  3. Filter your drinking water- Lucky bamboo may grow in soil or water. If you wish to grow it in water, use filtered or distilled water to keep the roots wet and healthy. Avoid using tap water since the chemicals can cause the stalks to burn. And hydrate them using only clean water.
  4. Select the appropriate container- A fortunate bamboo plant is frequently sold or given in its own container, sometimes on top of stones or beads. But if it outgrows its initial container, you should relocate it to a more suitable container. Before transplanting the bamboo plant to the new container, gently dig it and wash the stones. Next, replace the bamboo plant, gently reburying the roots behind the stones to achieve total coverage. Maintain a high enough water level to cover the roots.
  5. Have enough drainage- If you’re planting your lucky bamboo in the soil, ensure it has sufficient drainage. Tough it needs wet soil, too much water in the soil might harm the plant’s development. So only water it when the soil seems dry.

What Are The Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Plants Do’s & Don’ts

Caring for a lucky bamboo feng shui plant isn’t a difficult task. They require relatively little care, but you must ensure that you do a few things and avoid others.

The following is a list of things to do and avoid when caring for bamboo plants in your home or business.

  • Make sure the vase is at least 2 inches broader than the bamboo plant.
  • Dress up the vase with polished stones and pebbles. These stones will assist keep the bamboo plant upright in addition to beautifying the vase.
  • Maintain the plant within your home.
  • Lucky bamboo prefers distilled or filtered water. If it isn’t possible, attempt to use as much clean water as possible.

What To Avoid When Caring For A Lucky Bamboo Plant

What To Avoid When Caring For A Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • The plant should never be overwatered.
  • Bamboo dislikes direct (too strong) sunshine. Thus it should be avoided.
  • Keep clutter, dust, grime, and anything else bad away from the plant.

How To Revive Bamboo Leaves Turning Yellow:

If a fortunate bamboo stem goes yellow, it will never return to green. You can leave the stalk alone if it remains solid. I normally remove the fading stalks from a container with healthy green stalks. If the yellow stalk still contains green sections, you can generate new stalks. The procedure of propagating fortunate bamboo is described in our blog article. We are not always lucky with lucky bamboo.

How To Trim Lucky Bamboo:

You can cut the thin, too long, or crooked shoots using sharp, sterile pruning scissors. Trim shoots back 1 or 2 inches (2.5-5 cm) from the stalk. It will encourage new branches to sprout from the cut region, giving the plant a thicker, bushier appearance.

You can also cut as many shoots as if you want to remodel your lucky bamboo more dramatically. Because of the tight cuts, new shoots seldom sprout from trimmed regions. You may also trim the stem to the desired height.

Which Direction To Keep Good Luck Bamboo Tree

A bamboo plant should be kept in the east corner of the home. Because it is an indoor plant, you should not keep it in direct sunlight. Besides, make sure to plant it in a clear container to be able to check its roots.


What is 3 Bamboo Stalks Meaning?

The fundamental concept is that the number three denotes happiness. Therefore, a bamboo plant with three stalks represents a new beginning. So, if you’re searching for a Happy Birthday or New Year’s present, this bamboo plant arrangement with three stalks is a good option.

What Does One Bamboo Stalk Mean?

The one-stemmed lucky bamboo feng shui indicates truth or dedication. This number is connected with things that are simple and easy. Although presenting one stalk of bamboo is not widely accepted, if you want the truth to triumph, you must bring this one stalk of bamboo to your location right now.

What Happens If Your Lucky Bamboo Dies?

Making errors is natural, and you are free to do so. If you kill a lucky bamboo plant, you will have poor luck for the next 29 years. Though murdering any plant is undesirable, bad luck will not follow if you accidentally kill your lucky bamboo.

Can I Buy My Own Lucky Bamboo?

You can purchase the Lucky Bamboo plant if you do not receive it as a present. The bamboo plant doesn’t need to only bring success and wealth if it was given to you or if you obtained it from someplace; if you purchase it and follow all of the basic requirements, it will attract luck in your room.

Is The Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui Related To The Five Elements?

Now that you’ve found the proper lucky bamboo plant and have narrowed down the desired direction, another vital cure is to combine all five elements for the Feng Shui remedy to operate well. The five elements are fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. The bamboo plant represents the wood element, which has natural wood stalks. Water elements may be added to the bamboo plant by adding some water.

In addition, feng shui experts advise placing some natural rocks to provide an earth aspect. To include metal aspects, some coins or a ceramic vase can be used to contain the fortunate bamboo plant. By covering the lucky bamboo feng shui, the fire element may be recreated.


Whether you select lucky bamboo feng shui to decorate as per feng shui arrangements or simply because it’s gorgeous and simple to care for, you truly can’t go wrong with this delightful plant. Now, I hope you are acquainted with the proper placement ideas, tips for caring for the lucky bamboo, its common issues, and how to grasp its symbolic worth in Chinese and Indian cultures.

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