How To Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business Success

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Feng shui has a range of updated applications, from business and commercial to environment, all of which attempt to improve energy purity. The recommendations and advice in this article are based on traditional feng shui nations for selecting  Feng Shui lucky names for business and commercial success.

Feng shui is utilized in business to generate a healthy energy circulation in the workplace in order to increase employee well-being and attract higher commercial accomplishments. Another area where feng shui may help you get the best results for your business is the construction of the company logo, company flyers, business signage, and other business promotional products.

Importance Of Choosing Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business

Your company’s name is one of its most important components. Your company’s name and emblem represent the potential energy it possesses. Each syllable in the business’s name contains numerical power and a sound level, which we often miss. In addition, each color, size, shape, emblem, or symbol has deeply embedded neural associations in our brain.

You may not realize it, but one of the factors limiting the company’s success can be the name or the logo that does not represent the distinctive significance and resources. This argument might impact your company’s reputation and how others see you, including your performance. On the other hand, using feng shui lucky names for business can promote you and your business  and can even create an attractive and alluring harmony that draws people’s attention and approval.

Best Feng Shui Rules For Choosing Business Names

According to Feng Shui lucky names for business is an important factor in determining its success. Here are a few quick ideas for picking feng shui lucky names for business for your new ventures.

  • IBM names should contain abbreviations (International Business Machines).
  • Shake things up and attempt to blend them for better names.
  • Use unusual terms that do not exist but have a strong connotation.
  • It is usually recommended to obtain a .com domain name for greater reach.
  • Do not utilize names with difficult spellings and lengthy wired words.
  • Join forces with other enterprises or businesses to create a unified brand identity.
  • To be on the safe side, use Google to locate better recommendations.
  • Use a name with strong meaning for your company, such as Travel buddy.
  • Avoid selecting not a name that is regional or country-specific.
  • Look into a guide for more like maps and visit other civilizations to obtain some ideas.
  • Use your name; by doing so, you will automatically come up with a unique moniker, as many celebrities do.

Feng Shui Colors That Brings Luck For Businesses

Good Luck Charms For New Business

According to Feng Shui lucky names for business, colors are believed to have a significant impact on the energy flow of a business. The colors you select for the company’s logo and office décor must complement its primary energy while also potentially enhancing and stabilizing the primary feng shui feature you wish to promote.

  • Red, for example, is connected with vigor and uniqueness. It also enhances appetite, which is why it frequently appears in restaurant logos and décor.
  • Green symbolizes calming and promotes stress reduction, whereas blue represents credibility and constancy.

How Do I Choose A Feng Shui Lucky Name For Business?

Listed are the ways to choose a feng shui lucky names for business:

  • Choose names that are easy to recall. You would not want clients to be confused about how to find your firm on the internet.
  • You don’t want to revise the spelling of your company’s name continuously. Maintain an uncomplicated approach.
  • Choose a name that will not impede your company’s growth. An overly restrictive name may induce difficulties in the future. You would not wish to restrict the business to a specific product or area.
  • Conduct a detailed online search. When you’ve decided on a name, do a web search for it.
  • Choose a meaningful name for your company. Your company name must reflect anything noteworthy and nice about your organization.
  • Make sure the name is distinct. You’ll want your employees to be able to declare where they work confidently, and you’ll want potential consumers to know your brand.
  • Create a list of 4 to 10 auspicious company names and run them by friends, family, and reliable coworkers. Obtain feedback from your target clients as well. Also, be assured that the name has no negative connotations.
  • Check to determine whether the name sounds great when pronounced aloud. Most names seem wonderful when written but sound dreadful when said aloud. If you pronounce it, make sure everyone knows how it’s spelled.
  • Ensure the company name appeals to you personally. As an owner, you’d have to cope with the name for a long period. As a result, make sure you enjoy it and believe it will connect with your customers. Give an example. Choose an initial for your organization that offers specific specifics about what you offer.
  • Choose a name that does not limit your company’s capacity to develop or extend its product line.

Numerology For A New Business Name

Numerology, often known as numerical significance, may help you determine the energy in your house or business. For example, numbers 1 to 9 are thought to be the optimal numbers for guaranteeing that large energy flows to the job and house unhindered.

  • According to Feng Shui experts, the number 1 is typically associated with a joyous occasion since it indicates a new beginning, purity, or birth.
  • The number 2 represents oneness or harmony, just as the yin and yang symbol.
  • Three (3) is also a fantastic number. The numbers 6 and 9 are extremely lucky since they are multiples of three.
  • Numerology, often known as numerical significance, may help you determine the energy in your house or business.
  • According to feng shui experts, figure 9 represents the end phase when events achieve their peak.
  • Residents and business owners with the number 9 could expect to stay in their houses or businesses for an extended period of time.
  • If the number 8 is your company or office number, it will transfer positive energy in the same way as the number 3 does with advantages. In Cantonese, the words “eight” and “good fortune” sound the same.
  • The number 5 may signal a moment of tremendous transformation. However, the number 7 is considered unlucky in Feng Shui.

How To Utilize Feng Shui Elements In A Business Logo

Color choices will have a stronger impact than a form or phrase choices. Some of the feng shui for company logo layout color choices are straightforward, but most need more feng shui understanding. The following are some fundamentals:

FIRE: Choose from red, bright yellow, purple, orange, or pink for a business related to fire components. Remember that red is a stimulating hue that pushes you to act.

EARTH: If your company is founded on earth components, you can choose sandy, beige, earthy, or light yellow colors.

METAL: A company that deals with metal elements might choose white or gray hues.

WATER: Water-related businesses, such as aquariums, can choose between blue and black tones. Blue is a calming color.

WOOD: For wood element companies, choose between green and brown wood.

Feng Shui Tips For Business Luck And Success

Feng shui is the Chinese technique of putting items in the surroundings to create peace and balance with nature. Feng shui examines the movement of energy (also known as chi or qi) through your workplace, house, automobile, or even desk.

It may take years to master the art of feng shui, but we have put up six easy feng shui ideas to help you succeed in business. 

The Water Element

Did you know that in feng shui, water is the most potent sign of money? Its chi energy is good for health and prosperity, but make sure to maintain its purity. Small desk fountains are ideal, and you may even want to consider acquiring an aquarium. Another approach to including water in your company is to display any artifact depicting water, such as a picture. 

Purchase Some Live Plants

Many beneficial nutrients are introduced into your workplace by live plants. They enhance air quality and bring in a little bit of nature. Green plants promote personal and professional development. If a plant dies, it should be replaced with another. The fortunate bamboo plant, a jade plant, a peace lily, or a mouth orchid are all excellent plants for business feng shui.

Include Aesthetically Attractive, Uplifting, And Career-Enhancing Elements

Use the Bagua as a reference; envision your desktop divided into a nine-part grid, similar to the Bagua map. First, choose a few areas of your life that may need a boost, then utilize the following strategies to draw positive energy to those areas.

Don’t go too wild with the junk on your desk. Remember, clutter inhibits creativity, so keep at least 50% of your desktop uncluttered at all times. Choose fewer portions at once; don’t try to concentrate on all the sections.

Good Luck Charms For New Business

If you want to thrive in business, along with using feng shui lucky names for business you can also go for Feng Shui good luck charms which are worth a try. Let’s keep going down the list.

The Ox Statue

Ox is noted for his responsibility, honesty, and loyalty. So, people adore the Ox zodiac sign since a lucky ox is kind to humanity and just. In addition, an ox’s lucky charm is considered trustworthy because it gives them the strength to conquer obstacles, assuring their safety. This statue should be put in the northwest sector of the house or workspace to help your business develop.

The Money Tree

This lucky tree brings wealth and good fortune to a company. These offer money and wonderful energies to help bring contentment, peace, and good luck. Amethyst trees are a valuable charm in the office because they balance the relationship between the owner and the employees. This tree should go in the southeast corner of your workstation.

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When it comes to Feng-Shui, the Dragon is a beautiful sign. According to Chinese tradition, it is sacred and considered a durable and powerful beast. Furthermore, this sign represents authority, honor, abundance, and good fortune. As a result, it is an ideal good luck charm for success.


Laughing Buddha is often regarded as the epitome of contentment and stability. It brings wealth luck to company entrepreneurs. They not only provide money, plenty, and success, but they also fill the area with positive energy by removing anxieties.

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Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business By Date Of Birth

Every individual is born with a distinct auspicious number. For example, life or fate number or even a fortunate number. To summarize, the birth date is used to calculate all of these values.

The numbers 1 to 9 have a planet that governs them. It implies that your feng shui lucky name for business choosen through birth date is chosen as much by the position of planets across the native’s star sign as by the alphabet letters assigned to each.

Some of the connections between Numerology and Planets- 

  • Because the Sun governs the number one (1), these folks should be entrepreneurs.
  • Because the Moon governs the number two(2), these people should be entertainers or choreographers.
  • Because Jupiter rules the number three(3), such persons can pursue a career in business.
  • Rahu governs the number four(4). Hence these people are great merchants. They can make a living as filmmakers.
  • Mercury rules the number five(5), and persons born under this sign excel in the financial field and athletics.

Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business Calculator

The feng shui lucky names for business calculators may be used for various purposes, including naming a company, arranging presentations, and balancing work and pleasure.

A feng shui name calculator may also assist you in selecting the direction your firm should go or the primary notion you wish to express. It is merely one tool among many that may help you connect with your present route as well as your intuition about your life and profession.

It can help you identify potential strengths and weaknesses. Here are some sites for online Lucky business name generators.

List Of Japanese Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business

Following are the Japanese feng shui lucky names for business:

  • Yoroka
  • Okepo
  • Mishita
  • Kirori
  • Japan On the Go
  • Kyoto Xpress 
  • Tea of Shizuoka
  • The Japanese Adventurer
  • Samurai Sushi

List Of Chinese Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business

Listed are the Chinese feng shui lucky names for business:

  • Jozzby
  • Lozzby
  • Anetly
  • Gozzby
  • Rengvo
  • Hamofy
  • Bivety
  • Lomofy
  • Daniry
  • Dozti
  • Hatello
  • Fonicy
  • Beroly
  • Honoly
  • Nozti 


How Do You Feng Shui Lucky Names For Business?

Using feng shui lucky names for business you must select a business name whose numerology corresponds to your life path or destiny number. For example, if your life path number is 3, then friendly numbers are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9. Simultaneously, numbers 4 and 7 should be avoided when paired with life path number 3.

Is 7 A Lucky Number For Business?

People with the number 7 are well-known, have a quick memory, and are intelligent. Life’s difficulties and setbacks never disillusion them, and they fight tirelessly to offer their all. That is why they finally achieve success in life. In addition, these folks are patient and logical in their daily lives.

Which Number Is The Luckiest In Numerology?

Numerology also plays a vital role in selecting feng shui lucky names for business. The number 7 is the most fortunate in the cosmos. This number reflects perfection as well as several fascinating aspects of the cosmos. Consider that there are seven days a week and seven hues in a rainbow. 

The number seven is all about spirituality and soul growth. This number has always been cloaked in mystery and mysticism. The number even has a distinctive viewpoint on life. It focuses on the uncommon and pays great attention to new territory’s complexities. The same is true for this number’s commercial characteristics; it has distinct business energy constantly centered on exploration and understanding of the ‘unknown.’

For example, market giants like Google and Amazon are founded on the concept of looking for and exploring the unknown. Other useful numbers are 16, 25, 34, 52, and any different number that adds up to 7. 

What Numerals Are Best For Business Names?

Numerology also plays a vital role in feng shui lucky names for business, you can add numbers to your business names. Numbers in series six such as 51, 33, 15, 42, 24, and 87 are all believed to be fortunate in business. Likewise, the numbers 1, 9, and 5 can help improve the company’s possibilities. Number 5 is auspicious since it manages the masses and communication, which are the lifeblood of every business.

Number 51 is particularly positive and contains a sea of charm and prosperity, ensuring the business’s and its owner’s success! But, at the same time, the number 8 is a risky company number since it demands a lot of strength and preparation to succeed. So choose your company name wisely.

Aside from numerology, numerous other factors influence business performance, such as your ruling planets, planetary transits, Dasha periods, etc.


By using feng shui lucky names for business, you can attract positive energy and increase the chances of success and prosperity.Understanding your organization’s aspects can assist you in selecting the finest profitable Feng shui lucky names for business, colors, images or symbols, logo shape, and logo style. In addition, when you understand your company’s aspects, you will be able to create a distinctive, appealing logo that portrays your firm as well as its aim and goal.

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